Nikki and Fritz

Nikki and Fritz

by Julie Burton


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ISBN-13: 9781524695644
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/13/2017
Pages: 72
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.20(d)

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On a stormy, December night on a mountain in North Carolina, a lost fawn was wandering around. It was dark, but by some stroke of luck, the cold little fawn found her way through the gates to Paradise Way, a farm on the top of the mountain. The farm was known for taking care of lost, unwanted and injured animals of all kinds. The owner was a girl named Zoey. She loved the animals she cared for like they were family. Once an animal came to Paradise Way, they had a place to stay and people to love them for life.

While the winter winds of the December storm whipped through her farm, Zoey was in her warm cottage decorating for Christmas. All of a sudden, her dog Fritz stood at alert and ran to the door. He looked at her and began to whine. Zoey couldn't ignore Fritz. She knew something must be wrong outside, Fritz didn't want to be out in this storm, and even though he was a puppy, his instincts never failed him.

Opening the door and peeking out, Zoey could barely see through the raging storm. Fritz shoved his head through the door and bolted into the wicked storm. Zoey grabbed her jacket and shotgun, and followed Fritz into the night. There was something against the barn, but the night was so dark, and she couldn't tell what it was. She calmed Fritz down with a gentle pat, so they could get a closer look. Zoey could not believe her eyes, shivering in the shadows was a tiny fawn hiding from the nasty blizzard.

She carefully picked up the small deer, and wrapped her tiny body in her warm fleece coat. As the little deer nuzzled into Zoey's elbow she could feel her shivering, and knew she needed to hurry and get her inside the cottage by the cozy fire.

Once inside the cottage Zoey made her a warm bed on the hearth. "I think I'll call you Nicki, after Saint Nicholas," she said, petting the deer, "as a reminder that you're the best Christmas present I've ever gotten."

Fritz was quite confused. Just minutes ago, all he did was smell something out of place, and knew he needed to let Zoey know about it. He didn't know that that smell would end up becoming a houseguest. Much less a houseguest that Zoey would give all her attention to! Fritz figured this was only for the night. He had seen Zoey take care of lost pets before in the few months he had been with her. He figured he would make the best of it for now and share his warm bed by the fire for tonight.

Just tonight.

As the sun rose the next morning, the vet came to check Nicki. "This little fawn was quite lucky to stumble into Paradise Way," said the vet, "I don't think she would have survived the night in that nasty winter storm."

Little Nicki made herself right at home she had no problem living in Zoey's quaint country cottage. She looked at Fritz and thought maybe she could be a dog too. She liked her new life. Nicki was young, curious, and very brave. She was also determined to befriend Fritz, even though he was jealous of all the attention she had been getting, and wanted nothing to do with her most of the time.

Nicki would follow Fritz around the farm almost like his shadow. Fritz thought not a chance was this strange little animal okay to have around, and then, Zoey started bringing Nicki in the truck with her and Fritz. Fritz didn't like this at all. In the past, the truck rides used to be a special time that just he and Zoey shared. She would roll down the window and let Fritz stick his head out, and watch the trees roll by. Fritz barked and barked when Zoey put Nicki in the car, just to be clear it was his special time with Zoey. Nicki ignored Fritz's protest and pushed past him. She may be intruding on their time together, but Fritz made sure he was the one to sit closest to Zoey. He would give up his window time to make his point that Zoey was his person. He would tolerate Nicki, sure, but there was no way he would be happy about it.

Everyone who visited Paradise Way told Zoey how cute they thought Fritz and Nicki were together, and how they would be best friends, but Zoey wasn't sure. She sure hoped they were right. Nicki and Fritz were getting along better, but Zoey knew Fritz was still jealous.

It took a lot of coaxing from Zoey to get Fritz to let Nicki follow him, but slowly, Fritz began to realize that the little fawn was not trying to take Zoey away from him. In fact, she was just looking for friends. Eventually, he even started to play with her.

Fritz began to think that Nicki wasn't so bad after all. When Zoey went somewhere, both Nicki and Fritz would jump in the truck to join her. Fritz would even let Nicki sit close to Zoey on occasion. Soon they were best friends, just as everyone predicted. They spent every minute of every day together.

The fawn and the pup loved going for truck rides. Nicki thought Fritz was crazy for sticking his head out the window. Even though she was adventurous, this was too much for her. As they passed through the small mountain towns, people would point and stare at the deer and the dog in Zoey's truck. It wasn't long before she was known throughout the region as the girl with the deer and the dog.

Fritz and Nicki got bigger and braver, and started exploring on their own, and there was so much for them to explore! The people who lived on the mountain looked forward to seeing them. They always played with Nicki and Fritz, and gave them treats whenever they'd visit. They would always let Zoey know where the pair was and what they'd been up to. Zoey felt lucky that everyone cared so much for her animal friends. She loved all the animals that lived with her on the farm, but Nicki and Fritz had a very special place in her heart. Fritz and Nicki loved their carefree life.


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