Navigating the Stars

Navigating the Stars

by Maria V Snyder


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“The answer is no, Lyra,” my mother utters her favorite—I swear—phrase.

No means I have to travel with them to another planet—again.

No means leaving all my friends fifty years in the past. Thanks, Einstein.

Seventeen-year-old Lyra Daniels can’t truly blame Einstein or her parents for their impending move across the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s all due to the invention of the Q-net, which made traveling the vast distances in space possible—with one big caveat: the time dilation. But that never stopped Lyra's ancestors from exploring the Milky Way, searching for resources and exoplanets to colonize. What they didn’t expect to find is life-sized terracotta Warriors buried on twenty-one different exoplanets.

... Make that twenty-two.

As the Galaxy’s leading experts on the Warriors, Lyra's parents are thrilled by the new discovery, sending them—and her—fifty years into the future. Her social life in ruins, she fills her lonely days by illegally worming into the Q-net. The only person close to her age is the annoyingly irresistible security officer who threatens to throw her into the brig.

After the planet they just left goes silent—meaning no communications from them at all—security has bigger problems to deal with than Lyra, especially when vital data files go missing. But that's just the beginning, because they’re not as alone as they thought on their new planet... and suddenly time isn't the only thing working against them.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781946381019
Publisher: Maria V. Snyder
Publication date: 11/24/2018
Series: Sentinels of the Galaxy , #1
Pages: 470
Sales rank: 226,297
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.05(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

Customer Reviews

Navigating The Stars 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sci-fi and space stories are not usually genre but MVS did a great job with it with Inside so I was game. This book was definitely up there and on par with Inside and the Study series! Original premise, exciting action, endearing characters...cant wait for more!
Reddjena 12 months ago
So, I stayed up to 2am to finish this book and can’t believe I didn’t try to read it closer to its release! The pacing and plot were so compelling that I finished this book in 3 days, staying up late each time because I couldn’t find a natural break where I wanted to stop reading. Luckily, book two is coming out in a couple of weeks! Which gives all of you time to read this one, so you’re ready for Chasing the Shadows. Trust me, you’ll want to pick up Chasing as soon as you turn the final page in Navigating. While there isn’t a huge cliffhanger, Maria knows how to keep the mystery and adventure fresh through the end. Quick aside, I love how perfect the titles are for these two books! If I told you why, that would spoil a couple of things, so you’ll just have to see for yourself. I think you’ll agree though! Basically if you love historical mysteries, space adventures, mischief, and hate-to-love relationships, then I only have one question for you: why haven’t you read this book yet?! Bonus points: if you enjoyed The Illuminae Files or Aurora Rising, then you should definitely put this one to the top of your TBR!
OCD_Student More than 1 year ago
Maria did not disappoint in delivering a new series for her readers that was engaging and fun. She weaves a story where the reader finds themselves wanting to turn that next page just so they can learn just a little bit more. She invites us to dive into a new world with well developed characters I have grown to expect and love from her. Any time an author creates a new series when she has ones the readers have loved and cherished so much for so long, can leave both the author and reader a little nervous. However, Maria is once again able to create a unique world and society you believe could actually occur, A world completely different from her other books, yet similar in staying true to her style of writing. It is nice to find an author who knows when one saga is done and can provide their audience with a new on just as enchanting in it's own right. In doing so, Maria giver her readers a new treat and world we can become excited about all over again. It is one of those books you have to force yourself to put down to get a little sleep. With that being said I found her story has a solid beginning, middle, and end. It is a story that if the sequel never came, I would still be satisfied with the book on it's own. This author is a breath of fresh air in a market where I find more and more authors are leaving their story unfinished to guarantee the next sale. Although Maria has provided a complete book on it's own, she understands her readers and guarantees the next sale of her book in the series not because the first one was incomplete, but because the reader simply can't wait to learn what will become of our beloved new friends she has introduced us to.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WishEnd More than 1 year ago
NAVIGATING THE STARS is an exciting beginning to this new SciFi series from this bestselling author! The characters are fully drawn and easy to relate to, while the story is compelling from beginning to end. Full of intrigue, danger, family, and romance makes for a perfect story for SciFi YA readers! I've been a fan of this author since I read POISON STUDY years ago and was excited to see a new release from her. This story did not disappoint. I found the characters interesting. They have their strengths and flaws, making them easy to cheer on and to relate to. I especially loved Lyra's voice and how she felt genuine. I also loved the relationship between her and her parents, and it was enjoyable seeing how her relationship with Niall changes and grows. I also liked seeing how this world was set up, between the different research sites on-planet to the spaceship environment. I found the scifi elements to be really interesting and they also logically worked for me as well. I liked the element of danger and suspense in regards to an alien race and to some other aspects of this story. The ending also had some nice twists, which I also appreciated. I did have a few things that I would have liked developed more or changed. The romance was a little strong for me (I would have been okay with less detail). I also wanted more backstory or explanation for the looters and for the aliens. Both those plot-lines were very vague. Hopefully there will be more explanation in the following books. In the end, was it what I wished for? I was pulled into this story from the beginning and loved these characters. An overall suspenseful and romantic SciFi YA that I'd recommend to fans of the author and this genre in general. Content: Some swearing (a handful of s-words and one f-word), some heavy and detailed making out, some violence. Source: I received a complimentary copy from Rockstar Book Tours, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.
Lisa_Loves_Literature More than 1 year ago
I've heard a lot about this author in the past, and always meant to read them. But I never did get the chance. When the opportunity to read this one popped up, I jumped on the chance. The science fiction aspect was what really grabbed me. I can tell you that I was not disappointed at all! In fact, now I know I've got to read the other books, not to mention that since this is the first in a series, I need to have the next book now! While this doesn't end on a cliffhanger, there are definitely things that we are waiting to see how they can be solved, and also so much more to find out about the Terra Cotta Warriors and what must be aliens that created them. We also of course need to know more about the person behind the looters, and how they are able to do what they do. All of the characters were great. I was totally off on some of the things I suspected certain people of maybe having ulterior motives, and in the end, I didn't catch on to suspect just who one of the bad guys was, at least not until right before we found out. Lyra was a great main character, and a great narrator for the whole story. The different traditions that her friends at the planet we meet her on had created were very interesting. But when she looked back at them at the end from how things had changed and her new friendships and relationships, that was such a neat way to look at it as well. Her parents were definitely realistic seeming for that type of a family, but I also liked the security and other scientists that they interacted with, and that made up the cast of characters in the story. The other parts I really liked had to do with both the science theories of space exploration and travel and how that would affect the age of the people traveling as well as the people the left behind. Then there was the Terra Cotta soldier storyline which definitely kept me intrigued with all the different things they found out as they uncovered the armies on each of the new planets and the symbols and arrangement of them. Highly recommend this one, and will be putting it on my list to buy for the library where I work!