Never Have I Ever With a Duke

Never Have I Ever With a Duke

by Darcy Burke


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Graham Kinsley is shocked when he inherits a debt-ridden dukedom, and now he has just one month to repay a loan. He needs an heiress—or find a way to recoup the former duke’s losses. When he meets the alluring Arabella, he’s entranced. Unfortunately, she’s as bankrupt as he is, but if they work together they may be able to recover their fortunes. Though if they keep stealing kisses, they may lose their hearts instead.

Arabella Stoke can’t afford an attraction to the penniless duke who has vowed to help rescue her family from financial devastation. She needs to find a wealthy husband before her father succumbs to the stress of losing everything. However, as Graham brings them closer to finding the swindler who stole their money, the war between what they want and what they need may ruin them both.

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ISBN-13: 9781944576615
Publisher: Darcy E. Burke Publishing
Publication date: 08/27/2019
Series: Spitfire Society , #1
Pages: 254
Sales rank: 247,121
Product dimensions: 4.25(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

Darcy Burke is a USA Today bestselling romance author. Fall in love with a host of dukes, marquesses, and earls in her Regency-set The Untouchables series and journey to Oregon wine country and meet the Archer family in her contemporary Ribbon Ridge series. Darcy lives in Oregon with her guitar-strumming husband, their two hilarious kids who seem to have inherited the writing gene, and four crazy, beloved cats.

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Never Have I Ever With a Duke 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Renata 9 days ago
Graham Kinsley, a secretary, inherits an impoverished dukedom and becomes the 7th Duke of Halstead. His entitled estates are in complete destitution, and there are mortgages on the rest that need to be paid or he'll lose them. Graham is trying to keep his financial situation quiet and find a heiress to wed to save the dukedom. Arabella Stoke's family is nearly bankrupt and her father is bedridden. The bills are piling up (including those from the doctors) and they have no way to pay them. Arabella must find a wealthy husband as soon as possible before anyone realizes their situation. Arabella and Graham meet under unusual circumstances, but they both feel an attraction. Once Arabella realizes Graham is a Duke and he, in turn, finds out she's a lady, they both feel the sparkle of hope that they can be each other's salvation. It does not take them long, however, to realize that they're both destitute, fleeced by the same person, so they join forces to find him and get their money back. I hate books where the main relationship between the heroes is based on lies, and when I started reading this book, I feared it's going to be one of them. I'm relieved to tell you it's not! The characters were well developed and likable, you could feel their struggle and their budding love, they were honest with one another and supported each other throughout every step of the way. The angst was kept to a minimum, which I also liked! Overall this is a really good book, I loved both Graham and Arabella, and followed their journey with interest. The one thing I didn't like was that there was no "culmination". I don't know how to explain it without risking any spoilers, but when Graham and Arabella find the bad guy, the outcome was not what I expected. I was left needing more. I counted a lot on the epilogue, but I guess its purpose was more setting up the story for the next book, rather than giving us insight into Graham and Arabella's HEA. Don't get me wrong, it did achieve its goal, I can't wait for the next book to come out :-), I just wish we could have found out more about Graham and Arabella's joint life. But who knows maybe we will find out more while reading Ripley's story..... I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book sent to me via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
LoriP123 13 days ago
Never Have I Ever With a Duke by Darcy Burke is the first book in The Spitfire Society series and definitely worth reading if you love historical romances. Graham Kinsley is shocked when he inherits the dukedom, but along with it comes an estate that is debt-ridden and he must find an heiress to marry in order to pay down the debt before he loses it all. What he doesn't intend to find is friendship, love and attraction when he meets Arabella, but unfortunately she is as destitute as he is and will bring nothing of value to the marriage so he must continue on his quest in marrying an heiress. Arabella Stoke doesn't have time to dwell on her attraction and growing feelings she has for Graham, but instead she must find a wealthy husband that will help her family find financial stability once again. However in the process of trying to solve both of their financial problems, their wants are becoming stronger than what they need. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more books in this wonderful series! I was given an ARC from the author/publisher. All conclusions are mine and mine alone.
Cali-Jewel 13 days ago
Highly entertaining, sexy, fun and engaging romantic adventure filled with longing, love and undeniable passion..... was a great read from beginning to end. Really enjoyed this emotional thrill ride!
Brownac101 20 days ago
Graham Kinsley never expected to inherit a dukedom, especially a debt ridden one. Now his only solution is to marry a wealthy heiress to payback a loan and survive. Graham meets Arabella Stoke and the attraction is mutual, he finds out her father was swindled out of his money and offers to help. Arabella knows she can't afford an attraction to the penniless duke even one who’s vowed to help rescue her family from financial devastation. Will they marry for love or money? I love Graham and Arabella their great characters who are willing to do anything to save their families. An excellent romance story with a few twists and turns and one I voluntarily read and reviewed.
ECD 20 days ago
i have so many emotions coursing through me right now it is hard to explain how I feel. I feel disappointed, irritated, unsatisfied. But at the same time there was some suspense, excitement, tension and suspicion. I felt the story dragged on and on in the beginning. I thought there ought to have been more concentration on the romance. The story ended with a cliffhanger that brought no justice to the wronged parties and yet I feel the suspicion was on the wrong person. I am glad that the H/h got together at the end but at a tremendous cost to the H. Now I have to wait until February 2020 for the next book to find out who the real culprit was. I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Anonymous 24 days ago
London - 1819 Arabella Stoke’s father is not well and their family’s financial circumstances have dropped significantly. Her father had made an unwise investment with a man and now finds himself swindled out of all of his money. Her mother spends a lot of time at her husband’s bedside. When Arabella is out walking her mother’s dog one morning, he gets away from her. Running after him results in her accidentally knocking into a gentleman. She is dressed as a servant so people won’t know that she is reduced to walking her own dog. The gentleman she ran into very kindly helps her look for and find the dog. Arabella is finding it difficult to be without money. She had loved being part of the Spitfire Society which is a group of young spinster women who prefer to stay single, live in a home of their own and live life as they want. Her two friends, Phoebe Lennox and Jane Pemberton are happy in their lives as young spinster women. Arabella’s mother is urging her to find a wealthy man and get married right away as the family needs the money. That is certainly easier said than done. Graham Kinsley, the seventh Duke of Halstead, inherited a pile of debt along with his title. Halstead Manor is not bringing in any money and the mortgage on Brixton Park, just outside London, will soon be foreclosed on. The previous duke had made some very bad investments and after going through the paperwork he left behind, it appears he had been swindled out of his money. Therefore, Graham has no other option but to marry an heiress. Graham and Arabella meet again at a ball and she confides about her father. He confides that he, too, is poor. No matter, they are attracted to one another. Graham knows that without selling Brixton Park, he won’t have any money with which to fix up and keep Halstead Manor. He wants Arabella to have a good life and knows he cannot offer her much. Graham has learned that the man who swindled the previous duke and also Arabella’s father, along with countless others is Piers Tibbord. Now, Graham has made it his mission to find this man and make him return the monies that he stole from people. However, he only wishes he had the money to offer for Arabella. I really liked this story. Both Arabella and Graham are strong people and make a wonderful couple. Boo-Hiss to the man who swindled money from all those people. However, those people were stupid to fall for his get rich quick schemes. I wanted to plant my foot in Arabella’s father’s butt for lying in bed wasting away at his stupidity with his wife and daughter waiting on him. Gah! Get up and be a man! Take charge and get your money back, weakling! I guess my comments prove that the author’s story got my ire up! Well done, Darcy Burke! Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Noire 24 days ago
I received an ARC of this book to read in exchange for a fair review. Never Have I Ever With A Duke is the first book in Darcy Burke’s fun new series The Spitfire Society. Arabella Stoke’s family is in desperate straights because her father never the best money manager has lost all in a swindle. Her parents are desperate for her to make a good marriage as it is the only way to save the family from ruin. Graham Kinsley once a mere secretary, now the Duke of Halstead has inherited more headaches than he can count as the previous Duke was also swindled and he is going to lose a property that is very important to him to the banks and so he needs to marry a heiress. When they discover that both of their families were swindled by the same person they work together to try and find a way to get the money back because despite their growing attraction they cannot marry each other as things stand. I enjoyed this book very much and agree that love, butter biscuits and a dog make a happy life. Medium Steam, Publishing Date August 27, 2019 #DarcyBurke #NeverHaveIEverWithADuke #SpitfireSociety #HistoricalRomance #Bookstagram
HeyerFan1 25 days ago
Enjoyable Story. A swindler has ruined more than one family who was already in desperate straits but who is he, and can he be compelled to return the money he took? If not then both the new Duke of Halstead and Miss Arabella Stoke will need to marry for money and not follow up on the attraction between them. I enjoyed both the characters and the storyline. Great start to a new series I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
PegC51 25 days ago
When Graham Kingsley was secretary to the Earl of St. Ives, he made a good living and was happy. Now he has inherited a title. He is the Duke of Halstead, the impoverished Duke of Halstead. As much as he hates it, he needs to marry for money. Not long ago, Miss Arabella Stoke was to marry David, Earl of St. Ives. He fell in love with and married another. Arabella holds no grudge because she believes in marrying for love. Unfortunately, her family is in dire straits, and, as much as she hates it, she must marry for money. Graham and Arabella meet at the home of Phoebe Lennox, a wealthy heiress (just what Graham is looking for), the founder of the Sptifire Society (a group of women who intend to be very independent), and a friend of Arabella. Two things happen when these two meet. One, they discover that their financial problems may have been brought about by the same swindler. Two, even though a match between them seems impossible, they fall in love. Can they find the swindler and recoup the money he cheated them out of? Can they each move aside while the other makes an advantageous match? Quite a dilemma they face. They may need help. Never Have I Never With a Duke is a wonderful start for a new series. I love Graham and Arabella. They are duty-bound, determined to do what is right for those who depend on them, and absolutely meant for each other. I love the way they put their heads together to solve the swindler puzzle. Now if they can just figure out that happily ever after thing. With a strong cast of secondary characters, friends and family, they might just find a way. Besides the worrisome dilemma, this is a quick and entertaining story, cute and fun. I happily recommend it. I received an ARC of this book from the author and publisher via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.
Detaildi 25 days ago
Graham Kinsley has inherited a debt-ridden dukedom. He has one month to repay a loan or he risks losing Brixton, the noted family estate which has been in the family for years. His options are limited and he may have to marry an heiress, sell the estate, or find the man responsible for swindling his uncle. Arabella Stoke’s father lost everything to a swindler so she needs to marry a wealthy man. The man she had known since childhood and was expected to marry fell in love with and married another woman. Arabella must find a replacement to marry before the ton learns about the dire straits of her family. When Graham meets Arabella, he is very attracted to her but knows he cannot be diverted from finding a wealthy heiress or finding the swindler and demanding recompense, as he doesn’t want to sell the estate. He wants to be a duke who works to better what he has for future generations. After he finds out Arabella’s father was fleeced by the same person, the two decide to explore leads to uncover and reveal the swindler so they may reclaim the swindled funds. Things have a way of not turning out as planned. There are some unexpected twists and turns which make this a very engaging story. Ms. Burke did an excellent job developing the relationships between the main and secondary characters as well as maintaining my interest throughout the whole story. I loved how she wrote such a sweet and steamy romance. She excels at this. The is the first book in The Spitfire series about smart, independent women for whom society’s rules, family expectations, and husbands are not needed. Though they may not need a man, they may still want one. This first book portends what should be a thoroughly delightful and engaging series. I received an ARC of this book and offer this voluntary review. All opinions stated are my own.
georgia1 25 days ago
The title alone made me start thinking about the possibilites that Darcy Burke would use to enchant me in this story. Oh yes, I always know when I start one of her books, I should make time because it will be hard to put down! An exciting start to a new series, The Spitfire Society, grabbed me quickly from the first page. An unexpected encounter between the main characters involving a sword and a biscuit had me smiling at what would happen next! Isn't it always the case of a heir needing money for his bankrupt estate or a daughter needing to save her family by marrying for money that meet and find an attraction? Well such is the case with Graham Kinsley who had just inherited a dukedom. Well the title at least because the estate owes a lot of money and he needs to marry for money. Or recover the money the former duke had invested in a terrible scheme. But who was it? Arabella Stoke is in the same situation with her father ill and only her mother and she trying to keep everything running with little funds due to somebody having swindled her father. As these two find each other and eventually learn they have a lot in common due to having their funds taken by the same swindler, they set out to find him and try to set things right. It seems though they may find more along the way than what they initally seek. But how could these two almost desitute people come together? An exciting story that I highly recommend and cannot wait for more in this series! Lori D
Kristen Bergh-Lewendon 26 days ago
A destitute duke willing to do whatever it takes to save his family legacy. A penniless Miss desperate for a wealthy match to save her family from debtors’ prison. They’re the farthest thing from an answer to each other’s financial woes, but the heart wants what it wants. Graham and Arabella are refreshingly different characters for historical romance. She’s spirited and independent while being devoted to her family’s wellbeing. He’s a duke who grew up without knowing the first thing about how to be a peer himself. Together, they’re sweet and clueless and adorable. I would have loved to have seen a solution where they achieve all of their goals, but I like the realism of the sacrifices they make. I look forward to seeing what in store for the other Spitfires. I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book from the author through NetGalley.
mscountrylace 26 days ago
This will definitely be an addicting series of books! These ladies are definitely spitfires that will surprise you at every turn. Arabella and Graham’s first meeting sent sparks flying, but they didn’t think their paths would cross again. Neither one is very good at following society’s rules and that just means they will surprise you with the things they do and say. I loved all their conversations and the passion between them. I was on pins and needles when it came to the swindler and wondering what would happen when they found him. The shocking twist about who he was one I didn’t see coming at all! The ending was one of my favorites! Arabella is nothing like you expect her to be and it’s clear from the start that she is a spitfire. She’s not shy about anything and wants to be apart of the action. I loved her right away with how she handled herself. She will shock you at times. Graham may now by a duke, but the title hasn’t gone to his head at all. He doesn’t want to marry for money, but he desperately needs to pay off that loan. There is such a passion in him when it comes to talking about this history of his home, but the love for Arabella will force him to make hard choices. I can’t wait for the next one in this series. copy provided for an honest and voluntary review.
Rita0285 26 days ago
A swindler has been busy and has effected our two main characters. Arabella’s Dad and the dukedom that Graham inherited feel pray. Together they set out to undo the wrong that has been done. A beautiful love story with mystery tied in.
Sunshine1006 26 days ago
Smart women don't have to get married if they can afford not to. They can be Spitfires. They make their own rules and forget Society 's. Arabella's family is broke. Her father has been swindled out of all his money. If she doesn't marry soon, they will lose everything and may be on the street. One morning, she meets a handsome Duke and thinks that he may be the one. Somebody she can love and would fill her family's coffers. Graham has just inherited the dukedom. Before he has time to adjust to a position that he never thought to have, he finds out that his estate has no money. The same swindler stole from him. He needs to marry a rich heiress or lose a place that means so much to him. When each finds that the other is broke, it doesn't change that they are attracted to each other. Graham promises that he will find a way to help Arabella. What about Graham? Will he be able to save himself? Stolen kisses could lead to more problems than answers. When Graham finds an heiress, is it the end of things between them? Loved this book. It has spirited heroines and handsome men. I am looking forward to the rest of this series. Never have I ever, but with Graham I might. I received this book from the author for a honest review. These opinions are my own.
FaeScot 26 days ago
Darcy once again gave herself an impossible storyline and an adventure to a happily ever after. I am amazed she pulled this one off. We have two penniless people seeing a marriage to spouse who has a fortune to save their families and they fall in love. How can they manage to marry and be together? This story is how this author masterfully wove the threads together so they would be happy. We've met Graham Kinsley in previous stories as the secretary for David the Earl of St. Ives. He is from a disinherited arm of the family and was shocked to find himself the only survivor to take over as Duke of Halstead. Unfortunately the estate is broke and Brixton Park's mortgage is past due. Because his long ago great-something grandfather designed Brixton Park so it means a lot to him. He hears about heiress Miss Phoebe Lennox from the Countess of St. Ives and pays a call on her. Phoebe isn't interested in marriage having set up the spinster "Spitfire Society" with her friend Miss Jane Pemberton. They set out to help him find a rich wife. He has a run in with Phoebe's neighbor Miss Arabella Stoke when her mother's dog runs off at the park. They meet again at her neighbor Phoebe's. Arabella doesn't wish to marry but her father lost all the family's fortune with some bad investments. They discover the previous Duke and her father both fell victim to Piers Tibbord a swindler disguised as in investor. Later in the story we find out who he really is. Together they plan how to find this man and get their respective funds back falling in love while they do it, knowing they can never be together. And so we have the adventure set to find our happily ever after. It was such a great love story. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
CathyGeha 26 days ago
Never Have I Ever With A Duke by Darcy Burke The Spitfire Society #1 Having set themselves on the shelf but preferring the term spitfire to spinster a group of women created The Spitfire Club. In the club, from what I can deduce, Jane Pemberton and Phoebe Lennox are definite members with Arabella Stoke a friend and potential member...if she didn’t have to find a wealthy husband to right her father’s monetary woes. When Arabella, in disguise walking her mother’s dog, meets Graham Kinsley, new Duke or Halstead, there is definitely attraction though neither realized who the other was nor knew they both were in need of money. They continue to meet throughout the book and eventually agree to work together to find the scoundrel that conned funds out of Arabella’s father and Graham’s uncle. They spend a bit of time together in the park, on a picnic, at parties and sleuthing. Not all of their time is innocent but neither really expects a future although both would choose to have one together if money were not an issue. What I liked: * Arabella: her loyalty to family and her ability to reach out for what she wanted. * Graham: his willingness to look for the dastard who took the estate’s money and his ability to (eventually) see what was most important in his life * The introduction to a new series with glimpses of who might show up in future books * Glimpses of characters from previous books * The HEA that the two eventually found with one another * Ripley – I want to see more of him perhaps in the next book What I didn’t like: * Tibbord: the scoundrel that did not even use his own name and showed no remorse * The weakness of Arabella’s father * The feeling that I was being told the story rather than being in the midst of it I am not sure that I fully believed that Arabella would have been as open and free and able to come and go as she did without a chaperone. I did enjoy the story and look forward to reading more in the series. Thank you to the author for the ARC – This is my honest review. 3-4 Stars
CynYoung 26 days ago
I received an advanced reader’s copy of this book. Graham and Arabella are attracted to each other from the moment they meet. Unfortunately, they’re both penniless and each needs to find wealthy people to marry. Neither desires a marriage of convenience so they join forces to attempt to recover their fortunes. The story has a nice twist as far as the reveal with regards to Arabella’s family and Graham’s fortunes. Arabella’s and Graham’s perspectives and behavior were modern compared to the societal expectations of the time period. I enjoyed this story. The Marquess of Ripley is an intriguing character and I’m looking forward to reading more about him.
silvatrend8553 26 days ago
Graham Kinsley is shocked to find himself a titled person and the heir to a  debt-ridden dukedom. Now he has just one month to repay a loan that he took from his friend to save the estate. He needs an heiress or another way to recoup the former duke's losses. When he meets the alluring Arabella, he's entranced. Arabella Stoke needs to find a wealthy husband before her father succumbs to the stress of losing everything. Unfortunately both she and Graham find themselves in the same boat. They both need to marry for money and both are bankrupt. They are attracted to each other but since they are both victims of the same scoundrel although through no fault of their own, they can't take the attraction to ano Can they find a way to solve their problems and still find love? I liked this first book in this new series and it's characters. Graham and Arabella are perfect for each other. She wants to save her family and he wants to save the penniless Dukedom he has inherited. Their personalities just mesh! We first met Graham as the secretary of the Earl of St. Ives in the final book of the Untouchables Series. Arabella is a new character and a virtual unknown except that she does have friends who were introduced to us in that same series. I was perplexed as to why Graham refused to ask his long time friends for the help he needs. Arabella, however has no such connections except the ladies she knows in the Spitfire Society. Could their friends have helped them if they asked? I guess we will never know because both of them were too proud and determined to make their own way. I gave this book 4.25 of 5.0 stars for story line and characterization. I received a complimentary copy of this book to read. This in no way affected my opinion of this title which I read and reviewed voluntarily.
CaroleBurant57 26 days ago
Darcy Burke never disappoints with her stories! And now I want butter biscuits!!! You must read the book to find out why:) The two main characters, Graham and Arabella, are so wonderful and you can't help but feel so badly for them and what they're going through. Both need to marry for money and since neither one of them have money, it wouldn't be feasible for them to have a future together, even though they've fallen in love with each other!! A well written story with an interesting plot and one that kept my interest throughout. Now I look forward to the next Spitfire Society book! I received an ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
Historical_Romance_Lover 26 days ago
Graham is in need of a rich wife when he inherits a dukedom riddled with debt. But when he learns that the money was swindled, he hopes to learn who did it so that he can get his money back and not marry for money. He meets Arabella and is immediately intrigued by her. He soon learns that her father was also swindled by the same man as his predecessor was and her family has as little money as he does. They decide to work together to learn his identity. In doing so, maybe they won't have to marry for money. As they come closer to finding their target, the closer they become to one another. Will they be able to find the answers they need to get their HEA? I loved Graham and Arabella's story! I really enjoyed watching these two together. They were both willing to do what they had to for their family/retainers, even if it meant not getting the HEA. This was a great start to the Spitfire Society series!!
clarkws 26 days ago
Never Have I Ever is book 1 in the Spitfire’s Society series by Darcy Burke. I thought this book started off very strong. Graham Kinsley has inherited an insolvent dukedom and he must find a wealthy heiress to rescue him. Arabella Stoke’s family has been financially devastated as well and she must also find a wealthy man to wed. But when sparks fly between Graham and Arabella what are they to do when being together means they lose everything. The trop of someone needing to be rescued from financial ruin through marriage is common enough and probably very common during this era of history. I liked the character of Graham. But not everything about him made sense. He’s employed himself for years as a trained secretary so managing an estate comes as second nature to him. The underlying mystery to me is why doesn’t he just instantly sell his estate Brixton Park? He claims that his attachment is very deep and very personal, but that doesn’t make sense when Graham’s ancestral line has been ignored for four generations. Another mystery is Graham’s relationship with his father. One of the reasons that Graham claims he wants to keep Brixton Park is because his father had cared about it. “Sell the one thing Graham’s father had cared about the most aside from his late wife and beloved son?” But then later in the book we find that his father didn’t care enough about Graham to prepare him to take over the bankrupt estate. Granted the villain in the story declares the following so it may not be true, “The money is gone. Furthermore, His Grace didn’t care. He suspected there would be no return, but as he was not long for this world, he said it would be your problem and he didn’t give a fig if you were bankrupted or not.” A father who loved his son but at the end of his life didn’t care to prepare him for the insolvency of his inherited estate? It didn’t make sense. I liked the various male relationships that Graham has. A number of characters are from Burke’s other novels in the Untouchables series: The Duke of Seduction, The Duke of Kisses and The Duke of Distraction. Anthony The Viscount Colton is mentioned briefly in The Duke Distraction but he plays a more prominent role in this book as a friend of Grahams along with the Marquess of Ripley. As for the romance between Graham and Arabella I felt it was too compressed and quite frankly too modern. There wasn’t enough sexual tension building up to the climax of the characters coming together. I felt more could have been done to enhance the relationship and their attraction for one another. There just didn’t feel like much depth there. I have enjoyed Burke’s Untouchables series immensely. I’m afraid this book fell a bit short for me.
Lashea677 26 days ago
They put their lives in the hands of fate and discovered their heart's desire. Burke sets emotions aflame with a fascinating tale of love loss, hope found and temptation revealed. Never have I ever given my heart so fast. Graham and Arabella are on the hunt. What begins as a business deal blooms into an alliance of the heart. With heartache on the horizon and danger nipping at their heals, a love story unlike any other begins to take shape. Never Have I Ever With a Duke is an enticing addiction that stays on your mind and in your heart long after the story is through.