Moon Full of Moons: Poetry of Transformation

Moon Full of Moons: Poetry of Transformation

by Kat Lehmann

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A journey into darkness and back to the light. The Moon makes it look so easy.

Winner of the 2016 Royal Dragonfly Book Award, Moon Full of Moons is a collection of poetry about resilience, renewal, and creating a deep happiness in the midst of sadness and ongoing loss.

The book is divided into nine chapters, each named after a phase of the moon. Moon Full of Moons describes a journey of survival, empowerment, and a determination to discover a light that has known darkness. This moving collection of over 100 poems explores innocence, love, mental illness, family, grief, forgiveness, healing, acceptance, and joy.

Raw and honest with lush, evocative imagery, Moon Full of Moons is "self help in a whole new way" that encourages acceptance and a commitment to live, “regardless of external anything”.

Everything is made from the remnants of what was. So - yes - you can build from it again.

"Kat Lehmann writes in an honest, magical way, opening up fresh possibilities the mind and heart. Every word and phrase in the book reeks of so much soul, giving one hope and joy as one traverses through this journey." - Barnes & Noble reader

"A gentle refocus from the wise and gifted Kat Lehmann." - Amazon reader

"A delightful and deep book of words and wonder for the phases of life, love, loss, and renewal." - Amazon reader

"I will read and reread it as nourishment for my soul." - Amazon reader



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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780988492653
Publisher: Katrina Blount
Publication date: 09/28/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 112
File size: 595 KB

Table of Contents

Dedication v
The Moon Full of Moons 1
Introduction / Interwoven 3
Nights of the First Full Moon 7
Being a Poem 8
Childhood Memories 9
He is a Pond 10
The Butterfly of Her Mind 11
I Want to Be Like a Tree 12
Peach 13
Alive 14
Night of the Backwards Moon 15
Sleeping Colors 16
Nights of Waning Gibbous 17
Measuring Life 18
The Baby That Time Grew Up 19
Solomon Sleeps 20
Seven Violet Nights 21
Life as a Shadow 23
Perspective 24
Orion the Hunter 25
The Language of Lines 26
Languagelessness 27
Nights of the Waning Half-Moon (last quarter) 28
Autumn Wane 29
An Only 31
Family Photos 33
Cycles of Broken Being (Sandmirror Oceanglass) 36
Animal (Human) – Home (Earth) 37
Life Jewels 38
Nights of Waning Crescent 39
Spider 40
Still Life 41
Foibles of an Honest Person 42
The Subtlest of Ways 43
Emergency Department 44
Nights of the New Moon 45
Death 47
Mental Illness 48
The Life and Death of a Beloved Victrola 49
My Heart is Raining 50
Unspinning the Earth 51
The Fall 52
Collapsing Heart 53
Nights of Waxing Crescent 54
Axis 56
Everything 57
The Fear of It 58
It’s Over 59
Acceptance 60
Matriarch 61
Inertia of the Past 62
Hope 64
Nights of the Waxing Half-Moon (first quarter) 65
A Day Reborn 66
The Begin 67
Eaten 68
The Story of the Body 69
Mothering Anew 70
New Island 72
Brother and Sister 73
Parenthood 74
Nights of Waxing Gibbous 75
A Heart Made of Hearts 76
House for Sale 78
My River 80
A Passing Thought 81
The History of First Meeting 82
Love Like Sand 84
Marriage 86
How 87
Weather Report 88
When I 90
Wishes Falling 92
Nights of the Second Full Moon 93
Falling Up 94
Wayward Wind 95
Healing 96
Love Gives the Heart Imagination 98
The Summit 100
Guilt 101
Faith 102
Not Enough is Enough 103
The Language of Beauty 104
Two Kinds of Happiness 106
Pulling Down the Sun 107
A Note About the Author 109

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