More or Less a Marchioness

More or Less a Marchioness

by Anna Bradley

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The Somerset sisters, three beautiful, headstrong debutantes in Regency London, are discovering that a bit of scandal is a delightful thing . . .
For the sake of propriety, and her younger sisters’ reputations, Iris Somerset has kept her rebellious streak locked away. But though she receives a proposal from Phineas Knight, Lord of Huntington, Iris can’t marry a man she knows isn’t truly enamored with her. In fact, Iris no longer wants to be chosen—she wants to choose. Under the clandestine tutelage of “wicked widow” Lady Annabel Tallant, she’ll learn how to steer her own marriage prospects—and discover her secret appetites . . .
What kind of debutante refuses a marquess? Finn is surprised, a little chastened—and thoroughly intrigued. This new, independent version of Iris is far more alluring than the polished socialite she used to be. Finn believed he needed a safe, quiet wife to curb his wilder impulses. But the more Iris surprises him, the more impossible it becomes to resist their deepest desires . . .

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ISBN-13: 9781516105328
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 02/06/2018
Series: Somerset Sisters Series , #1
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 20,478
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Anna Bradley is the author of The Sutherland Scandals and The Sutherland Sisters novels. A Maine native, she now lives near Portland, OR, where people are delightful and weird and love to read. She teaches writing and lives with her husband, two children, a variety of spoiled pets, and shelves full of books. Visit her website at

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Three months later

"Lord Huntington won't kiss me."

Iris Somerset drew in a deep, cleansing breath, then heaved it back out again in such a long sigh her lungs flailed in protest.

Goodness, it felt good to say that at last.

It had been weeks since she'd drawn a full breath. She'd been dangerously close to suffocation since the start of the season, when the Marquess of Huntington had singled her out as the fortunate recipient of his exalted attentions.

Of course, she hadn't meant to blurt out her confession here. One didn't speak of kissing in the middle of Lady Fairchild's rose garden. It was considered a great honor to be invited to her ladyship's Hampstead estate for her annual scavenger hunt, and a certain level of decorum was expected.

But she'd come this far, so she may as well finish it. "I've tried everything I can think of to lure him into an indiscretion, but it's like trying to coax a fish to hang itself on the hook."

Iris crossed her arms over her chest, eyed her two companions, and braced herself for the inevitable uproar.

As usual, Lady Honora broke first. "Hush, Iris! He could be right on the other side of this hedge!" She darted a panicked look around the garden to make certain they were alone, then swung back to Iris, a scandalized expression on her pretty face. "What do you mean, he won't kiss you? Of course he won't kiss —"

"Why don't you just kiss him, then? He'll succumb to his savage desires the moment your lips touch his, and that will solve the problem in an instant." Violet snapped her fingers.

At any other time Iris might have found it amusing they'd each reacted just as she'd predicted they would, but Lord Huntington's lack of interest wasn't a laughing matter. "As far as I know, he hasn't got any savage desires. That's the problem, Violet."

Lady Honora winced at the word desires. "My goodness, Iris. What do you expect? He's an honorable gentleman."

Violet frowned. "Honorable gentlemen don't have desires?"

"No! I mean, yes, of course they ... oh, how should I know?" Lady Honora turned on Violet. "If they do have desires, they keep them well hidden out of respect to their betrothed."

Iris couldn't deny Lord Huntington treated her with the utmost respect. He was unfailingly solicitous and polite, just as one would expect from a gentleman of such impeccable character. No proper young lady could complain of such treatment.

How disconcerting to find, mere weeks before she was to become the Marchioness of Huntington, that she wasn't, after all, a proper young lady. "He's too respectful, if you ask me."

Violet wiped her tears of laughter on the sleeve of her gown. "Well, you'll have him all to yourself soon enough. Can't you wait to lure him into a kiss in the privacy of your bedchamber after you're wed?"

"I can wait, yes, but he shouldn't be able to."

"Oh, dear." Lady Honora was wringing her hands. "I'm sure we shouldn't be discussing kissing. Or luring. Or bedchambers."

"Perhaps not, Honora, but who else am I meant to talk to if not you and Violet? Do you suppose I'll discuss kissing and bedchambers with my grandmother?"

The idea Iris would have such a discussion with Lady Chase, their elderly, cantankerous grandmother, sent Violet off into fresh gales of laughter.

Iris glared at her younger sister. "You may laugh all you like, Violet, but you'd do well to keep in mind you'll have to manage your own troublesome suitors soon enough. Now, what am I meant to do to encourage, ah ... a physical expression of affection?"

"Do?" Lady Honora gasped in horror. "Why, nothing at all. How can you ask such a thing, Iris?"

"How can I not ask it, Honora? If anyone bothered to show young ladies how to subtly indicate to a gentleman a kiss would be welcome, I wouldn't need your advice at all. For pity's sake, all that time spent practicing the quadrille and pounding away at the pianoforte, but not a word about how to orchestrate a seduction."

"Seduction?" Lady Honora looked ready to swoon. "Have you lost your wits?"

"Well, what have you done to encourage him so far?" Violet had overcome her fit of hysteria, and she clapped her hands together with her usual practicality, as if preparing to marshal her troops.

Iris gave a helpless shrug. The truth was, she didn't have the faintest idea how to entice a gentleman into a kiss. "Whatever I could think of. Gazed into his eyes, brushed his hand with mine when he takes my arm — that sort of thing. We've walked alone in Grandmother's garden several times, once in the moonlight, even, but Lord Huntington is immune to every amorous overture."

Immune, or oblivious. Iris hadn't yet decided which. The latter could be overcome easily enough, but the former ...

That was a bit more worrying.

Violet tapped her bottom lip with her finger, considering. "Have you licked your lips? I read somewhere glistening lips make gentlemen think of kissing."

Iris stared at her sister. Wherever did Violet get such notions? "I haven't tried that, no."

Lady Honora let out a little moan of distress and covered her face.

"Oh, do stop moaning, Honora. It's a kiss, not a ruination, and they are betrothed, after all." Violet paused, her gaze narrowing on Honora's flushed face. "You're betrothed too, come to that. Has Lord Harley kissed you?"

Lady Honora's flush spread to the roots of her hair. "Well, I — that is ... oh, for goodness' sakes, Violet. Very well. Yes, he managed to corner me into it once, in this very garden. He's quicker than he looks, you see."

Lady Honora's voice quivered with distaste. She didn't care at all for Lord Harley, but Lady Fairchild insisted on the match, and Honora wouldn't dare to question her mother's wishes.

Violet's brows drew into a puzzled frown. "Well, perhaps the glistening lips would help, but otherwise I can't account for it. Lord Huntington is quite ... well, he's a vigorous sort of gentleman, isn't he?"

They all paused for a moment to consider the question of Lord Huntington's vigor.

A moment was all it took.

Lady Honora let a tiny sigh escape, and Iris and Violet responded with breathless sighs of their own.

Physically speaking, Phineas Knight, the Marquess of Huntington, was utter perfection.

His presence was enough to set feminine eyelashes fluttering across every ballroom in London, and for good reason. But it wasn't just his broad shoulders, his cool hazel eyes, or his thick golden-brown hair that made every bosom in London heave with delight. It wasn't even his ancient title, or the impressive fortune that accompanied it, though any one of these things was more than enough to recommend him to a young lady.

No, it was the man himself. He was the quintessential English gentleman. Honorable, handsome, and intelligent, fashionable without being a fop, skilled with the sword and pistol, and an accomplished whip, Lord Huntington was what every lady sighed for, and every gentleman aspired to be, and if he was a bit too cold and grand for some tastes, fashionable society didn't blink at it.

The man was a marquess, after all.

Lady Honora sighed again. "His face is perfect in every regard."

Violet rolled her eyes. "No one is flawless, Honora, not even Lord Huntington."

"Well, what's his flaw, then? I defy you to identify one."

"It's that tiny dimple in the center of his chin," Violet declared without hesitation.

"But that dimple is charming. Don't you think so, Iris?"

Iris had grave concerns about Lord Huntington's frigid propriety, but his face was beautiful, and it was nothing short of heresy to remain silent while her sister maligned that lovely dimple. "I've always been rather enamored of it. How is it a flaw, Violet?"

Violet gave them a triumphant look. "Because, any lady who dreams of kissing him — and that's every lady in London, by my reckoning — must decide whether to start with his delicious lips, or that distracting little dimple."

There was a brief silence, then Iris and Violet burst into laughter.

Even Lady Honora couldn't resist a smile. "How did you come to be so wicked, Violet?"

"We're discussing Iris's wickedness, if you please, Honora. Though I don't know if it's so very wicked for her to want an innocent kiss from her betrothed. It's not as if she expects him to drag her off into the bushes and ravage her."

"No, but when I try to lure him into a kiss, I do expect him to cooperate." Iris glanced at Honora. "I only want to see if I find it acceptable. Is that so shocking?"

If she could judge by the tingle of anticipation in her belly every time she looked at his lips, she'd find it quite acceptable, indeed, but what use were his handsome lips if he kept them to himself?

Iris hesitated, then swallowed down the last bitter remnants of her pride. "Do you suppose he doesn't want to kiss me?"

The humiliating truth was, she'd suspected for some time he didn't have any true affection for her. His courtship had been utterly correct, but Iris had nevertheless been surprised when he came up to scratch. He could have whoever he wanted, after all. Every young lady in London had spent the entire season sighing over him.

Once he did take his suit to her grandmother, he'd been given approval readily enough. Indeed, no one would think to refuse Lord Huntington anything, including Iris, who'd accepted him as a matter of course, and perhaps just the tiniest flash of guilty triumph at having secured the one gentleman every lady in London yearned for.

But it wasn't long before a distressing voice in her head began whispering Lord Huntington wasn't all that enamored of her, and no matter what she did, it wouldn't be silenced. She didn't expect him to make some elaborate declaration, or attempt a seduction. He wasn't a demonstrative sort of gentleman. But an innocent kiss would go a long way to relieve her doubts about his affections.

But the kiss was not forthcoming, and Iris couldn't quite hide her unhappiness as she looked at Violet and Honora. "Perhaps he regrets making an offer, and wishes he were betrothed to another lady."

Honora rushed to wrap an arm around Iris's shoulder. "Oh no, Iris. I'm sure that's not it. No one is lovelier than you."

Violet, who refused to hear a disparaging word about any of her four sisters, looked offended at the very suggestion. "Every eligible gentleman this season has been angling for your hand, Iris. Lord Huntington is fortunate to get you, and I daresay he knows it. You're everything the belle of her season should be."

Lady Honora squeezed Iris's arm. "Violet's right, Iris. Social custom, habit, propriety — all conspire to keep you from becoming familiar with each other before you're wed. Lord Huntington's behavior is utterly correct. As a gentleman, he can't breach decorum, even if he wishes to."

Iris drew in a shaky breath. Perhaps they were right, and she was fretting over nothing. "I hadn't thought of it quite like that. It's just ... I thought courtship would be different. More romantic, somehow. It's foolish of me, I suppose."

"I don't think it's foolish at all. It's a simple kiss, for goodness' sake, and little enough to ask. Surely between the three of us we can come up with a way for Iris to tempt Lord Huntington into a kiss. Now let's see — she's tried moonlit walks, a touch to the hand, gazing into his eyes, and she'll try the glistening lips." Violet was ticking points off on her fingers. "It's a good start, I daresay, but there must be more she can do. Help me think, Honora."

A long silence ensued as they each considered the possibilities, and it continued to stretch until at last Violet made a disgusted noise in her throat. "For pity's sake. I can't think of another thing. You're quite right, Iris. Once a lady is betrothed, what good does it do her to know how to flirt a fan? The accomplishments expected of a young lady on the marriage mart are utterly useless once she sets foot outside Almack's."

Lady Honora shook her head at this. "Well, Iris's accomplishments worked well enough to secure her an enviable suitor. She is betrothed to the Marquess of Huntington, after all."

"Yes, but what am I meant do once I'm married to him? No one says a word about that, do they? Indeed, no one seems to care much what happens to a lady after she's secured a proper husband, unless she does something scandalous."

"My goodness, Iris. What a depressing thought." Violet took her by the shoulders and gave her a gentle shake. "You'll give yourself the vapors. Come now, I know just what you need to cheer you up."

"You do?" Iris gave her sister a hopeful look. "What is it?"

"A kiss from Lord Huntington, of course."

Iris deflated again. "I've tried everything I can think of, Violet —"

"No, you haven't. You haven't tried to kiss him." Violet seized her arm with one hand, and pointed toward a pathway that led to the back of the garden, her face flushed with sudden excitement. "He just went down that pathway. Quickly. Go after him, and kiss him!"

Lady Honora grabbed Iris's other arm. "No! She can't go chasing Lord Huntington all over the garden. It isn't proper. What will my mother say if she finds out?"

"She won't find out unless you tell her, Honora. There's no one about in this part of the garden. Go on, Iris. It's a scavenger hunt, after all." Violet's lips turned up in a grin. "Surely a kiss from Lord Huntington wins you the game."

Iris took a hesitant step forward, but then stopped. What if she should look into those cool hazel eyes of his and see nothing but indifference? "What if he ... what if he rebuffs me?"

To her surprise, Lady Honora released her arm and gave her a gentle push in the direction Lord Huntington had gone. "He won't, Iris. He never would have made you an offer if he didn't care for you, but if a kiss will ease your doubts, then it's worth the lapse in propriety."

Iris took a few stumbling steps forward, then a few more. Her heart rushed into her throat at the idea of kissing Lord Huntington, but when she looked back, Violet and Honora both smiled reassuringly at her.

"Go on." Violet waved her forward. "We'll wait for you on the terrace."

Iris plunged blindly into the foliage until she saw him ahead of her, hurrying along the twisting pathways. She would have lost him entirely if she hadn't caught occasional glimpses of his dark green coat among the brighter greens in the garden.

"Lord Huntington?" She was a bit breathless from chasing after him, but she was only a few paces away when she called out. There could be no doubt he'd heard her. Yet he hesitated before turning to face her, and once he did ...

Oh, dear God.

It took every bit of bravery Iris could muster not to flee back into the safety of the garden. He never fell into spasms of joy when he saw her, but he was looking at her now as if she were an offensive bit of garden fungus.

"Miss Somerset." His smiled was strained. "I suppose you're on your way back to the terrace?"

Iris gave him a puzzled look. It was an odd question, since she was walking in the opposite direction. "No, my lord. I still need to find the red rose petals for the scavenger hunt, and Lady Honora sent me this way. She said all the nicest red roses are at the back of the garden."

"I'm sure I saw some closer to the house."

His tone was polite enough, but a frown played at the corners of his lips. Even so, Iris's foolish heart began to pound with anticipation when she met his gaze. His hazel eyes were changeable, and this afternoon they were more golden than brown, with just the faintest hint of green.

A little sigh escaped her. If a lady were to kiss a gentleman, she could do a great deal worse than Lord Huntington.

"I'm sure you must be fatigued after so long a time in the sun. Allow me to escort you back to the terrace."

He offered his arm, and Iris took it, but she held back when he tried to take her down a path that led to the house. "No, I'm not fatigued. I'm very well, and it's a lovely afternoon, isn't it? Such beautiful light."

"Yes. Lovely." But he didn't look as if he were enchanted with the garden, or with her. His frown deepened until it was almost a scowl, and his arm tensed under her fingers. "But I'm certain your sister must be looking for you, and I believe Lady Fairchild was about to serve tea."

Iris hesitated, puzzled at his curt tone. Lord Huntington hadn't ever been romantic with her, but he'd also never been anything other than scrupulously polite, and his tone at the moment bordered on rudeness. He seemed agitated, as well, as if he expected someone to jump out of the bushes at any moment.

"Just to the far end of the garden, my lord, to see the roses." She cast him what she hoped was an encouraging look from under her lashes. "They're in bloom, and there's a bench there where we can rest."


Excerpted from "More or Less a Marchioness"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Anna Bradley.
Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
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More or Less a Marchioness 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was my first read by this author and I was a little hesitant. There were no other reviews and I tend to be very picky, but I was pleasantly surprised. Iris had a good backbone and her resolve and how it forced Finn to open up made this book quite enjoyable. I will definitely be taking a look at the author's other works; I hope they live up to my expectations.
Anonymous 8 months ago
I throughly enjoyed this journey the characters go on. I enjoy seeing how Iris comes in to herself and how Finn mergers the different sides of himself. Wonderful characters and storylines!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nice read
clarkws More than 1 year ago
More or Less a Marchioness is Book 1 in Anna Bradley’s new Somerset Sisters series. This book starts off at a gallop and ends at a heart pounding run. I couldn’t put it down. I think Iris Somerset is one of my new favorite heroines. She is fun loving and kind with quite a dash of independence. I enjoyed the unfolding of the heroes character Phineas Knight the Marquess of Huntington. He is definitely a complex man with many layers that are delightful to discover as the story goes forward. This story does have a few sex scenes in it; however, the most romantic scene in the book had no sex in it at all. I can’t wait to read the next in the Somerset series - More or Less a Countess.
mscountrylace More than 1 year ago
This was my first time reading one of Anna Bradley’s books and I’m hooked! I knew there was more to both of them and they just needed to let it all out. From that moment in the garden, I knew they both were going to need help and that there were going to be some surprises along the way. I loved Lady Tallant’s way of helping and what she always said was her reason for it. When they finally got everything out it was like an explosion through the house. The ending was perfect for many reasons. Iris has kept her true self hidden for a long time without fully realizing it. I loved her from the moment she didn’t run right away in the garden because it showed she was tougher then she looked. She needed to learn about herself to understand more about everything around her. Finn is an honorable man, but not anywhere near as boring and cold as he seems. I loved slowly getting to know and understand him and once that wall went down I needed a fan. There is a charm to him and the way things don’t always come out like he wants and him learning about himself.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A sweet story of courting and independence scattered through with jealousy and innocence
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story moves along nicely - good. The heroine is having to cramp her style to fit in with the ton's rules. She has had a well-off country upbringing with parents and family who love and appreciate her for who she is. She gets betrothed to a Marquess. At a house party, she meets the horse of her dreams, a reminder of her childhood favorite . She identifies with the cantankerous horse and personifies him with her own yearnings of independence and freedom. She then goes on to insist on endangering him. She leaves the horse injured and insists on leaving for London without knowing if the horse will live or die. Somehow the people around her decide to see her as admirable and "courageous " for insisting on her independence. I saw her as somebody who really only cared about herself.
dfosterbooks More than 1 year ago
How can a lady possibly take offense at her hand in marriage being wagered on and being the consolation prize? If you’re Iris Somerset, you take major offense. Especially when marquess does a remarkable job of making you feel like you’re the chosen one. At least until he won’t kiss you and you overhear him with his mistress talking about the bet. Phineas “Finn” Knight, Lord Huntington wants a quiet biddable wife; which is why Iris Somerset isn’t the one he’s chosen if he wins the bet at cards. Unfortunately (maybe) he loses and he sets out to make Iris his marchioness. Until, without any indication as to why, Iris calls off the betrothal. Intrigued, Finn sets out to win the lady’s hand. Will he be the winner after all? A charming story by Anna Bradley, my first by Ms. Bradley. I loved Iris’ spunk and Finn’s determination. Add in the behind the scene string pulling of a certain “wicked widow” and you have a fun story. Now I want to see which of the Somerset sisters gets into mischief next! This is a definite must read and Anna Bradley is on my auto-buy author list.
avidreader85 More than 1 year ago
A steamy romance novel about two characters who find out who they really are. This is a romance novel based on a beautiful debutante named Iris Somerset and her betrothed Phineas (Finn) Knight, the Marquess of Huntington. While it appears that both characters tend to be a bit boring and that this marriage will be anything but exciting, this is hardly the case. Iris turns out to be quite a strong character who isn't willing to live a lie. Lord Huntington, too, develops into a man who realizes he doesn't have to live the life that his title affords him. There is a bit of "naughty" as the book unfolds that makes the story very steamy. This was a very enjoyable book to read and I look forward to reading more books from Anna Bradley.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
I loved Iris and Finn's story! It's not often that a lady of this time would break her betrothal to a Marquess, but when Iris finds that her intended is indifferent to her, she does what is needed for her to be happy. Finn doesn't take the broken betrothal very well and does his best to change Iris's mind. I loved watching these two banter back and forth as well as watching Iris come into her own. This was a wonderful start to a new series and I can't wait for the next one!
CynYoung More than 1 year ago
I received an advanced reader’s copy of this book. This book takes you on an emotional journey. There were moments when I didn’t like an action the Iris or Finn had taken but I understood where they were coming from and why they had taken a particular action. The chemistry between the hero and heroine was well written. I liked how the relationship between Iris and Finn was built over time and that they’re both able to acknowledge their mistakes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
London - 1817 Phineas (Finn) Knight, Marquess of Huntington, is playing cards with several men as they wager on which lady they get to court. Will it be Lady Honora Fairchild, a docile young woman, or the feisty Miss Iris Somerset? While Finn would rather court Honora, Lord Harley wins the bet to court her and so Finn will court Iris. The men just hope the ladies don’t ever find out. Now that Finn and Iris are engaged, she wishes he would kiss her. He is always so proper as she complains to her sister, Violet, and her friend, Honora. Honora is placidly engaged to Lord Harley. Iris learns that Finn has broken off with his mistress, Lady Beaumont. But when Lady Beaumont sneaks into the garden at a party, Iris hears her arguing with Finn, mocking him and saying she knows Iris wasn’t his first choice. Iris is deeply hurt and angry at Finn and thus ends their betrothal. Finn is frustrated with Iris and does not want to let her go. He has come to care for her and fears a rogue will woo her for her money. Lord Wrexley is just that rogue who hates Finn and will do anything to destroy him even if it means ruining Iris. When all of them are invited to a house party, things start to heat up and the fight is on to see who will win Iris’s hand. There are lots of tightly twisted turns in this story which added to what I feel is an unnecessary length which could have been edited out. However, the book is the premise of catch me if you can which is not a favorite of mine. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
More Or Less A Marchioness by Anna Bradley Somerset Sisters #1 Twists and Turns A wager A secret tryst overheard Can love be found in a match made without it? This is an intriguing book with a debutante that has her blinders removed only to realize she wants more than her future may hold for her. Sure, a noble is something to aspire to for a husband but is it enough? Iris Somerset is not so sure after overhearing her bequeathed in the garden talking to his last mistress. And thus begins the pursuit of true love by two people in the ton. Do they want true love? Perhaps Iris does but Finn is one who only wants a woman to be his perfect Marchioness. What is expected versus what one desires is a prickly pear to deal with. I enjoyed this book and would love to see a book about Lady Annabel Tallant in the future as well as some others mentioned in the book. I know we will see Violet and Hyacinth (sisters of Iris) in the future and am eager to find out who they end up with. My main takeaway is that this book is a historical romance that is plausible. I loved Iris and her awakening and move toward being true to herself. I also liked the awakening of Finn and his coming into his own. Great story and well worth reading. Thank you to NetGalley and Kensginton Books – Lyrical Press for the ARC – this is my honest review. 5 Stars
BrutallyHonestReviews More than 1 year ago
Iris Somerset is the perfect debutante - or so she portrays to the world. Beautiful, wealthy and meek, she’s everything Finn, the Marquis of Huntingdon, thinks he wants in a wife. Until one day she looks him in the eye and tells him they will not suit and she is breaking their engagement. This isn’t just a romance; it’s a story of two people finding out and accepting who they truly are. Iris plays the part of a demure debutante to perfection… right up until the moment she realises she just doesn’t want to anymore. And Finn, confronted with his own faults, must recognise the inherent hypocrisy of his position and come to terms with his own nature in order to understand that what he wants is very different from what he thought. Can I just say how much I loved Iris? She’s very young and very naive, but she’s wise enough to understand there is a lot she doesn’t know. Being taken under the wing of an older and wiser woman, ‘a wicked widow’, she learned fast and was finally able to define herself as the person she wanted to be. From that point, Finn ending up head over heels in love with her was utterly inevitable. Finn did come across as autocratic, unlikable and hypocritical at times. He reminded me intensely of Mr Darcy from Austen’s seminal novel; a proud and somewhat spoiled man confronted with his own faults who finally comes to an understanding that he’s been on the wrong path all along. His reversal and redemption was Austenesque and I absolutely adored it. (My personal pet peeve is when a hero is set up as a heel and doesn’t do the epic grovel at the end to make up for it. Finn didn’t disappoint me.) I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I’ll be looking out for the rest of the Somerset Sisters series. Five stars for a great read with plenty of genuine character development. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
More or Less a Marchioness by Anna Bradley is the first book in "The Somerset Sister" series This is the story of Iris Somerset and Phineas Knight, Lord of Huntington. Irish has set out to be the prefect lady for her grandmother and to help her sisters be scandal free. Finn has been courting Iris although he thought that Lady Honora who be his wife but she was lost to him. So Finn felt one debutante was as good as another...that other being Iris. But Iris overheard Finn and his mistress speaking and it help to open her eyes. With the help of Lady Annabel Tallant Iris starts to make changes to her life and her attitude towards how she will find someone to marry. This is a great start to a new book series....loved it!
georgia1 More than 1 year ago
Sometimes people are not always as they appear. Such is the case with Iris Somerset and Phineas Knight, Marquess of Huntington. One of three sisters, Iris hides her true nature of stubborn, high spirited and outspoken to the Ton. When she receives a proposal from Finn Knight, who only wants a quiet and proper wife and thinks Iris will do, she accepts, but really does not know Finn at all nor he her. Finn had grown up as a lonely child who was really overshadowed by a long ago scandal in his family. He was taunted and teased so he just wanted to be left alone. It made him only want what was proper and not talked about so he could live a life scandal free. Iris overhears a conversation Finn has while she is in the garden and decides she can no longer pretend to be the calm and biddable wife that he wants. She wasn't his first choice anyway! All seems done with the pair until they are thrown together at a house party and another man is in pursuit of Iris. This is were the story really gets interesting. As both of their true natures begin to come out, a real attractions sizzles. A little intrigue and as the two are together they begin to find they like the real person better than the facade. Be prepared to be taken on an entertaining ride that will have you reading as fast as you can. Cannot wait for more in this series!
def618 More than 1 year ago
We finally get to meet the younger Somerset sisters and they’re wonderful. This is Iris’, the middle of the 5 sisters, story. Her “hero” is the Marquess of Huntington (Finn). He has decided it’s time he marry but I won’t divulge how he picked Iris. Finn’s mother ran off to Scotland when he was young, then his father died, and he was shipped off to school. Unlike the loving home Iris grew up in until her parents were killed in an accident. He assumes Iris will be honored he proposed to her. Iris, Violet and Hyacinth live with their grandmother in London. Iris understands she needs to marry and is very attracted to Finn though would like it if her fiancée kissed her. When she overhears him talking to his prior mistress she is hurt. She calls off the engagement but does not tell her family. Finn can not believe she dumped him, a marquess! Iris, Violet and their friend Honora are attending a house party at Charlotte and Julian’s estate. Charlotte’s brothers are married to Iris’s older sisters. Since Finn was invited to the house party she was going to, he decides to attend with his friend, Lord Derrick. Also at the party is Lady Anabel Tallant, a wicked widow who gives Iris advice and Honora’s cousin Lord Wrexley. Iris is annoyed he is there, but she is still attracted to him. Iris and Finn do get back together, but many things happen along the way which I will not spoil. Best line from Finn to Iris: “You’re everything I never knew I wanted, and everything I can’t live without”. I loved it!