Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter Series #1)

Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter Series #1)

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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The Dark-Hunters are ancient warriors who have sworn to protect mankind and the fate of the world is in their hands. . .

He is solitude. He is darkness. He is the ruler of the night. Yet Kyrian of Thrace has just woken up handcuffed to his worst nightmare: An accountant. Worse, she's being hunted by one of the most lethal vampires out there. And if Amanda Devereaux goes down, then he does too. But it's not just their lives that are hanging in the balance. Kyrian and Amanda are all that stands between humanity and oblivion. Let's hope they win.

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ISBN-13: 9781429906104
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 04/01/2007
Series: Dark-Hunter Series
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 16,562
File size: 416 KB

About the Author

In the past two years, New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon has claimed the #1 spot twelve times, and since 2004, she has placed more than 50 novels on the New York Times list. This extraordinary bestseller continues to top every genre she writes. With more than 23 million copies of her books in print in over 30 countries, her current series include: The Dark-Hunters, The League, Lords of Avalon, BAD Agency, Chronicles of Nick and Nevermore. A preeminent voice in paranormal fiction, Kenyon helped pioneer and define the current paranormal trend that has captivated the world. She lives with her husband, three sons, a menagerie of animals and a collection of swords.

New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon is a regular in the #1 spot. This extraordinary bestseller continues to top every genre in which she writes, including manga and graphic novels. More than 70 million copies of her books are in print in more than one hundred countries. Her current series include The Dark-Hunters, The League, Deadman's Cross, Chronicles of Nick, Hellchasers, Mikrochasers, and The Lords of Avalon. Her Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter series are soon to be major motion pictures.

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Night Pleasures

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2002 Sherrilyn Kenyon
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4299-0610-4


"I say we should stake him to an anthill and throw little pickles at him."

Amanda Devereaux laughed at Selena's suggestion. Leave it to her big sister to make her laugh, no matter the tragedy. Which was exactly what had her sitting at Selena's tarot card and palm-reading table in Jackson Square on a cold Sunday afternoon, instead of lying in bed with the covers pulled over her head.

Still smiling at the thought of a million ants biting Cliff's pasty, dough-boy body, Amanda glanced around at the tourists who were thronging the New Orleans landmark even on this drab November day.

The smell of warm chicory coffee and beignets floated from the Cafe Du Monde across the street, while cars zoomed past a few feet away. The clouds and the sky were an eerie gray that matched Amanda's dour mood.

Most of the Jackson Square peddlers didn't bother setting up booths during the winter season, but her sister Selena considered her psychic stand as much a New Orleans treasure as the St. Louis Cathedral behind them.

And what a treasure Selena's stand was ... The cheap card table was disguised by a thick purple cloth their mother had sewn with "special" incantations known only to their family.

Madam Selene, the Moon Mistress, as Selena was known, sat behind it wearing a flowing green suede skirt, purple knit sweater, and a large black and silver overcoat.

Her sister's strange outfit was quite a contrast to Amanda's faded jeans, pink cable-knit sweater, and tan ski jacket. But then, Amanda had always preferred to dress in an understated way. Unlike her flamboyant family, she hated to stand out.

She much preferred to blend into the background.

"I'm through with men," Amanda said. "Cliff was the last stop on the bus to nowhere. I'm tired of wasting my time and energy on them. From now on, I'm going to focus all my attention on accounting."

Selena curled her lips in distaste as she shuffled her tarot cards. "Accounting?

Are you sure you're not a changeling?" Amanda gave a halfhearted laugh. "Actually, I'm sure I am a changeling. I just wish my real family would come claim me before it's too late and some of the weirdness rubs off."

Selena laughed at her while she set her tarot cards out in a game of psychic solitaire. "You know what your problem is?"

"I'm too straitlaced and uptight," Amanda said, using the words her mother and eight older sisters most often applied to her.

"Well, yeah, that too. But I'm thinking you need to branch out with your tastes. Stop going after these tie-wearing, ho-hum, cry-to-my-mama-'cause-I-have-no-life geeks. You, my baby sister, need a sexcapade with a man who can make your heart race. I'm talking truly reckless and wild."

"Someone like Bill?" Amanda asked with a smile, thinking of Selena's husband, who was even more straitlaced than Amanda was.

Selena shook her head. "Oh no, that's different. See, I'm the reckless and wild one who saves him from being boring. It's why we're perfect for each other. We balance. You have no balance. You and your boyfriends tip the scale way into Boredom City."

"Hey, I like my men boring. They're reliable, and you don't have to worry about them having major testosterone moments. I'm a beta girl, all the way."

Selena snorted as she played with her cards. "Sounds to me like you need a few therapy sessions with Grace."

Amanda scoffed. "Right, like I need dating advice from a sex therapist who married a Greek sex slave she conjured out of a book. No, thanks."

In spite of her words, Amanda really did like Grace Alexander. Unlike Selena's usual crew of insane friends, Grace had always been grounded, and blessedly normal. "How's she doing, by the way?" "Fine. Niklos started walking two days ago and now he's into everything."

Amanda smiled as she imagined the adorable blond toddler and his twin sister.

She loved it when Grace and Julian let her baby-sit for them. "When's her new baby due?"

"March first."

"I'll bet they're excited," Amanda said, struck by a tiny stab of jealousy. She'd always wanted a house full of kids, but at twenty-six her prospects appeared bleak. Especially since she couldn't find any man willing to procreate with a woman whose entire family was certifiable.

"You know," Selena said with that speculative look that made Amanda cringe.

"Julian has a brother who was cursed into a book, too. You could try —" "Big no, thanks! Remember, I'm the one who hates all this paranormal junk. I want a nice, normal, human male, not some demon."

"Priapus is a Greek god, not a demon."

"Close enough in my book. Believe me, I had my fill while living at home with the nine of you casting spells and doing all that hocus-pocus. I want normality in my life."

"Normality is boring."

"Why don't you try it before you knock it?" Selena laughed. "One day, little sister, you're going to have to accept the other half of your blood."

Amanda disregarded her words as her thoughts turned back to her ex-fiancé.

She'd really thought Cliff was the one for her. A nice, quiet, average-looking data entry clerk, he had been just her cup of tea.

Until he had met her family.

Ugh! For the last six months, she had put off introducing him to them, knowing what would happen. But he had insisted and last night she had finally caved.

Closing her eyes, Amanda winced at the memory of her twin sister, Tabitha, meeting him at the door all decked out in the Goth clothes she used for stalking the undead. The outfit came complete with a crossbow Tabitha just had to show him, and her entire collection of throwing stars. "This one is special. It can cleave the head off a vampire at three hundred yards."

If that wasn't bad enough, her mother and three of her older sisters had been conjuring a protection spell for Tabitha in the kitchen.

But the absolute worst had come when Cliff had mistakenly drunk from Tabitha's cup, which had been filled with her strength potion of curdled milk, Tabasco sauce, egg yolks, and tea leaves.

He had heaved for an hour.

Afterward, Cliff had driven her home. "I can't marry a woman with a family like that," he'd said as she handed her engagement ring back to him.

"Good God, what if we had kids? Can you imagine what would happen if some of that rubbed off?"

Leaning her head back, Amanda could still kill her family for the embarrassment. Was it too much for them to be normal for one dinner?

Why, oh why, couldn't she have been born to a regular family where no one believed in ghosts, goblins, demons, and witches?

Come to think of it, two of them still believed in Santa Claus!

How could her wonderfully normal father stand all their nonsense? He definitely deserved to be sainted for his patience.

"Hey, guys!" Amanda opened her eyes to see Tabitha approaching. Well now, isn't this just peachy keen? What would happen next? Would a bus run her over?

This day just gets better and better.

She loved her identical twin, but not at this moment. At this moment, she wished very vile things on Tabitha's head. Painful nasty things.

As usual, Tabitha was dressed all in black. Black leather pants, turtleneck, and long black leather coat. Her thick, wavy dark auburn hair was pulled into a long ponytail, and her pale blue eyes glowed. Tabitha's cheeks were flushed and she had a chipper step.

Oh no, she was on a hunt!

Amanda sighed. How on earth could they have come from the same single egg?

Tabitha reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a scrap of paper, then placed it on the table in front of Selena. "I need your expertise. It's Greek, isn't it?"

Without answering the question, Selena set her cards aside, and looked the paper over. She frowned. "Where did you get this?"

"It was on a vampire we dusted last night. What does it say?"

"'The Dark-Hunter is close. Desiderius must prepare.'" Tabitha put her hands in her pockets as she considered the words. "Any idea what that means?"

Selena shrugged as she handed the paper back to Tabitha. "I've never heard of either this Dark-Hunter or Desiderius."

"Eric said 'Dark-Hunter' was a code name for one of us. What do you think?" Tabitha asked.

Amanda had heard enough. Ye gods, how she hated it when they began with the whole vampire-demon-occult garbage. Why couldn't they grow up and live in the regular world?

"Look," Amanda said, rising. "I'll catch you two later."

Tabitha grabbed her hand as she started to walk off. "Hey, you're not still sore about Cliff, are you?"

"Of course I am. I know you did all that on purpose."

Completely unabashed about the fact she'd broken Amanda's engagement, Tabitha released her hand. "We did it for your own good."

"Oh yeah, right." She beamed a false smile. "Thank you so much for watching out for me. Wanna poke my eye out while you're at it, just for fun?"

"C'mon, Mandy," Tabitha said with that cutesy face that made their dad forgive her anything. It didn't do anything to Amanda, except irritate her more. "You might not like what we do, but you do love us. And you can't marry some uptight jerk who can't accept what all of us are."

"Us?" Amanda asked incredulously. "Don't include me in the madness. I'm the one with the recessive normal genes. You guys are the ones —"


Amanda broke off as Tabitha's Goth boyfriend ran up to them. Eric St. James was only an inch taller than the two of them, but since they were five-foot-ten, that wasn't unusual. His short black hair had a purple stripe in it and he wore it spiked.

He would have been very cute if his nose wasn't pierced, and if he would actually find and keep a full-time job.

And lay off the vampire-hunting. Sheez!

"Gary got a lead on that vamp pack," Eric said to Tabitha. "We're going to try and get the vampires before it gets dark. You ready?"

If Amanda rolled her eyes any harder back into her head, she'd go blind from it. "One day, you guys are going to inadvertently kill a human being acting this way. Remember that time you attacked the Anne Rice–Lestat reenactment group in the cemetery?"

Eric smirked at her. "No one was hurt, and the tourists loved it."

Tabitha looked back at Selena. "Can you do some research for me, and see if you can find anything on this Desiderius and Dark-Hunter?"

"C'mon, Tabby, how many times do I have to tell you to lay off it?" Eric said irritably. "The vamps are just playing with us. 'Dark-Hunter' is just a bogeyman term that means nothing."

Selena and Tabitha ignored him.

"Sure," Selena said, "but Gary would probably be your best bet."

Eric let out a disgusted breath. "He said he'd never heard of it, either"—Eric looked at Tabitha heatedly —"which means it's nothing."

Tabitha shrugged his hand off her shoulder, and continued to ignore him. "Since it's written in Greek, I'm betting one of your college professor friends might be more up on it."

Selena nodded. "I'll ask Julian tonight when I go over to Grace's."

"Thanks." Tabitha looked back at Amanda. "Don't worry about Cliff. I know just the guy for you. We met him a couple of weeks ago."

"Oh Lord," Amanda gasped. "No more blind dates from you. I still haven't recovered from the last one and that was four years ago."

Selena laughed. "Was that the alligator wrestler?"

"Yes," Amanda said. "Crocodile Mitch, who tried to feed me to his pet, Big Marthe."

Tabitha snorted. "He did not. He was just trying to show you what he did for a living."

"Tell you what, the day you let Eric hold your head inside a live alligator, then you can make a comment. Until then, being the expert on alligator halitosis, I'll stick with my opinion that Mitch was just looking for a cheap Scooby snack."

Tabitha stuck her tongue out at her before grabbing Eric's hand and dashing down the street with him in tow.

Amanda rubbed her head as she watched the two of them make goo-goo eyes at each other, thus proving that there was someone out there for everyone. No matter how bizarre the person.

Too bad she couldn't find someone for herself.

"I'm going home to sulk."

"Listen," Selena said before she could leave. "Why don't I cancel with Grace tonight and the two of us can go do something? Have a symbolic itty-bitty weenie roast for Cliff?"

Amanda smiled in appreciation of the thought. No wonder she loved her family. In spite of the chaos, they were dear hearts who cared for her. "No, thanks.

I can roast the Vienna sausages on my own. Besides, Tabitha will stroke out and die if you don't ask Julian about her Dark-Hunter."

"Okay, but if you change your mind, let me know. Oh, and while you're home, why not call Tiyana and have her do a penis-shrinking spell on Cliff?"

Amanda laughed. Okay, there were times when having a voodoo high priestess as an older sister came in handy. "Trust me, he can't afford it." She winked at Selena. "Later."

* * *

That evening, Amanda jumped as the phone rang, startling her out of her daydreams. Laying her book aside, she picked the phone up.

It was Tabitha.

"Hey, sis, can you go by my house and let Terminator out?"

Amanda ground her teeth at the familiar request that came at least twice a week. "Oh, come on, Tabby. Why didn't you do it?"

"I didn't know we'd be gone so long. Please. He'll wet on my bed in protest if you don't."

"You know, Tabby, I do have a life."

"Yeah, right, like you're not sitting alone on the sofa, reading Kinley MacGregor's latest romance, and scarfing down chocolate truffles like there's no tomorrow."

Amanda arched her brow as she looked at the multitude of truffle wrappers scattered on the coffee table in front of her, and her copy of Claiming the Highlander on the end table.

Damn, she hated it when her sisters did that.

"C'mon," Tabitha begged. "I promise I'll be nice to your next boyfriend."

Sighing, Amanda knew she couldn't really say no to her sisters. It was her biggest weakness. "It's a good thing you only live down the street or I'd have to kill you over this."

"I know. I love you, too."

Growling low in her throat, Amanda hung up. She cast a wistful look at her book. Doggone it, she was just starting to get into it.

She sighed. Oh well, at least Terminator would be company for a few minutes.

He was one seriously ugly pit bull, but he was currently the only male she could stand.

She grabbed her tan ski jacket off her armchair and exited out the front door.

Tabitha lived two blocks over, and though the night was extremely dark and cold, Amanda didn't feel like driving.

Pulling her gloves on, she headed down the sidewalk, wishing Cliff were here to do this chore. She couldn't count the times she had suckered him into letting Terminator out of Tabitha's house on his way home.

Amanda stumbled over a broken piece of the sidewalk as Cliff crossed her mind for the first time in hours. What really made her feel bad about their breakup was the fact she didn't miss him. Not really, anyway.

She missed having someone to talk to at night. She missed having a TV-watching buddy, but she couldn't honestly say she missed him.

And that was what depressed her most of all.

If not for her whacked-out family, she might have actually married him, and then found out too late that she didn't truly love him.

The thought chilled her more than the cold November winds.

Pushing Cliff out of her thoughts, she focused on her surroundings. At eight-thirty, the neighborhood was amazingly quiet, even for a Sunday night. Cars were parked along the street, and most of the houses were lit up as she walked down the old jagged sidewalk.

Everything was normal, but still it was eerie out. The partial moon hung high above, casting twisted shadows around her. Every now and again, she'd catch the faint sound of laughter or voices on the wind.

This was a perfect night for evil to —

"Get out of my head," she said out loud.

Now Tabitha had her doing it! Jeez!

What next? Would she find herself walking the bayou with her sisters looking for weird voodoo plants and alligators?

Shivering at the thought, she finally reached the creepy old house Tabitha and her roommate rented on the corner. A garish purple color, it was one of the smallest houses on the street. Amanda was amazed no one in the neighborhood complained about the unsightly hue. Of course, Tabby loved it since it made giving directions easy.


Excerpted from Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Copyright © 2002 Sherrilyn Kenyon. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Amanda came awake to an awful throbbing in her head. She felt terrible.
What had hap-
She tensed as she remembered the unseen man.
His words.
Terrified, she pushed herself up, and quickly learned she was on a cold concrete floor, in a very small, dust covered room...
And handcuffed to an unknown blond man.
A scream wedged itself in her throat, but she held it back.
Amanda took in her surroundings. There was no furniture or anything else. The only light came from a small bulb in the center of the ceiling.
Okay, so she wasn't in immediate danger.
Still far from comforted, she looked at the body beside her. He lay with his back to her, and he was either dead or unconscious.
Hesitantly, she reached out and placed her hand against his tawny neck to check his pulse. A strong, heavy heartbeat thumped against her fingertips. Relieved he was alive, she tried to shake him.
He moaned low in his throat, then slowly blinked his eyes open.
With a curse, he grabbed her by the shoulders.
Before she could move, he rolled over with her, pinning her against the floor beneath his body as he held her wrists above her head.
Those dark, captivating eyes searched hers suspiciously.
Every inch of him was pressed intimately against her and she became instantly aware of the fact that his arms weren't the only part of his body that was rock hard and solid.
His hips rested dead center between her legs while his hard, taut stomach leaned against her in a way that brought a flush to her cheeks. Made her feel hot and tingly. Breathless.

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Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter Series #1) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1180 reviews.
MM1019 More than 1 year ago
I don't think B&N has their series numbers labeled correctly. I went to numerous other websites to get the listings for the Dark-Hunter series. There are atleast 13 books, so I wanted to make sure I had an accurate list so I could read the books in order. B&N says Night Pleasures is the first in the series. All the other sites say it is "Fantasy Lover". B&N does has this book, but it is not numbered at all. I had a hard time reading Night Pleasures, and now I see why. I should have read the other book first. Very frustrating, seeing as how I'm already on the third book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Basically I own the whole entire series in paperback and I am looking foward to the rerelease in hardcove, which looks amazing. If you are not familiar with the dark hunters now is a good time to start. Sherrilyn Kenyon is honestly my favorite author of all time and out of the dark hunter series Night Pleasures is probably my favorite because it is the book that started it all. Just keep in mind if you are interested in the dark hunter saga there is a prequel called Fantasy Lover that you might want to read before you read this one. But even if you don't read Fantasy Lover you will still be okay because Night pleasures fills in the gaps. But if you are on the fence about Night Pleasures you will not be disappointed if you get it in fact if you don't get it you will be missing out. Honestly I reccomend Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series to anyone and everyone. Sure It is labeled Romance, but it is so much more than that it's like a whole entire world that you can fall in love with. So basically overall buy Night Pleasures for your library you will be glad you did. Especially since this book introduces you to characters you will love, Kyrian and Amanda, and it also introduces you to an amazing concept that is laced with greek mythology which makes it even better.
Luv_My_Nook64 More than 1 year ago
I love this story and would like to read #2, but the typos in this e-book were horrendous. The word "wife" was replaced with "with". Many punctuation marks were missing. Odd capital letters and even sometimes numbers showed up in the middle of words. Very distracting when you are trying to decipher what it is supposed to say. I really thought something was wrong with my nook until I read the other reviews. It would really be great if the publisher would send out a corrected version.
Xedra77 More than 1 year ago
Perhaps it's because he's the first, but Kyrian is, by far, my favorite Dark Hunter. As thus, "Night Pleasures" is also my favorite Dark Hunter novel. In stark contrast to Kenyon's first book, "Fantasy Lover," "Night Pleasures" has an exciting storyline and strong characters. This one definitely went into my personal library to read again and again. Kenyon also earns brownie points for the absolute most erotic way for someone to overcome a fear of crucifixion. . .you really want to read it now, don't you? Again, like all Kenyon novels, this book is not for children. Amanda is a young urban professional, but without all the yuppie stereotypes. She spends most of her time trying to overcome her supernatural family, trying to live her own, normal life. She's strong, independent, and in possession of admirable wit. Enter Kyrian, a Dark Hunter with a tragic past and many personal demons to overcome, whose mere presence turns her world upside down. Amanda soon finds herself being chased for powers she has tried all her life to hide and being protected by a man whose entire world she's been trying to avoid. The ending of this one will leave you speechless. Well done, Ms. Kenyon.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this book! the characters were hilarious and sexy. You gotta read this book but beware once you enter the dark-hunter world you won't wanna leave.I love the new spin on this old genre
Cougar123nn More than 1 year ago
I love a good series of books. This the fourth series I have started. I find it easy to follow and always keeps my interest. I look forward to each book in the series with great anticipation. I totally recommend this book series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters. I've been following the series for about five years now, and it just keeps getting better! Night Pleasures is the first in the series (if you don't count Fantasy Lover, which is, also, an excellent book). So if you're new to Sherrilyn's books, trust me, you've just stumbled upon a gold mine of amazing reading. The stories are extremely well written, full of wonderful details, engaging characters, and an always developing plot. Pick up this book, you will not regret it!
DoB77 More than 1 year ago
After reading all the great reviews I was interested to see what all the hype was about. Unfortunately, I'm not as excited as others seem to be. While this was a quick easy read and entertaining, it was also predictable and corny at times. I have read other series creating a world of vampires and things that go bump in the night that are much more developed and enthralling. Check out Lara Adrian!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My favorite author of all time! A must read series.
lighthouseAS More than 1 year ago
I love this series but have been reading it out of sequence. I am trying to catch up now so that I can understand references in the later books...this can stand alone though but you won't want it too!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The storyline was good! Look forward to reading the next in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Romance that has less of the extreme longing found in many other novels. That sort of formula gets old quick. This was a nice change of pace. The main characters are snarky and sarcastic with each other but still maintaining the attraction that leads them to each other. The female lead can fend for herself as well, none of that "poor little helpless me" crap. I am interested in reading more in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love mythology! This book was amazing! I loved Kyrian!
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
Night Pleasures mixed Vampires with Greek Mythology. I don't think that's something I've seen before in fiction, but I have to say, they mix well. There is a whole new world created in this series, with all different kinds of hunters and creatures. It made for an interesting read. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Here goes harriet klausner ruining another book. Please bn, why cant you do something to this poster, ban her, delete her posts, but please put a stop to her revealing every detail of the book! Who does she think she is anyway???? Please get rid of her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for only heavy breathing and explicit sex then this will be your cup of tea. If you like an actual storyline, suspense and action to go with it then you will not find it here. I finally just skimmed to the end trying to find the story, but if you take away the sex is there only a short story at best. I will take a pass on this series.
au More than 1 year ago
I loved the story and would def. recommend it. But I bought the ebook and I found so many typos and missing letters that it's not even funny anymore. An example is that the word "wife" was replaced with the word "with" too many times to be an accident so I'm wondering if there's something wrong with barnes and noble's version of the ebook because I can't believe that an editor would miss the amount of problems I keep seeing in the ebook.
fun_with_books More than 1 year ago
I had a difficult time getting through this book. It was like I was reading soft-core and the characters were very weak. Wish I would have gotten it from the library rather than spending money on it. Waste!
twilighfan More than 1 year ago
i find it very very nice to read in rainy days :)) the story of Kyrian was so sad it makes me ache for him. and i just loved Amanda here..all in all i really love the story and the way they met at the dark room hand cuffed together that was sooo cool and..other than that its so steamy hot but i have one little complain about the hot scenes i mean part of the story really dont like (but actualy little) the way Ms.Kenyon described their love making..but it was ok just think that its just balancing the mood of the story(humor,suspence,action and romance)..but does it always need to be always? i mean everytime Kyrian look at Amanda does it need to be like having and craving for her body on his mind? well hello? is that a man always think of everytime he saw the one he loved? but all in all the Dark-Hunter Novel is a must read!!! Dark-Hunters are the Best!!! :D
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms. Kenyon has created a bold new mythology in which to cast her characters, the world of the Dark-Hunters. I really like that and the characters she created as well. I loved the story line, but the romance was a little too steamy for me. But, having said that, I truly enjoyed the book!
mzserena on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the story and couldn't wait to read it. I liked the interaction between Kyrian and Amanda. I loved the drama and plotline of the story.This was like a paranormal, fantasy, romance, mystery wrapped into one book and I absolutely loved it. It's all my favorite genres wrapped into one. Hope the rest of the series is as good.
miyurose on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I'm generally not much for romance, but I like the mythological/paranormal twist in these. They're pure fluff, and very formulaic (when you read a few in a row, it's easy to see that all the men and women act the same), but they're fun enough to keep me reading.
thehistorychic on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Even though this is the 2nd in the series I feel like this is the first in the series. It was a great introduction into the Dark-Hunters and what their life sacrifices are for the greater good. This is a unique twist on Vampire Lore--though I don't think I would call them vampires (either the good or bad side). I love that it is set in New Orleans--it just seems appropriate. The leads are likable yet stubborn and the supporting characters really add to the richness of the story (even the bad ...more Even though this is the 2nd in the series I feel like this is the first in the series. It was a great introduction into the Dark-Hunters and what their life sacrifices are for the greater good. This is a unique twist on Vampire Lore--though I don't think I would call them vampires (either the good or bad side). I love that it is set in New Orleans--it just seems appropriate. The leads are likable yet stubborn and the supporting characters really add to the richness of the story (even the bad guys). I am excited to read the next one...
Altarasabine on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Dark Hunter: " A souless guardian who stands between mankind and those who would see mankind destroyed" Sherrilyn Kenyon "Dance With the Devil"Amanda Devereaux is nothing like her ecentric twin, Tabitha. She likes to ge understated and conservative. Amanda is no stranger to what lies beyong the normal world, Tabitha hunts vampires. She has sworn off men after a hurtful engagment break up.Kyrian is a Dark Hunter.He was born a warrior, was betrayed and swore his allegiance as a dark hunter. Sent to protect Tabitha he finds himself thrown in with Amanda who awakens long buried feelings of love and lust.Together they must overcome theevil forces working to destroy them and leran to trust and love again.
cinnleigh on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Sherrilyn Kenyon has a knack for creating beautiful love stories with just the right touch of steamy passion. NIGHT PLEASURES, the third Dark-Hunter story, is no different. I found myself drawn to this book and over and over again regardless of the fact that I had other books begging for reviews. I tried, honestly I really did, but discovered that I just couldn¿t leave this story until I had finished it. Kenyon develops so much tension in her world of the Dark-Hunters that to turn your back on the story is like carrying a taught rubber band around with you just waiting for it to snap.NIGHT PLEASURES tells the tale of Amanda Devereaux, a woman with hidden talents, a crazy family and an uptight ex-fiancé. Bound and determined to make a normal life for herself away from her Voodoo family, she encourages her mind to ignore her instincts and fall in love with Cliff. During their engagement, she makes the one mistake that so many couples make in their relationships; at his insistence, she introduces Cliff to her crazy family. With a vampire hunting sister and fortune telling relatives, it really shouldn¿t be a surprise that Cliff ran as fast as his snobbish legs could carry him and quickly broke off the engagement. Distraught by finding herself along yet again and angered that her family can¿t seem to grow up and quit pretending, we find Amanda at the beginning of the book, bitter and lonely. Enter Kyrian of Thrace. In FANTASY LOVER, Book One of the Dark-Hunter series, we are introduced to Kyrian¿s character only briefly through Julian of Macedon¿s tales. In his time, Kyrian was a fantastic warrior, holding back armies with practically nothing but his own sword, sharp tongue and brute strength. Alas, a perfect life can never last and when the unthinkable happens, Kyrian finds himself thrown into a world of danger and above all, darkness. As a Dark-Hunter, he finds strength in his continued existence as a warrior and lives year by year content with caring for himself. Well, that is until the night he awakes to find himself handcuffed to the prim and entirely disbelieving Amanda.I found the tension between Kyrian and Amanda to really be the best aspect of NIGHT PLEASURES. There really is not a lot of free space where we as the reader are allowed to wind down. Kenyon keeps the tension growing and ebbing, pulling us along and creating depth to the story. Just when we think that Kyrian and Amanda might get over themselves and come to find peace in each other, another roadblock is thrown up and we find that they are separated again. I won¿t tell you how the story ends, but rest assured your emotions will get quite the workout as you turn the pages. In NIGHT PLEASURES, we do get to meet a few new characters, but as a series should, Kenyon only gives us enough information about each character and their background to make them a substantial part of the story, leaving the rest for us to discover through future books. I love how she introduces us to the Dark-Hunter world, giving us enough information to learn about this new, intriguing set of circumstances and yet leaving us begging for more. Fair warning time: With a title like NIGHT PLEASURES, there is no doubting that this is an adult book. There are some graphic scenes but they all add something special to the story. Kenyon has a wonderful way of writing, expressing feeling and working with our senses. Her words are well placed and really help to bring the reader down into the action.Overall, I found NIGHT PLEASURES to be a very enjoyable read. If it weren¿t for the other books that require my attention I would already have my nose in the next installment of the series, NIGHT EMBRACE. I do highly recommend this book to anyone that likes their stories mixed with romance, action and the perfect touch of the paranormal.