My Modena: A Year of Fear, Laughter, and Exhilaration in Italy

My Modena: A Year of Fear, Laughter, and Exhilaration in Italy

by Andrea Susan Valentine Gelfuso Goetz
My Modena: A Year of Fear, Laughter, and Exhilaration in Italy

My Modena: A Year of Fear, Laughter, and Exhilaration in Italy

by Andrea Susan Valentine Gelfuso Goetz


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My Modena, by Andrea Susan Valentine Gelfuso Goetz (aka Andrea Gelfuso), is a hilarious memoir of the year she and her family spent in Modena Italy. Modena, an Italian city that frustrated her every attempt to do the simplest things. Buying a stamp shouldn't be this complicated. Living in an apartment that was like camping, with tile and nowhere to sit. Modena is a town full of ancient churches and beautiful Italians.

Here you will meet her friend Melanie, a fashionista who can make ATM's bend to her will from across the country. You will also meet her landlady Giovanna and her husband Raimondo who watched as six firefighters tried to get Andrea and her family back into their 7th floor apartment, using a ladder truck.

You'll also meet Piero the artist, Luca who sold boots, and let us not forget Danilo, Fabio (of the soon to be famous Fabio's balcony), and Marcello, heart-stoppingly gorgeous Italians all.

There's also a mime who knew much more than he was saying.

Come along with Andrea on a year long journey of hilarity, frustration, and exhilaration in Italy. In Modena. In only the way Andrea can tell it.

Come with her to My Modena.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781737359104
Publisher: Storytellers Publishing
Publication date: 08/23/2021
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

About the Author

Andrea Susan Valentine Gelfuso Goetz is an environmental attorney who adores Italy and all things Italian. A year in Italy with her husband and two kids, while living in an apartment that was like camping, with tile, and in a city that was like God's attic, made her appreciate Italian culture, art, and heart-stoppingly gorgeous Italians. Her book, My Modena, a Year of Fear, Laughter, and Exhilaration in Italy details the delightful confusion of living in a town that made every task hilariously frustrating, but every walk a journey into Italy's fascinating past - and thrilling present.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - We arrive!

Chapter 2 - Beginnings

Chapter 3 - Epiphany

Chapter 4 - We Can't Comfortably Sit Down for an Entire Year

Chapter 5 - Alone Again, Unnaturally

Chapter 6 - Baggage

Chapter 7 - Impossibly Gorgeous Italians

Chapter 8 - Fabio On the Balcony

Chapter 9 - Modena

Chapter 10 - Il Maestro

Chapter 11 - Market Anxiety

Chapter 12 - Deliver This

Chapter 13 - Phonezilla

Chapter 14 - Carded

Chapter 15 - Don't Bank on It

Chapter 16 - Buzz Off

Chapter 17 - Going Postal

Chapter 18 - Are We There Yet?

Chapter 19 - Permesso, Signore

Chapter 20 - Doctor Who?

Chapter 21 - Rescue Me

Chapter 22 - The Kids Are Alright

Chapter 23 - Imagine

Chapter 24 - Tea and Sympathy

Chapter 25 - Deliverance

Chapter 26 - Finding the Street Market - All Was Not Lost, but I Was

Chapter 27 - Agoraphobia Means "I Miss TJ Maxx"

Chapter 28 - Fitting In

Chapter 29 - Piccolina

Chapter 30 - Let's Get This Straight

Chapter 31 - Winging It

Chapter 32 - Bella

Chapter 33 - It Happens

Chapter 34 - Foreigner

Chapter 35 - Game On

Chapter 36 - Race for the Cure

Chapter 37 - Cover Me

Chapter 38 - Venice

Chapter 39 - Thar She Blows

Chapter 40 - Flight Risk

Chapter 41 - UFLR Air - How to Make Enemies Without Even Trying

Chapter 42 - Signs

Chapter 43 - Keeping Track

Chapter 44 - Paris Scenes

Chapter 45 - Hotel St. S: You Can Czech Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave

Chapter 46 - Reality Bites

Chapter 47 - Birthday List

Chapter 48 - Modena Remembers 9-11

Chapter 49 - If These Walls Could Talk

Chapter 50 - Italy Is God's Attic

Chapter 51 - Epilogue

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