My Photography Toolbox: A Game to Refine Your Eye and Improve Your Skills

My Photography Toolbox: A Game to Refine Your Eye and Improve Your Skills

My Photography Toolbox: A Game to Refine Your Eye and Improve Your Skills

My Photography Toolbox: A Game to Refine Your Eye and Improve Your Skills

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Create powerful images while learning the basic principles of photography. My Photography Toolbox will guide the players on how to take stylish photographs. Each card will coach you on the secrets of visual language and will enhance your creativity.

This game is perfect for all those who take pictures regularly and would love to improve their skills. It displays 30 visual principles and enables you to play with tools that smartphones or digital cameras don't provide, such as the psychology of forms. Because photography is everywhere, this is a must-have game for its style, easy rules, valuable rewards and ludo-didactic features that allow you to learn while playing in teams or individually.

The box includes two games. 1. BE A MASTER: to create an image based on a photography genre and four given rules. 2. REFINE YOUR EYE: to discover the rules in existing photographs. Each has a different goal: make a powerful photograph in less than 20 minutes, or discover the rules of photography connecting images and concepts.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789063695040
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
Publication date: 11/19/2018
Pages: 72
Product dimensions: 3.45(w) x 4.95(h) x 1.85(d)

About the Author

Rosa is an interdisciplinary writer, media and games content designer. She has set up international training workshops and festivals and has taught and researched at institutions like Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya (2005-2016). Lenno Verhoog is a researcher in Creative Practices. He is also a course leader of Image & Media Technology at HKU-Media. He has contributed to a wide range of projects on data visualisation, interactive installations, online applications and the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF).

Table of Contents

How to Play BE A MASTER

1/ THE CONCEPT. Deal the Concept Cards in piles into the different colored categories. Every team takes one card of each color, two Sparks, and one Red Light Card.

2/ THE MAKING. With the Genre Card as a basis, you have 20 minutes to create a photograph incorporating the rest of the cards.

3/ THE EXHIBITION. Show your photographs together with the Concept Cards you played. Each team gives the Sparks and The Red Light Cards. The masterpiece is the picture that scores the highest number of Sparks.

Scoring System:

The Sparks are two cards that you give to your favorite photo to praise a team’s work or to reward two teams.


1/ PREPARATION. Take the two piles of cards in the box, the Example Cards and the Concept Cards. Divide the Example Cards into 5 colors. Do the same with the Concept Cards. Distribute the players in teams.

2/ CONNECTIONS. Open and spread the Example Cards and the Concept Cards of one color, and make connections between them, looking at the photographs and finding the concept that matches. The team that is faster in finding a connection keeps those two cards. Do the same with each color.

3/ REFINEMENT. Show your pairs. The team that collected the highest number of pairs places them in the middle. This is Team First, the winner of the first part.

The other teams have to add Concept Cards they own to the pairs of Team First. Team First can reward the best connections giving Sparks, or can debunk a connection giving a Red Light. The team that ends having the highest number of Sparks is the winner of the second part.

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