My Dance With Time: A Philosopher's Quest

My Dance With Time: A Philosopher's Quest

by Phyllis Parun
My Dance With Time: A Philosopher's Quest

My Dance With Time: A Philosopher's Quest

by Phyllis Parun



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MY DANCE WITH LIFE chronicles the meanderings of the culturally rich life of this artist-author. Written in two traditional Japanese short forms, Haibun and Haiku, the author shares insights from a well-lived life through intriguing tales of the twists and turns her path has taken. Readers will recall their own life insights through this potent cornucopia of crystalline moments in heightened awareness. This brilliant deeply felt tome will awaken each reader to the beauties within the fleeting moments of temporal things - precious and meaningful, frozen in time. 

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732356054
Publisher: Phyllis B. Parun
Publication date: 07/01/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 62
File size: 795 KB

About the Author

Born in the mysterious city of New Orleans, Phyllis Parun is a self-styled creative with an individual intelligence whose voyage of self-discovery destined her to develop first as a visual artist then as a gilding craftswoman and a pioneer culturer finally as philosophical poet. As a writer she has explored many literary forms: non-fiction, essays, short stories, philosophical and poetic memoir. Community activism set her course of involvement in black, gay and women's rights in late 1960s and in the arts in the mid-1970s then in the healing arts of the 1980s-90s. This author writes with insight and honesty about the human condition as she has lived it. New Orleans Born is her poetic homage to her New Orleans of the 1940-50s and continuing to 2000 in New Orleans Between Poetry and the Blues. In this, Phyllis' third book she continues traversing five decades of her life with captivating autobiographical tales about the people, eras, and circumstances that shaped her character and life. These personal tales will inspire any reader who seeks a deeper understanding of their own lives to remember long forgotten memories.Phyllis Parun is a deeply honest author and a quintessential example of Cocteau's dictum that "writing should be an act of love otherwise its nothing but handwriting." Ms. Parun's published genres include interviews, articles, essays, poems, e-Zines, visual art, and photography in a wide variety of local and national publications: The Beachcomber (LSUNO, 1961-63), AOBTA Pulse (2006), American Assn. of Oriental Medicine (1995), Macrobiotics Today (1991-2015), Gulf Coast Arts Review (2004), ArtLit (2006), Iris (2005), Qi: Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness (1995), The New Laurel Review (2001- 2015), The Maple Leaf Rag III (2006), Mending for Memory (2017) and creator of "The New Orleans Living Treasurers Award" and her self published eZine: "The New Orleans Avant-Garde" (2008 ongoing).

Table of Contents



I  - Heritage

II - Art Life

III - Political Baptism

IV  - Philosophical Quest 



Author Biography

End Notes

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