Not Quite Good Enough

Not Quite Good Enough

Not Quite Good Enough

Not Quite Good Enough



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ZANE inspired celebrity author Toi Moore is back with yet another unforgettable and mind blowing novel in Not Quite Good Enough. However, with this release, she emerges as her alter ego, “T’ LaJune” in this steamy hot, mind blowing, erotic, comedy story. For those long time fans who have craved the reappearance of T’ LaJune, she’s back with a triple bang; SEX, DISASTER, and LAUGHTER! In Not Quite Good Enough is where EROTICA MEETS COMEDY WITH A BANGGGG! Geared for mature readers only! “This is the first novel that I found myself repeatedly laughing out loud while writing! Several nights, after writing chapters I went searching for my husband, Greg, who later fell asleep wearing a large smile!” the author jokingly said. The opening chapter, Super Large Penis, of Not Quite Good Enough, takes place in the Lotion in Motion Erotic Store. It sheds a humorous side of best-friends Marque’, a gay hairstylist, and Mae May, a ghetto-fabulous manicurist, as they explore the joys of what it’s like to experience a Super Large Penis that’s oiled down and full of power. Their outbursts and unusual actions create an out-landaus scene, making readers laugh and tingle with lustful emotions. “Girlllll, I can work wonders with this long brown thang,” Marque’ swears as he turns the speed control on to HIGH where it produces an erotic, delightfully vibrating, and out of this world sensation! The high speed controller generates a pleasure toy that motions an up and down throbbing feeling which creates an in and out fantasy of making love. As the story continues, stuck-up and prissy character, Tammy, demonstrates why men who make less money than her are Not Quite Good Enough, until a hidden skeleton is revealed, which turns her life upside down. While her best friend, Cindy, tries to keep up with the Jones’, without making their kind of money. She too looks down at men who aren’t rich. “Girl, he was starring you down! He wants your body and he wants it bad!” Cindy teases. “They all want my body.” Tammy sarcastically jokes, then becomes arrogant, “Now tell me something I don’t already know.” She sips her water. “Girlllll, I’m scared of you.” Cindy responds. Characters Sophia and Vicki, are not the most attractive women, making it harder for them to find a good man. They entertain the thought of completely giving up men, believing that only a woman can fulfill their sexual and personal needs and desires. Vicki jokes as she looks around the room and notices that no one is paying them any attention. “Girl, we ain’t going to catch a man by sitting at the bar like this. All they’ll think is we’re desperate and horny.” Sophia looks at her with a serious expression and jokes. “Well, we are.” “That doesn’t mean we have to advertise that we are.” Vicki adds. Not Quite Good Enough has received a score of great reviews. “Toi your book is so awesome! I just finished it and I loved it!!! Never a dull moment. I look forward to more,” said Danamarie Julian. Another reader, Lisa Vaughn said, “Hey Toi! I received my book yesterday! I was doing some cleaning and I said let me read just a couple of pages just to see what the book is about, a whole hour went by and I was still reading the book!!! This book is WILD!!!! Girl, I had to come up for some air!!!!! lol!” Another reader said, “Ok, you did warn us that the book was funny. UNDERSTATEMENT. I nearly fell out of my bed laughing and probably woke my daughter up. Then I kept reading and got choked from laughing. Not giving anything away just letting you know I’m dying laughing. Old memories from single days. I bet many of us have been there, done that, and hid the shhh. You shined a light and brought it out. THANK YOU! Everyone needs to get their hands on this book, NOT QUITE GOOD ENOUGH!” Deb K. Mason. Randy Flournoy Willis added “I, for some weird reason, thought it was going to be a raunchy, smutty type thing, LOL. However it was just like “real life” in every city across the country. The characters were easy to identify with because they were just everyday folk, and funny, and dramatic. Great read!!! I haven’t LOL while reading a book in a long time.” Not Quite Good Enough will make you laugh out loud, while filling your body with passions of desire for a sexual partner. See how Marque’, a gay man, demonstrates what the five leading ladies need to do, or what not to do, in order to find and keep a good man. The cast is raw and to the point on knowing what they want, while getting what they need in order to settle down, even when finding true love is Not Quite Good Enough. Join in the fun and laughter of what others are saying while reading.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780971322158
Publisher: TM Publications
Publication date: 06/18/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
File size: 133 KB

About the Author

Toi was born and raised in San Diego, California. She has been a wife for over 26 years, and the mother of two son's who are hard workers and GREAT son's. Her husband is a professional musician who has worked with the likes of: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Earth, Wind & Fire, to name a few.
Her interest in writing started at a very young age. She has written over 300 published articles in various newspaper and magazines, including Billboard and Upscale magazines, throughout the United States and Canada, several short stories, five novels and two screenplays. A few of her bylines include interviewing well-known celebrities such as: Earth, Wind & Fire, Laila Ali, James Ingram, Vivica A. Fox, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez,B2K, and Jaheim to name a small few.
Currently, Toi is promoting her latest book: NOT QUITE GOOD ENOUGH, an erotic/comedy. Her last book, Unbreakable, An Understanding to Marriage and Relationships which was released during the Winter of 2005. This book was written with her husband, Gregory Moore. She also has three other books; Mind Games, Momma, Please Forgive Me! and How to Self Publish on a Shoestring Budget in 10 Easy Steps. They have been endorsed by several celebrities and can be purchased on her web site:
Today, she continues her writings, while realizing and accepting her gift from God. She realizes that discovering your gift or talents are precious within itself, therefore, grab on to it and hold tight until you've made your way to the top. The love and support from family and friends is what continues to motivate her in her continued journey, while never accepting no for an answer.
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