Music Business For Dummies

Music Business For Dummies

by Loren Weisman


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ISBN-13: 9781119049654
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 06/29/2015
Series: For Dummies Series
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 256,863
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Loren Weisman is a music business consultant, speaker, and author who has been a part of over 700 albums. He also maintains TV production credits for three major networks and has served as a media consultant for many businesses in and out of the arts and entertainment fields. Loren is an executive producer and co-creator of Leveraging Smart, a new reality business TV show airing in 2016.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started in the Music Business 5

Chapter 1: Getting on the Path to Results 7

Chapter 2: A Change is Gonna Come: Changes in the Music Business 21

Chapter 3: Getting Your Music Business Job Options On 33

Chapter 4: Creating a Music Business Plan 49

Part II: Making Music and Creating Your Brand 75

Chapter 5: Writing, Rehearsing, Recording, and Performing 77

Chapter 6: Creating and Following a Production Plan 99

Chapter 7: Creating Your Brand 121

Chapter 8: Getting Noticed: Your Keywords, Bio, and Call to Action 147

Chapter 9: Securing Your Music and Brand 169

Part III: Marketing and Promoting For the Long Haul 191

Chapter 10: Building Your Website and Social Media Presence 193

Chapter 11: Planning for Content Marketing throughout the Year 217

Chapter 12: Combining Online and Physical Marketing 239

Chapter 13: Planning Music, Merchandise, and Event Drops 265

Part IV: Maintaining Your Successful Career 287

Chapter 14: Touring and Performing 289

Chapter 15: Securing Sponsorships and Endorsements 311

Chapter 16: Considering Additional Opportunities 335

Chapter 17: Tracking and Analyzing Your Progress 351

Chapter 18: Persevering, Problem-Solving, and Retiring 367

Part V: Part of Tens 381

Chapter 19: Ten Habits of Successful Musicians 383

Chapter 20: Ten Tips on Presenting Yourself Professionally 389

Index 397

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