New Lake Church Historial Sketch

New Lake Church Historial Sketch

by Willenham Castilla


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This historical sketch of New Lake Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A., Jackson, MS, is a ""bird's eye"" view of the worship, ministry and activity of this local congregation and its effect in the community, in this geographic locality and in the District, Diocese and National Convention. It also reveals the impact of the Christian life on individuals and their daily contacts. We pray that this document inspires present and future generations.

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Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 02/20/2016
Pages: 54
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New Lake Church Historial Sketch

By Willenham Castilla

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2016 Willenham Castilla
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-6825-0



The CHURCH OF CHRIST (HOLINESS) U.S.A. had its beginning during the era of the "Holiness Movement" in the United States.

The DIVINE COMMAND to call holiness convocation was given to the late Bishop and later named Elder, Charles Price James in 1896. The first convention was held June 6, 1897. The main features of that first convention were: bible study, praying in and for the Holy Spirit, testimonies, as well as, preaching and singing.

Elder Charles Price Jones, DD, LL, D (C.P. Jones) was the founder, president and lifetime Senior Bishop of the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A. The "Holiness Movement" –– as it is called, emphasized that the Christian lifestyle should exemplify Christ and show that "God hath called His church unto Holiness" (2 Corinthians 4:7; Hebrews 12:14). The movement was entirely inter-denominational at the time.

However, the mission was misunderstood. Historically, when people misunderstand something, they fear and fight. So the proponents of the movement were persecuted and eventually driven out of the various church bodies. This persecution caused us to build another sect and our own church houses, which was not the original aim and desire.

New Location

Elder Thomas Sanders was one of the close associates of Bishop C.P. Jones. Elder Sanders was pastor of Hope Spring Missionary Baptist Church on Livingston Road. When he and his parishioners were put out of Hope Springs, they bought an acre of land where New Lake Church is presently located. In 1899 the people first met in a brush arbor that provided temporary shelter. In 1903, the first church house was erected. The contractor was a Herbert Hicks, who joined the church after he constructed the building. Hope Springs was commonly called "The Lake Church" because of a lake which was nearby. So when some of the members came to the new location, they called it "New Lake Church."



After Elder Sanders passed away, Bishop, then Elder J.L.I. Conic served as Interim Pastor. In 1917, a young preacher, originally from Hazlehurst, MS, named Joe D. King began his passionate leadership here at New Lake Church for a duration of 29 years. During his tenure, the church building was remodeled. He passed away in 1946 while funds were being raised to build a new edifice.

In 1947, Bishop, then Elder Clifton Goodloe, Sr. became our pastor. He provided leadership in the building of the new church. Elder Leo Butler was the pastor of this church for a short time. Then Elder L.P. Camper came and led in making several spiritual and material improvements before departing for a position in Chicago, Illinois.

Our sixth pastor was Elder William M. Jones from McComb, MS. He emphasized maintaining the church building and surrounding at its best. After his death, J.L.I. Graham was assigned to us as Pastor. Elder Graham had a special interest in the youth of the church. The next pastor, for a brief time, was Elder Edgar Calloway. From 1971 to 1982 Elder J.D. Washington served as Pastor, driving from Prentiss, MS. Bishop, then Elder, Maurice D. Bingham, served in an Assistant Pastoral capacity. During those years, we moved from having worship service on two Sundays to having worship service on three Sundays. A few years later, we began having worship services every Sunday.

By that time, New Lake had become a service providing entity in the area. We housed a Head Start Center and subsequently, a center for Self-Help Training and Socialization for Handicapped Children, funded directly from the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. The center was the only one of its kind in the State for educating handicapped children. This educational outreach initiated by Deaconess Theresa Castilla was used as a model by the State of Mississippi. Structurally, we added a library, classrooms and obtained a water system to help accommodate the community service.

In 1983 Elder Clifton Montgomery was our next pastor. He left to go to another Diocese. Then Elder Thomas M. Jenkins, Sr. became our pastor. He came while we were in the process of planning the construction of the present edifice. In addition to completing the new construction, Elder Jenkins also led in the purchase of 34 acres of land in the nearby vicinity. We also began purchasing additional acreage around the church grounds. Elder Jenkins left the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A. in January 2000. Many members of New Lake Church went with him.

Bishop Joseph R. Campbell, Sr. served as Interim Pastor from February 2000 until August 2001. Our next pastor, Elder Eddie L. Brown, Sr., was appointed September 2001. Under Elder Brown's leadership, membership has increased. All boards, auxiliaries and ministries are functioning well and all debt has been paid off.

New Lake Church owns about 40 acres of land in the Lakeover area of the City of Jackson. There are two parking lots and a church facility with plans to provide additional services to the surrounding community.

Some Highlights of Activities

Through the years......

Sacred music, especially singing, has played a major role in the worship and programs at New Lake COCHUSA throughout its history.

Perhaps some of the musical inclination has been due to the overall glorious music in worship of the National Church Body all through history. The founder of the work, the Late Bishop C.P. Jones was a gifted, anointed and accomplished musician. He wrote and set to music more than a thousand songs and hymns. He provided his peers with a wide variety of sacred music.

Following this pattern, New Lake was one of the local churches that placed much emphasis on sacred music utilizing the choir, quartettes, soloist and other ensembles.

Some of the pianists and organist through the years have been: Sister Sally Thomas from Christ Temple, Brother J. C. Williams of Cynthia, Sister Agnes Bingham Nelson of Third Temple, Sister Loraine Hudson of Hyde Park M. B. Church, Brother Aaron Thompson of Cade Chapel M. B. Church, Sister Cornelia Whittaker, Brother Richard Jenkins, Brother W. Cortez Castilla, Brother Quemardo M. Castilla, Sister Henrene Patrick, Sister Jessie M. Castilla Williams, Sister Pearlye K. Barnes, Sister Ernestine Ephfrom, Sister Trenia Allen, Sister Maudell Silas Williams, Sister Cherritta Speech and Brother Cedric Hollis; all members of New Lake. Also, Brother Lee Campbell, Jr. plays the bass guitar and Brother Deon Buchanan plays the drums.

New Lake Church has participated in various worthwhile functions in the surrounding community. Our deacons were instrumental in providing transportation for families (especially children) during revivals, Daily Vacation Bible School and Bible Club meetings. The church has always been active in the District, diocese and National Convention.

Sister Magolia Jones Castilla served for several terms as a member of the standing fiancé committee of the Christian Women Willing Workers in the old Jackson and Terry District. Sister Armella McNair Myles was District Secretary of the Sunday School & Holiness Young People's Union convention for two terms. Sister Bettye L. Seaton-Jones Young served as local and district secretary of the Sunday School Department. Bother Willenham Castilla has served in several offices in the district, diocese and national convention including: District Sunday School Missionary, HYPU Treasurer, Diocese Treasurer for the Parent Body, Executive Secretary of the National Education Trustee Board of Christ Missionary and Industrial College.

Sister Theresa P. Wright Castilla was president of the local CWWW for at least two terms. Sister Pearlye K. Myles Barnes was District Vice President of the Christian Women Willing Worker for several years. Willenham Cortez Castilla was Director of the High School Chorus at C.M. & I College. Later, he became the Minister of Music for the national convention. Sam Cobbins severed several terms as Chairman of the National Education-Trustee Board of the COCHUSA. Sister Jannie Ballard Johnson was a member of New Lake when she was Elected National Missionary of the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A.

New Lake has had several young people to participate in the S.S. & HYPU Congress on each level. On the national level, Earnestine Tate, Mary D. Castilla, Fonya Crockett, Andrealene Myles and Sharon Myles were some of the oratorical contestants. New Lake has had participants in the congress Bible Bowls and Bible Quizzes nearly every year. Quemardo Castilla was our music contestant who was a winner in the National Congress. Pastor, Elder Eddie L. Brown, Sr., serves as secretary of the Ordination Commission of the South Central Diocese. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Evangelism Committee of the National Convention.

Some Family Contributions and/or Activities

We owe much of the heritage, success and progress in God's work to the faithfulness of some of the members of this congregation through the years. Not all are listed here, but they are the ones recalled. Others are listed in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Deacon Henry Patrick was very loyal and dutiful. For several years, he worked as a night watchman at the New Capitol Building and other places. Yet, he would attend the worship and other meetings at New Lake Church, even though he would be ever so sleepy. He was the second person to be chairman of the Deacon Board.

Deacon Patrick's wife was very active in the church. She was Sister Idella Patrick. Her brother, Dr. Harry Jones, was a Foreign Missionary who served in Africa the major part of his life. He loved the mission field!

Deacon Henry and Sister Idell Patrick have three children who were members of New Lake. They were Isadoree Walter, Earl Alphonse and Henrene Patrick. Isadore and his wife, Estelene (Dot) has a daughter, Dorothy Ann and a son Isadore, Jr., Attorney-at- law.

The first person to be the chairman of the Deacon Board was Brother Eddie Silas. Deacon Silas, on several occasions, would walk about five miles to visit Deacon Abraham Castilla just to talk about how they could do things to improve the deacon board and the church operations. Brother and Sister Silas had some sons; namely, Charlie, Chris and Joel. They also had daughters. They were Laura and Annie (Pises). Sister Virginia Silas, wife of Deacon Eddie, served as president of the local CWWW.

Sister Elmira Ballard Castilla had four brothers. Three of them were preachers. Brother Willie (Willis) Ballard was not a preacher. Her other brothers were: Elder James (Jack) Ballard, Elder Nelson Ballard and Elder Aaron Ballard.

Brother Willie's children were: Catherine, Willie, Jr., Eddie, Lee Edward, Albert, Earnest and Elder James (Jack) Ballard. Elder James Ballard was one of the associate ministers at New Lake Church. He and two of the deacons baptized new members. His children were: Johnny Ballard who died in his young adulthood; Georgia Ballard Guice, Sarah Ballard Guice (two sisters married two brothers, Willie and Earnest Guice); Eliza Ballard Tate (John).

Elder James (Jack) Ballard's grandchildren: Willie Mae Seaton (Tobe), Benny Guice (Myrtis Ford), Sarah Bell Guice, John L. Guice, Ernestine Guice Marshall, J.B. Guice and Doris Guice.

Great grandchildren of Elder James Ballard: Rufus Seaton, Betty Lee Seaton-Jones –– F. Young, Benny's son and daughter, Eliza Tate's children. Ernestine Tate Ephfrom is still very active at New Lake Church.

Elder Nelson Ballard established the Ballard Chapel Church and Spring Hill School in Madison County, MS. His son and daughters were: James, Percy, Seth, Jannie, Bessie, Celeste, Charles Price and Sylvester Ballard. His wife was the former Jannie McClaurin. His grandchildren: Percy, Jr., Geraldine, Seth, Jr., (Augusta), Rosa Mae Townsend, Monroe (Joeann), Jannie (Elder Lem Johnson), Daisy (Dr. Sam Cobbins), Mamie (Dr. Walter L. Crockett), Samuel (Florice) and Reverend Sylvester (Evelyn), Maceo, Charles, Jr., James, Dorothy and Edwina. Sister Elmira Ballard Castilla's youngest brother, Elder Aaron Ballard, pastored in Leland, MS and other places in the Greenville District. He and his wife, Annie and some of their children moved to Detroit, MI, then later to Los Angeles, CA. There, he founded Second Temple COCHUSA in Los Angeles. Their children were: Willenham, Daniel, Aaron, Jr. and Samuel Ballard; and Bessie, Emily Ballard, Maggie Ballard Farmer, Odessa Ballard Plummer, Annie Bell Ballard Thrash and Gussie Ballard.

Elder James (Jack) Ballard has a grandson preaching. He is Reverend Johnny Tate, Jr., son of Sister Eliza Tate. Elder Nelson Ballard has a grandson who is a preacher:

Reverend Sylvester Ballard. He also has great grandsons preaching. They are Prentiss Ballard, son of Samuel and Florice Ballard and Lemzel Johnson, son of Elder Lem and Jannie Ballard Johnson.

Elder Aaron Ballard, Sr.'s son, Samuel was also a preacher. Pastor Dr. John Plummer, Jr. was his grandson. Dr. Plummer was the founder and pastor of New Testament COCHUSA in Los Angeles, CA. His son, Aaron, Jr. has a son who is a preacher.

Sister Elmira Ballard Castilla of New Lake Church has a grandson who is a minister of gospel, Nelson Castilla of Washington, DC. She has five grandsons who are ministers of the gospel in the COCHUSA, namely: Elder W. Cortez Castilla of Jackson, MS, Elder Vonzell Castilla of Atlanta, GA, Elder Don C. Williams of Baton Rouge, LA, Minister Robert R. Williams of Gary, IN and Elder Quemardo M. Castilla of Jackson, MS. Her great-great-grandsons in the gospel ministry are: Ministers Daniel E. Kennebrew and Minister V. David Kennebrew of Houston, TX and Jackson, MS, respectively.

Deacon Moses Turner and wife, Daisy had no children. He had a brother, Arthur Lee and a sister Ida Mae Turner Keys who served as clerk of our church for several years. A young man named Peter Turner was living with Deacon Moses Turner for a while. He must have been a close family relative.

It is not recalled that Deacon Earskine Forbes had any family members at New Lake Church. Deacon Willie Williams (some people called him "Will Moore") and his wife, Josephine Towers-Moore had no children.

Brother Abraham Castilla was a deacon. He especially loved music and was a member of the choir. A well-recognized tenor singer, he served several terms as church treasurer and was a Sunday school teacher. His wife was Sister Magolia Jones Castilla. Their children: Willenham Castilla, Julia Abranese Castilla Hicks, Jessie Magolia Castilla Williams and Nelson Castilla. Information was given earlier about the activities of Willenham. Julia Abranese served as secretary in the local and in the District Sunday School and HYPU. She also sang with her sister, Jessie Magolia at the piano. Nelson became a trained vocalist.

Deacon Vivian H. Williams transferred his membership from White Rock M. B. Church to New Lake circa the 1940s. His mother, Sister Ella Williams was already a member here. His wife and five youngest children later became members of New Lake. They were: Sister Geneva Hulett Williams, Henry Thomas (H.T.), Robert Lee, James, Delores and Edna. Their three older children were already members of Cynthia COCHUSA and other churches. They were Eleanor, Margaret and John Cole (J.C.).

In 1953, Brother Robert Lee Williams and Sister Jessie Magolia Castilla Williams were active members of New Lake Church of Christ (Holiness) USA before migrating to Newark, New Jersey. After 44 years, Brother Robert and Sister Jessie Williams returned to Jackson, MS, (1997) and reunited with the New Lake Church family.

Having returned at a slightly turbulent time in New Lake Church's history, Brother and Sister Williams volunteered their services where needed. The couple worked in the maintenance and lawn services of New Lake. During that time, Brother Williams installed the first timer for exterior lights, set up flower beds, planted two paring apple trees and repaired the pew pockets in the church. He was later elected as a trustee at New Lake. Brother Robert L. Williams continued to serve at New Lake Church until the time of his death on March 12, 2009. His volunteer work remains as a positive memory. The Williams also served in the church in Gary, IN for many years.

During the latter part of the era of the original deacons came Deacon George Kelley, who transferred his membership from Christ Temple at Tougaloo. He was a contractor and very efficiently added space to our church building for a fellowship hall and Head Start facility.

Sister Pearlie K Barnes was a certified teacher, counselor, administrator, CEO of a day care center and foster care mother. Her son, Kenneth Barnes, and daughters Renee and Carolyn Barnes grew up at New Lake. All participated in the choir and youth activities. Renee and her two children (Kobi and Khalil) are still active members at New Lake. Sis. Barnes is also responsible for bringing the Parker grandchildren to New Lake (Johnny, Beverli, Cheryl, John, Stan, Howard, Jr., Christopher, Denetta and Darrell Parker). Beverli Parker Garner and her husband became members for a while, and Beverli served as a children's church worker. Charlie Parker married Sonya Garner and she joined New Lake along with her two children (Bobby and Quindel).


Excerpted from New Lake Church Historial Sketch by Willenham Castilla. Copyright © 2016 Willenham Castilla. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
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Table of Contents


Preface, v,
Dedication, vi,
Acknowledgements, viii,
About the Compiler, xi,
Foreword, xiii,
The Core Values of the Church of Christ (Holiness) USA, xv,
Divine Commission of the Church of Christ (Holiness) USA, xv,
New Lake Church Mission Statement, xv,
Introduction, xvi,
Origin And Development, 1,
New Location, 2,
Charter Members, 3,
Early Pioneers and Decendents, 3,
Other Early Members, 3,
Progress Through the Years, 4,
Pastors, 6,
Other Preachers, 6,
Deacons, 7,
Deaconess, 7,
Trustees, 7,
Boards, Auxillaries & Ministries (BAMS), 8,
Some Highlights of Activities, 9,
Some Family Contributions And/Or Activities, 10,
Historical Sketch Of Pastors, 16,
Trustees, 22,
Deaconess Boards, 22,
Sunday School & Holiness Youth Ministries (HYM), 22,
Music, 24,
Additional Ministries, 25,
Current General Staff, 26,
Some of Our Goals and Objectives, 28,
Other Notes, 29,
Addendum, 30,
References, 38,

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