Nonwhite and Woman: 131 Micro Essays on Being in the World

Nonwhite and Woman: 131 Micro Essays on Being in the World

Nonwhite and Woman: 131 Micro Essays on Being in the World

Nonwhite and Woman: 131 Micro Essays on Being in the World


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Nonwhite and Woman celebrates how women of color live and thrive in the world, and how they make their lives their own. The anthology’s title is from Lucille Clifton's luminous poem, "won’t you celebrate with me," which serves as the anthology’s epigraph.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781949116694
Publisher: Woodhall Press
Publication date: 09/06/2022
Series: Flash Nonfiction
Pages: 354
Sales rank: 364,908
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Darien Hsu Gee is a bestselling novelist with Penguin Random House and a recent Poetry Society Chapbook Fellow. Her craft book, Writing the Hawaiʻi Memoir, won the Hawaiʻi Book Publishers’ Ka Palapala Poʻokela award. Darien has received a Sustainable Arts Foundation grant as well as a Vermont Studio Center fellowship. She lives on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi and is second-generation Chinese American.

Carla Crujido is a hapa writer of Filipino, Norwegian, Mexican, and German descent. She is a graduate of the MFA program at the Institute of American Indian Arts. A short story writer and essayist, Carla is originally from San Francisco, but now calls Portland home.

Table of Contents

Foreword Dr. Claudia Femenías 1

Introduction 3

Name Loralee Abercrombie 7

Driving Soundtrack Karina L. Agbosit 8

The First Warm Day of the Year María Alejandra Barrios 9

This Is Not a Rehearsal Hala Alyan 10

Exceptional Anastacia-Reneé 11

Weightless Anastacia-Reneé 12

How to Erase an Arab Julie Hakim Azzam 13

White-Haired Nana Maroula Blades 14

Consignment Kimberly Blaeser 15

Living Brave Kimberly Blaeser 16

On Being Made Whole 'Iolani Brosio 17

Unearthing Joy Vivian Mary Carroll 19

Mother Tongue Samantha Chagollan 20

Alien Victoria Cho 21

Audition Victoria Cho 22

The Color of My Skin Fela Cortés 23

Sugar Coated (1979) Carla Crujido 24

Are You Sure That Isn't Your Drinking Name? Margarita Cruz 25

A Dagli for the Friend Who Emailed 1 OK Words-in Ascending [Dis]order-a One-Way Yelling Match of Why Trump Is God's Savior for "We the Sheeple" and Why I *Must* Agree Ella Decastro Baron 26

A Good Hike Camille Dungy 28

More than a Ghost Tina Ehsanipour 29

Pomegranates Tina Ehsanipour 30

Epistle from a Poppy to a Cactus Dara Yen Elerath 31

How to Mount a Butterfly Dara Yen Elerath 32

Steam Iron Dara Yen Elerath 33

Self Portrait with No Flag Safia Elhillo 34

In Answer to Your Questions as You Pass Our Family on the Street Theresa Falk 36

To My Daughter Reading Tolkien Theresa Falk 37

Eggs Alison Feuerwerker 38

In My Skin: An Autobiography Fatimah Finney 39

Cindian Cmarie Fuhrman 40

Cindyjawea Cmarie Fuhrman 41

Dress Up Like an Indian Cmarie Fuhrman 42

A Tale I Have Never Lived Helena Garcia 43

Pull Isabel Garcia-Gonzales 44

Persian vs. Iranian Gabrielle Ghaderi 45

Part of the Problem Victoria K. Gonzales 46

The Cartography of My Face Michelle Guerrero Henry 47

Hair/Bhaal Samina Hadi-Tabassum 49

Passing in the Middle Kingdom Stephanie Han 50

Elegy Ida Soon-Ok Hart 51

Kkamdoongie in Korea, Kolored in Kentucky, A Chink in America Ida Soon-Ok Hart 52

Reader, I Hadn't Named It, Yet Sadia Hassan 53

Greetings from the Land of Smiles Lisa Lee Herrick 54

Beige Mask #1 Chelsea Tayrien Hicks 55

Beige Mask #2 Chelsea Tayrien Hicks 56

China Doll Christine C. Hsu 57

Lunch Kaitlyn Hsu 58

Érase una Nariz Superlativa Rogelia Lily Ibarra 59

Real Mom Mee Ok Icaro 60

Hyper/in/visible Amal Iman 61

R/evolution Amal Iman 62

Women in the Fracklands Toni Jensen 63

Collector's Item Alyssa Jocson Porter 64

Combative Anita Johnson 65

Black Everything Tayari Jones 66

Dear White Evangelicals Leena Jun 67

Brown Baby Kristiana Kahakauwila 68

Stranger Danger Kristiana Kahakauwila 69

Voyager Dust Mohja Kahf 70

The First Time It Happened Blaise Allysen Kearsley 71

What Do We Call It? Lena Khalaf Tuffaha 72

Hues of Mama Sabina Khan-Ibarra 73

Whose Skin Is My Skin? Saheli Khastagir 75

Touch: A Transcription Amanda Mei Kim 76

Broad Margins Eugenia Kim 77

jjimjilbang-bathhouse Iris (Yi Youn) Kim 79

The Path Kalehua Kim 80

The Qjurky Sidekick of Color Asks Her Book Club to Pick a Book Kalehua Kim 81

When I Am Homesick Kalehua Kim 82

Or Are You Normal Lydia Kim 83

Currents Yi Shun Lai 84

We Are Bridges Cassandra Lane 85

Girl as Map Devi S. Laskar 86

I Words Devi S. Laskar 87

BUR to SJC: On Being an Only Child and Caregiving Road Warrior at 52 Sherilyn Lee 88

Gray Matter Sherilyn Lee 90

Heat Lavonne Leong 91

Amah Selina Li Bi 92

Postcard from Manila Selina Li Bi 93

Call and Response Joanna Mailani Lima 94

4(1)st Birthday Noodles Joanna Mailani Lima 95

Behind the Mask Grace Hwang Lynch 96

My Home Aretha Matt 97

Peril + power Dw McKinney 98

(un) Taming the Beast Sarah E. McQuate 99

Mean Well Claire Meuschke 100

Brown Donna Miscolta 102

Running While Asian Sandy Namgung 103

Haz 'q Shaina A. Nez 104

To My Daughters Future Bullies Shaina A. Nez 105

A Language Lost Joan Obra 106

Manifesto for the Dreamland Preeti Parikh 107

Daddy's Girl Deesha Philyaw 108

The Exam Deesha Philyaw 109

Tell Us You're a Black Guy Who Only Dates White Girls Without Telling Us You Only Date White Girls Deesha Philyaw 110

The Question London Pinkney 111

Redbone London Pinkney 112

Misnomer Saarika Rao 113

A Seat at the Table Saarika Rao 114

Track: "You're the One," by Fanny (1971) Barbara Jane Reyes 115

Balancing Act Roshni Riar 116

By Blood Roshni Riar 117

Autobiography as a Panamanian Botanical Index Karen Rigby 118

Lunar Geography Karen Rigby 120

Origin Karen Rigby 121

Imperfect Mother Rahna Reiko Rizzuto 122

Just Like Adrienne Robillard 123

Ramadan Daleelah Saleh 124

Border Between Shei Sanchez 125

Not Safe for Work Misty-Lynn Sanico 126

Korean Culture Camp Misty Shock Rule 128

Mother Sj Sindu 129

Mocha Gabrielle Smith 130

Along the Way Jen Soriano 131

Driving to Work, I Think, What If I Were a White Man? Liza Sparks 132

Only Pinks, Please Anupama Spencer 133

Back to the Roots Elizabeth Su 134

Split in Half Elizabeth Su 135

Meet the Minority Victoria Sun 136

Cafeteria Tree Yong Takahashi 137

Special Education Yong Takahashi 138

Searching Grace Talusan 139

Watch Out, There Might Be Spies in the Room Jeanne Tanaka 140

These hands Imani Tolliver 141

Auntie's House Frances Kai-Hwa Wang 143

Hapa Ke'Alohi Wang 144

Mischling Durthy A. Washington 145

Instilled Confidence Zinaria Williams 147

Give Us Our Crowns Jane Wong 148

MAD Jane Wong 149

Note From the Cover Artist 153

About the Poet 155

Contributor Notes 157

Inquiry and Response: Some Questions to Consider 233

Crafting the Micro Essay 241

Read More 251

Permissions 257

Acknowledgments 261

About the NWW Editorial Team 263

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