Nanotechnology Intellectual Property Rights: Research, Design, and Commercialization

Nanotechnology Intellectual Property Rights: Research, Design, and Commercialization

by Prabuddha Ganguli, Siddharth Jabade


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ISBN-13: 9781439855287
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 06/28/2012
Series: Perspectives in Nanotechnology Series , #8
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Prabuddha Ganguli, Ph.D, is the CEO of VISION-IPR offering services in management of intellectual property rights, information security and knowledge management including designing of innovation processes, strategizing technology transfers, and conducting IP due diligence for joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions. He is a qualified patent agent in India. He is an Honorary Scientific Consultant for Innovation and IPR matters to the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India; a member of the advisory board of the International Intellectual Property Institute, Washington; and a member of the advisory board of the Institute of Intellectual Property Studies, Mumbai. He is a member of the international editorial board of the IPR journal World Patent Information. As an international consultant to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva, Dr. Ganguli is actively involved in IPR Capacity-building programs, and formulation and implementation of national IPR policies in several developing and least developed countries.

Siddharth Jabade, Ph.D, possesses a unique blend of technical and patent expertise. He is presently professor of mechanical engineering at the Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, India (VI, Pune). He completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering at the University of Pune and obtained his Ph.D from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay). He has been a senior associate at VISION-IPR, a leading intellectual property management firm in India. He is the author of several scientific publications and inventor in patents related to inventions in heat transfer. He is also the coordinator, Intellectual Property Rights Facilitation Centre at VI, Pune. He is a qualified patent agent in India and is involved in drafting and prosecuting patent applications.

Table of Contents

How Big Is Small?

Evolving Patents Landscape in Nanotechnology

Trends in the United States


Patents: A Background

Patentable Subject Matter

Novelty (New)

Inventive Step (Nonobviousness)

Capable (Susceptible) of Industrial Application (Utility)

Anatomy of a Patent

Patenting Systems: An Overview

The PCT Process

Looking for Nanotechnology Prior Art

International Patent Classification System

Searching Other Sources for Nanotechnology Information

Creating Search Strategies

Illustrative Example

Patent-Led Nanotechnology Business: Perspectives

Integration of a Fragmented Patent Landscape

Case Study 1: NanoInk, Inc.

Case Study 2: Nanosphere, Inc.

Case Study 3: NVE Corporation

Case Study 4: Vista Therapeutics, Inc.

Case Study 5: Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc.

Case Study 6: mPhase Technologies, Inc.

Case Study 7: Bilcare Research, Pune, India

Case Study 8: HyCa Technologies Pvt Ltd., Mumbai, India

Case Study 9: Consolidation Through Sequential Merger of Carbon Nanotechnologies, Inc. (CNI), Nanopolaris, Unidym, and Nanoconduction, and Acquisition of Unidym by Wisepower Co. Ltd.

Case Study 10: Innovalight and DuPont Merger

Invitrogen (Presently Life Technologies Corporation)

Strategic Investing and the Role of Venture Capital


Patent Litigations in Nanotechnologies

Nanosys, Inc. v. Nanoco Technologies and Sigma-Aldrich Corporation

DuPont Air Products NanoMaterials LLC v. Cabot Microelectronics Corporation

Nano Proprietary, Inc. (NPI) v. Cannon

Elan Pharmaceuticals International Ltd. v. Abraxis BioScience, Inc.

Oxonica Energy Ltd. v. Neuftec Ltd.

DSM v. 3D Systems

Veeco Instruments v. Asylum Research

Modumetal, Inc. v. Integran, Inc.

MTS Systems Corp. v. Hysitron, Inc.

EV Group v. 3M

Tekmira v. Alnylam

Other Nano Patents Litigation Snippets

Interfacing with the Nanofuture

Uncertainties Looming over IP Portfolios

Case Study: Oxonica Ltd. (formerly Oxonica plc)

United They Stand, Divided They Fall

Lessons from the Case Studies

Nanotechnology Patentability Issues: Gray Areas

Institutional IPR Policy and Management


Nanotechnology: Sunrise of the Day After

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