My Fairytale Wedding: Planning Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

My Fairytale Wedding: Planning Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking the Bank


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ISBN-13: 9781633533318
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication date: 05/17/2016
Pages: 147
Sales rank: 823,329
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Desiree is best known for her season on ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’, where she met her husband Chris Siegfried. Aside from the cameras she is also an accomplished designer and bridal enthusiast. She is the creator of, the ultimate wedding planning, inspirational, and lifestyle blog for every aspect of a woman’s life. Her passion for design, weddings and to help others shines through in everything she creates including the dresses she designed for her ‘Desiree Hartsock for Maggie Sottero’ collection and the bridal jewelry for her ‘Desiree for KV Bijou’ collection.

Sarah Morgan is a certified Wedding Planner with over a decade of experience in the wedding and event industry. Having worked as a bridal stylist for over seven years, she was able to nurture her love for color, texture, and design to understand the needs of every bride. She takes special care in orchestrating every beautiful event she plans and wants nothing more than her clients to live out their dream celebration.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:


• Who I am

• Background in the industry

• What I want to achieve

(1) SETTING THE BUDGET: (In the Beginning… There was a Budget)

• Becoming a B.O.B (Bride-On-a-Budget)

• It’s all in the numbers- (How to come up with your budget)

• Prioritizing Together- (thoroughly figuring out what features of the wedding are most important to both)

• No guessing the guest list- (Creating the guest list –who and how many)

• Disagreements and their demise- ( how to communicate through this step with your fiancé and throughout wedding planning)

• Setting the course – (how to keep within budget throughout the decisions)

****** Include actual budget examples and fill-in spreadsheet

(2) DATE/ VENUE / ACCOMMODATIONS: (Mark the Calendar)

• Timing is everything –(how different days and seasons can differ in price, time of day, location, etc)

• Location, location, location – (choosing a venue)

• Don’t be surprised (Questions to ask your venue)

• Overnight stays (hotel costs, discounts, room blocks, and info for guests)

**** include scenarios on different venues, locations, etc

(3) INVITES/ STATIONARY: (Paper Planes)

• It’s a date! (Save the Dates) (What to put on them with DIY/ budget friendly ideas)

• You’re Invited! (Invitation etiquette and templates)

• Take a seat (table numbers, name cards, escort cards)

• What’s for dinner? (Menus)

• Why, Thank You! (Importance of thank you cards and time frame to send out)

• Go Viral – (Personalized wedding websites for easy reference for guests)-budget friendly

(4) DRESS / ATTIRE: (Dress Dreams and Reality)

• Lady in White (finding and affording your dream dress)

• What not to do! And other cautionary advice (tips to staying in budget)

• Maids, mothers and many opinions (how to make everyone happy without compromising your wedding day/ideas)

• Bachelors and grooms (dressing the men)

• If the shoe fits… (make sure you can pay for it) (tips on accessories and finishing touches) (Something borrowed, something blue, etc)

(5) FLOWERS: (Stop and Smell the Roses)

• Handful of hues- (choosing the right bouquets)(Size, colors, flowers)

• Center it up- (reception décor centerpieces)

• Buds and Bros: Don’t forget about the men! (boutonnieres)

• Family Matters (MOB, MOG, flower girls, ring bearer)

***flower charts, inspiration and shortcuts

(6) FOOD: ( Let them Eat Cake) or (Feeding Frenzy)

• This or That? (Choosing between buffet, plated dinner, or family style) show comparisons and avg costs

• To pass or not to pass – that is the question? (passing hor' d'oeuvres prior to reception- is it worth it?)

• Booze it or lose it? (bar, paid bar, open bar, options)

• Cake treats and other eats (cake comparisons and other options)

(7) DESIGN: (Décor, Design, and DIY)

• Get Inspired! (Where to find Inspiration and start getting ideas)

• Themes, styles and merry go-rounds. (defining your style of wedding and sticking to it) (definitions or photos of different themes)

• “I Do(n’t)” décor – (What you (don’t) need for Ceremony décor)

• Dance party round up - Reception décor ideas, necessities, waste and rentals

• DIY ideas- SO Many affordable ideas… lot’s of photos or how to’s.

(8) PHOTO/ VIDEO: (Picture Perfect)

• What you see is what you get… literally. (choosing the right photographer and videographer)

• Test the waters (try them out or at least research and view their work)

• Best bang for your buck (source and compare prices vs quality)

• Keepsakes and memories (don’t be blindsided by the added costs for albums, printed photos, other package deals)

(9) M.I.S.C:

• ‘M’- Music

• ‘I’- Everything you need as a bride (hair, makeup, etc)

• ‘S’- Schedule (transportation, timeframe, etc.)

• ‘C’ – Coordination (day of coordinator)

(10) HONEYMOON / HAPPILY EVER AFTER: (Piecing together Paradise)

• Let’s be honest (is a honeymoon in your budget right now, (ideal vs reality))

• Long walks on the beach (choosing a destination- affordable ideas)

• Calendar commitment and wallet woes (avg costs –comparing locations, work schedule, post-poning can be worth it)

• What now? (What to expect after wedding/honeymoon and how to make some $ from your wedding décor and dress)


As little girls, we dream of Prince Charming sweeping us off our feet, making us his bride and Princess of the castle. Of course, while riding a white horse, proclaiming his love and romancing us in every way possible.

Although he may not have been riding a horse and possibly not saying all the right things, one thing for sure is that you have found your Prince Charming. After a quick courting or many years of learning, he got down on one knee to make you his bride.

The proposal may not have happened the same way you had imagined in your head as a little girl either, but all the while it was perfect in every way. He was probably nervous, acting different, fumbling his words and sweating in a way we never dreamt Prince Charming would. But as you said ‘YES!!!’ with tears in your eyes, your dream of wedded bliss and a ‘happily ever after’ were now within sight.

As any newly engaged woman, I’m sure you want the wedding day and planning to be absolutely flawless– like your childhood dreams of Prince Charming. The reality is that important decisions will need to be made and a budget to be sorted out.

As a recently married gal myself, I’m sure the second that ring was gently placed on your finger, questions began to dance across your mind.

“What will the dress look like?”
“Where should the wedding be?”
“How many people should we invite?”
“Who should be my bridesmaids?”
“What colors do we want?”
“What day, season, month?”
“What style?”

While in the back of your dreams and logical mind is the one haunting question of ”How much?”

This is where your Fairy Wedding-Planning Godmother comes to save the day… ME!

Not only have I experienced the many woes of wedding planning myself in the short four months that I planned mine, to my wonderful husband Chris, but I also have a passion and perspective that comes with 10 years of working with brides directly. As a young tomboy I didn’t always have princess dreams of a white winter wedding in a tulle gown or an idea of what my prince would look like but I did always know that I wanted to help others in a meaningful way.

I grew out of the tomboy stage as I became well aware of the opposite sex and my crush for JTT grew stronger as a pre-teen, but weddings were still never a thought that crossed my mind. Not until half way through fashion design school did I realize I had a passion to design delicate, detailed, and meaningful dresses. These pieces would not only be a beautiful piece of art to wear but also a keepsake filled with memories for a bride who walks down the aisle to her husband. That, my friends, is how helping brides became my dream and the industry itself became my world.

I’ve learned a lot throughout the years from helping brides and talking with them about their weddings. I’ve learned that family and bridal party distractions can definitely affect the entire process and no matter what flavor of cake you choose everyone will love it. Although the colors, flowers, bridesmaids and DJ are all very important, the one thing that stands out above all else is the joy that beams from a bride’s face as she talks about her husband-to-be.

It’s never the flowers, the music, the food or anything else that makes a bride feel as beautiful and loved as the man she will marry. This is the most important thing to always remember throughout the many decisions and discussions you’ll have together during the wedding planning process and as you proceed through each chapter.

The ‘WHY’. Why have you chosen each other? Why is the wedding day important to you both? The ‘Why’ will affect the importance of each item I discuss and help you make affordable decisions together.

If there is anything I learned from meeting my husband on ‘The Bachelorette’ and planning our wedding together, is that communication is key! That includes communication with your significant other, family, friends, and your wedding vendors.

From experience with design details, an eye for color to the day of coordination and budgeting throughout, I am excited to share all of the secrets and tips I’ve learned along the way. I have been keeping them all in my trusty wand for a rainy day… or until I could write this book for you.

My hope is to help you get through the wedding planning process without stress, without worry, and without frustrations because the truth of the matter is, this is one day of the rest of your life that shouldn’t break the bank or make your hair fall out.

There are so many ways to make your special day the dream wedding you’ve always wanted… with the budget you already have. Let me show you how.

Turn the page and let’s begin the journey to your very own Fairytale wedding…


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