Ministry of Bombs

Ministry of Bombs

by Nelson Lowhim


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Ministry of Bombs by Nelson Lowhim

In the mountains of Yemen, rebellion brews and spits out terror into the world. In Pakistan, a nuclear scientist escapes. And an agent in America, Justice, sees this and understands that the world is in danger. He must find the scientist before the terrorists do. If he doesn't millions will die. Will he save the day? As he peers deeper into the world of terrorism and the war on terror, Justice finds that things are never as they seem to be.
Not your average spy or thriller novel, this looks deep into the heart of terror. Dare to look inside!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781940122113
Publisher: Alternative Book Press
Publication date: 03/01/2014
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Lowhim served in the US Army as a Green Beret Engineer and graduated from Columbia University. He's been published in LA review of LA, Nine Line Anthology, and Afterwords.
Born in the bubbling cauldron of Tanzania, where he picked up his first pen at the age of two and chewed. He's progressed much since then. He wrote his first story at 5, a knockoff of all the prince-saves-princess stories he'd read at the time. Life did not rest. It took him to India, then frigid Michigan. The shock, according to parent-sources, was a character building exercise. Lowhim, however, only remembered clenched fingers trying to write. Shorts about teen angst kept him going.
Soon he was hitchhiking the mountainous American West where the outlaw locals kept his journal full of color. It wasn't long before he joined the US Army where the detritus of Babylon only furthered his literary ambitions. Iraq wasn't done with him. He would return, an engineer in 5th SFG. When he returned from this trip, he finished his first novel.
Released upon the world, he attended Columbia University. He spent his free time writing and working with other authors. He graduated and has since been penning some of the most ambitious novels this side of that Pluto rock.
Lowhim currently lives with his girlfriend in the Bronx. You can visit his blog at:

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His novels are: When Gods Fail (the series), The Struggle Trilogy, Tree of Freedom, and CityMuse

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Ministry of Bombs 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
books4nana More than 1 year ago
In his book, Ministry of Bombs, Nelson Lowhim gives us three distinct characters and life situations and then intertwines them in such a way not only to bring them into each other's lives but to captivate his audience. Each character represents a different aspect of the world we live in where hate and bias often create a stifling culture. We meet Ali, an Al Qaeda leader seasoned in planning and carrying all types of terrorism, Dr. Naydar famous for his brilliant mind and design abilities with nuclear bombs and Justice, determined not to let 9/11 happen again, a Secret Agent on his first solo mission. Lowhim’s development of Dr Naydar and Ali is remarkable. In particular his portrayal of their inner struggles. Each is in a world where there seems to be no room for a change The lines are black and white. Yet they each began to listen to their hearts and to open their eyes. Perhaps all is not as it seems and change is needed. Nelson gives us such a look into Ali’s heart, such a raw pain, such an awareness of a future denied and such transparency. However, I found Justice’s story to be weak and unrealistic. Who could get even be an agent with that agency as ignorant, ill at ease and without initiative as he was? Did we have to repeat his phone calls to his boss with background laughter repeatedly as if the agency itself was a joke? And the whole thing with the paintings? Not to be a spoiler but there was so much to Justice that could have been handled better. Often with political, war type reading it is easy to get lost. At least for me. Not so here. We were going from one country to the other at the turn of the page, but did so fluidly. The plot flowed very well. Background information was developed in such a way it was difficult not to cheer for each character (okay, so I did.). I had some apprehension over the political leaning and persuasive element this type book might present and frankly a few spots early on that I felt affirmed those. The only thing he seemed to be adamant about was American forces enjoying and laughing about killing innocents (children). If I saw that tone in future books by him I would see it as a problem. Other than that it was well rounded. Lowhim is dealing with a sensitive topic and he did well in showing strengths, weaknesses and struggles of each. Lowhim impressed me with his writing skills, his ability to captivate the reader, the multifaceted storyline, the main characters and his supporting characters. He also did something that is rare in a young writer. He caused me to think, to question, to wonder and to do a self-check. For that I am glad. May I never be too stuck in my on way of thinking, but to be willing to stand back, examine a situation and make a decision based on what is before me at that time. We have areas that are unchangeable; my faith is one of those. On those we stand firm. But so many areas are not and this is a good reminder to look beyond stereotypical attitudes and philosophy. Great book! I am heading to the next one!! Join me?