Natural Capital: Theory and Practice of Mapping Ecosystem Services

Natural Capital: Theory and Practice of Mapping Ecosystem Services

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In 2005, The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) provided the first global assessment of the world's ecosystems and ecosystem services. It concluded that recent trends in ecosystem change threatened human wellbeing due to declining ecosystem services. This bleak prophecy has galvanized conservation organizations, ecologists, and economists to work toward rigorous valuations of ecosystem services at a spatial scale and with a resolution that can inform public policy. The editors have assembled the world's leading scientists in the fields of conservation, policy analysis, and resource economics to provide the most intensive and best technical analyses of ecosystem services to date. A key idea that guides the science is that the modelling and valuation approaches being developed should use data that are readily available around the world. In addition, the book documents a toolbox of ecosystem service mapping, modeling, and valuation models that both The Nature Conservancy and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) are beginning to apply around the world as they transform conservation from a biodiversity only to a people and ecosystem services agenda. The book addresses land, freshwater, and marine systems at a variety of spatial scales and includes discussion of how to treat both climate change and cultural values when examining tradeoffs among ecosystem services.

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ISBN-13: 9780191621031
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Publication date: 04/07/2011
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About the Author

Lead editor, Peter Kareiva has worked as a private consultant, as a Professor at several universities (including Brown University, UCSB and University of Washington), a Director of a Conservation Biology group at NOAA Fisheries, and is now a Vice President and Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy, the world's largest environmental NGO with over 500 scientists on staff. His focus has been on applying rigorous quantitative tools to support resource and conservation decisions in a pragmatic manner. He has edited five books and written a conservation science textbook, while mentoring over thirty PhD and postdoctoral students who have gone on to faculty positions and government or non-profit positions around the world. His awards include a Guggenheim fellowship and election to the American Academy of Arts and Science. He has worked in Asia, Latin America and North America and in marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems. The other editors have a wealth of experience in the field.

Table of Contents

Preface, Hal Mooney
1. Mainstreaming Natural Capital into Decisions, Gretchen C. Daily, Peter Kareiva, Stephen Polasky, Taylor Ricketts, and Heather Tallis (Boxes by M. Sanjayan and Stephen R. Carpenter)
2. Interpreting and Estimating the Value of Ecosystem Services, Lawrence H. Goulder and Donald Kennedy (Box by R.K. Turner)
3. Assessing Multiple Ecosystem Services: An Integrated Tool for the Real World, Heather Tallis and Stephen Polasky (Box by Liba Pejchar)
4. Water Supply as an Ecosystem Service for Hydropower and Irrigation, Guillermo Mendoza, Driss Ennaanay, Marc Conte, Michael Todd Walter, David Freyberg, Stacie Wolny, Lauren Hay, Sue White, Erik Nelson and Luis Solorzano (Box by Heather Tallis, Wang Yukuan, and Driss Ennaanay)
5. Valuing Land Cover Impact on Storm Peak Mitigation, Driss Ennaanay, Marc Conte, Kenneth Brooks, John Nieber, Manu Sharma, Stacie Wolny, and Guillermo Mendoza (Box by David Harrison)
6. Retention of Nutrients and Sediment by Vegetation, Marc Conte, Driss Ennaanay, Guillermo Mendoza, Michael Todd Walter, Stacie Wolny, David Freyberg, Erik Nelson, and Luis Solorzano (Box by Christine Tam)
7. Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration and Storage, Marc Conte, Erik Nelson, Karen Carney, Cinzia Fissore, Nasser Olwero, Andrew Plantinga, Bill Stanley, and Taylor Ricketts (Boxes by Bill Stanley and Nicole Virgilio, and Andrew R. Marshall and PKT Munishi)
8. The Provisioning Value of Timber and Non-Timber Forest Production, Erik Nelson, Claire Montgomery, Marc Conte, and Steve Polasky (Box by Eric Wikramanayake, Rajendra Gurung, and Eric Dinerstein)
9. Provisioning and Regulatory Ecosystem Service Values in Agriculture, Erik Nelson, Stan Wood, Jawoo Koo and Stephen Polasky
10. Crop Pollination, Eric Lonsdorf, Taylor Ricketts, Claire Kremen, Rachel Winfree, Sarah Greenleaf, and Neal Williams (Boxes by Nicola Gallai, Bernard E. Vaissiere, Simon G. Potts, and Jean-Michel Salles, and Berry Brosi)
11. Nature-Based Tourism and Recreation, Vic Adamowicz, Robin Naidoo, Erik Nelson, Steve Polasky, and Jing Zhang (Box by Christopher Kirkby, Renzo Giudice, Brett Day, Kerry Turner, Bridaldo Silveira Soares-Filho, Hermann Oliveira-Rodrigues, and Douglas W. Yu)
12. Cultural Services and Non-use Values, Kai Chan, Joshua Goldstein, Terre Satterfield, Neil Hannahs, Kekuewa Kikiloi, Robin Naidoo, Nathan Vadeboncoeur, and Ulalia Woodside (Boxes by Ma Jianzhong and Christine Tam, and Hazel Wong)
13. Terrestrial Biodiversity, Erik Nelson, Dick Cameron, Jim Regetz, Stephen Polasky and Gretchen C. Daily (Box by Jai Ranganathan and Gretchen C. Daily)
14. Putting Ecosystem Service Models to Work: Conservation, Management and Tradeoffs, Stephen Polasky, Georgio Caldarone, T. Ka'eo Duarte, Joshua Goldstein, Neil Hannahs, Taylor Ricketts, and Heather Tallis (Box by Neil Hannahs)
15. How Much Information Do Managers Need? The Sensitivity of Ecosystem Service Decisions to Model Complexity, Heather Tallis and Steve Polasky (Box by Craig Groves and Edward Game)
16. Poverty and the Distribution of Ecosystem Services, Heather Tallis, Stefano Pagiola, Wei Zhan, Sabina Shaikh, Erik Nelson, Charlotte Stanton and Priya Shyamsundar (Boxes by C. Peter Timmer, and Norbert Henninger and Florence Landsberg)
17. Ecosystem Service Assessments for Marine Conservation, Anne Guerry, Mark Plummer, Mary Ruckelshaus and Chris Harvey (Boxes by Edward B. Barbier, and Emily Cooper and Lauretta Burke)
18. Modeling the Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services, Joshua J. Lawler, Erik Nelson, Marc Conte, Sarah L. Shafer, Driss Ennaanay, and Guillermo Mendoza (Box by David Lobell)
19. Incorporating Ecosystem Services in Decisions, Emily McKenzie, Frances Irwin, Janet Ranganathan, Craig Hanson, Carolyn Kousky, Karen Bennett, Susan Ruffo, Marc Conte, James Salzman, and Jouni Paavola (Boxes by Craig Hanson and Paul R. Ehrlich, Lee D. Ross, and Gretchen C. Daily)

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