New Year's Promise

New Year's Promise

by Anna Clifton

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New Year's Promise by Anna Clifton

They've been colleagues, allies and best friends forever, but he wants more — and he's not above using the magic of the Christmas season to get it.

When Business Development Executive Ellie Halligan is offered the job of a lifetime in Paris, it seems her chance to live a fairytale adventure has finally arrived. Her only hurdle is convincing legal eagle Justin Murphy — her boss and friend since childhood — to wave his boss's wand and waive her four-week resignation period so that she can start her adventure by Christmas.

But Justin proves to be a demanding fairy godmother. He'll let her go early, but not unless she spends time with him over the festive season up until New Year.

Ellie doesn't know what to do. Is Justin finally looking at her romantically after all these years, or are far more threatening dynamics at play? Justin has a secret, and he seems to want to pull her back into a past she'd rather forget. But delving into that old pain might be the only way to move forward — and for Justin to finally be free.

Will doing this for Justin become Ellie's final gift of love as she loses him forever?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780857991966
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Publication date: 11/01/2014
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 109
Sales rank: 938,282
File size: 439 KB

About the Author

Anna Clifton is a lawyer by trade and a mother to several children and a couple of cats. Her husband is not quite sure how her compulsive writing squeezes itself into the family schedule, but knows better than to stand in the way of the woman he loves on a mission. Anna lives in Sydney but escapes with her family as often as possible to Far North Queensland where she loves to sit with a glass of wine and watch her husband do the thing she dreads doing most - cooking!

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New Year's Promise 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
busymama49 More than 1 year ago
Justin and Ellie have known each other for over twenty years. Childhood friends, part of their own childhood gang with their brothers, all six of them were inseparable during their pre-puberty golden years. Ellie being the only girl in the group was treasured, made fun of, and bonded with. Her special friendship with Sam (Justin's brother) is the undercurrent of this story, as a distant heartbeat that foreshadows the unresolved mystery and pain they all share. This is a complex story of friendships, loyalty, love, commitment, and uncontrollable forces that rule our lives. Once again Anna Clifton (author of Adam's Boys) has regaled us with a down to earth story, full of emotions. Her knowledge of the human condition makes her characters very real and endearing. There are so many forces coming to bear on Ellie and Justin's blossoming love. Their strength of character is tested, as well as their willingness to go all in on their feelings. Gripping and sincere, this story will tug your heart and make you think what you would do if faced with similar circumstances.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
New Year's Promise, Anna Clifton Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre: Romance, women’s fiction My first read from Anna, and I really enjoyed it. There are plots that could be almost cheesy, irritating and yet they aren’t, they fit the overall story arc perfectly. It made me cry, a lot, towards the end, and I love a book that moves me like that. When we first meet Ellie and Justin, she’s been working for his firm, and we quickly get pulled into their background, their close childhood friendship. I was a little puzzled how come they’d all managed to remain so close, given Justin moved away when he was a young teen, and I thought they’d lost contact, but I guess I must have missed how they reconnected, or maybe stayed in contact some way – whatever, it’s clear there’s a very strong relationship between Justin and Ellie and her four brothers. Ellie’s lovely, loyal and adores her family. She’d taken over mothering them all since their mum died, and somehow never seemed to they’re anxious she takes time for herself with a dream position in Paris opening up for her. Her brother Harry though has a problem, he knows if he tells her about it she’ll drop the Paris job and stay, and he doesn’t want that but he does need her around til the new year. He tells Justin about it and persuades him to tell her he won’t waive her notice period, but accept two weeks instead of the four she should give. Somehow though Justin finds himself asking – well telling – her to spend it with him, so they don’t have to go to the usual holiday events alone, as they’ve both just come out of a relationship. He’s always been attracted to Ellie, but has a huge secret that makes him not act on it. Ellie too has always had strong feelings for him, and they come pretty close at times when they’re out together. In the middle of it all though some huge secrets come out, that shatter them both and cause lots of angst and strife. Its an unusual romance, more tear jerking story that straight romance, though that angle is well covered. There’s so much more here, illness and how families cope with it, mothers who struggle to do just that, and how the love of a family can provide so much joy to everyone. Its not a book I’d re read, but was one that I loved as a one off, it’s so packed with emotion. As I said earlier some of the plots could have descended into Hallmark film territory, ( fine if you like that but I don’t) and yet they’re covered in a way that’s natural, and doesn’t fall into that trap but feels so real that I was tearful reading it. In the middle of all that Ellie and Justin have to decide what they really feel, and whether they’ll do anything about it or just go their separate ways. Of course as a romantic I was rooting for things to work out, and there were moments when I felt the bars placed between them felt forced. Not the “big” one, that was understandable, but the later little ones when they were at odds with each other over how they thought the other person felt. It just seemed to get over complicated and that’s where it lost a half star from me. I didn’t feel that part felt real, but as if it was put in simply to extend the should they/shouldn’t they emotion. Stars: Four and a half, a great read and have the tissues ready. ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers