No Flowers Required

No Flowers Required

by Cari Quinn

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Flower shop owner Alexa Conroy had it all before the recession hit and her customers fled to cheaper shopping grounds. Desperate to make ends meet, she sells her dream home and moves into the rundown apartments above her shop. When she spots six feet of sexy distraction—complete with muscles, piercings, and tattoos—ripping up flooring, Alexa knows the karmic windfall she's due just landed on her doorstep. And the attraction's definitely not one-sided.

Dillon James, reluctant heir to the corporation about to foreclose on Alexa's shop, is not about to jeopardize their scorching chemistry by admitting he's not the building's handyman. But with only weeks until her business goes under and his identity is revealed, Dillon must find a way to convince Alexa cooperation isn't a dirty word, help her save the shop from his brother's greed, and persuade her that he's not the enemy…or risk losing the only woman who's seen the real him.

Each book in the Love Required series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 No Dress Required
Book #2 No Flowers Required
Book #3 No Romance Required
Book #4 No Promises Required

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622669677
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 08/20/2012
Series: Love Required Series , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 281
Sales rank: 220,748
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

By day, multi-published author Cari Quinn saves the world one Photoshop file at a time in her job as a graphic designer. At night, she writes sexy romance, drinks a lot of coffee, and plays her music way too loud. When she's not scribbling furiously, she's watching men's college basketball, reading excellent books and causing trouble. Sometimes simultaneously.

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No Flowers Required

A Love Required Novel

By Cari Quinn, Heather Howland

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2012 Cari Quinn
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-967-7


This was officially the crappiest day of Alexa Conroy's life.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" Harvey Walton, her real estate agent, asked. He'd called to make sure she was happy with how the sale of her home had gone, and she'd yet to do little more than answer in short sentences.

She'd sold her dream house for a very good price in a depressed market. How could she complain? The discount-store violet Harvey had sent didn't exactly thrill her, but she couldn't fault the gesture. Nope, it was the obvious red-and-white sticker of her nemesis, Value Hardware, on the bottom of the pot she faulted, not Harvey.

The only good thing about her new apartment was that she wouldn't have to see her nemesis down the block unless she pressed her forehead against the window. And since said window had enough grime to reduce the outward view significantly, she wasn't going to touch the thing, especially with her face.

"No, thanks," she said, setting the violet on the windowsill. Judging from its wilted state, it would probably be dead in a couple days. "Out of curiosity, why did you choose to buy the violet from Value Hardware? I assure you no one on their staff knows flowers like I do."

At Harvey's silence, she gusted out a sigh. She didn't need to take out her frustration on him. It wasn't his fault that if she saw one more of Value's signature smiley-face balloons around town she'd probably go postal. Or was it floral, since she operated a floral shop?

"I'm sorry, Harvey," she said, pressing her fingertips against her forehead. God, she needed a massage. Not in the budget, buttercup. "I appreciate all your help. You made the whole process painless." As painless as it could be to sell the house she'd hoped to live in for the rest of her life. But she'd done it for the right reasons, and that made all the difference. No doom and gloom here. "So I should receive the check by next week?"

"By the end of next week, definitely."

Her brain blinked out on his talk of administrative procedures as she noticed the large spider building a tapestry—screw calling it a web, this thing was big enough to occupy a wall of a museum—in the closet where she'd planned on putting her clothes. Her designer wardrobe just happened to be the last shred of her freewheeling, party-girl lifestyle. She didn't even get to have the sex that went with it anymore, since she'd involuntarily taken up celibacy as a participant sport.

Despite her general malaise lately, she wasn't going to balk about killing one of God's creatures out of misplaced sympathy. There was a line that couldn't be crossed by man or nature. Infringing on her woefully inadequate closet space was it.

"Alexa?" Harvey asked. "Are you still there?"

"Yeah, sorry. I have a situation to attend to. But thanks again, and I'll be sure to call the next time I have a real estate—" She broke off. Uh-uh. No. The only real estate she had left was her shop, and that was rented. She had no intention of looking for new retail space, so she would have no use for Harvey. Ever. "Take care, Harvey," she said with her brightest smile as she clicked off.

Time to do some bug excavation.

She sidestepped her marmalade cat, Trixie, who seemed intent on tripping her, and seized her damp sponge and bucket. The whole apartment needed a thorough scour before she settled in, if she even could. She certainly didn't have many comforts of home yet. Her flat-screen TV, long leather couch, Tiffany-style floor lamp, and two end tables, plus her queen-size air mattress and the battered kitchen table left from the previous tenants, filled most of the space.

Oh, and she couldn't forget the contents of her "bedroom." She winced at the curtain of purple beads she'd jerry-rigged to section off the alcove that contained her air mattress. All she needed was a lava lamp and a black light and she'd be in her own sixties nightmare.

Narrowing her eyes, she studied the spider and its spindly legs. Already she could feel her resolve wavering. She glanced at the windows. Maybe she could dump the spider on the fire escape.

She glanced at her fat sponge. Or she could smash it and move on with her day.

Pretend it's Value Hardware. That she could do.

All she had to do was visualize the hardware store's sterile white walls and its annoyingly efficient robot-slash-droid-slash-checkout people, who were only too happy to load discount flower displays into the backs of minivans. After all, they had half an aisle of hastily assembled arrangements. Why visit Alexa's store, Divine Flowers, when a person could make do with something that cost half as much?

Craftsmanship and exquisite blooms didn't mean much in a crappy economy, and she got that. Hell, her own personal economy was currently in the shitter, so how could she quibble?

She needed to off the happy little spider—which really wasn't that monstrous in the right light—and get cleaning the rest of her new dwellings.

Water. That would kill the spider more humanely. Right.

Determined, she marched into the bathroom to turn on the faucet, prepared to soak her sponge and kick spider ass. A gush of liquid fountained down her front. "Holy shit. Seriously?"

Grumbling, she knelt to study the pipes, sure she could figure this out on her own. Was a washer loose? Maybe if she dug her screwdriver out of her pink ladies' toolbox she could tighten something. Or screw something. Or something something to stop the damn water now trickling on the floor.

She'd been a homeowner and she ran a business, solo. Surely she could—

At the sound of water burbling in the pipes, she squealed and overcompensated, falling back on her butt. Over went the bucket and sponges she'd dropped the first time she'd gotten sprayed. Her ass hit the cracked tile floor hard, jarring her bones and bruising her in unpleasant places.

Before she could be treated to any more impromptu baths, she crawled up on her knees and turned off the spigot. The chlorine-scented water had already made the place reek like a pool house. She rubbed her damp forehead and caught her breath. Or tried to.

First she'd discovered that the air-conditioning was undependable at best, and it was only mid-August. Now this. What if this was just the beginning? If there were water issues, how would she wash her dishes? How would she bathe?

"Oh my God. Breathe." She rose and willed herself not to have a panic attack. She hadn't had one in years, and now would not be a good day to start.

Everything was fine. First day in her new place and she had an extra from Arachnophobia chilling in her closet and a nonfunctional sink. No big deal.

"You forgot that tonight you're sleeping on an air mattress shielded by a beaded curtain," she muttered at her reflection, taking in her lopsided topknot and the streak of dirt on her cheek. She'd also developed a few more wrinkles since this morning, which probably wasn't too surprising.

She smudged the lines on the mirror and noticed they came off on her fingertips. At this point, she almost preferred thinking her age-relief face cream had failed. Otherwise it meant she'd moved into a serious dump, and if so, whose fault was that?

The afternoon she'd signed the rental agreement—the day she'd put her gorgeous mountain hideaway on the market—came roaring back with sterling clarity. The only thing that had mattered was finding a cheap, affordable apartment close to work. Couldn't get much closer than two flights above her store, right? The rest of the building looked snazzy enough—on the outside. On the inside, it was a big ol' mess.

But she wasn't going to stand for it. She'd be damned if she dealt with face-eating spiders and bathroom flooding in the same day.

She refastened her sloppily chic bun. Her makeup had worn off hours ago and her cute purple top no longer looked so fresh. Especially not with the giant water splotch over one breast. Too bad she didn't have the time or energy to change. Besides, the odds were slim she'd encounter a hot guy on her way to speak to the scarily efficient-looking building manager.

Her long skirt clung to her legs, but it didn't alter her single-minded march across her apartment. She had her game face on, and she was prepared to do battle. They wouldn't railroad her into accepting deplorable conditions. She'd just demand that her sink be serviced immediately. Then she'd do a quick tidying job on the apartment, clean herself up, and go have dinner with her best friend, Nellie.

She headed down the hall, only wobbling a bit on her waterlogged Christian Louboutins. The audible squish really didn't add anything to her mood, but she had more important things to worry about at the moment.

Abruptly, Alexa stopped in front of an open apartment door and widened her eyes. Who was that?

A man wearing tight jeans and a black T-shirt stretched tight over a taut back meant for fingernail marks knelt in the middle of an apartment with a floor plan just like hers, methodically ripping up strips of the laminate. He faced away from her, which gave her the perfect opportunity to study the bunch and flex of muscles in his sinewy forearms. He wore some sort of copper cuff around one wrist, and a tattoo flashed from under the sleeve on his other arm. She couldn't make out what the tat was, but one thing she could discern with no trouble at all.

Beefcake boy had a hell of an ass.

Which brought her thoughts around full circle to her streak of celibacy. She couldn't fix all the problems in her life in one go, but was a night of blow-the-roof-off spectacular sex too much to ask for?

No. It damn well wasn't. Besides, there was more to life than work, and she was doing everything she could there. She'd started to import more specialty flowers from far-flung places. Delicate blooms rarely seen around the hills of Pennsylvania. She'd hired an amazing new floral designer at substantial cost. Soon, no one would doubt that Divine Flowers was a force to be reckoned with. With her new designer, she would be more equipped to handle splashier events. Eventually, when the budget allowed, she'd be able to hire a whole team of designers.

Divine would survive. Thrive, even. No matter what it took.

She knocked on the open door, then knocked again when he kept working. Diligent. She liked that. "Excuse me?"


That he didn't turn to face her moderately grated, but hey, she still had his ass to observe. She didn't mind talking to his backsi—err, back.

Better yet, perhaps she'd found someone to make her very happy to be alive for a few hours. Someone who would make her forget about huge spiders, possibly ruined boots, and impending financial collapse. Maybe, just maybe, this guy would fit the bill.

Though she should probably talk to him before she started plotting sex-capades.

"I'm assuming you're the building handyman?" she prompted.

His lengthy hesitation earned him a frown he didn't bother to shift around to see. "Need some service, ma'am?"

Her frown spread. She wasn't used to being ignored, at least not when she'd almost made up her mind to rock his world. "I have a leak."

He set down his stripping tool and swiveled on his knees toward her. Though he wasn't smiling, he didn't seem annoyed by the interruption either. A handy thing, that, since his face sucked the thoughts from her head. Yeah. He'll do.

She was due a karmic windfall after all she'd gone through recently, wasn't she? Maybe this—he—was it.

If not, there was always the purple wand with butterfly attachment in her suitcase.

She wouldn't have called him traditionally handsome. His jaw was too square, his eyebrows too slashing. A copper ring highlighted one of them, stealing her attention from his large, long-lashed eyes, though from this distance she couldn't tell their color. He wore his dark blond hair in a buzz cut, grown out enough to make her want to feel the prickle against her palm.

His mouth quirked when she continued to silently catalog his features as if he were the featured male model in an underwear advertisement. Slowly, he dragged his own gaze down her body, but she didn't look down to see what he saw. He held her riveted, as did that intriguing fluttering thing happening in her belly. She hadn't fluttered in regard to a man in way too long.

"You do look a little ... wet." He didn't smile, but his amusement came through loud and clear.

Alexa looked down and gasped. Her flowing cream skirt with its miniature purple flowers had gone from sheer to transparent. It stuck to her legs from ankle to hip, highlighting everything—including her blush-pink panties. She might as well have not been wearing a slip at all.

"It's the sink," she managed, so mortified that her throat closed around the words. She could deal with moving out of her dream home. Could handle extreme business competition. What she couldn't face were fashion faux pas that led to entertaining random handymen. "I was going to clean and the sink threw up all over me!"

"You were cleaning, princess?" He rose from the floor and rubbed his forearm over the sweat beading on his forehead. No wonder. This apartment was like an oven set on broil.

Her store had functional AC, something that was necessary for her flowers. She'd been told the units all had air-conditioning as well, but apparently that didn't apply to this one.

She crossed her arms over her chest and thanked God her damp top was royal purple and therefore not see-through. "Who are you calling princess? And how do you know what I clean or don't clean, plumber?"

"Who said I intended to help you with your plumbing problem?" He bent to pick up his toolbox and strode to the doorway, taking a moment to tower over her when she refused to give way. She didn't doubt the move was intentional. "And didn't anyone ever teach you it's not nice to make fun of the help?"

He had to be six inches taller than her, at a minimum. Considering she was five-eight, she didn't meet a lot of guys who could tower over her. Or even lean much. When combined with the raw, sexual pheromones he exuded along with the faint, clean scent of perspiration, she couldn't quite breathe properly. The chlorine fumes must've screwed with her lung function.

"You called me princess. Plumber is hardly an insult, if that's one of your job responsibilities," she said, stepping aside. If she didn't, he'd probably call her more names and drip sweat on her. Actually he'd probably produce more just to prove he wasn't lacking in the testosterone department. He seemed like the type.

Again he swept his gaze up and down her body, but not in a sexual manner. More like he was appraising her as he might a particularly thick slab of drywall. "You wear the clothes of one, you get the title. So about that leak of yours ..."

"In my apartment." She balled her hands into fists. "My bathroom sink."

"Ah. Glad you clarified." He walked ahead of her down the hall, pushing open the door of number 33 without waiting for her direction. "You know, this doesn't really strike me as your sort of place. How did a woman like you end up here? Though I've gotta say, nice furniture. Leather and Tiffany." He winked at her over his gigundo shoulder. "Princess."

She fought not to sniff. "There's nothing wrong with this building." It was one thing for her to think negative thoughts about her new home. He wasn't allowed. "And how did you know which apartment was mine?"

Was he some sort of peeper? Had he crept along the fire escape outside her apartment and watched her blow up her air mattress? Maybe he knew her from her shop. People came in and out all the time. Not enough people, but still.

He didn't respond, just set down his toolbox in the bathroom with a clatter. Without comment, he went to the kitchen and did something under that sink before reappearing in the bathroom doorway. "What seems to be the problem?"

How many times did she need to say the same thing? She pointed to the bathroom sink. "The sink leaks. This sink, not the kitchen one."

"Got that. I had to turn off the main water valve or else you're going to get wet all over again." He stole another quick glance at her damp skirt, probably figuring she wouldn't notice.


Excerpted from No Flowers Required by Cari Quinn, Heather Howland. Copyright © 2012 Cari Quinn. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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No Flowers Required 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 146 reviews.
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: *sigh* This was just a fun book to read. Dillon...oh my...he's tall and ripped and tattooed and just oh-so-sexy. Oh, and yeah, unfortunately he's also lying. In his defense, he never meant to lie. It just kind of happened when Alexa refused to listen to him as she was diving into his pants and then it was too late. I love his character. He's kind of at a crossroads. He's had to come home to join his brother to take over their parent's business, but things haven't been good between him and Cory for a while....which has made him reluctant about the business side of things. As a result, he's spent his time in the company doing the hands-on of the reno's on their properties. That's why Alexa assumed he was a handyman. Alexa has her own set of issues. She inherited the flower business that she loves, but with it came a HUGE pile of overdue bills. As a result, she's had to sell her dream home and move into a small apartment above her store....all of which is owned by Dillon's family. She doesn't realize the connection because Dillon has a different last name from the rest of the family. She's on the verge of losing everything and her stress levels match that desperation. When she spots Dillon and his obvious desire for her, she jumps on the chance for something good and fun and not stressful. She just wants it to be fun so she refuses to hear what Dillon has to say. Then she spews on about the family discount business which is killing her flower store...not realizing that Dillon is part of that family and brother to the Cory that she despises. There was so much I truly loved about this book. I loved Dillon's roof-top garden and the ambience it provided especially at the end. The watercolor scene- perfection. I loved Dillon's work with the charities and that he's truly just a good guy...wanting to help. I loved the glimpses of Jake and Nellie from No Dress Required. And I truly loved watching Cory and Dillon together with their very tenuous relationship. I'm crossing my fingers that Cari is writing Cory's story next, because I want to know more about him. No Dress Required covered a very small moment in time. I liked that this relationship took longer to build and develop. Overall, this book is why I read romance. It was fun and entertaining and featured two characters that I could truly love and cheer for when it came to finding their happily ever after.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very sexy story! Great chemistry between the characters and now I want to read more about his brother.
KaylynD More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. The characters were very well written & the plot keep me interested. The sex scenes were amazing. Alexa was a strong willed determined woman who wanted to nothing more than to succeed. She is thrown into a different lifestyle while trying to save her business. I found her funny & loyal. I thought Dillion was a very caring guy, but I didn't like that he lied to Alexa. He could have made a bigger effort to tell her. That being said I found him extremely sexy that he worked with his hands. Cory was kinda an ass but I'm looking forward to reading his book. MY favorite scene was when Alexa was showing him her tattoo. It was funny & sexy. I also liked the auction. I thought it was cute. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a good romance.
Tara25Fuller More than 1 year ago
Carri Quinn blew me away with NO FLOWERS REQUIRED! I loved this book! This book had a perfect mix of humor and romance. The characters were lovable. The plot was engaging and perfectly paced. I started this book and devoured it one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed the female lead Alexa. She was a strong character that made me laugh and I was really rooting for her and her flower shop. And Dillon…oh my. I can’t say enough about this guy. One of my favorite male characters to date. Sexy, determined, and incredibly thoughtful, his character totally swept me off of my feet. This book sort of reminded me of the movie You’ve Got Mail, but much hotter! NO FLOWERS REQUIRED was a sweet and super sexy feel good book from start to finish. I highly recommend this one to anyone who enjoys romance. Five stars!
CBell1 More than 1 year ago
I'm a huge fan of this author, so I went in knowing I was going to get a steamy, awesome read and I wasn't disappointed. It was funny, very sexy, and the writing is top notch. And that cover?! ZOMG. I don't think I've spent a better three bucks all week.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Litttle over 400 pages and kept me interested the whole time.
ArSwtHrt More than 1 year ago
No Flowers Required is an absolutely amazing read! It was just the right length, full of character and passion. I thought both Dillon and Alexa's characters were perfectly flawed and written. The secondary characters fit in nicely with the storyline and never overtook any scene, and there wasn't so much going on that you couldn't follow everything. No Flowers Required, in my view is the absolute perfect, romantic read. For those that like a steamy sex scene or two without it being too raunchy, this book is for you
pilsilver30 More than 1 year ago
the story was good, the author incorporated how small businesses struggle during bad economy and still can maintain self respect and find hot and strong man to lean to.
kph21 More than 1 year ago
When you’re down on your luck, you’ve sold your dream home to try to save your business, and you feel like the local big box store is sucking your life right out of you, what’s a girl supposed to do? You start doubting your abilities, you start wondering if there is really hope. Then you meet the handy man for your building, and oh man, he is a handy hunk. This delightful handy hunk has a secret though. His family owns that big box store that’s eating up all of the small business in town, including putting the screws to the newest tenant in the building.  Lust at first sight grows as the handy hunk wants to see the little specialized flower shop and its owner succeed. Only thing is, he’s not up front about the family business.  This is a story every woman wants in reality… someone to love them, and support them in their dreams. It’s a spirited quick read that is hard to put down. I couldn’t wait to see how Dillon was going to get out of the whole he was digging himself in. I kept rooting for him, and the ending was just perfect!
Jennifer-K-Jovus More than 1 year ago
Alexa isn’t a damsel in distress, but it’s true, she could use some help saving her flower shop - maybe even a miracle at this point. She’s doing everything she can to survive the slow business - including selling her home to save it. If only the she had a bit more time before the impending foreclosure. When she meets Dillon James a seemingly hard working handyman, she realizes that she could use a little more in her life than just work. The attraction is palpable between them and soon, her desires for a non committed fling turns into more. Dillon enjoys Alexa’s company and wants her to succeed. He enjoys getting to know her and fears that if Alexa find’s out he is her nemesis heir, she will kick him out of her life for good. Can Dillon hide who his family is and help Alexa in every way possible? Will he be able to win her heart and then tell her truth of his identity? While reading No Flowers Required, it played like a Movie in my head. The scenes were easy to follow, the dialogue fun and sometime surprising. When I finished the book I smiled, I felt like I had read a modern day fairytale with both the prince and princess on equal playing grounds and rescuing each other in their own way. I thoroughly enjoyed No Flowers Required. Both Dillon and Alexa have good hearts and intentions. They worked well together and helped each other grow. Even though Romance is technically a new genre for me, I had no problems adjusting to it with this light hearted, fun read full of physical and emotional chemistry. I appreciated that the story did not follow the stereotypical couple tantrums that I seem to be reading more of. Rather than stomping feet and running off - refusing to communicate - the couple, although heated and reluctant - tried communicating and LISTENING to each other. Because of this maturity and openness as well as an excellent story, I feel that No Flowers Required is a cut above the average book bouquet. Earning itself five skullies - a must buy book! Recommended audience: Adult book (18 and up) with adult situations. The sex scenes are tastefully written. Would I read it again? Yes
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it! :)
LoriToland More than 1 year ago
Ms. Quinn has created another winner with a hot couple like Dillon and Alexa. Their chemistry exploded off the pages and from the first moment they see each other, they almost can't keep their hands off each other. Even though the sex is way hot, the plot is solid and kept me interested until the very end. With a solid plot line and some unexpected twists and turns (especially at the end) I really enjoyed this book! Ms. Quinn has a very easy reading style to her writing and paired with scenes that were page turners, I couldn't put this story down. We revisited old friends from No Dress Required and Ms. Quinn also piqued my interest with Cory, Dillon's brother (OMG, can't wait for that book!) and all around, this was a great book to end my summer with. -- Highly recommended! --
krazymama_98 More than 1 year ago
Awww....what a lovely story. I do wonder if Noelle and Jake had their story written somewhere? Bet it was a doozy. I loved Alexa & Dillon. A woman in charge of her own life. Her own mistakes. Her own challenges. A guy willing to let her own those things and still try to find a way to help. Not because she cant do it on her own. I would love to read Corys story. All in all, I really liked this book. And would like to read more of Cari Quinn.
TaraLeigh75 More than 1 year ago
I loved Nellie and Jake, so I was more than excited to see what else Mz Quinn had in store for her best friend, Alexa. And my goodness she exceeds expectations. Alexa and Dillon are feisty, fiery and fantastic. From the minute they get into each other's air space you can feel the attraction crackle between them. Between the lies, the flowers, and the environmental angles all I have to say is Mz. Quinn really knows how to shake things up on the all around. And the ending? Oh yeah. This is an amazing followup to No Dress Required. And I CANNOT WAIT for Cory's story.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
The author pretty much had me at hello when she described Dillon. ”tight jeans and a black T-shirt stretched tight over a taut back meant for fingernail marks” Talk about an attention grabber! When she mentioned the tats, well that was just icing on the cake. I like that he called Alexa Princess. I also like that his character wasn’t the bad boy the author led us to believe in the beginning. He’s actually one of my favorite type of Hero’s. He didn’t fight his attraction to Alexa and he went out of his way to help her failing business because he wanted her to succeed. He was a hard worker and was just a genuinely good guy. Alexa was a little bit harder character for me. She was the heroine that has a hard time letting people in. She wasn’t excited about Dillons suggestions to help better her business and she had already seen that he wanted to help when she learned the truth of who he was, yet still pushed him away. Thankfully the author didn’t keep us waiting to long bringing these two back together, Dillon was really what had me in this story and made this worth the read for me. ARC provided by NetGalley.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
no flowers required is the second book in the love required series. alexa conroy is the owner of a struggling flower shop losing business to a value hardware store even though her products are better designed and of higher quality. they are also more expensive. when she meets dillon james she mistakes him for the building handyman, not knowing that he owns part of the business she hates and technically owns the building she's renting both her storefront and her apartment from. dillon tries, not very hard, to explain to her who he is. but in the moment she is consumed by other things. like the crazy sexual chemistry that lights up between them. before you know it they are in a relationship and the other shoe is going to drop because at some point he is going to have to come clean about who he is. and as these things happen, she kind of finds out in the worst possible way and he has to do a lot of groveling. but again the sexual chemistry is undeniable. and it's also true that he may have withheld the truth about his identity but he never lied to her about who he was. he's not just some billionaire playboy. he is a guy who cares deeply about the environment, who likes to build things with his hands, who cares about the underdog enough to give them a fighting chance. he's the same guy that alexa fell in love with, just with a trust fund. **no flowers required published on august 20, 2012, i received a digital copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (brazen) in exchange for my honest review.
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley. I did enjoy this book, I loved Dillon! He was such a sweet guy trying to help Alexis out, and be known for himself. Sigh.. Alexis, she was a go getter, she knew what she wanted and even though times were tough and her self doubt was starting to catch up, she didn't give up, and Dillon helped her with that. They were a good couple, of course the lie of who Dillon really was blew up, but the outcome brought out their fighting to Cole's book.
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: No Flowers Required - Love Required Book 2 Author: Cari Quinn Publisher: Entangled Publishing LLC Published: 8-20-2012 Pages: 230 Genre: Romance Sub-Genre: Romantic Comedy, Adult Romance ISBN: 9781622669667 ASIN: B00BFQDE38 Reviewed For NetGalley and Entangled Publishing LLC Reviewer: DelAnne Rating: 4.25 Stars Flower shop owner Alexa Conroy had it all before the recession hit and her customers fled to cheaper shopping grounds. Desperate to make ends meet, she sells her dream home and moves into the rundown apartments above her shop. When she spots six feet of sexy distraction—complete with muscles, piercings, and tattoos—ripping up flooring, Alexa knows the karmic windfall she's due just landed on her doorstep. And the attraction's definitely not one-sided. Dillon James, reluctant heir to the corporation about to foreclose on Alexa's shop, is not about to jeopardize their scorching chemistry by admitting he's not the building's handyman. But with only weeks until her business goes under and his identity is revealed, Dillon must find a way to convince Alexa cooperation isn't a dirty word, help her save the shop from his brother's greed, and persuade her that he's not the enemy…or risk losing the only woman who's seen the real him. Series order: Love Required Book 1: No Dress Required Love Required Book 2: No Flowers Required Love Required Book 3: No Romance Required Love Required Book 4: No Promises Required A complex romantic story of hidden identities and secrets buried deep. Lively characters and humorous quips make this a delightful reads. The main characters are likable and fleshed out. Supporting characters fill out the missing pieces to make this a story you will not put it down till the last page is read. My rating of "No Flowers Required - Love Required Book 2" is 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Greengirl86 More than 1 year ago
Storyline was a little milquetoast. Writing could have been a little better too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Starting the story with a sex deprived woman in a new deteriorating apartment was a turn off for me and it didn't get much better ftom there. There was some good dialogue and that I enjoyed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was OK. C
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Decent story but lacks some punch.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read with beautiful characters. Fun love story with passionate love scenes, that'll keep you from putting the book down until you finish.