Moose Hunting: Calling, Decoying, and Stalking

Moose Hunting: Calling, Decoying, and Stalking

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ISBN-13: 9781629140933
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 08/05/2014
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,049,355
File size: 16 MB
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About the Author

Dave Kelso has been hunting moose throughout New England, Maine, and parts of Canada for more than thirty years. A noted moose guide, Kelso has shared his expertise with various hunting blogs and websites through detailed articles and guides. Kelso currently serves as VP of Muskie Moose, LLC and resides with his wife in Maine.

Peter Fiduccia, known as the “Deer Doctor,” is one of the most recognized names in the hunting community. He was the editor-in-chief at Bookspan’s Outdoorsman’s Edge and the consulting editor to Whitetail Hunting Strategies Magazine, and he has published eight books and numerous articles in dozens of magazines. He hosts the Woods N’ Water television series, now in its thirtieth season of syndication throughout North America. He lives in New South Berlin, New York.
Peter J. Fiduccia is one of the most recognized authorities in the deer hunting community, known throughout North America as the “Deer Doctor.” He is an award-winning journalist and has hosted the Woods n Water television series for more than thirty years. Fiduccia was the founder and consulting editor for Whitetail Hunting Strategies magazine and his writings have been published in ten books and numerous magazines. He lives with his wife, Kate, in Otsego County, New York.

Table of Contents

Part I Bowhunting Right Now - It Has Never Been Better

Chapter 1 Deer Hunting in North America 3

America's Deer 5

State Deer Review and Forecast 17

Chapter 2 America's Biggest Game 25

Elk 25

Br'er Bear 33

Moose 40

Chapter 3 So Many Critters, So Little Time 49

Pronghorn 50

Caribou 55

Mountain Lion 59

Real Sheep, Real Goats...Sort of 63

America's Native Goat 67

Chapter 4 Africa! Africa! Africa! 71

Part II Great Gear for Great Bowhunters-the Basics

Chapter 5 Your Compound 83

Compound Bow Manufacturers 100

Chapter 6 The Horizontal Alternative 103

Crossbow Manufacturers 109

Chapter 7 Get the Shaft 111

Arrow Shaft Manufacturers 121

Part III Accessories and Necessities: Killer Gear

Chapter 8 Driving Your Point Home 123

Broadhead Manufacturers 140

Chapter 9 Rah-Rah-Rests! 141

Arrow Rest Manufacturers 155

Chapter 10 Set Your Sight on Success 157

Bow Sight, Scope and Shooting Aid Manufacturers 175

Chapter 11 Peep Show 177

Peep Sight and Peep Alternative Manufacturers 185

Chapter 12 More Fun Stuff 187

Stabilizer Manufacturers 203

Quiver Manufacturers 204

Release Aid Manufacturers 205

Glossary of Archery & Bowhunting Terms 206

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