Norman Hall's Firefighter Exam Preparation Book

Norman Hall's Firefighter Exam Preparation Book

by Norman Hall


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ISBN-13: 9781580629324
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 01/01/2004
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 67,354
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 10.87(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Norman Hall is the author of Adams Media's immensely successful series of test prep books and the leader in career exam test books. His works include Norman Hall's Police Exam Preparation Book, 2nd Edition; Norman Hall's Postal Exam Preparation Book, 2nd Edition; Norman Hall's Corrections Officer Exam Preparation Book; and Norman Hall's State Trooper & Highway Patrol Exam Preparation Book. He lives in Washington State.

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Study the following narrative for five minutes. Do not exceed the time allowance. When your time is up, turn to questions 1-10 without making further reference to this reading.

At 1845 hours on February 11, 1997, State Patrol officers Denise Williams, badge number 1419, and Curt Hansen, badge number 8725, pulled up behind a disabled 1993 Ford Aerostar van parked on the shoulder of Brice Canyon Freeway. When Officer Williams approached the driver to inquire about the problem and offer roadside assistance, if needed, Officer Hansen ran a standard computer check on the van's license plate number AVL-653 for any existing wants and warrants. The driver of the van, Rick Porter, told Officer Williams that they had simply ran out of gas. He also insisted that their assistance was not necessary because another friend was already en route to a nearby filling station to get some gas. When the records search came up that the van was, in fact, reported to be stolen, both the driver and lone passenger in the front seat of the van, Sarah Conners, were placed under arrest for being in possession of a stolen vehicle. At the same time the suspects were being placed in the back seat of the patrol vehicle, a 1989 Ford Mustang GT, license number BOK-151, pulled up behind them. Assuming this was the friend the driver of the van made reference to, Officer Hansen approached the driver and requested to see his license and registration. While inspecting the documents, he asked the driver, Martin Brooks, if he was aware that the van belonging to his friend was stolen. He responded rather flippantly that it was news to him, but anyone who would even contemplate stealing an Aerostar deserved to go to jail anyway! There was a five gallon gas can in plain view on the back seat as well as a small black nylon duffel bag on the front passenger seat. As a backup unit arrived to assist, Officer Hansen asked the driver to step out of the vehicle to allow for a pat-down search. Nothing of significance was found on his person. However, the duffel bag contained incriminating drug paraphernalia as well as five unwrapped bricks of marijuana. Brooks was placed under arrest for possession of controlled substances. Backup State Patrol officer Vernon Fuller, badge number 1458, took custodial responsibility of the suspect.
The subsequent search of the van turned up a brown colored leather fanny pack beneath the front passenger seat containing $3,750.00 in cash and close to half a pound of suspected methamphetamines. Additionally, a cache of weapons were discovered beneath the driver's seat which included a Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver, Smith and Wesson Model 19 .38 special revolver, and a Series 80 Colt Mark IV .45 pistol with two spare seven-round clips. The driver did not have a concealed weapons permit so, in addition to narcotics trafficking and auto theft, he was also charged with illegal possession of concealed firearms. Both vehicles were impounded for state's evidence and the three suspects were transported to Evans County Adult Detention for intake and booking. The incident was assigned arrest report number 6781 and filed with Lieutenant Howard Pope, badge number 1580 (acting desk officer for District 3 of the State Patrol) at 2115 hours.

1. The rank of the acting desk officer referred to in the narrative is which of the following?
A. Captain
B. Sergeant
C. Lieutenant
D. Chief

2. The name of the patrol officer who took custodial responsibility of Martin Brooks was given to be?
A. Sarah Conners
B. Vernon Fuller
C. Rick Porter
D. Curt Hansen

3. Referring to question number 2, what was the officer's badge number?
A. 1458
B. 1518
C. 1419
D. 8752

4. What was the year, make/model, and license plate number of the car driven by Martin Brooks?
A. 1993 Ford Taurus GL, AVL-635
B. 1989 Ford Thunderbird LX, BKU-997
C. 1993 Chevrolet Lumina, AVL-653
D. 1989 Ford Mustang GT, BOK-151

5. According to the narrative, which of the following items was not found beneath the driver's seat in the van?
A. Series 80 Colt Mark IV .45 revolver
B. Two spare seven-round clips
C. Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver
D. Smith and Wesson Model 19 .38 special revolver

6. When and where did the described incident initially take place?
A. 2115 hours, February 11, 1997 - Black Canyon Highway
B. 1845 hours, February 11, 1996 - Brice Canyon Freeway
C. 1845 hours, February 11, 1997 - Brice Canyon Freeway
D. 1930 hours, February 1, 1996 - Canyon Falls Highway

7. What was the year, make/model, and license plate number of the vehicle found stranded on the roadside because of running out of gas?
A. 1989 Ford Aerostar van, AVL-635
B. 1993 Ford Aerostar van, AVL-653
C. 1989 Ford Mustang GT, BKO-151
D. 1991 Ford Probe GT, ALK-791

8. What was the badge number of the patrol officer that ran a standard computer check on the vehicle described in question number 7?
A. 6871
B. 8725
C. 1419
D. It was not given in the reading

9. What did Officer Hansen see in the back seat of Mr. Brooks' vehicle?
A. A black nylon duffel bag
B. A brown leather fanny pack
C. Illegal contraband
D. A five-gallon gas can

10. Rick Porter was charged with all of the following crimes except?
A. Narcotics trafficking
B. Illegal possession of concealed firearms
C. Attempted felony elude of a police officer
D. Auto theft

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