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My Radical Encounters with Angels: Meeting Angels, Witches, Demons, Satan, Jesus and More

My Radical Encounters with Angels: Meeting Angels, Witches, Demons, Satan, Jesus and More

by Matthew Robert Payne


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Do you have a keen interest in the supernatural? Have you always had a burning desire to look into the amazing possibilities in your walk with God? Are you courageous enough to read about the encounters of a prophet; including the good, the bad and the ugly? Come away with Matthew Robert Payne and read first-hand how he has encountered Jesus, the Saints, Angels, Witches, Demons, and Satan. Be prepared to have your eyes opened to what witches may do to you or how Satan can use his demons to try to deceive you. Matthew shares his heart with you with true humility and honesty, through explaining the encounters he has had and the personal reflections that he has about each of these encounters. In this book, Matthew rips the lid off Satan's lies and deceptions in the hope that you, the reader, may be able to identify deception if it has been in your own life. Having your spiritual eyes and ears opened can be a really good gift from God, and can be extremely beneficial. As you go through life, it will really help to have spiritual discernment so you can determine the truth from the counterfeit. It is Matthews s prayer that the sensitivity in your own life may grow through seeing both the real and deceitful in these accounts. What are you waiting for? Dive in.

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ISBN-13: 9780692681251
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Publication date: 03/29/2016
Series: My Radical Encounters with Angels , #2
Pages: 142
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Matthew Robert Payne was born in 1967 in a country town called Coffs Harbour on the New South Wales, North Coast of Australia. He gave his life to Jesus when he was eight years of age and has been having two-way conversations with Jesus for most of his life. He talked to and was ministered to by his guardian angel at the age of fourteen and in later years, had more and more interactions with angels. In His book, My Radical Encounters with Angels: Angels in the Flesh, Angels of Protection and More, Matthew goes into more detail about the many angelic encounters he has had. While Matthew does not worship angels, he certainly is aware of their presence and does communicate with those allotted to him now. Matthew wrote this book to give the reader a broader picture of what can happen in the supernatural world in which he lives.

Table of Contents

Dedications 6

Acknowledgements 7

Foreword 1 11

Foreword 2 12

Introduction 16

Chapter 1 Meeting Angels 19

Michael Rebukes Young Prophet 21

Meeting Michael's Generals 24

Fiery Darts of the Enemy 25

Ten Thousand Angels Come to Say Hello 27

Meeting an Assassin Angel 29

I Felt Like Lying Down on the Highway 32

Lady Given a Word of Knowledge by Homeless Man 33

Little Girl Shadow Boxes with Michael 35

Another Young Girl Sees Angels 37

Angel Sends a Prophecy via Text 39

My Four Angels Speak 40

Angel Mark Speaks 41

Angel Michael Speaks 43

Elisha Speaks 47

Bethany Speaks 48

Chapter 2 Meeting Witches 52

Prophesying Over a Witch 52

A Witch Reads My Mind Twice! 54

Warlock Has Some Sense Slapped into Him 56

Big Warlock Gives Me Death Stare 57

Encountering a Coven 59

Heart Attack 60

Another Heart Attack 61

Astral Traveling Visitors in the Night 63

Chapter 3 Meeting Demons 67

Snake on the Back 67

Seducing Spirit 67

Spirit of Murder/Violence 68

Six Familiar Spirits 71

Interviewing a Thousand Witches 74

A Counterfeit Saint 76

Meeting a Girlfriend in the Spirit 78

Man on My Back 81

Has Feet Tickled 82

I Saw a Ghost 83

Chapter 4 Meeting Satan 86

Satan says, "You are mine!" 86

Satan Visits My House to Scare Me 87

Satan Mocks Our Prayers for Australia 88

Girlfriend Brings Satan to My House 93

Chapter 5 Meeting Jesus 95

Meeting Jesus at McDonald's 95

Birthday Visitation 104

The Crucified Jesus Appears 106

Jesus Gets Kicked Out of Church 108

Jesus Dances an Irish Jig 111

Meeting the Lion of Judah 113

Trip to the Throne Room 114

Chapter 6 Meeting Saints 118

Mary Files through the Air 118

Saints Do Hop Scotch 119

Meeting My Sister, Talitha 121

Great Cloud of Witnesses Speak Book 123

The Glory of Jesus on Earth 125

Rahab the Chef 126

Saints Celebrate My Book Release 127

Peter Visits When People Preach on Him 129

Closing Thoughts 130

I Would Love to Hear From You 132

Other books Matthew Robert Payne 133

About the Author 134

Books Shari McGriff 135

Books Simon Peter 139

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