Need You

Need You

by Stacy Finz

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ISBN-13: 9781420141917
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 07/25/2017
Series: The Garner Brothers , #1
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 46,108
File size: 824 KB

About the Author

Stacy Finz is an award-winning former reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. After twenty years-plus covering notorious serial killers, naked-tractor-driving farmers, fanatical foodies, aging rock stars and weird Western towns, she figured she had enough material to write fiction. She is the 2013 winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award. Readers can visit her website at

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Colt Garner wacked his hand over the clock radio, searching for the button to make Lisa Laredo's voice stop. At first, in his foggy state, he'd thought they were back on stage, doing a duet. But the infernal song had actually awakened him from a deep sleep.

He turned on his side, took one look at the time, and muttered, "Shit." In his slightly inebriated state, he must've set the alarm wrong the night before and was now running late for a meeting with the mayor, who more than likely wanted to fire him.

Warm sunlight streamed through his window, making him shield his eyes with the back of his hand. Another hot August day in Glory Junction, California. Which meant record numbers of people would flood the town over the weekend to raft on the Glory River, waterski on Lake Paiute, and hike the Sierra mountains. In the winter, the tourists came for the snow. The town boasted five ski resorts, and from Main Street you could see chairlifts and gondolas going up and down the mountainsides. St. Moritz of the West is what some people called it, but the town hadn't always been this affluent. When Colt's parents had settled here it had been home to ranchers and ski bums and a haven for back-to-the-land hippies.

But it hadn't taken long for the rest of the world to discover the hamlet, only three and a half hours northeast of San Francisco and seven hours from Los Angeles. Professional athletes came for the world-class skiing, rock climbing, and river rapids. Tech moguls and celebrities for the cachet and property values of a picturesque ski town in the Mother Lode. It even had a private airport so part-timers could fly in for quick stays at their lake houses or ski-in condos.

The growth was great for his family, who owned and operated Garner Adventure, an extreme-sport and tour company. But as chief of the Glory Junction Police Department, not so much. Most days he was understaffed for the barrage of tourists and weekenders. Still, he wouldn't trade the job for anything.

Colt finally found the radio knob and shut the music off. Every time he heard the song it reopened old wounds. Wounds he wanted permanently scabbed over. The phone rang, further reminding him that he needed to get out of bed, pronto. He checked the caller ID and answered.

"I'm running late," he said by way of greeting. "What's up?"

"Good show last night." His usually workaholic brother, TJ, along with the rest of his family, had sat through three sets. It meant a lot to Colt, especially TJ, who had his hands full running Garner Adventure.

"Not bad, considering how rusty I am." It was the first time he'd had a gig in months. Between getting called out on police emergencies and being asked to pick up the slack at his family's company, Colt was lucky if he got a full night's sleep, let alone have the time to play music.

"You didn't sound rusty to me," TJ said. "What are you doing Sunday?"

It was Colt's only day off. "Sleeping."

"We had a last minute guide cancellation and I was wondering if you had a couple of hours to lead a river-rafting tour. Before you say no, it's a bachelorette party. Bikinis."

Colt didn't care if the women were naked, he wanted his day off. "I thought you were hiring more guides."

TJ let out a breath. "We did. We're still having trouble keeping up with the amount of business we're getting."

"Try harder."

"Working on it. So, can you do it? Come on, I went to your show. That's three hours I'll never get back."

Colt swung his feet off the bed and scrubbed his hand through his hair. "Yeah, all right." He'd fit it in somehow. "I hope you can afford the three hours for my funeral when I die of sleep deprivation. Maybe do a eulogy, if it's not too much trouble for you. I've got a meeting with Pond, so gotta go." Colt hung up before his younger brother could rope him into something else.

In the kitchen, he started a pot of coffee and headed for a quick shower. His uniform, the only clean one left in the closet, could've used a good pressing, but he put it on anyway, along with his gun belt and badge. Colt filled a mug with caffeine. If he could've mainlined it, he would've.

His cell vibrated in his pocket, making him jump, and he sloshed the coffee over the rim of his cup and all over his shirt.

"Shit!" Hot.

He grabbed a dish towel and futilely tried to clean himself. Giving up, he stuck his chest over the sink and turned on the sprayer. As he dripped onto the kitchen floor, he checked the missed call. Win, the youngest of his three brothers. He thought about changing his shirt, caught sight of the clock, and grabbed another towel from the drawer to blot himself dry the best he could. A fresh shirt and Win would have to wait. As it was, he was cutting it too close for comfort.

On the way out the door, Colt snagged his keys, put on his aviators, and jogged down his back porch stairs. If he avoided Main Street, he might be able to get to city hall on time.

"Dammit." His neighbor's car blocked his cruiser. Again.

The two of them shared an easement road that forked off onto their respective driveways and garages. Like most of the homes in Glory Junction, his was on a hillside with a driveway so steep it should've been illegal. And because his house was on a small lot, there was no place to turn around. Street parking didn't exist on account of there being no curbs, just an occasional dirt shoulder barely wide enough for a Smart car. So Colt liked to park on the shoulder of the easement for quick access to his vehicle. There wasn't room for two cars, yet she continually parked there anyway.

He crossed over to her ostentatious mini mansion, climbed the front porch, and knocked on the door. Colt knew she was home. Yet it took her so long to answer, he considered going inside, justifying it as a welfare check.

She finally came out in exercise clothes that looked too nice to work out in. The top was some kind of wraparound thing that dipped low, giving him a nice view of her cleavage. He tried really hard not to look, but failed miserably. He chalked it up to being a degenerate and not to the fact that she had a spectacular rack. She was doing some leering of her own, her eyes roving over his chest.

"What happened to your shirt?" she asked.

He glanced down to see what she was talking about. Oh yeah, the coffee.

Colt cocked his head at her Tesla. "I thought we talked about the parking situation ... how a lot of times I need to get out of here in a hurry."

"And I thought I explained to you that I need to be close to the outlet to plug in my car."

"Don't you have one in your garage or near your garage?" The house had a security system that rivaled most banks'. Colt figured the builder hadn't skimped on electrical outlets.

"I told you this already. Clearly you weren't listening. It's the only two-hundred-forty-volt outlet. It was installed on a fifty-amp circuit breaker. They're not like your run-of-the-mill house outlets."

Thanks for the lesson on electrical capacity, he wanted to say, but didn't have time to argue with her. "Delaney, work with me here, okay? I've got to be somewhere."

"What, are they having a special on donuts at Tart Me Up?" He rolled his eyes. "Clever. Because I never heard that one before."

She glanced at her watch and sighed. "Fine. But you do realize that you only have the easement because I allow it. It's my land."

"The easement has been on the books longer than either of us has lived here." Before she and her husband bought the property and tore down the perfectly fine house that occupied it to build the Palace of Versailles.

"I can change that." She squinted her blue eyes at him, then turned and went inside, giving him a good look at her spandex ass.

This time, he forced himself not to stare, raising his gaze to take in her black hair, which made him think of the song "Galway Girl" and laugh to himself. He was in no danger of losing his heart to Delaney Scott, not like the guy in the song. She might be beautiful but she was a royal pain in the butt. Besides, the last time he'd fallen for one of Glory Junction's resident celebrities . . . Well, let's just say he wouldn't be doing it again. Ever. Not if he wanted to survive. Because while some men drank their blues away, he binged on BASE jumping, parachute skiing, cave diving, and other death-defying sports.

A few minutes later, she returned with keys. He followed Delaney and waited while she unplugged her car. At this rate, Colt was in danger of missing his meeting altogether. The mayor would assume that he was being insubordinate. Ordinarily, he couldn't care less what the mayor thought. Colt's job had always been nonpolitical. He'd served under two different mayors and had been largely left alone to run the department as he'd seen fit. But the Honorable Carter Pond had a thing for micromanaging — and promptness.

Maybe Colt was being paranoid — his brothers certainly thought so — but Pond seemed to be gunning for him. So strolling in twenty minutes after their scheduled meeting wasn't going to help his cause. Not one bit.

"I'm probably missing a conference call right now," she said, her voice clipped.

"I'm sorry." He probably should've left it at that, but couldn't help adding, "You wouldn't have, if you hadn't blocked me in."

"You shouldn't have parked so close to my house and outlet."

"You have a driveway. Just use it."

"So do you."

They sounded like two little kids bickering in the sandbox. Most days, Colt was an easygoing guy. Sometimes, downright congenial. But the day had gotten off to a bad beginning — starting with the damned song — and he figured it was only going downhill from here. "We need to figure this out," he said, not wanting to fight with her anymore. "But I don't have time to do it now."

Colt got in his cruiser and watched through his rearview mirror as she pulled the Tesla up her drive. Difficult woman. Why she'd moved to the mountains full time was beyond him. She was a big-deal fashion designer from LA. His sister-in-law, Hannah, carried some of her stuff at Glorious Gifts on Main Street. Delaney's husband, according to town gossip, was no longer in the picture. Which was too bad because when he was, they rarely, if ever, came up, just letting that big house of theirs sit empty. And quiet.

Colt pulled out and drove to city hall. By the time he parked he was fifteen minutes late. By the time he made it to the mayor's office, Pond was good and pissed off.

"Glad you could show up, Chief," he said with derision.

"Sorry I'm late ... small emergency." It wasn't exactly a lie.

"With your family's business?" Pond motioned for Colt to take a seat. "You seem to spend a lot of time there."

Colt did, but never on the city's dime. "It had nothing to do with Garner Adventure."

Pond got up and came around his desk. He was tan and fit and Hannah said he had hair plugs. Colt wouldn't know, but could tell the mayor put a lot of time into his appearance. Unlike the past two mayors, who wore khakis or jeans and boots, Pond opted for Italian suits and loafers. They probably went better with his Porsche. He turned a lot of heads in town, that was for sure.

To Colt, the mayor reeked of midlife crisis.

"You want a drink?" Pond reached into a mini fridge against the wall where old photographs of the town hung.

Colt was surprised he hadn't taken them down. Carter Pond was a relative newcomer. He'd moved to Glory Junction from Silicon Valley seven years ago. Word on the street was he'd made a mint selling his start-up before the dot-com bust. He certainly lived like a fat cat with his sprawling estate and a membership at Glory Junction's only country club. Though Colt was always suspicious of people who flashed their money a little too loudly. In any event, the mayor tended to ignore anything in Glory Junction that was BC — Before Carter.

"No thanks," Colt said, and pointedly gazed at his watch, wanting the mayor to get to the point of this meeting. Colt had things to do.

Pond pulled out a bottle of designer water. That's what Colt called it. Fancy bottle, hefty price tag, same damn water as the tap. He hoped the city wasn't footing the bill for it. The mayor sat back down — Colt suspected he wanted the big, mahogany desk between them — and took a drag of the water.

"What happened to your uniform?"

Colt's shirt had dried, but the coffee had left a noticeable stain. "I collided with a cup of coffee."

The mayor laughed. "Was that the emergency?"

Nope. His black-haired, blue-eyed, curvy-as-sin neighbor had been his emergency. She and her Tesla. "It was a busy morning."

"Hmm," the mayor muttered, then took another swig of his expensive water. "I wanted to talk job performance."

"Yours or mine?" Colt asked, unable to help himself.

The mayor feigned a belly laugh. Colt knew Carter thought his comment was anything but funny.

"I want good things for this town, Colt. I want to take Glory Junction into the future ... reinvent our reputation as a small, quaint town to something more relevant. I want us to have a place at the table."

Colt nodded, thinking to himself: What the hell does that even mean? A place at the table. What table? He supposed it was a euphemism for making Glory Junction a top tourism attraction, even though it already was. Pond wanted to pretend that commerce in the town was failing so he could take credit for turning it around.

"For far too long, Glory Junction has operated like a back-road campground when what it should be is an international destination resort. I want to make that happen."

It had been happening long before Pond became mayor. The Four Seasons and Glory Junction's other luxury hotels had been doing fine for years. During ski season they were booked solid. And going by Garner Adventure's stats — and its overworked guides — summers here were quickly becoming just as popular.

"The problem, Colt," the mayor continued, "is you're stuck in the past."

"How's that?" Colt asked, trying to read what the mayor was working up to. No question Pond had an endgame. Colt just didn't know what it was yet.

The mayor drained the rest of his water and squeezed the bottle until it made a crinkling noise. "You're too close to the residents, which is understandable since you grew up here. But to build a brighter future we need to make the town more tourist friendly ... more welcoming."

Colt assumed that was code for loosening the rules for anyone with a reservation. "Why don't you cut to the chase here, Carter? I've got a town to patrol."

"Do you know how many traffic tickets you issued last year?" Colt didn't know the number off the top of his head, but for a town this size with as many visitors as it got, it wasn't unprecedented. "What's your point?" he asked, even though he knew damned well what the mayor's point was.

"My point is a tourist charged with a hefty fine for violating the speed limit isn't a happy tourist."

"You do know that the city benefits financially from these fines, right?" It's not why Colt's officers gave tickets, but if the mayor was worried about losing revenue ...

"Not as much as the city benefits from the tax base of its businesses."

"Are you asking me to look the other way when an out-of-towner drives sixty in a twenty-five-mile-an-hour zone or when a drunken tourist up from the city causes a fight at Old Glory?" Because it had been known to happen. "What about the locals? Is it business as usual for them? I figure since we're not going to protect them, we may as well look the other way when they speed or steal or trespass, too. Does that work for you?"

"Cut the sarcasm, Colt. You're on thin ice as it is. All I'm saying is we all need to do our part, be on the same page."

Colt didn't want any part of Pond's page, but he held his tongue. Managing up had never been his strongpoint, but he loved this town and continuing to pop off to the mayor wouldn't serve anyone. People here needed someone to watch their backs and that definitely wasn't Carter. The mayor wanted to turn Glory Junction into goddamned Disneyland. Even Colt's family, who profited from the town's tourism trade, didn't want to see that. And Colt's job was to keep everyone safe, not just the people with the biggest wallets.

"We through here?" Colt started to get up.

"Yep, we sure are."

Colt found his way out of Pond's office, through the long corridor of city hall, to the exit, barely able to corral his temper. The mayor was actually asking him to obstruct justice so Glory Junction could have a place at the "table." Translation: Carter Pond wanted the world to think he'd taken Glory Junction from a modest, dusty town to a thriving ski village at the safety expense of Colt's family, friends, and neighbors — the people he'd known his whole life.


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Need You 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Suze-Lavender More than 1 year ago
The Garner brothers are well known in Glory Junction. The family owns an outdoor adventure business that organizes extreme-sport activities, excursions and tours. Colt regularly works for the family business, but he's also the local police chief. He likes a challenge and adventure is his middle name. Colt enjoys spending time with people who feel the same way. That's why his neighbor Delaney Scott irritates him. She's a fashion designer living in a flashy house and she constantly parks her car in his desired spot on their shared driveway. Their contact consists of arguments about their cars and nothing more. Delaney's ex came a lot better out of their divorce than Delaney. He now owns her name and the larger and most successful part of their business. Delaney has to come up with a plan to make a new start, but designing proves to be difficult now that she's living in Glory Junction. She has no inspiration and is frustrated because she can't come up with anything new. On top of that she also has issues with Colt about their shared parking space. They regularly run into each other, so they should quickly come up with a solution. While talking to one another it becomes clear they like each other very much, but Delaney isn't in Glory Junction to stay and they've both had their hearts broken. Will they find comfort with each other and maybe even more? Need You is a wonderful romantic story. Colt is a busy man. He works for the police department and the family business and he also plays music when he has any time left. He's a kind man and hardly ever says no. Delaney is a talented woman, but her creativity is in a slump because of everything she's going through with her ex-husband. They both need time to heal and get over their heartache. Their sizzling chemistry is the exact right way to do that and I loved their fabulous connection. There's an instant attraction, but they have many obstacles in their way and I couldn't wait to find out where that would lead. I read Need You in one sitting and was completely enchanted by the story. Stacy Finz has a lovely heartwarming writing style. I loved how she makes her setting come to life, Glory Junction is a gorgeous town with interesting inhabitants. There are plenty of vivid descriptions of the surroundings, the businesses and the local politics and I was fascinated by each of them. I like it a lot when a setting is so amazing and vibrant that I don't want to stop reading about it and really enjoyed Need You. It's a charming, fun and sweet story that put a big smile on my face.
Jennann3 More than 1 year ago
Colt is the oldest of the Garner brothers, but the only one who doesn't work for Garner Adventures. Garner Adventures specializes in extreme sports adventures (rock climbing, hiking, river rafting, etc) in the summer and skiing in the winter. While Colt fills in as a guide often, his full-time job is Sheriff of Glory Junction. Colt enjoys serving people in his hometown and generally doesn't have major issues, until Delaney moves in next door. Colt and Delaney are constantly fighting over a parking spot, each refusing to cede to the other. Colt also has issues with the newly elected mayor. The new mayor is looking to replace Colt for his own nefarious reasons. Colt could work for Garner Adventures, but it's not his true passion. Delaney is a famous fashion designer that's recently divorced. Since Delaney was awarded the house in Glory Junction, she's moved there to heal and come up with a new line she can debut during fashion week. Delaney spends her days staring at her sketch board, trying to come up with ideas only to come up with nothing. She passes time making costumes for the kiddos for a play and spending time with Colt. Since she and Colt got off to a bad start, she decides to make him a pair of cargo shorts. Cargo shorts that end up leading to a sports line she has no intentions of designing--at first. Delaney and Colt have both suffered bad relationships and are not looking for anything more than friendship. When Delaney doubts her design abilities, Colt is there with encouraging words. Delaney also has Colt's back when he comforts his ex and while he awaits his job decision. I loved this novel! Delaney is sassy, but kind, supportive, and loving. The town people are funny and have each other's back. I enjoyed seeing Colt's "softer" side with his singing. I can't wait to read about the remaining Garner brothers!!! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
AnOregonian More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I have read by Stacy Finz and what a delight. I received this ARC from the author and I am already searching libraries to find her other books since I absolutely loved this one. I do not believe in retelling the story in a review or giving a synopsis of books I read since anyone can get that from reading the cover of the book. In my opinion a good author can get your attention right at the beginning of the book and keep it all the way through to the last page. Stacy Finz does that in Need You. Once I started I couldn't put the book down. The characters are believable, interesting, varied, and Finz has the gift of writing in making the "bad guy" character non likeable and irritating. There are not so many characters that you lose track of who's who and how they are related to the story and main characters. I found myself wondering if there will be other stories about the characters in this book besides the Garner brothers as so many of the people were interesting to me. I love the setting of the town and can totally picture it from Stacy's descriptions. This was a wonderful contemporary romance story and I am truly looking forward to reading all of Stacy's books and the rest of the Garner brothers' stories. Thank you Stacy Finz for sending me this copy of Need You, I couldn't put it down!
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
4 STARS FOR NEED YOU!!! This was a great enjoyable story that keeps you flipping pages. This author does a fantastic job connecting the readers to the story. Colt and Delaney's was fun to watch it unfold. This is a great weekend read to escape a few hours to. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book from publisher via NetGalley.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have to be honest...I am a Nugget series fan and wasn't really sure how I would take to a Stacy Finz book that WASN'T a Nugget book. HOWEVER, I absolutely loved this book and the characters within. Well-developed characters, beautiful landscape, and small-town charm resonate throughout. Colt and Delaney are dynamic characters, as well as the entire Glory-Junction crew. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the Garner Brothers Series.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
After her marriage implodes, and a nasty divorce battle ensues, Delaney Scott retreats to her home in Glory Junction for a little a peace and quiet. She is hoping her stay in the calm little town will give her the much needed break she needs, and possibly help provide some inspiration for her new clothing line, but her little plan falters when her grouchy, but oh so sexy, neighbor waltzes into her world. She is no where near ready for a round two in the love department, but the more time she spends with the good chief, the more the idea starts to grow on her! Police Chief Colt Garner is too busy for love, the last time he wandered down that path some famous starlet left him with a broken heart and that is just not something he is willing to repeat... it's not like he has time to date anyway! Between keeping the town safe, doing a gig here and there and working at his families adventure resort he barely has time to catch a few hours of shut eye before he is up and going again. But when his irritatingly beautiful new neighbor comes crashing into his world, hijacks his parking spot, and impedes on his few hours of sleep with her annoy bright lights, he stars to see the appeal making time for love! I love a good small town romance story, and I have to say the folks of Glory Junction charmed their way into my heart, and treated me to a very delightful literary escape. As soon as I met the good chief and his lovey neighbor I knew something special was about to happen, neither of them were really in the market for love, but fate decided it was time for them to find it!! What started off as a good neighborly battle soon blossomed into something neither of them saw coming... a partnership that gave both of them everything that they needed, but weren't really searching for, and boy was it fun to watch unfold! This was my first encounter with this author, and I have to say I was quite pleased with what I found, her heartwarming story totally hit the mark, and left me anxious for another visit to this charming little town! Highly recommend you meet the folks of Glory Junction, they'll pull you into their world and have you never wanting to leave!! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
RachaelBrown More than 1 year ago
Stacy Finz did a great job making Delaney's job as a fashion designer interesting. I love the present that Delaney made for Colt and the unexpected path that it led her on. Colt is an all-around great guy that deserves someone like Delaney. I really enjoyed their journey to happiness. The secondary characters were just as likable as Delaney and Colt and I hope they each get their own story. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series! I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary Advance Reader Copy.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I am completely head over heels in love with the Garner Brothers! If this book is any indication this new series from Stacy Finz should be fantastically fun and swoon worthy. In this first full length story of the series we meet Colt Garner. Town sheriff, adrenaline junky, and all around great guy. Everyone loves him. Well, everyone except his new neighbor who he's having parking wars with! City girl and top fashion designer Delaney Scott may be in Glory Junction temporarily but that doesn't mean Sheriff Garner can just boss her around! She's had enough with bossy men, thank you very much. After her divorce dies down and all the legal struggles over her company are settle she plans on rebuilding her image and fashion line and moving back to LA. That is until a truce is sworn and something much more tempting keeps her in Glory Junction. A fantastic book and a great start to the series. Can't wait for the next book!! Grab a copy of this one. I highly recommend it.
BK1980 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. Stacy writes with humor and keeps you interested in the story. Colt and Delaney's relationship blossomed throughout the story, going from neighbors who argue over a shared driveway to friends with benefits. I look forward to reading more books in the series...I have enjoyed every book Stacy has written!
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Need You by Stacy Finz Garner Brothers #1 First book in a new series and the first book I have read by this author. I enjoyed the story of Colt and Delaney and believe it is a good introduction to what will probably be a trilogy since one of the four Garner brothers has had his story told in a previously printed anthology. There are other people in Glory Junction that could have stories but they are not Garners so hopefully we will hear about them either in the next two books or there will be a spin-off series created for them, too. Colt Garner is the police chief of a town that has an influx of tourists during summer and winter. His family has an adventure sport type business that he helps out with from time to time. His neighbor, Delaney Scot, is recently divorced and not the happiest camper in the world. The two bicker over parking and other things until things change and they begin to really see and find an interest in one another. Both are likable and dedicated to their work. Delaney is in a bit of a slump looking for inspiration and feeling rough after her divorce and the settlement. Garner is still dealing with unfinished business after his last romantic breakup. The story moves along steadily with new people introduced, the mayor set up as the bad guy, friendship groups delineated, various relationships explored, town activities enjoyed and eventually solutions found for some of the problems presented. The story was enjoyable without much real drama to contend with. It had a small town feel that was cozy. At times I felt a few of the scenes were padding (for instance the thief that was never found) and some of the characters extraneous unless there is some part for them in the future. Did I like the story? Yes Would I recommend it? Yes Would I like to read the next book in the series? Yes Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Book – Zebra Shout for the ARC – This is my honest review. 3 Stars