New Moon

New Moon

by Lisa Kessler

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Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice for Best Shifters Series.

Jaguar shifter Sebastian Severino is an enigma. He lives alone, works alone, and will die alone. But the night he’s attacked by a female werewolf, nothing will ever be the same. And when his young niece is kidnapped, Sebastian, the deadliest assassin Nero has ever produced, will be forced to choose a side...

Isabelle Wood has never taken the easy path. As a bounty hunter and now a bitten werewolf without a mate, she’s searching for answers to her father’s disappearance while helping to lead an Alphaless Pack. The night she gets the opportunity to take out their enemy, with her blade at his throat, her wolf discovers her mate in the last person she can be with.

Each book in the Moon series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 Moonlight
Book #2 Hunter's Moon
Book #3 Blood Moon
Book #4 Harvest Moon
Book #5 Ice Moon
Book #6 Blue Moon
Book #7 Wolf Moon
Book #8 New Moon

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781640631519
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 06/19/2017
Series: Lisa Kessler's Moon Series , #8
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 294
Sales rank: 107,100
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Lisa Kessler is an award-winning author of dark paranormal fiction. Her debut novel, Night Walker, won a San Diego Book Award for best Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror, and many other awards. Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award. Lisa lives in southern California with her husband and two amazing kids. Visit her at

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New Moon

The Moon Series

By Lisa Kessler

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2017 Lisa Kessler
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-64063-151-9



The bitter wind matched my mood. Snow still dusted the tops of the red mountains of Sedona, Arizona. Not my first choice of destinations, but Allen Caldwell was dead, and, sadly, my father's desire to see the two werewolf Packs destroy each other hadn't died with his old friend.

Again it fell to me.

Being the heir to the Nero Organization, and the right hand of Antonio Severino, was a bloody existence, but it was the only one I'd ever known. Although I had no interest in killing the Pack in Reno, Nevada, if I refused my father's vendetta, my own life would be at stake.

And I had a vested interest in that.

I threw open the door to the Wolf Pack Bar, my eyes quickly adjusting to the dim light. Almost without conscious thought, I pulled in a deep breath. Two werewolves, four humans, and a jaguar shifter, my one ally.

The werewolf bartender lifted his head, defensive until he recognized me. "Well, look what the cat dragged in."

I ground my teeth at the jab to my true nature. Tasteless and reckless with humans present, but I expected as much from a wolf.

He straightened up behind the bar. "What can I get you, Sebastian?"

I waved him off. "I'm not here for a drink." I approached Vance, taking the stool beside him.

He glanced over at me. "This can't be good news."

"I guess that depends which side of the chessboard you're sitting on." I shrugged.

Vance chuckled, shaking his head. "And which side are you on today?"

There were only two people in this world who really understood me. One had married into the Wolf Pack in Reno, and the other was Vance Park. Although he wore an easygoing smile, Vance was one of the deadliest jaguar-shifter assassins the Nero Organization had ever turned out.

"I haven't decided yet." I leaned on the bar, keeping my voice low. The werewolves would have no trouble hearing, but I wouldn't say anything in mixed company that could tip my hand. "Either way, I'm going to need your help."

Vance got to his feet, but his eyes betrayed his wariness. "This Pack isn't ready for a fight. Not yet. They've lost too many."

I eyed the bartender. He was helping the human customers at the other end of the bar, but his jaw clenched as he glanced my way.

"I need some sleep. Then we'll plan. Come to my hotel in the morning. I'll send you a text with my room number."

Vance nodded. "I'll be there."

"Good." I kept my attention on the bartender as I went to the door.

As soon as he turned his back on his customer, he took out his phone, firing off a text. Shit. No doubt someone now knew I was back in town, but without an Alpha in this Sedona Pack, I had no idea who to expect might jump me.

Not that it mattered. I was ready. Always.

Outside I scanned the parking lot behind the bar. As a jaguar shifter, my sense of smell wasn't as keen as the wolves', but my night vision was far better than theirs. I tugged the collar of my wool-lined trench coat up and slid my hand inside, stroking the cold metal of my handgun.

When I reached the black Mercedes rental, I walked right by. I had a stalker, and rather than lead them to my very public hotel, I'd prefer to solve the problem under the cloak of darkness.

Far from the yellow floodlight on the back of the bar, I stopped and turned around. A shadow crouched behind a power box. A slow breath told me it was a werewolf, but not one that I recognized.

"Are you going to introduce yourself, wolf?" I didn't draw my weapon. Not yet. I could handle one wolf without wasting a bullet.

"Who I am doesn't matter." A woman's voice. Unexpected.

"I beg to differ. The bartender wouldn't have alerted you that I was in town if you didn't matter." I took a couple slow steps in her direction.

"I was hoping you'd show your face again."

I listened for her footsteps. "And why is that?" She bolted and I widened my stance, bracing myself for impact. Adrenaline was on her side. The female wolf rammed me so hard we both toppled over. A sharp pain burst through my chest.

A familiar pain. The wolf's blade was buried in my shoulder.

She lifted her head, staring down with hate in her eyes. I vaguely recognized her from my previous meetings with this Pack. I'd see her before, but I didn't know her name. Hard to trust my recollections while fighting for my life, but I thought Caldwell had mentioned she was a bounty hunter.

There were probably plenty of bounties on my head. I wasn't surprised by her attack.

What surprised me was that I was still breathing. Why not deliver the killing blow she obviously yearned for?

She yanked the blade free and pressed it to my throat. "All these years, I thought my father abandoned us. I wondered if I'd done something wrong to make him walk out."

My left shoulder was hot and wet with blood. While she spoke, I weighed my options. Although my father had spent years trying to beat my mother's influence out of me, she still lingered in the shadows of my heart.

A conscience I sometimes wished I could silence.

My job would be much easier without her voice whispering in my ear.

And right now, if I didn't get this woman off me, I might be seeing my mother sooner than I expected. A hard blow to her kidney would stun her long enough for me to roll her over.

Easier said than done.

I had very few moral lines in the sand, but hitting a woman was one of them. "Killing me isn't going to bring back your father, but I can promise you if you do kill me, my father will not stop until you, and everyone you care about, are dead."

"Shut up." She pressed her free hand over my mouth.

Suddenly her pupils dilated, her lips parting slightly. She snapped them shut, shaking her head like she could free herself from some kind of spell.

"No." Her nostrils flared. "You're shitting me." She blinked hard, her hand trembling as if an invisible force kept her from burying the blade in my throat. "Damn it. No!"

Her dark hair framed her face, and even in the dim light, I had no trouble admiring her bright green eyes. If I died tonight, her face would be a beautiful image to take with me as I left this world.

But I had no intention of dying. Not yet. There were still too many loose ends to tie up.

Before she could sink the dagger into me again, I grabbed her wrist with my right hand and kicked my legs, rolling her over to pin her underneath me.

She struggled, and with my strength draining out along with my blood, it took all my focus to keep her down. "I don't know who your father was, but I'm sorry you lost him."

"Fuck you, Sebastian."

I raised a brow. "So you know my name, but I don't know yours."

"I'm Isabelle, and I'm going to end you and your father."

Her threat fell on deaf ears. Isabelle was all I heard. My heart stuttered. It couldn't be.

"Who was your father?"

She stopped struggling for a moment. "Solomon Wood."

A chill crept up my spine. I recoiled, releasing her and stumbling to my feet. Stars danced at the edge of my vision, reminding me I needed to stitch up my shoulder. Soon.

After all these years, just as the clairvoyant predicted. Well, not exactly. The letter Solomon gave me before he bit down on a cyanide capsule hadn't mentioned Isabelle attempting to kill me.

She scrambled to stand up, her knife still tight in her fist. I had no idea why she hesitated to attack me again, but if I was going to die tonight, it would have already happened.

I searched her face again, recognition dawning. She had Sol's eyes. My hands trembled at my sides as the old wound ripped open.

She frowned. "Are you going to try to deny Nero murdered my father?"

Charlotte Brontë rolled off my tongue before I could stop it. "There's little joy in life for me, And little terror in the grave; I've lived the parting hour to see, Of one I would have died to save."

A crease marred her brow. "You're seriously quoting poetry now, while your blood is on my knife?"

I sighed, suddenly reminded I was in the company of a wolf.

A wolf. I crossed my arms, biting back the pain in my shoulder. "You can't be Solomon Wood's daughter. You're a werewolf."

"I was bitten." She shook her head. "And what does that have to do with it?"

So she had no idea her father had been a jaguar shifter. And until I had a better grip on my emotions, I wasn't ready to wander down this path with her.

"I knew your father. He was a good man. A mentor to me."

My blood dripped off the tip of the knife at her side. "If you were such good friends, why did Nero kill him?"

It was my turn to be confused. "Why do you think Nero killed him?"

I wasn't surprised by her conclusion. My father's corporation, the Nero Organization, supplied assassins for hire. Killing was our business, and business had been good for years.

What had my mind buzzing was how she had connected her father to Nero. If she didn't know her father was a shifter, he wouldn't have told her about his job with Nero, either.

"I don't think, I know. He was listed on an old operative roster in Caldwell's files. I did some hacking of encrypted files and found a second, more recent list. 'Eliminated' was written beside my dad's name, and the date is a week after he walked out on us. Doesn't take a genius detective to put it all together."

Beautiful and intelligent. And a wolf. Deadly combination.

"I was with him that day." I struggled to keep my eyes open. Blood loss was catching up to me. "He sacrificed his life to protect ... his family."

My legs gave out. I dropped to my knees, wincing as I fought the darkness encroaching at the edge of my vision. "Your mother ..."

My thoughts scattered as the blackness consumed me.



"Shit." I dropped the knife and knelt beside him, pressing my fingers to the side of his neck to check for a pulse, and loathing the instinctive pull to protect the worthless bastard. He'd just admitted he was with my dad when he died.

His pulse was strong, so I hadn't hit an artery. Taking a shifter to a hospital was out of the question. With all this blood, it would be too easy for the doctors to stumble into discovering shifters existed. All it would take was one medical researcher to examine our DNA under a microscope.

I dug out my cell phone and touched Ryker's number. Ryker was our new bartender at the Wolf Pack Bar since my sister moved to Reno with her mate.

He answered immediately. "Did you get him?"

"Yeah." I nodded, staring at Sebastian's face. He had strong features, almost noble when he was out cold. It was when he was conscious that you had to be wary. "I need some medical supplies."

"You didn't kill him?"

I had no intention of discussing this with Ryker. "Get your ass out here with the first-aid kit. Now."

How could I explain any of this? Tonight I'd planned to kill Sebastian. His death would protect this Pack from his leadership and maybe settle the score for my father, but the moment I pressed my bare hand over his mouth, the wolf inside me came unglued.

From the core of my soul, she howled, clawing her way forward and denying me the ability to harm him. The world lost focus, and when it came back, the urge to protect Sebastian, to stop the bleeding, swamped me. These were the primal wolf instincts somehow hardwired into my DNA whether my human side wanted to admit it or not.

My wolf didn't understand that this man — our mate — was evil.

And I didn't know how to explain it to her.

Ryker jogged toward me and knelt down with the kit, confusion written all over his face. "I thought we were cutting ties with Nero."

"Plan has changed." I opened the bag and pulled out the sterile pads, shoving them at Ryker. "Put some alcohol on these for me."

I opened Sebastian's trench coat and tore his button-down shirt, buttons flying, only to find a tank undershirt soaked in blood. With my new werewolf strength, I had no trouble ripping it down the middle to get at the wound. I held out my hand, and Ryker placed the cold, wet pad inside.

There was no love in my heart for this man — hell, I didn't even like him — but that didn't stop my hand from trembling as I pressed the pad against the wound. He groaned, his eyes popping open.

"Don't move," I warned. "I'm trying to stop the bleeding."

"With what? Acid?" he growled.

"I wish." I nodded to Ryker. "I've got it from here. Go watch the bar."

Ryker shook his head like I'd suddenly grown a second one. "I guess you'll tell me the new plan later?"


Once I figured out what it was.

Ryker marched toward the bar without looking back. I glanced down at Nero's golden boy and sighed. His eyes were closed again, but the bleeding seemed to be slowing. Good sign. I reached for a dry pad and the tape.

After cleaning the area, I carefully bandaged the stab wound and fought the urge to touch him more than I had to. It was difficult to describe the battle going on inside me. Almost like I suddenly had a split personality, and although I tried to make the wolf see that he was our enemy, she ached for him.

Maybe I had a death wish, because sure as shit when he healed, I'd be at the top of his hit list. From everything I'd learned about Sebastian in Caldwell's file, he was the top assassin for Nero. People paid a high price for him to kill on their behalf.

Enough. I could worry about the future later.

Right now, I had to get him out of the parking lot. According to my younger sister, who had recently found her mate, the bond got stronger with every touch. I slipped on a pair of latex gloves from the kit, denying the wolf any more skin-to-skin contact as I tapped his cheek.

"Wake up."

His dark lashes fluttered, and suddenly his gaze locked on mine. "You're Isabelle. Isabelle Wood."

"Yeah." I nodded. "And we need to get you out of here."

He started to sit up and winced. I braced him. "Easy. You need some stitches."

"I'm aware of that."

I helped him to his feet. "The Mercedes?"

"I'm in no condition to drive," he hissed through gritted teeth.

I helped him toward the passenger side. "That's why I'm driving."

What the hell was I saying? It was like I'd wandered off the path and suddenly found myself in quicksand, sinking deeper by the second.

"The keys are in my coat pocket."

I reached around him and dug out the keys, then opened the door and braced him as he lowered himself into the car. Popping the trunk, I stashed the first-aid kit and blew out a frustrated breath. None of this made sense.

But I couldn't let him die. Physically couldn't. Not happening.

When did my life become such a freak show?

In the driver's seat, I focused straight ahead. "Where are you staying?"


I raised a brow but kept my eyes on the road. I should've expected he would stay at one of the ritziest resorts in all of Sedona. I'd never even been through the gates, let alone stepped inside.

"You better button your coat. Last thing I need is the front desk to see you all bloody."

His gaze warmed the side of my face. I didn't even need to look — I just knew. How was that even possible?

His voice was thready but strong. "Are you going to tell me why you've gone from my executioner to my savior?"

Fuck no. I was not going to tell him that my wolf had mistaken him for our mate. Yeah, not going to happen.

"You said you knew my father, and before you passed out, you started to say something about my mother. I just want information."

In my peripheral vision, he fussed with his coat buttons with his one good arm. If I didn't know what a deadly asshole he was, I might've thought it was cute.

When he finished, his attention shifted to me again. "And once you have the details you need?"

I shrugged. "Maybe I'll kill you then."

He chuckled and winced. "No sense cleaning my wound if you're going to end this dance anyway."

"I never claimed to always make sense."

His lips curved, hinting at a rare smile as he leaned back on the headrest. "Touché, wolf."

"No." I shook my head. "You know my name, and I just saved your life. You're not going to treat me like a lesser because a werewolf bit me."

"Saved my life?" He chuffed. "You nearly took it." He turned to stare out the side window. "You're not the first, and you won't be the last, Isabelle."

At least he spit out my name. I'd put it in the win column.

I handed Sebastian's keys to the valet and went around the car to help him out. We were both dressed in black. Thankfully. Any other color and we'd both be trying to explain where all the blood came from.


Excerpted from New Moon by Lisa Kessler. Copyright © 2017 Lisa Kessler. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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New Moon 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome book! I was SO glad to see that there was a new book in the series, and it didn't disappoint!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Strongly recomend
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent storyline and cast of characters involving both wolves and jaguars. I was happy to read that Sebastian found his mate and to read about the other characters from the previous 7 books were included in this book, the final one involving Nero. Great ending to a wonderful series. An outstanding HEA ending. ***vrnb***
KristieK More than 1 year ago
New Moon By: Lisa Kessler ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Review by Kristie K Lisa Kessler brings an epic conclusion to the Moon Series with New Moon, where the dividing lines are blurred, and love breaks all boundaries… In the eighth and final installment of the Moon Series, Ms. Kessler takes us on a journey through the tenuous and unlikely partnership between jaguar shifter, top Nero assassin, and right hand man, Sebastian Severino and werewolf, PI/bounty hunter, and total badass, Isabelle Wood. Bitter enemies, Sebastian and Isabelle are thrown together in an unexpected twist of fate, where tables are turned and loyalties are questioned in order to save the one thing that trumps all…family. From front to back, top to bottom, New Moon was the whole package. With an eye-catching cover (yum…), and a blurb to hook even a picky paranormal reader, New Moon has what it takes to reel you in. Once you open up the cover? Well, the characters are engaging, resourceful, intelligent, thoughtful, and genuine. Sebastian is a beautiful soul, with a big heart…that has been forced to choose the lesser of evils most of his existence, and to maneuver and manipulate people and situations to protect the innocent. All without anyone knowing that his intentions were good…deep within the heart of this deadly assassin, beats the heart of a hero…just one that is unsung. Isabelle has always fought for the weak, protected those that can’t protect themselves, and removed the threat that no one can see. As a private investigator and bounty hunter, Isabelle goes after the bad guys and takes great pride in her ability to do her job well. When she is faced with the man that helped take so much from her and those she loves, her first instinct is to kill him. But her wolf has other ideas. One of the things I loved most about these characters was the fact that they were faced with insurmountable odds…so many challenges and impossible tasks, but they never wavered from doing what was right. I loved these two, and could have continued to follow them for a few more chapters. The plot and storyline were in depth, well thought out, and incredibly developed. With so many other characters and interwoven storylines coming before New Moon, Ms. Kessler did an amazing job of bringing them all together. Since this was the first of the series that I have read, I will definitely be going back and revisiting the other installments that I have missed. My only question now remains…what will Ms. Kessler have in store for us next? Kristie K
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
Wow! What an awesome ending to this series! This book has everything I have come to expect from a Lisa Kessler story – heart, heat, and humor with some suspense and mystery – and not only wraps up the Moon series nicely, but also leaves room for a spin-off. Throughout this series it’s been hard to decide how I felt about Sebastian. He’s not a nice man, or should I say Jaguar shifter, but knowing he’s the product of his father’s manipulations has always made me think twice before just wishing Adam would take him out. He’s helped the pack but he’s also hurt them. And I loved how the author has given Sebastian a shot at redemption. Isabelle was the perfect match for Sebastian. She’s fierce and determined and not about to let Sebastian dictate the terms of their relationship – either professional or personal. She has to come to terms with the fact that he is her mate, which has posed all sorts of problems for Isabelle since she blames him for her father’s death and knows the evil that he is associated with. With things coming to a head these two really didn’t have time for a proper romance. Sebastian is right in the middle of everything going down, so their relationship is formed in the trust that they need to have in each other for the upcoming battle – trust that is hard to give to someone who you have always seen as the enemy. So those moments when Isabelle and Sebastian connect are even more meaningful. Isabelle sees beyond the mask that Sebastian wears which makes him want more. Their romance was raw and rough, but also very intense since there’s a good chance that one or both of them might not come out of things alive. I loved that previous characters were brought in and loved everything about Adam’s role in this book. He’s always been such an awesome alpha to the Reno pack and it was great to see him take charge and make decisions which seemed questionable but truly had the strength and security of the pack in mind. It was great seeing the Reno and Sedona packs come together and finally taking a stand against Nero. Although this is the last book in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone since the author does a good job filling in any necessary gaps. Of course for the best effect I would recommend starting at the beginning and getting to meet all the pack. Well done, Lisa Kessler – and thank you for sharing your world with us. This has been one of my favorite series that I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves wolves and shifters. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book I received from NetGalley.
Young0SY More than 1 year ago
Very good and surprising. Great ending for this series. Can see lots of possibilities for other books though. Would love to know what happens to the Sedona pack, and the jaguars that have no place. Great job Lisa. Love this series. Recommend this one, but start with the first book.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Jaguar shifter Sebastian Severino is a loner. Having been his father’s assassin for years, he trusts nobody and nobody trusts him. Isabelle Wood is a wolf shifter and a bounty hunter. She’s determined to take down the evil organization that was responsible for her father’s death, starting with it’s crown prince. When her wolf claims him as her mate while her knife is at his throat, she can’t bring herself to kill him even as she denies what her wolf is telling her. This is the final book in Lisa Kessler’s Moon series and I think it’s my favorite. I simply fell in love with Sebastian and Isabelle. They book had to go through so much to find family and love in the end, especially Sebastian. It makes me sad that this is the last of a great series. A great book. I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed every book in the this series good ending, not rushed like some just to to be done with it.thank you for this enjoyable read.I'll miss these characters they have become friends.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome end
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
New Moon, Lisa Kessler Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance, sci-fi and fantasy We've reaches the end and I'm always feeling conflicted when that happens. In part because I love a good series and its hard to say goodbye, but set against that is the feeling of satisfaction when the little clues throughout the series are finally wrapped up, when we know who was behind things and why, how it all worked out.  With a good series we're left feeling hope for the future, that these people we've got to know so well are facing a time when they can finally relax, live a normal life, enjoy their friends and family. Still, I love rereading series so from me its not really Goodbye but See you later ;-) The back to back reads through a whole series work best for me too, when each book is still fresh in my mind, so its easier to follow the story, recall which character fits in where. Sometimes after months and lots of other reads its hard to recall exactly who belongs with whom, and how they fit in the overall story. I remember Sebastian from the first book, and he's changed. Or has he? Maybe its just my perception of him, as looking back the seeds of his discontent were clear even back then, but i just didn't see it. Its a great author who can turn around a character so the callous, murdering, immoral man we met becomes someone we love, who we want to have that HEA...but Lisa does it for Sebastian. I found he was a terrific man, that he had been trying to put things right as much as he could for a long time, and with a father like his no wonder he grew up to be the man he was. Thank god for his mother's influence, its whats kept that core of humanity in him. Sebastian and Isabelle don't have the best start, with her trying to kill him....well, until her wolf tells her she Just Can't Kill Him! That's a bit of an eye opener and changes everything. Isabelle is shocked. Its another fabulous adventure, when plans get made, and changed and remade all the time. Nero has really hit bottom in its actions here, kidnapping a child for Antonio Severino's cruel crusade, but it proves the catalyst for some unheard of co-operation.  Things quickly change in the story as the plots unfold, and this final book brings in many of the characters we've met in the preceding books. It opens up the Packs even more than they have been. It was a struggle getting Lana accepted into the pack, as she was a jaguar shifter back in the early books but since then they've become more accepting, less Wolf only insular and that's given them an edge they needed for this final battle. They're not just a wolf pack now but have Jaguars, Psychics and humans among them and that's given them strength, and maybe what Fate intended, that supernaturals work together, find power in collectivety.  I've enjoyed the series as a whole, and love this last book. Looking back to some of the books that weren't quite top whack I can see the gaps that bothered me back then filled in now and I understand why things played out certain ways. Despite not all the books being five star reads for me, the series as a whole deserves a solid five stars, it all adds up now.   Stars: five,a great read to finish a fantastic series ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
New Moon is as exciting and intensely gripping as the first book was in this series. New Moon by Lisa Kessler is the stunning conclusion of her fantastic Moon paranormal urban fantasy series. This is jaguar shifter Sebastian Severino’s and werewolf Isabelle Wood’s story. The story is told in the alternating points of view of the hero and heroine allowing the reader to be aware of the thought processes of each. Sebastian has been a villain throughout this series and his redemption will not be easy. The Moon series takes place in and around Reno, Nevada, home to a werewolf pack whose future has been on a collision course with the Nero Organization. Each installment in the Moon series has been fast paced and action packed. New Moon is the eighth and final book in this series. While all the other books have worked very well as standalones, I would be hesitant to recommend jumping into the series with New Moon as Sebastian’s story has been building since the first book. Lisa does seamlessly integrate historical information necessary to newbies so they are never lost, but, honestly, if you can, start with the first book and read the series in order. It’s an awesome adventure and you won’t be sorry. Sebastian is the heir apparent to the infamous Nero Organization, a nefarious covert quasi-military corporation, which supplies assassins for hire. The Nero Organization’s focus has been on creating the perfect shape-shifting slaughtering machine because killing is their business. As this story opens, Sebastian has been tasked by Antonio, his father and the mastermind behind Nero, to gather forces to attack and take down the Reno pack. Antonio wants revenge for Damian’s, his other son’s, demise at the hands of the Reno pack – a death that the Reno pack was forced to execute in self-defense. Sebastian is having second thoughts about this mission as his father has demanded that he also kill Adam, Lana’s mate, and Lana’s son AND deliver his sister and her daughter, Sebastian’s sister and niece, back to his father and Nero. Lisa has done a great job ingraining a dislike of Sebastian from book one. That said, since Sebastian found his sister mated to Adam, the Reno’s pack’s alpha, with two shifter children, Sebastian hasn’t been as hard-core evil as he was in the first few books. One obstacle to Sebastian’s redemption is Sebastian himself as he has to be convinced that redemption is a path open to him and that he is worthy of being redeemed. Sebastian grew on me as this story progressed. I still wouldn’t call him a series favorite, but, I will agree that he has suffered enough for his misdeeds. Isabelle’s life hasn’t been easy either. She is a bitten werewolf and works as a bounty hunter. Sebastian is her latest target. She shoots him, but then her wolf won’t allow her to kill him. Her human side has a strong dislike of Sebastian; Her wolf wants him with every fiber of her being. I’ve been of huge fan of Lisa’s for like forever. I've read everything Lisa has ever published and I love, love, love her books. She is a storyteller extraordinaire. The entire Moon series has been a wild thrill ride to read. New Moon is as exciting and intensely gripping as the first book was in this series. If you are a fan of paranormal urban fantasies and howling hot shifter romances, I would highly encourage you to check out the Moon series today! My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club. Please check it out there!
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
I’ve been awaiting this novel with a mix of eager anticipation and dread as it is the concluding story in the Moon Series by Lisa Kessler and, whilst I wanted to know what happens, I also didn't want the series to actually end. I’ve loved all the previous books and certainly also did this one, too, but that is also tinged with sadness as it feels like the end of an era and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed ‘catching up’ on the characters through this enthralling paranormal series and now there are unlikely to be any further updates! Having typed that, I have to say it was great to explore the whole saga through the eyes of jaguar shifter Sebastian Severino and so many puzzles were solved, especially regarding his relationship with his father and his role at Nero, as I read more of this novel. It is such a change to read the story from Sebastian’s point of view, especially as he now has the added dilemma of finding his mate to add to the components which make up his complicated life. This is a thrilling conclusion to an enthralling series and, whilst sad at it now being concluded, this was a fitting finale with the perfect mix of angst, turmoil and romance that is usually found in novels by this talented author. Talk about drama - right from the start this story is packed with it! I’ll certainly be rereading the whole series again in the not too distant future and have no hesitation in highly recommending this book and the whole series to anyone who enjoys their mystery/suspense/thriller with a healthy dose of paranormal romance! I requested and was gifted a copy of this novel via NetGalley and chose to read and review it. This is my honest opinion after reading the book.
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! I have bought my own copy of this book and already have the rest of the series! The cover is good, but it would be better with his beast as well! This is the 8th book in the series, but it is the first one I’m reading. I’m not sure what is wrong with me, but I haven’t read any of Lisa’s books before now. The sad part is I own this whole series. I do plan to fix this problem in the future. This is for adults only due to the violence and steamy content. Isabelle is pretty amazing especially that she can see past another’s shady past and make her own decision on his current actions and trust him. Sebastian seems to have a very twisted past thanks to his daddy. I couldn’t put this book down. There is tons of action, back story, and a demented daddy. I loved all of the connections that this book brings to light. I highly recommend to any shifter fan who loves a good complex storyline with plenty of action! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
New Moon' by Lisa Kessler is book 8 in the "Moon" series. This is the story of Sebastian Severino and Isabelle Wood. I have read the last few books in this series but feel this can be a standalone book. Isabelle is looking for answers in the death of her father and she thinks Sebastian's father might be the one to have been involved. So she attempts to attack him to get those answers but her inter wolf won't let her. Isabelle's inter wolf recognizes him as her mate. Sebastian doesn't approve of his father and his actions, so he is always trying to be a step ahead of him. Isabelle's father was actually a mentor for Sebastian and he cared about him allot. Sebastian tries to stay alone and not connected to people because of the tragedies in his life with the lost of loved ones. But Isabelle is calling to all his protective needs and he is fighting his feelings for her. But these two can't fight their feelings for long! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
Rainn2978 More than 1 year ago
Lisa Kessler is a new author to me, I thought I would try her book because it sounded good. I am so glad I did! This is a series book, which I didn't realize. I have since gone back and gotten those books because this book was so great! This one is about Sebastian and Isabelle. I loved them together from the very beginning! I was hooked from the very first paragraph. Sebastian is a jaguar shifter who is trying to keep people safe from his father's craziness. Isabelle is a wolf shifter who is trying to find out what happened to her father. She is a fierce woman who can see what is behind the walls of Sebastian. I highly recommend this series! There were twists and turns and I loved it all!
MBurton More than 1 year ago
I'm pretty good at jumping into the middle of a series and for the most part, not get lost. I wasn't necessarily lost in this book, but because of who the main characters were and where the story left off, I highly recommend starting with book one. The writing was very good. The plot was exciting and lots of good side characters. I liked that the H was an anti-hero. He has done bad things for his father who is not a nice guy. In this book you see Sebastian has some heart and while he can't erase his past, he is working towards keeping everyone safe. I loved that Sebastian didn't just turn good all of a sudden. He struggled with doing the right thing and still be the person he was with his father. I know once I go back to read book one and work up to this one again, I'll get even more enjoyment out of the story. ARC provided by NetGalley.
Dee4444 More than 1 year ago
5 great finish to the series stars! Finally, I have anticipated for Sebastian's story for so long! It was everything I hoped for. I loved the "enemies" to lovers aspect of it. I know most people probably hated him but I might be one of the few that were intrigued by Sebastian from the very start. There is just something about the dark, broody types that have a heart of gold beneath all the darkness, and I knew there was so much more to Sebastian than he was prepared to show. Oh and I couldn't help it, my heart just melted so much with Madeline and Sebastian's interaction, I had the biggest smile and my eyes watered a little the whole time I read it, it was everything! I love how all the stories flow with each other throughout the series. I highly recommend the whole series to everyone. All the books in the series are such a great read.
Donna_Hok79 More than 1 year ago
The truth is somewhere in-between The Nero Organization was created to make super soldiers. Creating Jaguars shifters and a few others. But the CEO, Antonio Severino and father to Sebastian, has made it into something else. Using the organization to further his own goals and agenda. Sebastian is his father’s right-hand man. Sebastian tells himself it’s to keep his father from doing much worse things. But his agenda is much different from his fathers and yet most don’t know this. All believing Sebastian is his father’s hammer and that he loves doing it. No one truly knowing which side of the chess board Sebastian is playing on, not even himself some days. Isabelle Wood, daughter of a once high-ranking member of the Nero Org. and mentor to Sebastian, is looking for answers. Trying to find out what happened to her father all the while believing the worse of Sebastian. But when she gets the chance to kill Sebastian, her wolf won’t let her finish the job. Instead needing to protect what belongs to her wolf. This is a story of lies, deceit, betrayals and never knowing for sure who the good guy and who the bad gut really is. Extremely well written and highly entertaining self-contained story to read. You don’t want to miss out on this action packed and very enthralling story.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
I LOVE a good redemption story. Jaguar shifter Sebastian Severino has always been chaotic neutral. Doing what is best for him at the time and let the chips fall where they may. But for the last few books, since he discovered his half sister, he has become conflicted. New Moon may be the last book in this series (pout) but it is a whole new beginning for Sebastian and a large part of that has to do with wolf shifter Isabelle Wood. Secrets come out and justice is done. A really enjoyable read.