My Night Terrors: Cry of the She Wolf

My Night Terrors: Cry of the She Wolf

by Allen Curtis Meissner

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My Night Terrors is an anthology into the supernatural . werewolves , vampires , dragons , ghosts , and many more . Don't let your children find this story . They'll have nightmares! Ever since she encountered a wolf in Imperial Missouri , Becca had nightmares . She could feel the moon calling to her . Even her senses seemed enhanced . Then one night it happened . . .

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ISBN-13: 9781463007348
Publisher: Book Country
Publication date: 10/16/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 1
File size: 65 KB

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My Night Terrors: Cry of the She Wolf 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
~General~ <p> Name: Yoru |~| Kyofu <br> Age: Catherine died at 17, and her soul split in two. So they are eternally 17 <br> Pronouns: They/them (if talking to them both) but they're fine with she/her <br> Species: Split spirits, ghosts <br> RP: Wishtil Woods @ 'ency' <p> ~Appearance~ <p> Hair: Long and wavy, magenta |~| Short, down to her chin. Bangs go forward on the sides to sort of almost surround her chin. Meditteranean teal <br> Skin: Light pink, it gets lighter as it reaches the ends of her limbs |~| Sky blue, same effect as Yoru's <br> Eyes: Right eye is a black pit, left eye is all black with four red pupils in a connect-the-dots rhombus... pattern? |~| Left eye is a black pit, right eye is all black with four red pupils in a connect-the-dots square... pattern <br> Apparel: Blue spagetti strap dress. Lighter blue on the top, and the shade gets darker as it goes down to the bottom |~| Grey short sleeve dress, same effect as Yoru's dress <br> Build: Both of them have no legs/feet or hands. Their arms are kind of like tentacles, although they only have two arms each not like eight x3 and their "legs" are like mermaid tails without the fins <br> Weight: They're ghosts o.o <br> Height: From the tip of their wisp "tails" to the top of their heads, they are both exactly 5 feet tall <p> ~Other~ <p> Persona: Yoru is the "good," or more lively part of what Catherine was. She is outgoing, crazy, funny, LOUD, witty, daring, and sarcastic. She gets pumped up for lots of things, but she also has the attention span of a tater tot, so she gets bored easily |~| Kyofu is the more anfi-social, or depressed side of what Catherine used to be. She is shy, quiet, not much self esteem, timid, and likes to be alone. She is a very good listener, and very calm in some other people's emotional situations <br> Likes: Everything! Jokes, flying, you name it! |~| Classical music, um... <br> Dislikes: People who are sulky at everything (she's okay with Kyofu though) |~| Loud people (she's fine with Yoru) <br> Powers: Levitation, flight, ability to go through solid objects, ghost flames (basically Yoru's flames are bright blue and dance-y, Kyofu's are a dull yellow and sort of depressing) which are used to do a number of things, like go into a person's mind or possess an object, etc; possession, mind control (only if they bond together, which I will explain at ency), cross-dimensional awareness, intangibility, telekinesis, telepathy <br> History: When a 17 year old girl named Catherine died in a car crash, her soul split into two different ghosts that had weird powers. This was because she made a wish that when she died she would still be able to help people in any way possible, so this happened. They don't remember much about their past, but they know they need to help people <br> Theme Song: Both-As Brave as a Noun by (?) ~ Yoru-Echo cover by Connor P ~ Yoru-Hello by Adele <br> Tumblr: Ask-Bill-Cipher-the-Naho <br> Twitter: @NightofTerror6 <p> RPer: NightofTerror&#123456789