Mistletoe Melody

Mistletoe Melody

by Stacey Weeks

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Former musician, Melody Staff, spends Christmas at a bed and breakfast in the village of Mistletoe Meadows. While everyone sings familiar carols of Christ drawing near, Melody stumbles over misplaced notes. Her recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis has scared off her fiancé and thrust her life into a grand pause. She's not sure her heart will ever sing again.Quentin Oxford has endured a devastating year. His preteen daughter suffered a stroke, and they’ve grieved his wife’s sudden death, but the Lord coaxes a surprising refrain from Quentin’s heart as God rewrites his and Melody’s score into a holiday love song that will last for Christmases to c

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ISBN-13: 9781522301745
Publisher: Pelican Book Group
Publication date: 12/01/2018
Series: Christmas Holiday Extravaganza
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 93
Sales rank: 285,843
File size: 796 KB

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Mistletoe Melody 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
EbosAifuobhokhan_0128 24 days ago
Deep, thought provoking book. When God allows pain and sufferings our way, what is our reaction to it? Do I shrink back from it or do I reach out. Melody’s life was palatable and she went through moments of struggle both physically and mentally. But the promise of love and that Jesus walks through our pain with us was her turning around story. Quentin had seen it all; pain, death, effects of wrong decisions and decided to guard his heart and his daughter’s until Mel walked into their lives. I enjoyed reading how protective he was and how his heart was in the right place. He also had to learn to give it up to God who holds our lives in his hands. Even though things around them was failing God was the strength of their hearts. I recommend this books to people going through a hard time and trying to figure things out, especially those dealing with illnesses and all those who love a good faith story. I received a copy of this book and this is my honest opinion.
MeezCarrie 24 days ago
4.5 stars Mistletoe Melody is a charming, sweet story that would make a perfect Hallmark movie. Melody’s recent MS diagnosis hit close to home, and I appreciated reading the authentic portrayal of the emotional struggles she dealt with in addition to the physical. It’s not often that we encounter a character with chronic health issues in fiction, though it’s something I wish we did see more of, and I loved this element to the story. Alongside Melody’s battle is Janie’s – Quentin’s preteen daughter who recently suffered a stroke, not to mention the loss of her mother. Weeks used these two plot points as a sweet reminder that a) God never wastes what we go through and b) He so very often puts someone else in our path with similar struggles to help us take our eyes off ourselves and put others first. Despite being such a short novella, the author did a great job with this plotline’s pacing and layered development. Quentin & Melody’s romance is, sweet as well, and the whole story overall just made me smile. The setting, the characters, the tender moments, the writing style – all of it is well-done and enjoyable. If you’re looking for a quick read to warm your heart, Mistletoe Melody is a great choice! (I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book)
5643437 25 days ago
Mistletoe Melody Review – Perhaps because our family’s lives are in flux right now as we wait for military orders to move us to our next and final duty location, I can relate to Melody’s story. At the same time, I can not imagine the devastation Quentin must be feeling with the death of his wife and his daughter’s stroke. Stacey Weeks does a masterful job of pulling her readers into the story. With a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Melody can understand Janie, Quentin’s daughter, in a way no one else can. This story touches the heart and soul. It illustrates the power of having faith in God. Mistletoe Mission Review: Mistletoe Mission demonstrates the power of second chances and God’s love. Emily and Lucas need to find the power of God’s love. He’s been jilted. She wants to create happily ever afters through her wedding planning business. Melody wants her to find the same happiness she found with Quentin in Mistletoe Melody. These two books weave together to create an inspirational and heart-warming pair of stories. So check them out for yourself. I received a copy of these books for my fair and honest review.
Deana0326 28 days ago
Melody has a lot going on in her life. It made me think of how life throws us curves and God is watching to see what we do with those curves. Sometimes we can get angry at our circumstances and close ourselves off from everyone. I think Melody was trying to do that so people wouldn't find out about her diagnosis of MS. She is so afraid that Quentin will reject her that she keeps her distance from him. It is sad how she feels that she can't trust him enough to tell him how she feels or about her illness. I did like learning about mistletoe and all the different kinds there were. I had no idea you could make tea from mistletoe. All I knew about it was when you stand under one, you are suppose to kiss the person standing under it with you. The author really did her research on mistletoe and it intrigued me to study more about it. Quentin is a wonderful character who is raising his daughter by himself. She has health issues as well that is hard to deal with. I was surprised at how young his daughter was to have such intense health problems. His back story about his ex-wife helps readers understand why he is so protective of his heart. His faith has carried him through some difficult days and made him stronger to face whatever comes his way. Their story is filled with trust, secrets and learning to let go and allow God to heal wounds. I loved how each character found their strength in faith and it makes for a great lesson in being set free from things that hold you back from God's blessings and to remember our hope is in the Lord. I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.
MelissaF 3 months ago
Mistletoe Melody This is a sweet, quick read. I got so frustrated with Melody and her not telling Quetin what was going on with her. I wanted to shout out just tell him the truth. I could relate to her struggle with leading worship when you go through a struggle and God’s gentle way he guided her back to His heart. Mistletoe Mission I actually liked this book a lot more, I felt like the tension and the questions where greater. I was concerned about Emily pulling of this wedding. The added stress of Leah’s mom and her superstitions, which many people, even Christians, can fall into. The author did a great job of reminding the reader that with Jesus we don’t have to worry about good or bad luck. Overall, I enjoyed these sweet Christmas reads. A copy of this book was given to me through the Celebrate Lit Team. All opinions are my own.
Deanne-Patterson 3 months ago
Mistletoe Melody is a sweet tender story filled with the spirit of compassion you will want to read not just at Christmas time but any time you need of boost of a feel good read. Difficult subjects are approached with dignity and respect and I like how the author approached with such understanding. God will always help guide us with any challenges we have in life as long as we follow his direction. I recommend this tenderhearted story. Published December 1st 2018 by White Rose Publishing I was given a complimentary copy of this book . Thank you. All opinions expressed are my own.
Deanne-Patterson 3 months ago
Mistletoe Melody is a sweet tender story filled with the spirit of compassion you will want to read not just at Christmas time but any time you need of boost of a feel good read. Difficult subjects are approached with dignity and respect and I like how the author approached with such understanding. God will always help guide us with any challenges we have in life as long as we follow his direction. I recommend this tenderhearted story. Published December 1st 2018 by White Rose Publishing I was given a complimentary copy of this book . Thank you. All opinions expressed are my own.
Stardust_Fiddle 3 months ago
Generally speaking, short stories are not my choice of reading material. Charles Dickens is one of my favorite authors, after all. For the most part I gravitate toward full-length novels because I love detail and I want to spend enough time with the characters to get to know them and to hear their story in its entirety. As a result, short stories rarely satisfy me. However, since these two stories were both Christmas-themed, I wanted to read them in-season and decided to sign up to review them. To my surprise, I enjoyed both “Mistletoe Melody” and “Mistletoe Mission” very much! Author Stacey Weeks has created the festive town of Mistletoe Meadows, complete with mistletoe tea and the Mistletoe Mile row of shops that are open year-round. What better time to go there, though, than Christmas? Of the two stories, my favorite was “Mistletoe Melody”, which should be read before “Mistletoe Mission” because otherwise the latter will contain spoilers. Even though “Mistletoe Melody” was predictable, I found myself absorbed by the story, and I loved the Staff family’s focus on courting rather than dating. Melody Staff’s recent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis struck a chord with me as someone who has multiple chronic illnesses. The spiritual healing that she experiences as she comes to realize that her (and our) hope is in God and that a “sacrifice of praise…is the best kind of worship” spoke to my heart. I loved how Melody works with Janie and, in doing so, helps heal herself too. Melody’s insight into how God reaches out to us when we find ourselves metaphorically paralyzed by fear and grief is one of the best explanations I’ve read: “This is how God pursued us, but we didn’t listen to Him. God called us from heaven and mankind resisted. God sent prophets, but we closed our ears. Finally, God sent Jesus, God in the flesh. Only then, when He came and dwelt with us in difficulty and pain did we have the courage to reach for His hand and accept the forgiveness that comes only through Him. That’s why Jesus came. He meets us in our pain and leads us out toward God.” Both stories felt complete and unrushed, which is often not the case in my experience with short stories. “Mistletoe Mission” is also a contemporary romance but is gratifyingly different, featuring some of the same characters but focusing on new ones. Emily’s perseverance in trying to win a spot on Mistletoe Mile for her business, Magical Mistletoe Marriages, is inspiring. Battling superstitions and sabotage, she also struggles with her own heart at the reappearance of her first love: “What an odd pair they made, a wounded event planner and a jilted minister. What was God thinking putting a Christmas Eve wedding in their hands?” I did not predict how this story would play out, and I was delighted by the ending. I also appreciated that, through the narrative, Weeks speaks about missionary work and practical aide for missions. At the end of both stories is a note from the author, and “Mistletoe Mission” also includes a short devotional. Although both are Christmas stories, the lessons within reach far beyond December and are worthy of reading and pondering regardless of the season. I received a complimentary copy of this book through CelebrateLit and was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.
penelopem More than 1 year ago
This was a wonderful story. The instant connection between Melody and Janie was heartwarming. While Quentin’s overprotective manner toward his daughter was understandable it was distressing when he assumed the worst of Melody due to his past experience with Janie’s mother. The use of the love of music was a nice touch. Life is filled with difficulties and it’s encouraging to read about characters who accept their limitations and choose to live with joy. Recommended!
LisaLickel0 More than 1 year ago
Weeks’s addition to the extravaganza holiday stories is filled with angst, mysterious health conditions, and determination to keep traditions. When the Staff family gathers for Christmas as the inn of friends instead of Grandma’s house, the old family friend innkeeper, Quentin, catches a glimpse of the life that might have been. But there’s something wrong which keeps him hypervigilant against any chance of hurting his young daughter. And Janie absolutely should not fall in daughter-love with the woman from his past who apparently is no better than Janie’s now-deceased former druggie mom. Melody is bitter toward everyone, especially God, for ripping her life—her gift of music and her fiancé—from under her feet. With a devastating diagnosis changing everything, she’s made decisions which she believes will keep the only thing left she has to guard—her heart—intact. Christmas is a growing and revelatory season for Melody and Quentin as they celebrate the season of hope and promise.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A charmingly written story showing compassion while learning to trust loving. I didn't want the story to end. Very well written.
CarolJo More than 1 year ago
Mistletoe Meadows is an excellent setting for a Christmas romantic read! Your heart will go out to Melody Staff, a young lady suffering from multiple sclerosis. Quentin Oxford is operating his parents' lodge for the week that the Staff family visits. Quentin's top priority is protecting his daughter, Janie, who has suffered a stroke. You will enjoy how Melody and Janie are able to connect through music. I recommend this novella to others. I received a complimentary e-book from the author. This is my honest opinion.
carol223CS More than 1 year ago
Stacey Weeks’s Mistletoe Melody This is really a heartwarming, loving story. It deals with what it means to love and the sacrifices we make for those we love. Power packed with emotion. Beautifully written Christmas story. I volunteered to read an ARC of this book prior to publication. Thanks to the author for the opportunity. My opinion is my own.