Melt for You

Melt for You

by J. T. Geissinger


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ISBN-13: 9781503902138
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 05/15/2018
Series: Slow Burn Series , #2
Pages: 346
Sales rank: 462,393
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

A former headhunter, J.T. Geissinger is the author of more than a dozen novels of paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and contemporary romance, including Melt for You and Burn for You in her Slow Burn series. She is the recipient of a Prism Award for Best First Book and a Golden Quill Award for Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy. She’s a two-time finalist for the RITA Award from the Romance Writers of America, and her works have been finalists for the Booksellers’ Best, National Readers’ Choice, and Daphne du Maurier Awards. Find her on the web at

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Melt for You 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Livlovesbooks More than 1 year ago
My Review Title: Who could resist a neighbor like Cam? •*¨*• Elements I adored about this book: Neighbors-turned-lovers / HEA / Easy-to-read / Entertaining / Page-turner / Romantic / Sexy ★¸¸.•*¨*•★ Minor spoilers alert★•*¨*•.¸¸★ Story rating: ★★★★★ Would I recommend this book? Yes, absolutely! The neighbors-turned-lovers is one of my favorite romance tropes. I loved how Cameron subtlety won Joellen’s heart by becoming her friend in the weeks he stayed next door to her. Cam was stateside recuperating from an injury he received while playing professional rugby back in Scotland, his homeland. His decision to coach Joellen on how to win over her boss Michael was sneaky but wise. Obviously, Michael revealed himself to be a douche canoe ending Joellen’s 10-year secret obsessive crush on him. “The heart wants what it wants,” Cam says, watching me steadily. “But sometimes what you think is love is just a beautiful form of self-destruction. The worst thing in life is to give yourself away in exchange for nothing.” He’s surprised me again with his eloquence. I’d have bet my life this swaggering, skirt-chasing beast didn’t have it in him. ~page 53 Page 282 was another scene I bookmarked because they finally got their freak on big time! ‘I realize we’ve both wanted this too long to start with tenderness. “Forget about making love to me, Cam,” I say, my blood like fire in my veins. “Let’s do it dirty and hard.” He breathes, “Thank God” and fists his hands into my hair, kissing me again like he’ll die if he doesn’t.’ ಌ And on it went…hell yeah! Up Next… There’s a 3rd standalone planned entitled Ache for You (Slow Burn #3). It has a release date of November 6, 2018.
dsubsits More than 1 year ago
J. T. Geissinger triumphs with MELT FOR YOU, the second book in the Slow Burn series. Joellen Bixby has a crush on her companies’ CEO, Michael Maddox. She gets help from her new neighbor, Cameron McGregor, captain of the Scotland national union rugby team, to get Maddox’s attention. Unfortunately, Cameron has fallen for Jo in the process. This contemporary sports romance primarily takes place in New York. It is suitable for adult audiences. I knew I was going to love this book just after reading the first page. The story starts out with the heroine’s top ten reasons why the Holidays Suck. It was hilarious. I love Joellen’s humor. Even her dreams were funny. I like her character. She underestimates herself. She has no idea that she is appealing, which is understandable, considering how her mother treats her. She has worked at Maddox Publishing for ten years and been in love with Michael for just as long. Cameron McGregor is a fun character. He is vibrant. He sees Joellen for who she truly is. He respects her. He has a great outlook on life. He is good for Joellen. I love how they interact with each other. Joellen’s boss, Portia, was a fascinating character. You hate her. She is a witch, to put it nicely. You don’t always know what to expect from her. She ends up surprising you. MELT FOR YOU is skillfully written and entertaining. It is a story that is hard to put down. It has multiple examples of why you should not judge people until you get to know them. I loved that the epilogue starts off with another top ten list (also amusing). I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
belllla More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. It was an amazing read. Funny, witty, with great interesting characters that are so different from each other that more cant be more different and lovely love story. Jollen is a dorky introvert cat loving person shy and awkward but everything changes when her neighbor become Cameron a very sexy Scottish rugby player. They start a mission to get Jollen in to shape and to help her get her long crush boss but they end up falling in love with each other. The story is amazing both Cameron and Jollen great character easy to fell in love. I loved their bickering and how they seem to see deep in each other soul and heart. This kind of book is my favorite and I loved reading every page of it. Recommended! I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly.
kstokes More than 1 year ago
This book was a very enjoyable read. Cam and Joellen have witty banter throughout the story as they move from adversaries, to friends, then to lovers. At times I found Joellen a bit annoying with her lack of self confidence, and general ability to read a situation, but it seems that that is how these meek, unsure characters are often written. Overall I recommend, it is a fun read that I kept looking forward to getting back to. #MeltForYou #NetGalley
kgagnon More than 1 year ago
4.5 Beautiful Mountain Man Stars! I loved this hilarious and heartfelt enemies to lovers romance! Joellen Bixby is a meek wall flower, but also a natural caretaker. She works hard, takes care of the people around her and has been in love with her boss for years. Then famous footballer, Cameron McGregor, moves in across the hall. He is loud, rugged, very sexy, and he upends Joellen's tidy world. They have a rocky, antagonistic start, but Cam has a way of getting past all Joellen's defenses. He loves her wicked, sassy mouth, that she doesn't fall at his feet and her marvelous cooking. He talks her into cooking for him and he will help her attract her boss. As they spend time together, priorities change, making enemies become friends and their fiery attraction begs for even more! I loved their hilarious banter and how they learned to trust each other. Cam is so cocky, funny, and had me totally swooning! Joellen was awkward, and quirky, and I loved seeing her grow into a strong, self assured woman. There were several emotional moments that made this a wonderfully multifaceted story. The epilogue was so perfect along with the list of 10 reasons why rugby doesn't suck! I highly recommend this hilarious and heartfelt romance!
BeckyRendon More than 1 year ago
Sigh. Swoon. Double sigh. Fainting swoon. This book will make you melt. It's not even a lame pun. Melt For You should be titled "ridiculous, wide smiling puddle on the floor for him" but I think it's harder to market so...Melt For You. Where to start with my "gushing, over the top gleeful 13 yr old girl asked out by her one true love" enthusiasm for this book?!?! Should we start with the gorgeous mountain of man that doesn't wear shirts, has a fondness for kilts, and the sexiest brogue known to man? Did I mention said mountain is an international rugby star? Oops, my bad, he totally is, that and a whole lot more. He is perfect. Abso-bloody-lutely perfect! And the tension, lust, and confused emotions in this book make it a page flipping good time. Like I said melt is so passé!
MiekeReads More than 1 year ago
While I ended up enjoying this book a lot, I did find it a bit rough to keep reading at times in the beginning and even towards the middle of the book. I really liked Joellen and thought she was a nice person, however, I found her unbearably low self esteem really hard to take. She had self esteem that was so low it really fell into the self loathing range. I understood where the self loathing came from, and I really empathized with her, but dear baby Jesus that schtick got old. Also, the way she let people walk all over her was hard to witness. I liked Cam, I think he was a messed up man mountain, but basically a nice guy. He felt a little bit cartoonish at times and more of a caricature of a rugby player than and actual rugby player at first, but I felt he was redeemed by the end of the book and he seemed much more fleshed out. I pretty much hated almost all of the secondary characters (to be fair, I think that was the author's intent). Most of the people surrounding Joellen seriously sucked and should have been kicked out of her life. By the end of the book I felt like the couple belonged together and found the conclusion of the book satisfying. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance, but I would warn them about Joellen's annoying level of self hate through most of the book. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
Boohimdanno More than 1 year ago
I will be honest I am not much romance unless thing go boom, people are running for there lives. Romance has been something I avoid because it really cheesy. J.T. Geissinger is your typical ugly duckling story but what makes this stand out is the banter from the two characters that will have readers smiling, laughing and sighing. The author is able to create amazing banter between Cameron and Joellen that makes the story fun and believable. This reader is one of the those socially awkward individuals that seem to trip over her tongue all all the time. The kissing scene had me laughing Cameron "Was that it?" Joellen "Yes!" I shouted. Why? Was it that bad?" Cameron "No, it was perfectly fine, lass. If I were your grandma." This lips curl up and I realize he is laughing at me. Joellen. "Oh My God your impossible." The kissing lesson continues from there with more romance and sweet moments. The Running scenes are even better. Joellen "Rest on your butt Crack?" Cameron "With a straight Face he says Aye, Lass you caught me. its a bottle of butt crack juice. Drink up, its full of o'vitamins." The banter keeps on going and readers will eat up every single word that J.T. Geissinger has written. This story is one of the best romance book I have read in a long time and I can't wait to read more by this author. While they characters have sex it isn't nearly as graphic as the author Romantic Suspense serves which are a bit more erotic. This story is a lot like my husband and I when we first met. I couldn't stand him and I never once pretend to be someone else for the first time. We teased each other until one day he asked me out on a date. After we were engaged he said "I always wanted to marry someone who had no idea how truly beautiful they were inside and out. You are beautiful and just need to believe in yourself and less about what others said to you in the past." Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher Montlake for the advance copy of Melt For You by J.T. Geissinger
RomanceSchmomance More than 1 year ago
I love a good slow burn, add in one of my favorite sports to watch, rugby, and the friends-to-lovers trope; you get a heartwarming, hilarious and sweet read! I am totally in love with the ever so charming, Scotsman, Cam. Man, I have to say that I've never been so frustrated with a heroine before. But she was such a character that many can relate to. With a low take on herself and a crush on her very married boss, you'll be wondering what she'll experience on her journey to her HEA. Melt for You is inspired by the Ugly Duckling we all grew up to know when we were kids. More than anything Joellen definitely surprised me, I loved her witty sense of humor and she's a lot stronger than she thought herself to be. She is also extremely blind and can't see what is right in front of her. C-A-M-E-R-O-N Cameron McGregor ... EVERYONE needs a Cam in their life, he's just ... everything! Super swoon-worthy and one of my favorite heroes up to date. He was completely smitten with Joellen from the very beginning and he was quick to notice that she wasn't exactly feeling the same. And his little plan to help her get in shape and boost her confidence to make the guy she loves to finally notice her when Cam is the one who has always seen her as beautiful since the beginning. Clearly, this was all a ruse to get Joellen to see him, but ... Clueless Joellen. I still can't get over how oblivious Joellen was. Girl, Cam is absolutely perfect and is taking time out of his day to be with you. But girl still can't get the hint and it'll drive you absolutely bonkers! In the end, I did love seeing her growth, she definitely came a long way. And it's a beautiful sight, just like she already was. Their story was such a fun one to read with so many hilarious and steamy moments. There's no denying Cam, that's for sure. Absolutely enjoyed this one.
purplebass89 More than 1 year ago
This was a different romance compared to the contemporary books I usually read, and in a good way because it surprised me and made me laugh. "Melt for you" tells the story of Joellen, a 36 year old woman with low self-esteem because she thinks she's old and she isn't fit. Her thoughts on herself will be questioned after she meets the Scottish baller Cameron, who came to New York to change air. He is not her type, but that will change as well as Joellen realizes that he is more than she thinks he is. This book was really funny from the first page until the end. Joellen is a witty woman but she's also sassy, and the banter with Cam was exceptional and makes them even more realistic as characters. Their journey was slow paced (maybe this is why the series is called 'slow burn') and there is a slow character development that is given at the right time. These characters were original to me, and you could relate to them in many ways. Everyone has been or has met a "Joellen" in her life. She is insecure of herself, always thinking she is not fit because she is not skinny or she is not beautiful because of this, or several other worries that most of us surely thought about during their lives. And this is wrong. This is the message the author wants us to receive: that it doesn't matter if we're not fit or we're not something else, we are still valuable people and we deserve to be loved by other people, but above all, we should love ourselves first. We should forgive ourselves because nobody is perfect and it's imperfections that make us unique. In this book, Joellen had the luck to meet Cameron, who is a good-natured man that doesn't try to judge others by their appearance or other stuff, since appearances can easily deceive. Joellen was deceived by Cam's appearances as well when they met, but then Cam turned out to be a different person than who she made him out to be. From a silly proposition to give her a hand to make her boss Michael fall head over heels with her, Cam helped Joellen believe in herself and her many qualities and accept herself but also him with his baggage. The past of a person doesn't define him/her. We must overlook the differences and ask ourselves if somebody is acting in a certain way because maybe that person is having an inner war with themselves we don't know about. With this I'm not saying we should be nice to everybody to avoid that somebody suffers at our expense, but that we should be balanced. We can't be too nice but we can't be angry at everybody as well. I will surely read J.T. Geissinger in the future since I loved the sense of humor of her characters. :)
FromTheSouth More than 1 year ago
Melt for You is pretty much outlined in the synopsis, my fellow romance book loving friends. What you get is a slow burn romance between a sassy but oblivious to reality, insecure leading lady and a too handsome for his own good famous Scottish rugby player, who is temporarily living next door. It takes until nearly the end for their passion to finally be unleashed and completely engulf their hearts, minds, and bodies into flames. Mainly because that is how long it takes for one of them to finally see the light and possibilities of what is right in front of them. It was rather refreshing Joellen seemed completely immune to Cam’s flirtatious, cocky comebacks and demeanor in the beginning. In fact, for someone touted as a wallflower she was quite outspoken with him from the get go. Her antagonist off the cuff responses were a perfect contrast to Cam’s seductive, silver tongue devil banter. In the long run, there was no escaping the heat, passion, and chemistry that keep simmering between them. Unfortunately, something else remained smack dab in the middle most of the time as well, another man named Michael, her married boss. Joellen’s ten year unrequited obsessive infatuation with Michael blinded her to everything else. She never acted on those feelings in the past, but once he claimed he was getting divorced she thought fate was handing her the man she’s always wished for. Sadly, she learns two valuable life lessons: “Be careful what you wish for” and “All that glitters isn’t gold”. This girl certainly needed more than just her glasses to see what was really going on around her. Sure, she was sweet and sassy when it came to dealing with Cameron, but this gal was completely clueless about pretty everything else. To my surprise, this author took a type of leading man I wouldn’t normally touch with a ten foot pole and turned him into someone decent and likable. It was sweet how he came to care for clueless Joellen to the point it felt really wrong how he was trying to help her win Michael’s attention and affection. Being obsessively insecure at 36 and still putting up with put downs from her own family was bad enough, but continuing to pine over a man who never should have been on her radar to begin with made Joellen’s character difficult for me to completely embrace. Her constant negativity regarding her own self image was hard to swallow, as well. What kept me engaged and reading to the end was the saucy, witty, antagonist to attraction back and forth banter between the main couple, knowing Cam was likely keeping a very big secret. I was pleased as punch I was right, folks. I also absolutely loved how Cam got angry every time Joellen said negative things about herself and tried to help her self-esteem issues. The short epilogue was perfectly done to give a glimpse into their perfect together, right as rain HEA. Title: Melt for You, Series: Slow Burn (Book 2), Author: J.T. Geissinger, Pages: 344, stand-alone, flirty/cocky/Scottish rugby player, socially awkward/doesn’t know she’s beautiful/clueless to reality heroine, hears him with one random OW, infatuated with her married boss, not romance safe, sassy for a wallflower, funny back and forth antagonist banter, can’t stand him at first, HEA, brief epilogue, slow burn, very steamy scenes near the end. Book 1 - Burn for You (Bianca & Jackson), Pages: 348 Book 2 - Melt for You (Joellen & Cameron), Pages: 344 (I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC copy via NetGalley.)
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
.T. Geissinger has written another fun and interesting novel with Melt For You, the second book from her Slow Burn series. I enjoyed the first installment, so naturally when this novel became available I just had to request it. This is a slightly slow-paced read, replete with an engaging plot, captivating characters, and a complicated romance. The story takes place in Manhattan, and the sights and sounds of the city are well executed. Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. Copy editor Joellen Bixby has crushed on her boss's boss, CEO Michael Maddox, for the past ten years. Now Michael is getting a divorce, while showering Joellen with attention. Due to Joellen's low self-esteem, she does not feel that she is good enough for Michael. When her new neighbor, rugby superstar Cameron McGregor offers to help her get into shape, and learn how to be a seductress, she reluctantly accepts his assistance. Cam sees all the goodness in Joellen and wants her to see it as well. Cameron is big, tattooed and gorgeous. He is also full of himself at times and his womanizing ways are highly publicized. When he walks into a room everyone turns their head. He is also smart, and has made a good life for himself despite his extremely troublesome childhood. Cameron likes Joellen the moment he meets her and he wants to get to know her. With them spending so much time together, it is no wonder they fall in love. This is an enjoyable story and the characters light up each and every page. Mrs. Dinwiddle, their feisty elderly neighbor, is a real hoot, and her theatrics add lots of humor to the present happenings. I even enjoyed Joellen's cat, due to his finicky qualities. The love triangle is depicted with class and Joellen’s sonnets were quite good. Overall, a solid read. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
BookAddictLive More than 1 year ago
Wow I really enjoyed this book, and I have to say I’m in love again this time it is with Cameron. What can I say I’m fickle, but the description of this man is mouthwatering. When Joellen meet the wild half-dressed Scotsman in the apartment across the hall. I couldn’t stop laughing, the banter between them was priceless. Prancer and Mrs Snufflebottom were hilarious together. Joellen has always believed she was fat and unattractive. So for ten years she has been in love with her boss CEO who is married and totally safe. When he tells her his getting a divorce from his wife. Joellen suddenly decides she needs to lose weight and make herself more attractive so she has a chance. So Cameron agrees to help her get into shape by training Joellen himself including helping her to kiss correctly. So after the amount of time they spend together with Cameron trying to build herself esteem. They are falling for each other, but Joellen can’t give up on Michael her boss. This is very entertaining and funny romance, even dealing with a serious problem that a lot of us suffer from, a lack of self-esteem when we feel we don’t conform to the ideal. I always enjoy JT Geissinger work in all genres, but this is great entertainment. I hope we get an Audiobook so I can hear the Scottish sexy voice and I can visualise all those muscles.  I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars--MELT FOR YOU is the second instalment in J. T. Geissinger’s contemporary, adult SLOW BURN erotic, romance series. This is twenty-nine year old, Scottish rugby captain Cameron McGregor, and thirty-six year old Joellen Bixby’s story line. MELT FOR YOU can be read as a stand alone as there are no apparent connections to the previous story line. Told from first person perspective (Joellen) MELT FOR YOU follows the acrimonious relationship between New York neighbors Scottish rugby captain Cameron McGregor and Joellen Bixby. Cameron McGregor has come to America, if only temporarily, in order to avoid a scandal back home. Sexy, athletic and an arrogant womanizer Cameron is about to come face to face with a woman whose self-esteem has been shattered; whose maturity level is questionable; whose naïvete and caustic barbs draw our hero like a moth to a flame. Joellen Bixby has spent ten years of her life pining after her boss, a married man she hopes to attract at the upcoming company party. Her self-deprecating humor and attitude gets old pretty fast, so much so that Cameron struggles with her constant put-downs and disparaging personal remarks aimed at deflecting compliments and praise. What ensues is the growing relationship between Joellen and Cameron when Cameron offers to work with Joellen as she sets out to get noticed by the company CEO. MELT FOR YOU is a story of opposites-attract. Joellen is a wallflower, an ‘ugly duckling’ who hides behind a poor self-image, and a lack of confidence including the inability to say no when it counts. A bit of a push-over whose aggressive attitude hides years of emotional struggles Joellen wants to find love but in doing so dismisses the man who battles his attraction to a woman who is oblivious to his ministrations and growing love. The world building follows a ‘stream of consciousness’ as the reader is pulled into the mind of a woman caught between what she thinks she wants, and what is right in front of her. Our heroine’s naïvete is compounded by her single mindedness as it involves her attraction to, and desire for the company CEO, missing the growing love of a man who is willing to give her his all. Weeks will pass and our heroine will remain oblivious so much so that she is willing to risk everything for her shot at the top. MELT FOR YOU is an engaging and entertaining story line but the heroine’s over the top, combative and whiny personality is frustrating such that I was unable to truly enjoy all of the potential humor, and the back and forth repartee between the leading couple. Joellen’s issues of low self-esteem had been branded into her psyche by those she considered more beautiful and worthy, and her character development was questionable as Joellen continued to struggle with body image all the while focusing on her end game of falling in love with the ‘perfect’ CEO. A ‘slow burn’ romance MELT FOR YOU was a bit of a struggle but the kilted Scottish rugby player is worth the price of admission alone. I will note that the author adds a cautionary tale at the end of the story – a warning of sorts for anyone who battles with, or knows someone who struggles with heart breaking issues of low self esteem that oft times, do not transfer, to a happily ever after.
JenniferSchultheisJS More than 1 year ago
Melt for You by J.T. Geissinger is book two in the Slow Burn series and is EVERYTHING I wanted in a romance! This one is definitely on my list for best books of 2018. I loved most of the characters and will certainly revisit them frequently. Joellen Bixby is a bit of a wallflower. She doesn’t dress to her strengths, she puts up with crap at work, and has been in love with her boss for a decade. She would literally do anything to get her boss to notice her, but it hasn’t happened yet. Her new neighbor, Cameron McGregor, has the solution to her problem and he takes great pleasure in helping her out. Cameron has just moved next door and he’s a bit different than what Joellen is used to. Under Cameron’s tutelage Joellen starts to see herself through his eyes and becomes the best Joellen she can be. But now that Cameron and Joellen have grown closer, is her boss still the man she wants or is the man of dreams already in front of her? Joellen and Cameron are amazing together. The chemistry is through the roof. I loved their banter, their passion for each other, and how they were able to be themselves around each other. Melt for You is a one-of-a-kind gem filled with humor, seduction, and heart!
UpAllNightBB More than 1 year ago
A feel good, laugh out loud, heartfelt read. Melt For You by J.T. Geissinger is book two in the Slow Burn Series. I have not read book one, but after reading Melt For You I will definitely be picking up a copy. This book was absolutely amazing, I laughed and swooned hard. Cameron is a huge celebrity in Scotland, the captain of his Rugby team. When he moves into his cousins Manhattan apartment, he is surprised to find out that the neighbor across from him has no idea who he is. Joellen is a simple girl working her dream job at a publishing company. She is content with the life she lives, that is until she finds out that the man she has been lusting over for 10 years, is getting a divorce. When the annoying neighbor strikes a deal to help her seduce the man of her dreams, she is hesitant but accepts. Joellen and Cameron had a rocky start, their relationship started with Cam wanting home cooked meals and Joellen’s desperation to get a man's attention. Although they were both attracted to each other, Joellen was so determined to get the man she “loved”, that she never thought twice about a relationship with the man helping her get him. Cam did everything he could to try and show Joelle her worth, he tried to get her to see the amazing woman he saw, and in the process he fell in love with her. It took one very awful situation for Joelle to realize her dream man might not be so dreamy after all, and finally open her eyes to Cam, the man that had been right in front of her. J.T. Geissinger wrote a beautiful story about a woman with low self esteem and a man who just needed someone real in his life. They just worked, they say opposites attract and these two couldn’t have been more different. The book just flowed, it was witty and charming. A must read! 4 astounding stars! Review by Nancy, Late Night Reviewer for Up All Night w/ Books Blog
ZR1000 More than 1 year ago
Just too much… This is the second book in the Slow Burn series that can be read as a stand-alone. As a copyeditor for a publishing house in New York City for the past ten years, Joellen Bixby has been enamored of the company CEO who has never shown any interest in her and then strangely he does, after revealing he’s getting divorced. She’s not sure what to do about it being totally socially backwards, this woman is thirty-six years old and immature. She has no confidence, and is judgmental and envious of others. She doesn’t stand up for herself even when she should and has basically wasted ten years of her life pining for one man. That she knows nothing about the man outside of what’s in the company bio is of no importance for he’s the “perfect” man in her eyes. Joellen has also recently encountered a new neighbor, a gorgeous man in town for a month who drives her crazy with annoying noise levels and his arrogance is off the scales. She won’t admit to herself that she lusts after him or it could be that she’s too dense (clueless) to see it. The neighbor, being a womanizer, could help her learn to get that one man’s attention that she yearns so much to have. Taking a break from his personal issues in Scotland, the rugby player Cameron McGregor is in town for a limited time. He has a massive ego that’s quite warranted, he’s also a serious playboy who takes pity on the pathetic heroine because she cooks a mean Shephard’s pie, she also intrigues him. For the man he appears to be he’s highly philosophical and more mature than his twenty-nine years would imply, he’s knowledgeable about humanity having studied/learned from the people met throughout his lifetime in contrast to the superficial heroine who has learned nothing and wasted so many years. Cameron knows how to enjoy life and will help transform the heroine for another man to claim. What the hero saw in the heroine was beyond this reader, she’s not likeable and he’s the adult while she’s the child. Too much humor (the gross kind), too many metaphors, and an unlikable heroine from page one who has zero self-esteem in any area of her life which in this day and age is difficult to fathom. I found this story to be an over-exaggeration of the ugly duckling to swan theme. The heroine is such a frustrating, exasperating character that this reader just could not find anything about her to like even as the story progressed. She also lusted after two men and that’s not what this reader wants to see in a romance, neither is a heroine one constantly pities. The heroine exhibited little growth considering how much growth she needed. She’s so dense, it was amazing the amount of things that passed over her head which at her age is difficult to comprehend. The age/gender gap shown here doesn’t work for this reader, though usually it’s the immaturity of the male not the female in question. I liked this hero. Humor is a good thing especially when it’s amusing, but this much of it and the type of it were not found to be so. Some will enjoy the humor in this book tremendously, others like me won’t; it depends on your sense of humor which as we all know is highly subjective. It pained me to write this review for I love this author’s works but not this one. The story, as always, is well-written. An advanced reading copy was obtained from the publisher via NetGalley. 2.5 stars
rc1836 More than 1 year ago
Absolutely wonderful I don't know where to begin raving about this book because there was so much to enjoy. Joellen is a wonderful character that I think so many readers can identify with. She's smart, funny and attractive but has no idea, seeing herself through her family's jaded eyes. And Cam, he may be this bad boy rugby player but that's just a small party of who this gorgeous, thoughtful giant of man is. The story line had some wonderful twist and turns that so engaged me I finished this book in one sitting. I just could not put it down. J.T. Geissinger has jumped to the top of the list of authors whose new books I impatiently wait for. I received an advance reader copy from Netgalley
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
Sweet, sexy and funny; this book will surely make you smile. Cameron is quite the hero!! I really enjoyed it!
TerryL56 More than 1 year ago
5 Hilarious Stars! Joellen has worked for Maddox Publishing for 10 years and has been in love with the CEO Michael Maddox from day one. No one knows this because Joellen sees herself as a fat ogre (because of her model family) ... but she is far from that description. One day on her way home from work, the music is blaring from her neighbours apartment and when she knocks on the door to tell him to turn it down, she comes face to face with the biggest man she has even seen ... and he's not her neighbour. Cameron McGregor needed a break from his life in Scotland, so he trades apartments with his cousin in New York for a month. His first night there he has a strip poker party and comes face to face with his cousin's beautiful neighbour. At first Joellen and Cam hate each other and just yell at one another, but it doesn't take long for them to become friends. Cam even agrees to help Joellen get fit and learn how to seduce her boss. And that's when the fun begins. I just loved this book ... most of the time I was laughing so hard there were tears running down my cheeks. I couldn't help but love Joellen ... she was such a kind mousy girl at work and in front of other people, but with Cam she could just be herself. The comments that came out of her mouth just cracked me up. And Cam ... who doesn't love a tattooed muscle man with a heart of gold? This is just one of those feel good books that just makes you smile! I highly recommend this book if you love to laugh at life and romance ... actually I recommend it even if you don't, because you will be doing just that by the end of the book. I received an ARC courtesy of Montlake Romance through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Kindle_Loving_Mom More than 1 year ago
WOW. I loved this book so much, I can't even believe it. It made me so emotional, I just burst into tears when it was over. I'm going to try to properly articulate myself here, so here we go. Joellen Bixby is a wallflower of the highest order. She works as an editor for a publishing house, and she loves her job. She's been there 10 years, and for that entire time she's been "in love" with her company's CEO, Michael Maddox. In her eyes he's beautiful, and perfect, and is the kind of man any woman would be lucky to be with. But, he's married, and Joellen knows he's way out of her league anyway, so she just sits by and pines silently. Until his situation changes. She knows she's a bit of an ugly duckling, but shouldn't girls like her get a happily ever after too? She's in for the ride of her life when a mountain of a man temporarily moves in across the hall and decides to help her out. Cameron McGregor is a cocky, tattooed, Scottish rugby captain, who just switched homes with his cousin for the holidays. He's brash, and he gets around, and in Europe, paparazzi follows him around doggedly. He needed a break from all the drama, so here he is in NYC. He is surprised to meet a woman like Joellen, and he's surprised how taken with her he is. But, he decides to help her get her heart's desire, and he volunteers to help her learn the ways of seduction. He doesn't know what he'll do, though, if she actually succeeds. Cam and Jo's chemistry was slow building. It started off with her being annoyed with his antics, and loud rap music, but then they become friends when she agrees to let him help her. Their chemistry was so hot once it finally kicked in, as they had spent so much time building their relationship, even though Jo had no idea that's what was happening. But I couldn't even be annoyed by her cluelessness, because it was just so painful to watch her beating up on herself all the time. That lack of self-confidence was the main factor in why it never occurred to her that Cam might actually want her. Joellen truly is clueless in this story. We only get her point of view in this book, and she's quite the unreliable narrator, especially as it pertains to herself, and her own appeal. She's a curvy girl, but she thinks she's hideous, and fat, and has no chance for getting what she wants. Her family has done a number on her, as they are all "beautiful people", and have reinforced, whether purposely or not, that she isn't one of them. She's always felt ugly, and inferior, and they've done nothing to dissuade her. Cam sees her for who she really is, but she doesn't see him. Not for a long time. Cameron was a perfect romance hero. He had been a bad boy and a womanizer in the past, but Joellen captured his heart from the very beginning. He really saw her, and wanted to be in her life so much that he was willing to help send her off to the man she thought she wanted, with brand new confidence in tow. Everything he does for her is completely unselfish, and I loved all the different ways he cared for her, even when she was totally oblivious, and hurting him in the process. I loved their witty banter, and their hilarious and varied nicknames for each other. I loved how even though we only get Jo's POV, I as the reader, had a clear picture of Cam and his intentions, even though she did not. I would have KILLED to get Cam's point of view, even once though. Even if it was just in the epilogue. I loved him, and his heart. I loved this beyond words.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
Oh gawd I love a Scottish hero!!! And Cameron McGregor is absolutely the best! I’m just so overrun with emotions after finishing this book! I want to laugh and cry and start reading it all over again because it..was..wonderful! Joellen learns she has a new neighbor when the most horrendous music blares from behind the door across the hall. She never expected the mountain of a man, wearing nothing but a kilt and boots, to answer her knock. She never expected to find herself being blackmailed into cooking him dinner each night or to agree to kissing lessons. Least of all, she never expected to fall in love with the overgrown egomaniac. But she did. And the getting there is a thrilling ride of sarcastic wit, humorous banter and sexy smiles. Nothing makes me happier than a heroine with snark and a hero who can appreciate it. Cameron not only appreciates it, he encourages it, and in doing so begins to show Joellen that she’s perfect just the way she is, despite years of believing otherwise. I absolutely LOVED him for this because I saw so much of myself in Joellen. Yet with all his egocentric mannerisms and dialogue, there was so much more to him and when he shared those deeper thoughts and philosophies…it was a game changer. Not just for the heroine, but for me. Thank you Ms. Geissinger for putting into words what every woman who has ever criticized herself needs to hear. I also loved that this author would merrily trot me along with laugh out loud one liners and then suddenly, within one line, my heart would clinch and my eyes would well up with tears and I was feeling everything! That’s the kind of thing I long for when reading. Okay, so I know this review is a bit disjointed and doesn’t flow but that’s because there’s just too much goodness here to put into words. This is a book you have to experience to appreciate. A mere description will never do it justice. So I’m just going to end this here by saying that one of THE most romantic and heartfelt, and yes, make-you-cry lines I’ve ever read is when Cameron McGregor claims to his woman in regards to ice cream, “I have all the flavors, lass.” Sigh. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and Montlake. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I also purchased a copy of this book for my own library.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
This. Book. I'm so in love with this book. This started out as a funny romcom and I'm totally enjoying the heck out of it. The more I read, the more I just completely fell head over heals in love with it. By the end I wanted to just swoon! Swoon, I say! Not just from the hero, Cameron, although hello??? How can you not fall in love with this man. But everything about this book I fell in love. This touched heavily on body image and I will be the first to say that I don't normally love when heroines have issues with their body. I mean I get enough of that in my own life, I just want to read for fun. The way this author approached it and how both Joellen and Cameron dealt with it was what made a dislike into one of the funniest and lovable books I've read in a long time. So much so that I want to immediately go back to the beginning and re-read it. Cameron. Holy Cow, Cameron! There is no way you are not going to fall in love with this man. Seriously. Best Book Boyfriend EVER! He's going to start out on a bit of shaky ground with some in the very beginning but trust me, that last all of 2 seconds. Then you are going to melt into the ground for the rest of the book. Joellen. Normally, I would be irritated with some of her issues and how clueless she was most of the time but dang did that girl make me laugh. And honestly the way her and Cameron interacted just had me loving every bit of the bad just as much as the good. Is this book perfect? No. Did I care one bit about any of that when I finished? No. You know when you get a book that just makes you so happy you don't want it to end. This is that book. I savored this book all day yesterday and refused to read the last 20% until today. I just did not want it to end. I know I'm totally gushing about this book but some books deserve to be gushed about. J.T. Geissinger, you are one heck of a writer and I am so thankful I found your books. Keep them coming! P.S. Read the acknowledgements. It has a very important message. P.S.S. I was so very lucky to win an arc of this book and I'm already plotting to buy the audio book just hear that sexy Scottish brogue of Camerons.
thereadingchick More than 1 year ago
Joellen has had a crush on the CEO of her firm since she started working there 10 years ago. When Michael Maddox’s marriage is breaking up that far away dream becomes attainable. Can she catch the eye of her perfect CEO? Cameron MacGregor is subleasing the apartment across the hall from Joellen. He is brash, scruffy, and the captain of a pro British Rugby team. Cam is also a big ladies man with a reputation for trouble. He offers to help “coach” Jo into catching her CEO, but quickly realizes that she is the woman he wants and starts to play dirty to keep her. Finally, a Geissinger hero who is not fighting a darkness in his soul that only his heroine can shine a light on! Don’t get me wrong, Cam has his problems. He didn’t have a great childhood and fought to attain the status he currently has as a pro Rugby player, but he is charming and laughs easily. NOT like other characters in her novels. It was so refreshing and unexpected! Jo, also is unlike her other heroines. She is self described as somewhat plump and average looking, although both Cam and Michael see her very differently. It’s been awhile since Jo has practiced her feminine wiles, so when Cam offers to be her test subject the sparks fly. She spends most of the book being charmingly confused over who she really wants, Cam or Michael. Since this is an HEA we know going in who she’s going to pick, but that journey was really a lot of fun to read! I loved both Jo and Cam! They each had their own insecurities that they helped each other overcome. Their relationship was fresh, sassy and filled with humor. In comparison, Michael seemed to be a dolt. No competition in my eyes! This Slow Burn series seems to be a stand alone novel as there was no relationship between the characters from book to book. Feel free to pick this up and enjoy! The Slow Burn comes from the build up in their relationship from friends to lovers. I was sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the conclusion to this novel. ❤❤❤❤❣ I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!
AT_202 More than 1 year ago
A humorous, steamy, romance novel Scottish accent and a kilt. Check. Rugby player. Check. Tattoos. Check. Cameron McGregor is walking sex on a stick! Joellen, is a curvy woman working a publishing firm. She is “in love” with her soon-to-be divorced “perfect” boss and she believes the she is invisible to him. She suffers from low self-esteem when it comes to her looks having grown up with a runway model mother and her beauty pageant sister. Cameron is Joellen’s annoyingly loud neighbor who offers to help her boss notice her. He sees her for who she is - a beautiful woman whose parents have belittled her looks and self-worth throughout her life - and is anger that she looks down on herself. It becomes obvious that the more Joellen’s boss pays attention to her, the more Cameron sulks. Will Joellen overcome her self-esteem issues? Will she be with her “perfect” boss or will she choose with the egotistical, annoying rugby player who has always seen her? The scenes with Cameron and Joellen are hilarious. Some of the conversations between them have left me snorting back a laugh (also earning me the side eye from my husband who’s wondering what is so funny). Then the officemate, Denny, and his fart jokes. Oh this book was hilarious, steamy, and romantic.