My 100 years in the Rhythm & Flow

My 100 years in the Rhythm & Flow

by Jerri Brillhart


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"Shall we have a goal to live to 100?" This question intrigued Geraldine "Jerri" Brillhart 38 years ago when she was a mere 62 years old. She had just read an article by Dr. Walter M. Bortz, one of America's leading scientific experts on aging. Jerri was inspired by his ideas and applied them to her life.

Back then, she wondered what it would feel like to reach the 100 year mark: "If I'm still walking, dancing, and exercising every day, I will say, 'Okay, let's give it a try. But I want to have all my faculties at 100. It has been done by many people, why not me?'"

Today, about to turn 100, she is an active, vibrant, creative woman who inspires everyone she meets. She swims, works out at her local gym, plays bridge three times a week, and drives her own car. Recently she bought a new iPad, which she uses to send messages to family and friends. She even has a Facebook page, which helps her connect with new people and organizations.

So here is her story, in her own words. Like everyone else, she's had her ups and downs. Her life has seen its share of tragedies and challenges, not unlike your own. But through it all, she managed to rise above it, and keep her eye on the goal. And that goal was to live to 100 and still be an active, creative, and enthusiastic human being.

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Pages: 204
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