The Not-So-Perfect Princess (Her Royal Duty, #2)

The Not-So-Perfect Princess (Her Royal Duty, #2)

by Melissa McClone

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Duty requires her to marry—but she's having second thoughts.

Princess Julianna dreams of marrying for love, but no one cares what she wants. The future of her kingdom—and countrywomen—depends on her arranged marriage. Too bad, her intended's brother is the one who captures her interest with his good looks and sailing skills. She'll just have to push aside her attraction and do what's right for everyone else, if not for herself…

Prince Alejandro wants nothing more than to relinquish his title. He can't wait for his older brother to marry and have a child. That is, until he meets the beautiful princess destined to be his country's future queen. Julianna holds the key to his freedom, yet he recognizes a kindred spirit—someone trapped by the demands of being royalty—and finds her utterly irresistible.

Knowing the royal wedding must occur for the sake of their countries doesn't stop them from wanting to be together. A happy ending could be theirs if they are willing to accept the consequences of following their hearts. Will duty or love reign supreme?

Her Royal Duty series:
Book 1: The Reluctant Princess
Book 2: The Not-So-Perfect Princess
Book 3: The Proper Princess (coming soon)

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BN ID: 2940156435685
Publisher: Cardinal Press, LLC
Publication date: 07/11/2019
Series: Her Royal Duty
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Not-So-Perfect Princess (Harlequin Romance #4250) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
In Not-So-Perfect Princess, Melissa McClone has given us a classic 'happily ever-after' in charming, contemporary guise. Princess Julianna was - by expectation as well as training - quite perfect. She was also a realist and doing her best to go along with all that is expected of a woman from a royal household, even if those expectations are antiquated. So how come she's been stood up at the last minute on three separate occasions and is still, embarrassingly, unmarried? It hardly seems her fault! From the opening, we feel for poor Julianna. She's smart and plainly believes in women's rights, but she is also a loving and supportive daughter; and these, her own best characteristics, have left her trapped. One of her few indulgences, sailing, reveals to us the true Julianna. And sailing is also an indulgence for the very not-approved prince: Alejandro. HE is, believe me, the stuff of romance-readers' dreams. All right, so he does have a bit of a reputation; but he's also clever and successful and uninterested in his own government/family's throne, and seems far far above Julianna's latest intended, his brother, the prince Enrique. Sailing speaks to both of them: the wildness and freedom of a life caught between wind and wave. Ms. McClone's vividly described scenes make this one of the richest and most evocative stories imaginable. Somehow, she equates Alejandro with all the best of the ocean - the wildness, the salty smell, the freedom. Yet, there he is, the same guy, also cuddling his rescued kitten. Yes, he has good reasons to fade into the shadows, but will he? We cannot believe it. Before we are far into the tale, we know what we want to happen. Yet, for the good of everyone, including the good of two different minor countries, a very different outcome is the one we - and Julianna - should be hoping for. We know it, she knows it, even poor Alejandro knows it, although goodness knows, it's in his best interest to vote the other way. Sailing, mere sport to some, will actually reveal something about the inner soul of the prominent characters. There is the Med Cup on the horizon, the greatest of all sailing races. There is a chance, the merest possibility, that the race will force Julianna to wake up and see what she wants for a change.but perhaps options will be swept away before she ever gets a chance to make a real decisision. Secondary characters (even the squeaky kitten!) are well-developed and believable. Motivations are clear and often, even though we don't want to, we do sympathize with the desires of others; that of King Alaric to keep his daughter safe, or of Enrique to enrich his country (and also himself). This is one of publisher Harlequin's 'Once Upon a Kiss" series; technically a 'retelling' of a classic.and although the word 'retelling' never fails to make me feel as though I already know this story, nothing could be further from the truth here. Ms. McClone has crafted an amazing and engaging story that creates all the desperation as well as the feel-good of any great fairy tale. Not-So-Perfect Princess is a must read. originally posted at the long and short of it romance reviews
Sis_Steel More than 1 year ago
In her new book, Not So Perfect Princess, Melissa McClone once again combines fantasy and reality to create a fresh royal romance. At a time when royal weddings share the headlines alongside news stories about societies where women still are not allowed to drive, McClone's contribution to the "Once Upon A Kiss" miniseries showcases her gift for weaving a fairy tale love story with contemporary issues and modern past times. The last time "Jules", Princess Julianna of Aliestle, captivated me, she was a secondary character, a woman who was compassionate and helpful to the heroine in Expecting Royal Twins in spite of the heroine marrying Jules's fiancé. In Not So Perfect Princess, she lives up to the book's title as a woman torn between duty and desire. Forced into another arranged engagement, she decides to make the best of it in order to improve the lives of women in her own country. She is the proper princess until she meets her future brother-in-law, Alejandro, as he chases a kitten around the palace. Sparks fly, the war between duty and attraction begins, and the story takes off like Boots the runaway kitten. Besides having an engaging heroine and sigh-worthy hero, this modern fairy tale contains exquisitely described sailing scenes, an ogre of a fiancé, and a plot unfolding perfectly to make for an excellent summer read. Here's hoping Julianna's brother Brandt is next in line for his own romance.
poohbear1970dc 5 months ago
Not So Perfect Princess by Melissa McClone Princess Julianna and Prince Alejandro are the couple in this book there are ups and downs in their relationship. Julianna is sent by her father to marry Enrigue which is Alejandro brother. but she falls in love with Alejandro when he spends time with her and takes her for a sail. after his brother has said that she was to never sail again. She decides she would rather be happy than a queen. I really enjoyed this book. I recommend for anyone looking for a good book to read. I received an arc for review.
EileenAW 6 months ago
I loved reading The Not-So-Perfect Princess, book two in Melissa McClone’s Her Royal Duty series. Like many girls and young women, Princess Julianna dreamt that she would marry for love, but her father the king did not care what she wanted. Despite doing everything asked of her, each of the matches the King arranged left her cold and disheartened. After being introduced to Prince Enrique, her betrothed, she is discouraged by his antiquated attitude toward women, just like her father’s. Basically, Enrique believes women, especially his wife and queen, should not have interests outside the home. Julianna is devastated. Julianna first encountered the fun and younger brother, Prince Alejandro, who captures Julianna’s interest with his good looks, compassion, and sailing skills. She knows she must forget about Alejandro and fulfill the expectations everyone has for this royal princess. I loved Alejandro and his carefree attitude. Despite wanting nothing more than to relinquish his title he finds himself attracted Julianna. He recognizes how similar they are, with their love of sailing, need for freedom, and wanting economic success for the island. As we get to know more about Julianna we learn that she is so not perfect; but then, is anyone really perfect? Julianna’s rebellion towards the restrictions put on her life showed how confining the demands and expectations had become. Finding love and understanding outweighed being the perfect daughter or son; or maybe it creates that perfection. Ms. McClone wrote a wonderfully sweet and moving love story that is not to be missed. This story contains laughable and lovable dialogue, endearing and likeable characters and the magic of love. I highly recommend this sweet book, The Not-So-Perfect Princess, book two in the Her Royal Duty series, and I look forward to reading the next book in this series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
DisneyMarie 6 months ago
Jules was cold in the previous book with her relationship with her fiance at the time Prince Niko, but it was clear that she was passionate about sailing. Her father was controlling and cruel even from a distance as he worked out her marriage contract with her latest fiance and the restrictions Prince Enrique should impose on her. His brother Prince Alejandro was a sexy bad boy business man and sailor and she was attracted to him from their first meeting. I loved his rescue kitten Boots and it made him even more attractive how tender he was with him. I learned a lot about sailing in this book. There were plenty of ups and downs and tension as she tries to decide whether to settle and give up what she loves or fight for herself.
Renee25 6 months ago
I first met Julianna in A Reluctant Princess and loved her. She has such a kind heart and wants to honor her father by fulfilling her "duty". He just made me so mad. How can a father treat his daughter that way. Alejandro was the second born son so not in line for the throne. These two are adorable together. I will admit I wasn't crazy about them spending time together while she was engaged to his brother. Julianna finally stands up for herself even though the consequences were pretty bad. Glad to see the growth in Enrique. Loved the sailing parts. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
sbart84 6 months ago
Loved this book of Jules finding her HEA and listening to her heart. Princess Julianna has an arranged marriage to Prince Enrique, to carry out her duty to her father and country. But once she meets Enrique's brother, Prince Alejandro who shares the love of sailing with her. Alejandro does not want to be part of the throne but enjoys living on the wild side. Julianna feels no chemistry with Enrique, like she feels with Alejandro. Does she follow the duty of her family or does she follow her heart? A sweet romance that I could not put down that involves a cute kitten and sand castles. This is the second book in the series but can be read as a stand alone. I'm anxiously waiting for the next book in the series.
LGUS 6 months ago
I enjoyed reading The Not-So-Perfect Princess. I liked the main characters and was sympathetic with their plight, but I didn't like parts of the way they dealt with it. Kissing one guy while engaged to another--not cool. It was in an arranged marriage situation, so there weren't really any broken hearts though. I loved the conflict between Julianna's spirit and her sense of duty. The plot had some twists and kept a good pace throughout the book. The dialogue felt appropriate for the situation: formal or just hanging out. I hope there's a book featuring Enrique in the works. There's definitely a story there. I enjoy Ms. McClone's writing style and look forward to reading more of her books. I recommend this one to readers of clean/wholesome romance. I received an ARC. I chose to write a review and share my opinion of this
cgarr 6 months ago
Jules has buried her own dreams to do her duty to her family and her country. But it's really hard to give up on dreams. Her father makes arrangements for another arranged marriage. She is promised to Enrique. Unfortunately, Enrique is almost as controlling as her father. Her dream of sailing and having more freedom dwindles even more as she learns more about Enrique's expectations. She meets her future brother-in-law Alejandro and convinces him to help her to have one last chance to live her dreams before she gets married. I really enjoyed the story and characters. Jules is a strong woman determined to help others. Alejandro is misjudged by his family and painted as the black sheep of his family, but is really also trying to make life better for others. The story is a quick and fun read. I received an advance copy and am voluntarily leaving a review.
JaneN17 6 months ago
Not so Perfect Princess! This was a sweet, fun story of a princess torn between duty and love. I was rooting for Prince Alejandro throughout the whole story and was VERY happy when him and Jules realized love is more important than any kind of duty you think you have to do. I loved that Jules finally found her voice and finally stopped letting the men in her life control her. I also loved that she could command that sailboat as good as any man. Great story!!
Lashea677 6 months ago
This may be her story, but her journey proves to be his salvation. Julianna is the heart of the story. A woman who yearns for her own happy ending, but her sense of duty holds her back. Alejandro comes into her life at the worst possible time. Promised to another, she must not follow her heart. Will the woman who would be queen risk everything she knows to gain her heart's desire? McClone gives old time romance, a modern day feel. The Not So Perfect Princess gives the heart something to latch onto with an irresistible precision and a soulful voice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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