No Earls Allowed

No Earls Allowed

by Shana Galen

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It is a truth universally acknowledged
that a lady can do anything a man can do:
backwards and in high-heeled dancing slippers.

Lady Juliana, daughter of the Earl of St. Maur, needs all the help she can get. She's running a ramshackle orphanage, London's worst slumlord has illicit designs on her, and her father has suddenly become determined to marry her off.

Enter Major Neil Wraxall, bastard son of the Marquess of Kensington, sent to assist Lady Juliana in any way he can. Lucky for her, he's handy with repairs, knows how to keep her and the orphans safe, and is a natural leader of men.

Unfortunately for both of them, the scandal that ensues from their mutual attraction is going to lead them a merry dance...

The Survivors Series:
Third Son's a Charm (Book 1)
No Earls Allowed (Book 2)
An Affair With a Spare (Book 3)

Praise for Third Son's a Charm:
"Shana Galen's deliciously brooding hero and delightfully quirky heroine turn this tale of adventure into an endearing love story that kept me up all hours reading....Wonderful!"Sabrina Jeffries, New York Times bestselling author

"Shana Galen delivers again!...A sharp, poignant battle of wills between a wonderful wounded hero and the only heroine brave enough to get past his defenses. Don't miss it!" Eileen Dreyer, New York Times bestselling author

"Shana Galen charms readers with poignant and unforgettable characters, humor, and a passionate page-turning tale that's impossible to put down... Galen is an amazing talent and never disappoints."—Lorraine Heath, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781492639015
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 03/06/2018
Series: The Survivors , #2
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 236,435
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Shana Galen is three-time Rita award nominee and the bestselling author of passionate Regency romps, including the RT Reviewers' Choice The Making of a Gentleman. Kirkus says of her books, "The road to happily-ever-after is intense, conflicted, suspenseful and fun," and RT Bookreviews calls her books "lighthearted yet poignant, humorous yet touching." She taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston's inner city. Now she writes full time. She's happily married and has a daughter who is most definitely a romance heroine in the making.

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No Earls Allowed 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Major Neil Wraxall, after a few hours of fitful sleep, goes to the Draven Club. The Master of the House has a message from Neil’s father, the Marquess of Kensingon; Neil is to go fetch Lady Juliana, the daughter of his father’s long-time friend, the Earl of St. Maur. Juliana’s Sunnybrooke Home for Boys is far from sunny: the building is decrepit, the cook just quit, and the boys are misbehaving. Juliana has been there a few months, and it has never been worse. She had to hurry for an emergency, and to top it off, Mr. Slag, a crime lord, makes an unwanted appearance. Slag had already offered Juliana his “protection”, and his insistence is becoming more threatening. Neil knows Juliana needs help, but how can a soldier deal with a stubborn woman and a passle of wild boys? Neil still has nightmares over a mission gone wrong and the death of his brother; he does not feel equipped to deal with love. When her sister Harriett died, Juliana dealt with her grief in occupying herself with charity work, and it has come to mean everything for her, more than even thinking of having a family of her own. The handsome Major though is a welcome distraction, if a temporary one. While she doesn’t want Neil’s help, she cannot deny that the orphanage might need a man’s touch, and it was quite a sight to see the army man at work with the boys, and their pets. A slight trigger warning might be in order here for readers with a serious aversion to rats, because said pets are rats: Mark, Matthew, and Luke. A single line had me in stitches: “We don’t discuss John”. Even though Juliana and Neil don’t see eye to eye when it comes to her presence at the orphanage, Neil cannot deny that the boys need help, which proves to be an eye-opener for him. Working alongside the fetching Juliana is no hardship either, and I loved the build-up to the culmination of their attraction: it was perfectly timed; nothing was rushed; it was just lovely and always believable; you know their love will last. NO EARLS ALLOWED, book #2 in the Survivors series, stands perfectly on its own, and while Neil is joined briefly by some of his comrades, but newcomers to the series will not feel lost. NO EARLS ALLOWED is a gentle and very romantic story where Juliana and Neil act like adults; there are no misunderstandings, no miscommunications, no undue silliness, and the action feels realistic, which is a rare thing these days. And let’s not forget the darkly mysterious Jasper and the irresistibly roguish Rafe. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
PamO More than 1 year ago
No Earls Allowed is Book 2 in Shana Galen's Survivors Series which features Draven's Dozen, the surviving members of Col Draven's Suicide Squad. This book features Major Neil Wraxall, the bastard son of the Marquess of Kensington. Neil, aka "The Warrior", was the former squad leader for Col. Draven. He is still suffering screaming nightmares and flashbacks from his time on the battlefield. Neil, being 1/2 Italian, has olive skin but with a golden hue. He also has turquoise eyes that mesmerize everyone. Our heroine is Lady Juliana, last surviving daughter to Earl St. Maur, She has taken a vow of spinsterhood, much to her father's annoyance. She is willful, impulsive, and stubborn. She's barely over 5 feet with long red hair and lots of curves. Lady Juliana is running an orphanage for 12 boys in the slums of Spitalfield, London. It is a falling down mess. the roof leaks, the stove smokes, her cook and the teacher quit on the same day, and her manservant is never around and seems to do even less. If that wasn't enough, the local crime lord, Mr. Slag, has decided that Lady Juliana can either pay 1000 pounds for his protection, or she can turn her body over to him for his pleasure. Blecch. Julia just wants to hide under the covers. Neil, home from the war, receives a message that his father has an assignment for him. The assignment seems simple enough: do a favor for the Marquess' friend. The friend is Earl St. Maur, and the favor is to bring Lady Juliana home to Mayfair so she will "stop playing at her charity work". Well when Neil gets to the orphanage everything is in chaos and he quickly realizes that this favor is not going to be quick or easy in the slightest. Especially because of his unexpected and overwhelming attraction to the Lady Juliana. Neil ends up staying at the orphanage to help; with the organization and cleaning, the feeding of the boys, the safety and maintenance of the premises, and finally with Mr. Slag, which is an entire adventure story in and of itself. Intertwined throughout this is the burgeoning romance of Neil and Julianne. Both of them have painful pasts that, combined with the differences in their stations, put additional barriers between them. A nice treat is that Ewan and Rafe from Third Son's a Charm make an appearance and we get to visit with them again. I'm looking forward to Rafe's story! Shana's writing is always full of humor while pulling at the heartstrings. While I would not consider this a deep philosophical book by any stretch of the imagination, it is not your typical Regency Romance with ton balls and house parties. This story deals (lightly) with PTSD, grief, street gangs, and the sad plight of the forgotten child. But at the same time it is full of love, laughter and hope...all things we can use a little more of in our lives. *I received an ARC in exchange for my fair and impartial review.
nku More than 1 year ago
No Earls Allowed (The Survivors, #2) by Shana Galen ... This is Neil and Juliana's story and I couldn't put it down... Thanks to #NetGalley for letting me preview this book. Neil is the bastard son of the Marquess of Kensington ( his father recognized him and educated him) but he vows never to sire any bastards. He is a war hero...Juliana is the daughter of the Earl of St. Maur (who vows to never marry.) He tries to get her to return home and leave the orphanage and she entices him to help her. There is danger from a vile man..laughs ....tears...and a HEA... And I can't forget Mathew, Luke and John and the other men from Draven's troop.... I hope they all get their own story.
HeyerF4n More than 1 year ago
The Warrior. Neil Wraxham (Warrior) returned from the Napoleonic Wars a haunted man, unable to sleep without nightmares and using alcohol to blunt his emotions. If it wasn’t for his fellow survivors, so close they are like blood brothers, it is doubtful he would function in any type of meaningful way. Our hero meets the heroine when he is tasked with returning Lady Juliana to her home in Mayfair; her father wants her to stop playing at her charity work (a rundown orphanage in crime riddled Spitalfields). Neil thinks it will be a simple assignment but he has yet to meet the obstinate, headstrong, impulsive and very beautiful Lady Juliana. Loved this story and how Neil was able to open his heart to a tribe of little boys and an unusual (for her class) woman and finally make peace with his past. Looking forward to the next Survivor story, will it be Jasper or Rafe? I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.
krazymama_98 More than 1 year ago
Lady Juliana is determined to make a safe and successful place of this Sunnybrooke Home for Boys. At all costs. These boys need her. They need a safe place to live and grow and become men. But it is the 'costs' part that is making it so very difficult for her. Major Neil Wraxall has been enlisted to convince Juliana that she must return home. She must let someone else manage the home for boys. Major Wraxall believes he can easily solve this problem. And make everyone happy at the same time. But then, he does not know how much Juliana has invested herself in the home and the boys. Wraxall finds out very quickly that this is not going to be resolved as he had hoped. No Earls Allowed is a sweet story of romance unexpected. Generosity of the soul. Strength of spirit. We all must decide what matters most to us. And if we are very lucky, that person will make their way into your life. The person that will show you that you are worthy. You are worthy of love. Shana Galen has written a deeply emotional story. With very unusual and unique characters.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Neil Wraxall is one of a group of noble younger sons who met as soldiers and are now trying desperately to settle back into peaceful Society. When Neil is asked to help the Earl of St. Maur's daughter with a charity, Neil accepts, thinking it'll be easy. Lady Juliana has no use for high society. She's running a home for orphaned boys. Juliana is grateful for Neil-until she realizes she can't stop thinking about him. She doesn't like the distraction and wants him gone. But when Juliana pushes a local crime lord too far, she'll need Neil more than ever before. This was a cute and quick read. The plot was pretty standard, but the book flowed well with likable characters. I enjoyed reading it. I recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Suze-Lavender More than 1 year ago
Lady Juliana is running the Sunnybrooke Home for Boys practically on her own. Most of her staff has run away. The dilapidated building is in a bad neighborhood that isn't suitable for a woman of her standing, but Juliana cares enough about her twelve boys to face all the danger that comes her way. That means she keeps having to deal with the leader of the slums, who wants her body and her money. Juliana doesn't have any money, everything she has goes to the orphans, and she isn't willing to let an evil slumlord come anywhere near her. She needs protection, so when Neil arrives she's relieved for a short period of time. Neil is an army Major, a survivor who's now doing odd jobs for his father. He's the bastard son of a Marquess, never a true member of the ton, but well educated and connected. It's exactly what Julianna needs, until she finds out Neil is working for her father. Neil's assignment is to bring Lady Juliana home. He has to take her away from the orphanage, so she can be under her father's roof again. However, the twelve orphans she's looking after would be on their own if she'd leave. Neil is a great leader and he immediately takes charge. The boys listen to him and he makes plenty of necessary progress in just a short period of time. Neil isn't there to stay, the last thing he wants is being around children all day. Is it really so bad to spend time at the orphanage though? He admires Juliana in many ways and their attraction proves to be a problem. Neil isn't a member of the ton and Juliana is a lady who vowed never to get married, are they heading for trouble and can Neil finish his assignment? No Earls Allowed is a wonderful romantic story. Neil is a brave, but traumatized man. He's still having nightmares after everything he's witnessed during the war. He's a great leader and instinctively knows how to handle people. I loved how he manages to get the orphanage organized in only a short matter of time. The children are mostly adorable, but there are some older ones who need firm guidance to keep them out of trouble. Juliana has found the perfect man to help her with her mission, but being around Neil is quite a challenge. There are plenty of sparks and they know they shouldn't allow themselves to act on them, but that's incredibly difficult. I loved watching their attraction grow and couldn't wait to find out if these two lovely people would have a chance at happiness together. Shana Galen skillfully combines romance with suspense. I love how every chapter of her story offers a new unexpected twist. Her vibrant and thorough descriptions of her main characters, their surroundings and their emotions are making each story she writes a joy to read. No Earls Allowed is charming, captivating and enchanting. Shana Galen is a skilled story teller, everything she writes about effortlessly comes to life. She balances friendship, finding true love and attraction with crazy criminals, gripping events and many challenges, which works very well. No Earls Allowed is an amazing compelling story laced with humor and heartwarming charm.
LaurieG0 More than 1 year ago
I like how committed Juliana was to helping the orphans and honoring her sister's and nephew's memory. She was a bit naive but determined to overcome all of the odds throw her way. Neil truly represents a survivor suffering from survivor's guilt, remorse over his brother's death, depression and dealing with being born a bastard. I liked how he chose to assist Juliana in her efforts to help the 12 young boys in the orphanage. In the end giving himself a reason to live and start loving again.
JustJuly More than 1 year ago
In his nightmares Major Neil Wraxall is still battling the violent war that took the lives of his men and his only brother. He may have come home a war hero but as an illegitimate son, he is at the beck and call of his father; who assigns Neil the impossible task of bringing the headstrong Lady Juliana back home from the rundown Sunnybrooke Home For Wayward Boys and the twelve rambunctious orphans she is trying to keep in order. Juliana isn't going anywhere . . . so neither is Neil, who soon finds himself whipping the motley crew of boys into shape. (In other news, I just got the title of this book...Get it? It's about a home for boys? No girls allowed. Also, I don't think there are any Earls in this book...Wraxall's father is a Marquess. . . ) No Earls Allowed sort of had the feel of a fun 80's rompy comedy as Neil uses his military know how to get the wayward boys in order . . .while also foiling a corruption plot? I don't usually go for books with kids in them, but there is something endearing about the flurry of chaos that erupts with everyone under one roof. This series is all about self-assured war heroes meeting their match with plucky headstrong heroines and Lady Juliana is no exception. Lady Juliana is determined to turn Sunnybrooke into a real home and while she accepts Neil's help, she refuses to let any of the boys slip out of her protection. Did I mention that this book has a virgin hero? I don't think it's that big of a spoiler because it doesn't have anything to do with the plot and is revealed early on. Knowing the difficulties of being an illegitimate child Neil never wanted to risk having one of his own. His choice to abstain is because of social constraints, something we usually only think about with women and I think it's worth noting Galen applies this to the hero. A heartwarming romance that isn't afraid to bring the heat.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
I absolutely adored Julia and Neil's story. Though I haven't yet read Ewan's (the first book in the series, Third Son's a Charm --there's no excuse, because I own a copy already!) it didn't matter a bit because this one worked just fine on its own. Though the brief glimpse we do get of Ewan has me more than curious about what his story could be so... (Sleep. It's totally overrated.) Events in Julia's past have propelled her from a life of luxury to take charge of a home for orphaned boys, which is where (former Army) Major Neil Wraxall, the recognized but illegitimate son of a marquess finds her while performing a job for his father. Neil thinks getting Lady Julia will be no problem at all, but obviously has more than a few thinks coming on that front... I loved that Ms. Galen gave all twelve of the boys at the orphanage such distinct personalities and made them all feel like characters in their own right rather than mere plot moppets. Watching them all interact with "Major" made for some of my favorite parts of the book. And those pet rats--LOL, he never will be free of them, that's for sure! With Julia and her boys within the sights of the local crime boss, there were many edge-of-your-seat moments in this book, nicely balanced with equally charged (but in a different way, of course!) moments between Julia and Neil. It was a refreshing change to have a hero and heroine who manage to stay (technical) virgins until their (you know it's coming, right? Slight spoiler here if not) wedding night; not to worry, though, they do get up to some other very steamy shenanigans in the meantime. I finished the book blinking back more than a few happy tears, looking forward to the next one in the series! Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
GHott More than 1 year ago
No Earls Allowed is a steamy, romantic, suspense that made me cry! While No Earls Allowed is much steamier than I enjoy, I did love this book! I just skimmed the parts I didn’t love. I loved watching Julia and Neil fall for each other as they saved themselves and the orphans from the dangers of London, and their pasts. The boys in the orphanage made my heart break while I laughed at their shenanigans. It was the perfect mix of realistic fiction.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
shana galen's survivor's series continues in no earls allowed, with the group's warrior, mr. neil wraxall taking center stage. when his father asks for his help retrieving the earl of st. maur's daughter from an orphanage, neil doesn't think much of the mission. he expects it to be completed in the course of an hour or two. but when he meets lady julianna, he quickly realizes that she is set on her path. she cannot leave the orphans behind, even as the orphanage itself falls to pieces around her. and neil can't leave her to struggle through setback after setback alone. he's already had to leave too many men behind him, he can't take leaving anymore. even if julianna isn't one of his men. even if they aren't at war any longer. this is the prism through which he understands life. and julianna, who can't leave anyone else behind either. who can't let go of the orphans she's given her heart and love to freely, will fight alongside him. and will prove herself to be the perfect partner. the one neil never knew he needed. **no earls allowed will publish on march 6, 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/sourcebooks casablanca in exchange for my honest review.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved Juliana and Neil story!! Neil was sent to bring Juliana home, but she would have none of it. Then of course, Neil decides to stay on and help her to fix up the orphanage. The more time they spend with each other, the stronger their attraction to each other gets. I loved the bantering between the two of them and it often had me laughing out loud. I also loved watching Neil with the boys. He commanded their respect but did it in a way that he got received their love! A wonderful addition to the Survivors series!! I can't wait for the next book in the series,
sweetpotato101 More than 1 year ago
As a disclaimer, I think I’ll say that I was in a bit of a reading slump during this time, and I think part of my disconnection might have been because of my headspace. Take this review how you will. No Earls Allowed is book two in Shana Galen’s The Survivors series. I had a hard time connecting to the characters, so this fell a bit flat for me. Neil has taken a world of responsibility on his shoulders, and he’s still feeling the repercussions years later. So when he’s assigned to bringing a family friend’s daughter back home, he takes the mission. How hard can it be? He isn’t prepared, however, for one, Lady Juliana. I enjoyed Lady Juliana the most. She finds purpose and need in taking care of a group of boys at the Sunnybrooke orphanage. So much so that she hasn’t really left. Finding former soldier Neil on her doorstep, ready to take her home, just isn’t going to happen. Neil for his part just isn't expecting quite a formidable opponent in Juliana. But she's putting a chink not only in his plans but in the shield he has erected around himself too. These two had really good chemistry in the beginning. The opening scene where they meet…absolute perfection! Galen has a masterful quality of telling a story and bringing characters—both the main MCs and secondary cast to life—and No Earls Allowed is no exception. But about 30% of the way through, things just felt…off. The conversations felt a bit awkward, and the secondary plot of taking care of everyday tasks took time and attention away from cultivating a true connection between Neil and Juliana. The ending just tended to drag, and that disconnect continued all the way through for me. I was bummed simply because I LOVED the first one. But while this was a bit of a miss for me, there were so many good qualities to it, too, that I might come back and try to re-read it again later. I’m definitely going to continue with this series. (Jasper is coming!!!) 3 stars.
Abigail Cutajar More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. No Earls Allowed is Shana Galen’s second book in the Survivors Series. This is The Warrior’s story, better known as Major Neil Wraxall, the recognized bastard son of the Marquess of Kensington. Neil is sent by the Marquess to assist his good friend, the Earl of St. Maur by helping his daughter in an orphanage she cares for in the Spitalfields and get her home to Mayfair pronto! However, what Neil imagined would be a simple mission ends being more complicated once he meets the said daughter, Lady Juliana or Julia as she prefers being called. A dilapidated orphanage needing repairing and securing, a dangerous slumlord with licentious designs on the lady, a group of unwanted children and three rats ensure there is enough chaos to last a lifetime! I love Shana Galen’s books! They are a perfect mixture of humour, adventure, danger, reality and romance. Both Neil and Juliana have gone through experiences which has changed them. While Juliana’s experience had brought about positive results, Neil was still stuck in his despairing thoughts of war. Children being children, the orphans were guilty of at least half of Juliana’s troubles, with their pranks and the way of life they knew in the slums. I like the fact that Ms. Galen included enough detail about most of the boys to give authenticity to the story, even including traits and characteristics of conditions which at the time were unknown to the world and might have made the children unwanted or difficult to raise. You cannot have a Shana Galen book without an element of danger and adventure. This comes in the form of local slumlord Mr. Slag who provides the perfect villain for Neil to save Juliana from, despite her fearlessness and courage. Obviously, the other Survivors appear to lend a hand to their Major when needed, despite their fear of ‘babysitting’ the children. Leaving the best for the last, Ms. Galen always manages to provide comic relief in the form of a cheeky pet. In this case, there were the three rats the orphans adopted and played with. Thanks to Ms. Galen for providing another keeper! I highly recommend No Earls Allowed!
FaeScot More than 1 year ago
Oh I love Shana's Survivors series. These men have been through hell from the war and they have to figure out how to live after being in a suicide squad that no one expected them to survive. The are the best of the best and live with guilt over the death of their comrades. Each one has a special hell that visits them with PTSD before it was understood. They have a club and support each other as their brothers. Each were cast offs from their respective families. Neil Wraxall, recognized illegitimate son of the Marquess of Kensington is the leader of the group and carries the death of each one of his men as he ordered their respective mission. He was raised and educated like the society sons but not socially included because of his birth. I has no place is society and is kinda lost. He does odd jobs for his Father and gets an allowance that keeps him well set. He's sent on an errand to take the Earl of St. Maur's (his Father's dear friend) only surviving daughter, Lady Julianna, home from the orphanage she runs in the Spitalfields rookery, a London slum. She's was drawn there after the tragic death of her best friend sister who did various charity work. It was her way do deal with her extreme grief and to keep her sister's memory alive. There were more reasons but that would be spoilers. Her father fears for her safety and wants her home. Neil thinks easy-peasy. He hasn't tangled with the very stubborn and determined Lady Julianna. What a battle! But he's up to it with his military background. He'll secure the house and marshall the boys just like his troup. Each of these characters are dealing with tragedy and grief. As Neil works to keep Julianna safe and the 12 orphan boys productive he can't help develop a great deal of respect for Julianna. She on the other hand resents his presence at first but he makes himself so helpful and things are improving. He discovers the local crime boss has nefarious designs on her and that's just not going happen on his watch. And so grows the adventure. An oh what a action filled twisty adventure. Neil discovers his heart isn't dead and Julianna discovers she needs unconditional love in her life. Shana has a way of developing and growing her characters you just want to embrace. You root for them to succeed. I love the heart of her stories and how her emotion translate onto the page. Thank you so much Shana for penning this story! It's another favorite. And thank you to her publisher Sourcebooks (such an awesome stable of authors under their banner) for allowing me to review this for my honest review.
Noire More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley to read in exchange for a fair review. No Earls Allowed is the second book in Shana Galen’s exciting new series The Survivors. You can read this book as a stand alone but I really enjoyed the first one so I would suggest reading them both. Major Neil Wraxall is the natural son of the Marquess of Kensington who has always acknowledged him. When Neil’s brother is killed during battle he accepts a commission to head up a suicide squad during the war with France. He has returned from the war suffering from PTSD and guilt for surviving when others did not. Lady Juliana, daughter of the Earl of St Maur too has suffered a great loss in her life, her sister and nephew and she has channeled her grief into running a terribly decrepit orphanage. These two clash when Neil is sent by their fathers to bring her back to Mayfair. Juliana has no intention of leaving the boys in the orphanage especially now that her teacher and cook have quit and she is being harassed by the local gang leader Slag who has designs on her making Neil’s job a lot more complicated. Their adventure is quite exciting, very steamy and I highly recommend it. Publishing Date March 6, 2018. #NoEarlsAllowed #NetGalley
grammyx3 More than 1 year ago
For me this was a truly different Regency romance setting anad I really liked the change. Yes, there are some balls and other society events but most of the story takes place in Spitalfields, a "not-so-nice" section of London. Lady Juliana, daughter of the Earl of St. Muir, has taken upon herself the running of an orphange there. Her father wants her back home so Major Neill Wraxall is sent to return her to her father. A simple job for one of the Survivors of Lt. Colonel Draven's suicide squad during the Napoleonic Wars or so Major Wraxall thought until he met the very determined, very stubborn Lady Juliana. Shana Galen has written a delightful story which has an intriguing plot, well defined conflict and a satisfying resolution, three-dimensional characters and meaningful dialogue. This is the second book in The Survivor Series. Book #3 can't be released soon enough as far as I am concerned.
JoRead More than 1 year ago
Neil is sent on a new mission: bring Lady Juliana back home after she’s spent months away taking care of orphan children. What was supposed to be an in-and-out kind of mission turned out to be the life changing event that neither Neil nor Lady Juliana had planned on. The story was a riot and a half. Neil is the kind of man that may seem reserved but in reality is pretty laid-back. I liked that he knew what to do, when to do it, and the best way to go about facing a new challenge. Even though Juliana was pretty inexperienced in everything she set her mind to, she was no simpleton and faced everything with as much mettle as she could muster.The plot itself was unpredictable and unique. I mean, I don't think I've ever read about ladies accepting rats for pets of their children (ee-ew, eewww, EEEWWWW!). The children were sweet and good-natured, even those that rebelled and may had caused some trouble because of their circumstances showed great character. I for one don't like reading much about children but when they are written with as much heart and wit then I will take them any time! Juliana and Neil simmered in passion for each other but didn't take their relationship to the next level until they knew for sure that's what they both wanted. And when it happened it was sublime, honest, and oh, so sweet. I always complain about authors creating this far-fetched, earth-shattering event when the couple makes love for the first time because although nice to read, is it really like that in real life? I thought the author did a great job here giving me a more realistic, couple-in-love moment. I also loved that all the survivors made an appearance. We dug farther into the lives of some of them and we get to see more of Ewan, my boyfriend from the first book-- I mean the hero from the first book in the series. The story had a villain that didn't get to play much of a villain however his presence gave the survivors plenty to do and caused Juliana lots of headaches and heartaches. If anything I would have liked Juliana's growth to be more palpable but it was more on paper than in her character. All in all it was a great read that left me wanting more in a good way. ** I was gifted a copy of this book and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher. **
def618 More than 1 year ago
I started reading this book and couldn’t put it down. This is the second book in Shana Galen’s The Survivors series. You don’t need to have read the first one, but some of the characters in that book appear in this one. The hero of this book is Neil Wraxall, a hero of the Napoleonic war and leader of Draven’s group that we would call a special ops team. He is the bastard son of a Marquess but has always been recognized and provided for. He still has nightmares from the war and guilt that his half-brother died, and he survived. His father asks him to help his friend, the Earl St. Maur, bring his daughter home from the orphanage she runs. Lady Juliana is devoted to the boys at the run down home she is determined to improve. The home is in Spitalfields and a crime lord runs the area. When Neil arrives, he learns the cook has quit, the building needs repairs and there is no food. To keep order and make repairs, he treats the boys like soldiers, giving them tasks to do. Lady Juliana is not sure about him being there but appreciates the help. There is a lot more happening in this book, but it is not a story I will spoil. Lady Juliana has a reason for wanting to help children. I highly recommend this book and look forward to more of this series.
georgia1 More than 1 year ago
Wonderful, Enchanting, Intriguing, Emotional and there are so many more words to describe this amazing book. It literally held me captive until 2:30 in the morning because I could not put it down. At the last page my heart was smiling!! Shana Galen took the hero Major Neil Wraxall, bastard son of a Marquess and made his character come to life, with all of his haunting memories from the war. He and the heroine Lady Juliana, spoiled daughter of an Earl evolve right there on each page as each deals with their issues and each others. Juliana has been devoting herself to an orphanage and trying to keep it afloat with 12 boys, who will make you want to just jump in and help them. The story begins when Neil is sent on a simple mission to fetch Juliana and make her go home as she has been spending too much time at the orphanage. You see, his father is a good friend of Juliana's father so there is a connection. Enough said. What follows is a an entertaining, sometimes funny (yes there are pets you will squeal about!) and at times dangerous journey as Neil and Juliana spark a friendship (ok I might say slow burn) while trying to navigate the care of the boys and outside forces that are determined to cause harm. I truly am caught and pulled in by this series "The Survivors" and cannot wait to see who comes up next!!!! Thank you Shana for writing this story and touching my heart..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Shana Galen has done it again and written a fantastic read. In this second book of her Survivor's series, we enjoy Juliana and Neil's HEA. I liked this premise. Juliana and Neil are well written characters with unique back stories that directly relates to their actions throughout this story. I loved Juliana's unwavering faith and determination to provide a safe environment for the orphans even with the scum of the earth trying to stop her. I loved Neil and how he steps up. I know that Juliana and Neil are meant for each other. This is a very well written story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
JackieBCentralTexasJB More than 1 year ago
Book Info Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages Expected publication: March 6th 2018 by Sourcebooks Casablanca ISBN 149263901X (ISBN13: 9781492639015) Edition Language English Series The Survivors #2 Other Editions (1) Source:Netgalley EARC Buy book from Amazon B&N BOOK BLURB It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lady can do anything a man can do: backwards and in high-heeled dancing slippers. Lady Juliana, daughter of the Earl of St. Maur, needs all the help she can get. She's running a ramshackle orphanage, London's worst slumlord has illicit designs on her, and her father has suddenly become determined to marry her off. Enter Major Neil Wraxall, bastard son of the Marquess of Kensington, sent to assist Lady Juliana in any way he can. Lucky for her, he's handy with repairs, knows how to keep her and the orphans safe, and is a natural leader of men. Unfortunately for both of them, the scandal that ensues from their mutual attraction is going to lead them a merry dance... My Thoughts Finally a Historical Romantic Suspense that involves both the wealthy and the poor elements of London in a wholly believable manner to me. Lady Juliana, who prefers to be called Julia, has found herself in a bit of a predicament when not only her maid but the cook and teacher that she depended on for keeping things running in the orphanage have all left. Not only that but the man servant who is supposed to be making repairs to the dilapidated building keeps disappearing daily as well rather than doing his job as she expects him to do. Enter Neil Wraxall, bastard son of a Marquess and retired soldier, a man whom her father has hired to persuade Julia to return home and leave the squalor of London behind. Having found herself deeply attached to the 12 boys in her care the lady in question refuses to go anywhere, not even when threatened by the local crime lord who is also a threat to the boys in an even more sinister fashion. Julia and Neil join forces, albeit somewhat reluctantly on his part, finding that working together they not only rally each others ability to cope with the rowdy group in their care but also forge an emotional attachment that neither quite knows how to handle due to their respective past experiences. As has already been pointed out, Julia can easily slip from her former role as a fashionable lady into the more practical role of head of an orphanage. Neil himself wears many hats in this story not least of which is that of seducer when the overwhelming attraction he feels for Julia can no longer be denied. Not only do the boys steal the show over and over but their choice of pets in Mathew, Mark and Luke prove that even a lowly rat has the ability to inspire affection in someone who otherwise would just consider them to be vermin that needed to be disposed of rather than cuddled close. Filled with a veritable cornucopia of antics that will make one chuckle a time or two, as well as want to spank a few boys then hug them, this story was very enjoyable to me. Like Ewan Mostyn before him Neil Wraxall never stood a chance! [EArc from Netgalley]