Milk Soaps: 35 Skin-Nourishing Recipes for Making Milk-Enriched Soaps, from Goat to Almond

Milk Soaps: 35 Skin-Nourishing Recipes for Making Milk-Enriched Soaps, from Goat to Almond

by Anne-Marie Faiola

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Handmade soap is made extra-special with the addition of milk! Soaps enriched with milk are creamier than those made with water, and milk’s natural oils provide skin-renewing moisture and nourishment. In Milk Soaps, expert soapmaker Anne-Marie Faiola demystifies the process with step-by-step techniques and 35 recipes for making soaps that are both beautiful and useful. She explains the keys to success in using a wide range of milk types, including cow, goat, and even camel milk, along with nut and grain milks such as almond, coconut, hemp, rice, and more. Photographs show soapmakers of all levels how to achieve a variety of distinctive color and shape effects, including funnels, swirls, layers, and insets. For beginners and experts alike, this focused guide to making milk-enriched soaps offers an opportunity to expand their soapmaking skills in new and exciting ways. 

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ISBN-13: 9781635860498
Publisher: Storey Books
Publication date: 04/30/2019
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About the Author

Anne-Marie Faiola is the author of Milk SoapsPure Soapmaking, and Soap Crafting. She is the owner of Bramble Berry, a company that sells soapmaking supplies at, and offers soapmaking advice and inspiration through her blog and on her YouTube channel, Soap Queen TV. The recipient of several small business awards, Faiola was named a Best Boss in America by Fortune Small Business, and is a member of the Coalition of Handcrafted Entrepreneurs (COHE). She can be found online at


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Make Soap with Milk?
Chapter 2: The Soapmaking Process
Chapter 3: Properties of Different Oils
Chapter 4: Adding Color & Scent
Chapter 5: Recipes
    Shea and Aloe Bars with Yogurt
    Calendula-Infused Buttermilk Bars
    Textured Rose Clay Bars with Nonfat Milk
    Exfoliating Lemon Bars with Coconut Milk
    Layered Clay and Oat Milk Bars
    Charcoal Facial Bars with Whole Milk and Aloe
    In-the-Pot Swirl Buttermilk Castile
    Textured Turmeric Bars with Banana Milk
    Hand-Sculpted Soap Stones with Split Pea Milk
    Faux Funnel Pour with Camel's Milk
    Drop Swirls with Kefir and Rose Petals
    Cupcake Soaps with Whipped Cream
    Loofah and Swirls with Sheep's Milk
    Dead Sea-Salt Brine Bar
    Poppy Seeds and Swirls
    Hangered Drop Swirls with Colloidal Oatmeal and Honey
    Layered Coffee and Cream Bars
    Layered Mica Lines with Almond Milk
    Cubed Swirls with Almond Milk and Honey
    Round Peacock Swirl with Goat's Milk
    Shampoo Bars with Hemp Milk and Apple Cider Vinegar
    Pink Himalayan and Dendritic Salt Bars with Flax Milk
    Super Rainbow Swirl
    Embedded Pencil Wave with Donkey's Milk
    Linear Swirl with Sour Cream
    Floral Layers Goat's Milk Bars
    Circling Taiwan Swirl with Matcha Tea
    Squirty Swirls with Whey
    Piped Hanger Swirl with Soy Milk
    Concentric Circle Swirls with Cashew Milk
    Alternating Layers and Pencil Lines with Flax Milk
    Double Pumpkin Pie Slices
    Elegant Swirls with Hemp Milk and Avocado Extract
    Coconut Milk In-the-Pot Swirl with Kombucha
    Shimmied Layers Castile Bars
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