Meet Cute

Meet Cute

by Helena Hunting


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ISBN-13: 9781538760185
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 04/09/2019
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 744
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.80(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Helena Hunting lives outside of Toronto with her amazing family and her two awesome cats, who think the best place to sleep is her keyboard. She writes all things romance - contemporary, romantic comedy, sports and angsty new adult. Helena loves to bake cupcakes, has been known to listen to a song on repeat 1512 times while writing a book, and if she has to be away from her family, prefers to be in warm weather with her friends.

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Meet Cute 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 11 days ago
A stand alone novel from the very talented Helena Hunting. An embarrassing meeting between Kailyn and former actor Daxton Hughes in college morphed into a friendship that eventually left Kailyn feeling betrayed. Now 8 years later Dax is in need of a lawyer and Kailyn is the one he turns too. Can she get past her anger and hurt to help Dax when he suddenly finds himself guardian to his 13 year old sister? Ms. Hunting wove a story that drew me in and held me captivated. The camaraderie, banter and friendship that Kailyn and Dax had made this a joy to read and I really was cheering for these two to get their happily ever after. The chemistry between them was intense and you could feel the sizzle in the air. I loved how all in Dax was when he stepped up and put his sister Emmie and her needs before all else; what a swoon worthy man. It was also heartwarming to see the relationship between Kailyn and Emmie develop. I love Ms. Hunting's style of writing, she ensures that her characters are not “perfect”. I found it easy to relate to Kailyn and Dax. This was a story that had me entertained and I happily recommend Meet Cute.
Anonymous 1 days ago
gaele 2 days ago
AudioBook Review: Stars: Overall 4 Narration 4 Story 4 They called this a romantic comedy to ‘fit’ it into a box: but like much of Hunting’s work, a box is not quite big enough to contain it. Far different and slower paced than others I’ve listened to or read from her, one thing is sure to hold true: characters and their issues will be, after a bit of fluffy introduction, solidly drawn and deceptively complex. And the same holds true for Kailyn and Daxton: first meeting in law school where the two have a meet cute that sets everyone of Kailyn’s teenaged fangirl hormones alight. Daxton was a teen star (think 90210) and while he’d managed to escape that minefield of stardom while remaining a reasonable human being – he’s now struggling with grief and the loss of his parents and the unexpected responsibility of his little sister (just 13) who needs him more than ever. Kailyn is really solid and smart, with none of the ‘fake modesty’ in her skills or brains. Her history of being an adopted child has left her with a strong sense of compassion and the ability to see ‘beyond’ the superficial – and she’s generally good-natured, determined and just geeky enough to be interesting and funny. These two have a fairly solid relationship after the initial awkwardness in the reunite is past, and the trust building between them, the incorporation of Daxton’s little sister Emme, and Kailyn’s management of the teen’s expected angst and questions are lovely and allow us moments to see the trio as a little family. Of course, there has to be a villain in the mix – and her OTT interference was pretty obvious and allowed the moment to pass without a total breakdown in the budding relationship. But seriously people…. C O M M U N I C A T I O N – it’s kind of necessary in a relationship. Narration for this story is provided by Holly Warren and Aaron Sin - and most of Hunting’s books are narrated with couples – each taking the feminine or masculine voices and points of view. What works here is the sense that the characters of Kailyn and Daxton are as voiced, allowing for the emotions, complexities and connection in their relationship to be portrayed. There was no overreach to ‘steer’ listeners toward any particular emotion, nor were there particular ‘leading’ moments into moments of impact. Even with a fairly predictable plot that didn’t contain any great twists or surprises, the story was engaging and felt plausible when one discounted the often ‘Keystone Cops-like’ moments of planned disruption. Solidly presenting the ‘cuteness’ that I love from Hunting’s stories while still holding my attention and providing a lovely epilogue for a ‘where are they now’ moment with the three – the story was well worth the listen. I received an AudioBook copy of the title from Hachette Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Susanlibgirl 4 days ago
This is the first book I've read by Helena Hunting. I've read reviews of her other books and was ready for a laugh out loud romance. This was not that book. While the story line of Kailyn and Dax is interesting, I found the romance lacking. The main characters are well written, the teenage sister is a typical teen girl coping with loss, and Dax's Aunt Linda is your stereotypical villan. I really wanted to love this book, but I didn't. However, I would read another book by this author because of other reviews about her previous works. If you just want a very light afternoon read, this could be the book for you. Thank you to the Publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this title.
KDRBCK 5 days ago
Meet Cute by Helena Hunting is a standalone romance novel. definition of meet cute: in a film or television program an amusing or charming first encounter between two characters that leads to the development of a romantic relationship between them. "it all started with a little meet-cute.. " Kailyn Flowers is a successful lawyer and about to meet her former mega crush, Daxton Hughes. Dax was e teen tv star, now he has entirley other responisbilities. He's about to become the guardian of his minor sister, has to juggle parenting, a daring job and his growing feelings for a certain lawyer. Kailyn and Dax are no Violet and Alex, they're very different from the authors sports romance, but they're a fantastic couple, a exquisite read, highly entertaining and with a addicting storyline. A typical Hunting book. You can't go wrong with one of her books when you want to be highly entertained, want to laugh out loud and connect with the characters very easily. Meet Cute is a story that made, yes made me read it in one sitting, cover to cover on the edge of my seat. It's a beautiful feel good story about good people in a great setting. I recommend the book and give 5 stars.
Anonymous 8 days ago
Noire 8 days ago
I received an ARC of this book to read through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. Meet Cute by Helena Hunting is a fun, sexy joy of a book to read. Kailyn Flowers runs into Daxton Hughes former teen heartthrob her first day of law school when she accidentally wanders into the the middle of a frisbee game and embarrasses herself completely when she fangirls all over him. They establish a friendly rivalry but Dax’s betrayal just before they graduate leaves Kaitlyn feeling bitter. Five years after Law School he re-enters her life when Dax and his parents come to see Kailyn about setting up a trust for his younger sister. Shortly after that a tragic accident takes the lives of his parents and Dax’s existence changes from carefree bachelor to guardian of a teen and embroiled in a custody battle with his Aunt. Kailyn is appointed as conservator of the trust during the custody battle and if she can convince Dax to come work for her law firm she will make partner. Things begin to heat up between them and Kailyn finds herself conflicted between her feeling for Dax and her career ambitions. I’ve enjoyed reading this book and do recommend it it. Medium Steam Publishing Date April 9, 2019 #NetGalley #MeetCute #HelenaHunting #ForeverGrandCentralPublishing
Anonymous 9 days ago
Bookishly_Nerdy 10 days ago
This book was nigh perfect. I have had a small Helena Hunting collection for the last few years but I could never actually get to them to read. But this one called to my soul. The characterization was great. Kailyn was willing to put aside her prejudices of Daxton and work with him to help Emme. She was also very self-aware. Having gone through something similar to what Dax and Emme go through in the book, Kailyn was the perfect person to add to their lives at this point. Kailyn was understandably bitter about Dax messing up her chances at [Spoiler] and was extremely clear about it to him. She was upfront about almost everything to Dax and I think that’s super admirable. Of course, the book has to have some drama and Helena Hunting does this so well. She makes it seamless and effortless and not overtly dramatic. Honestly, the drama was something totally plausible. I would have done the same thing. Right down to the letter. Kailyn was well within her rights to do this. I do think that, obviously, she should have told Dax sooner rather than later, but it all worked out. Dax was genuinely interested in her. There was hints and indications of a really cute crush from the beginning. And that was the most adorable-st thing I had ever read! The relationship with Emme and Dax was so genuine and reminded me so much of my relationship with my siblings. Emme and Sax are simultaneously becoming daughter and father while trying to maintain brother and sister relationship. Helena Hunting does this so well. Emme rebels, as teenagers and most other people are wont to do when something traumatic happens. She was hurt and in a vulnerable spot that some people will take advantage of. In fact the villain of the story, their relation, does attempt to take advantage of Emme. But Kailyn is honestly the best and was not willing to let her responsibility to Emme be waylaid. The characters were so easy to love and root for. The literal Meet-Cute was movie perfect. This is one for the favorites pile.
Amanda_Marie3 11 days ago
This book... Gah!!! It was so good. It was so much more than I was expecting. The book starts off with Kailyn meeting her celebrity crush in the most embarrassing way. It was cute and awkward and sparked a friendship between her and Daxton that spanned the duration of their time in law school. Until a betrayal leaves her bitter and angry. Fast forward 8 years... Kailyn finds Dax in her office needing some legal advice. This is where the unexpected emotions truly come into play. Dax is going through a terrible tragedy and has become the guardian of his baby sister. Kailyn has only one thing on her mind, her job. But the more time she spends with Dax and his sister, the less bitter and angry she becomes and she finds herself quickly falling for both of them. This is definitely a Helena Hunting book, chock-full of hilarious moments and cute-awkwardness and steamy sexytimes and so many emotions. I was expecting something light and fluffy, but what she gave us was so much more. It made the book better, more raw and real. I finished it in one sitting, it was that captivating. So good. If you're a fan of Helena's, then you'll definitely enjoy this book. If you're new to her, this is a great book to start with.
Bibliophagist 11 days ago
Dax is a former teen heartthrob who meets Kailyn in law school. Kailyn was a super big fangirl of Dax and when they first meet, Kailyn is so flustered. It certainly was a meet cute. The two of them are super competitive all through law school but Dax winds up finishing top of the class, just ahead of Kailyn after a paper of hers that she had adked Dax to turn in for her is turned in late. 5 years later, they meet up again when Dax' parents set up a meeting with Kailyn about a trust for Dax' 13 year old sister. There are a lot of feelings between the two of them, not all good. Months later they are thrown together again when tragedy strikes. But can they make it through unscathed or will circumstances keep them apart?
DebiDG 11 days ago
Fantastic! I highly recommend this book. Why...I don’t know where to begin. I actually received the arc in paperback form. So for me to read something not on my PaperWhite is huge! This resulted in the hubby being upset that the lights were on all over the house and then in bed. Lmao men! Helena Hunting knows how to deliver awesomeness. Her characters are well developed and her descriptive writing had me falling in love with Kailyn, Dax and Emme. There were so many poignant moments in this book. I have a whole new level of respect for this author and her talent. Thank you Helena.
bookbruin 11 days ago
Meet Cute is one of my most anticipated reads of 2019 and Helena Hunting didn't disappoint! It was emotional, poignant, and heartfelt, but also sweet and hilarious at times. It isn't quite the cutesy romcom that the cover depicts, but those elements are certainly there and fans of Hunting will still see her trademark wit and sense of humor. This story was part enemies to lovers, part second chance, and a whole lot about family. Daxton (Dax) and his relationship with his younger sister, Emme, is central to the entire book and though there is romantic love, there's also love between siblings and friends. Dax and Kailyn have a complicated past, made even more convoluted by the tragedy that throws them together. As they reconnect, both are able to see the other in a new light. Old feelings come to the surface, while they try to maintain professionalism and consider the feelings of everyone involved. It was a realistic and honest conflict that they faced. I loved how they helped each other not only heal, but also move forward. I admired Kailyn's commitment to her pro bono work and how she was able to hold her own not only in her job, but also with Dax. Several times, she took him down a peg and showed not only her intellect but also her quick wit. Dax respected her for it and so did I. Things wrapped up quickly in the end and I did feel that the "villain" of the story was pretty predictable. I wish Dax would have heard Kailyn out before filling in all the blanks himself, but the epilogue more than made up for it! It left me with a huge smile on my face and was the perfect way to bring the story full circle. *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*
CarissaR 11 days ago
Don't let the cover fool you, its not a rom-com. I really liked the characters backgrounds on this one especially how they met. This one does deal with a sad subject matter. My only complaint is that I don't really think the aunts motives were on point, it almost should have been something different. I thought overall it was great. Cute epilogue.
CarissaR 11 days ago
Don't let the cover fool you, its not a rom-com. I really liked the characters backgrounds on this one especially how they met. This one does deal with a sad subject matter. My only complaint is that I don't really think the aunts motives were on point, it almost should have been something different. I thought overall it was great. Cute epilogue.
miareese 11 days ago
This was cute (lol). Dax and Kailyn meet in law school when she embarrasses herself by fangirling when meeting him because he was an actor who starred in her favorite show. They end up being in some classes together and strike up a friendly (?) rivalry. Fast-forward to present-day and they meet again when Dax's parents hire Kailyn to set up a trust for his 13-year-old sister. She isn't as impressed by him this time around: she's been carrying a grudge against him because she believes it's his fault she didn't graduate first in their class. They don't see each other again for several months, when his parents tragically die, leaving him guardian to his little sister. This angers his aunt and sets off a custody battle that Kailyn is drawn into, and their relationship blossoms from there. I liked this book, but I wanted more. I wanted more tension from their rivalry, but they seemed to fall into a comfortable "found family" situation, which I typically like, but it was a little too easy in this situation. Sure, they have a (rightfully so) traumatized teenager and a custody battle to keep things eventful, but it was a little too obvious what was really going on. The majority of the issues in this book could've been resolved in minutes if they just communicated better. That was my only frustration though; I did like it overall. The book was cute, and their banter was definitely funny.
AboutThatStory 11 days ago
What a fantastic story! This is one of those books that I picked up and literally couldn't put back down. I fell in love with Dax, Kailyn, and Emme. It was filled with the perfect mix of humor and emotion and I loved every second! This story had so many amazing moments and so much humor, I pretty much smiled my way through. I loved learning Dax and Kailyn's history and having them reconnect. It was the most adorable meet cute and an awesome way to introduce a story, I was immediately excited about what would happen next. There was great banter, antagonism, and playfulness. I adored Dax and Kailyn’s chemistry and watching their connection grow in the midst of a very tense situation. This was fun and entertaining, which I was totally expecting, but I also found it really emotional and real, and that aspect blew me away. Here's this sad situation that Dax is in and it was just so well thought out and tastefully done. I also adored Daxton's sister Emme. I loved that teen angst and pain she brought to the story as well as some teenage fun, it was super cute. I was literally on the edge of my seat, yelling at my Kindle, totally engrossed in the story because, I the reader, could see things that Dax and Kailyn couldn't. I loved that light and fun drama and could not wait for everything to come to a head. I was filled with so much anticipation because of the situation. I just love that feeling I get when I'm reading and I feel like I'm in the middle of it all. There were so many great elements to this. Each person individually, Dax and Kailyn together, the wonderful relationship that Dax has with Emme, plus the bond Kailyn and Emme form were all amazing! I loved the dialogue and banter. The humor is priceless. There's a wonderful build that had me excited while reading and I didn’t want it to end. I absolutely loved this! Complimentary copy received for honest review.
heater_28 11 days ago
**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review** Kailyn Flowers is a huge "It's My Life" fangirl and when she happens to be in law school with the former lead actor of the series, she not only meets her biggest crush, she embarrasses herself not once, but twice. How will he ever pay her any attention after those encounters?! She figures she never has a chance and after an incident in law school, she really never wants to see him again. But fate has a different idea and unfortunately, the reasons she is seeing him again are less than happy. Daxton Hughes felt very similarly about Kailyn as she did about him in law school, but he never got around to doing anything about it. Now eight years later, he sees her again when his parents choose her to set up a trust for his younger sister. After the trust is set-up, Dax ends up back in Kailyn's office under the worst possible circumstances. His parents have died tragically and he is left custody of his thirteen year old sister, Emme. But he's got a fight on his hands because his Aunt Linda feels she's the one who should be caring for the teen, not Dax. When it's clear Aunt Linda is going to fight Dax with everything she's got, Kailyn ends up more involved in the situation than she could have ever imagined. Is there a way for everyone to win in this situation while making sure that the focus is kept on Emme? "Meet Cute" is a book that is filled with much more than romantic interludes and sweet nothings. There is angst, there is emotion and there is growth. Every single character in this book goes through quite a transformation from beginning to end. Helena Hunting has taken us on quite the journey and I was very happy to be along for the ride.
Sasha_E 12 days ago
I didn’t thing it was possible to pick a favorite Hunting story because quite honestly everything she writes is pure gold. Meet Cute was so charming and sweet I can now say that this is my favorite book by the author. Everything about this story was perfection. I loved, loved, loved Kailyn and Dax. The relationship they built was unique and refreshing. Anyone who’s had a celebrity crush will get a good chuckle with their “meet cutes” throughout the book. Kailyn is hardworking, driven and smart, but what I loved most about her was that she stood up not only for herself but for the people around her. When the going got tough, Kailyn got tougher, and was essentially the rock that everyone needed. Dax is navigating such a hard situation. He was a little bit more vulnerable in the story and his openness with Kailyn about his struggles were so sincere. The moments he had to step in and fill parental role with Emme made me love him that much more. There are so many laughs along the way, but there are a lot of moments that tug at the heartstrings too. The dynamic this little trio had was absolutely delightful. Books like this are exactly why I read in this genre. It’s equal parts heartwarming and hilarious. If there is such a thing as s perfect romance, this would be it. Kudos to Helena, I absolutely loved it.