by Brian Vukadinovich


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Rich in information, Motion for Justice: -- I Rest My Case shares Brian Vukadinovich's experiences and intimate knowledge of governmental and judicial corruption and what went on behind the scenes in Indiana for years in efforts to take away his freedom and livelihood as a teacher. Motion for Justice: -- I Rest My Case, in a straightforward, no-holds-barred style, will open your eyes to government and judicial corruption that you have never before heard or seen the likes of. Brian Vukadinovich minces no words when he writes about his journey for justice, calling out high-level state and federal officials, including state and federal judges, for undermining Vukadinovich's efforts in exposing government corruption. Motion for Justice: -- I Rest My Case will show how law enforcement agencies in Indiana conspired to take his freedom away from him by falsely arresting and vindictively prosecuting him on numerous occasions and how Brian Vukadinovich successfully took on the corrupt police in many of the cases representing himself and successfully arguing for dismissal of the bogus charges. In Motion for Justice: -- I Rest My Case, you will read how John Bolton, as assistant attorney general of the U.S. Department of Justice at the time, and current national security adviser to President Trump, turned a blind eye to significant evidence of police-corruption activities against Brian Vukadinovich. Motion for Justice: -- I Rest My Case will show how numerous lawyers teamed up in efforts to have Brian Vukadinovich fired from teaching jobs and how he took on the corrupt lawyers and won two federal lawsuits, including a five-day jury trial in March 2016, when he represented himself and convinced a federal jury that the corporation violated his due process rights and awarded him damages of $203,840.39. The case received substantial national attention. In writing the powerful foreword to Motion for Justice: -- I Rest My Case, Richard A. Posner, retired longtime distinguished judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, called Brian Vukadinovich "A wonderful American success story" calling him "determined, indomitable, fearless, and daring".

"Brian is not only a terrific litigator; he is a terrific writer, as the reader of this book will soon learn.

Richard A. Posner

Retired judge of the United States Court

of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

"Vukadinovich has plenty to say - a luxury many lawyers often don't have."

Indiana Lawyer Vol. 27 No. 21 - December 14-27, 2016

"Since 1981, Vukadinovich has been arrested by Valparaiso police seven times. Each time, he was found not guilty or charges were dismissed."

The Vidette Messenger - January 4, 1992

"After one arrest, he left jail with a broken jaw; after another, he was handcuffed in a patrol car with a police dog."

The Indianapolis Star - May 8, 1988

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MOTION FOR JUSTICE: I Rest My Case 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
MarkWarning19 11 months ago
I love Brian Vukadinovich's story and his victory but he tells a cautionary tale; it could happen to anyone. The system hasn't changed. You innocently run afoul of authority, say a government agency or large corporation or some combination of the two and they use their monopoly of power to deprive you of your freedom, reputation and livelihood. Scarily, they usually due this through the courts. Brian's story helps us to understand how this can happen and how to defend oneself if you're cash-strapped. This is in some ways amusing on the level of dark comedy and it makes me wonder how David Mamet might handle scenes from sketched by Brian. So many so-called leaders in Brian's community expose themselves as sleazy, unprincipled, reflexively hostile or dim . His account of his friends, family and supportive community, however, remind us Valparaiso isn't Gibeah or 1942 Berlin. On occasion Brian skims the horizon to discuss his case as part of a larger problem, and to challenge us to demand justice, seek reform . The gist of this story is about character and how essential it is to surviving an onslaught by superior forces. Coach V writes well and deserves a Phd for grit. In the remake of the War of the Worlds, strong claws grab humans and draw them into the belly of robotic aliens. What will you do if a claw hooks into you?