Nothing Special

Nothing Special

by Geoff Herbach

Paperback(New Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781402265075
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 05/01/2012
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 785,223
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.83(d)
Lexile: 630L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Wee Wisconsin boy, Geoff Herbach wanted to play for the Green Bay Packers or join The Three Stooges. His tight hamstrings left him only writing. Now he writes YA novels, including the award-winning Stupid Fast series, and teaches at Minnesota State, Mankato where he blows his students' minds with tales of football and comedy glory, none of which are true. Visit for more information about the author, his books, and much more.

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August 20th, 1:33 a.m. Bluffton, WIM

Hey, Aleah, I just thought I'd drop this in, because it's sort of interesting to know what Andrew was thinking back in January, before he got messed up. From his blog at

Felton is Number 2!

"Reinstein is the rarest of athletes, a freak of nature with great size and speed combined with crazy-quick animal reflexes. That Reinstein has played just one season of organized football should strike fear in the hearts of coming opponents and has already caused seismic recruiting efforts among collegiate programs across the nation."-Wisconsin State Journal

You probably already know this, but Felton has been deemed the #2 sports story in the state of Wisconsin for the year (right behind the Green Bay Packers' mid-season resurgence-I had no idea they had gone downhill ever-I pay no attention to professional athletics).

We had six State Journal newspapers jammed in our door, and Felton had approximately ten million voice mail messages from people wanting to congratulate him.

Did Felton celebrate this coverage? Not at all. He went running for about ten minutes. Then he came back because he kept falling down in the snow. (Snow hasn't stopped him before, I promise you.) He watched TV for ten minutes and groaned about how he'd seen every COPS episode ever made. Then he went to bed. It's not even dinnertime yet.

Jerri is concerned for him. I suppose he is feeling pressure. Why, though? He likes playing football. He just has to do what he likes. That is easy.

Jerri is making him some hamburgers for dinner. She's a terrible cook. Maybe he'll sleep through it? I won't, unfortunately.

Happy New Year!


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Nothing Special 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Marcie77 More than 1 year ago
elton Reinstein is the center of his own universe. He's very talented in the athletic department and it has made his ego swell to epic proportions. His brother, Andrew, has always been a big supporter of Felton. That is until Felton's in-sensitivities gets the better of him. With hurt feelings, Andrew runs away. Felton is then forced to take a hard look at him self. He implores the help of his ex-best friend to drive him across the country to help brother. This story is written in a journal type that's actually a letter to Felton's girlfriend, Aleah. It's told completely from Felton's point of view. It gives you insight into Felton's head. He's completely clueless to everything around him. He's let down his best friend, he's upset his girlfriend, and he's been a jerk to his brother. However Felton doesn't see what he's done wrong. His character can be very frustrating but you can understand a bit where he is coming from. Nothing Special also deals with the tough subject of suicide. Felton and Andrew's father committed suicide when they were both young. This book shows the devastating, long term impact suicide can have on a family. Felton goes through an intense emotional journey through Nothing Special. He has a lot to figure out and also to deal with. He has to find a way to make amends to the people he's hurt. Geoff Herbach wrote a deep story about what it is to be a teen who has suffered a great loss. The characters and the way they reacted and interacted with each other felt very real. Overall I thought this was a good story. It has a lot of depth to it. The story line flows easy and the characters are believable. I also think there's a little of Felton in each of us.
Cariblogs More than 1 year ago
If you haven't read STUPID FAST and NOTHING SPECIAL you are missing out! Last year when I read STUPID FAST I was shocked to be inside Felton's head. I mean let's face it, guys in YA tend to be smooth and romantic. Felton is nothing like Edward Cullen, but the goodness in his heart makes it easy to love him. If you haven't read STUPID FAST get it now and read it from start to finish and then start NOTHING SPECIAL. In STUPID FAST we really get to know Felton and how he went from the kid who got picked on and being treated like he was slow to the popular jock he is now. I think it's important to note that in STUPID FAST you get to know Felton's voice and understand him, which will make reading NOTHING SPECIAL completely special! The story is mostly told in journal entries to Aleah, his girlfriend. Felton's voice is so genuine as he tries to understand why his life is changing and not in a good way. Felton's little brother Andrew becomes distant and Aleah makes other plans for the summer. His lifetime best friend, Gus, ditches him and Felton is starting to feel the pressures of college and football no longer holds the allure it once did. And then there's his mom, who Felton worries could fall back into a depression at any moment. When Felton changed it caused a domino effect for everyone in his life and the biggest effect was on his little brother Andrew. Andrew feels that Felton's existence ruined his life and the fact that Felton treats him like an annoying little brother doesn't help the situation. Andrew tries to reach out to Felton but Felton isn't quick to pick up the subtle clues. Then Andrew decides he should go to camp, but then Felton finds out that Andrew isn't actually at camp and that he has run away from home instead. Felton will have to mend his friendship with Gus to save Andrew. Along the way Felton learns more about himself and the people around him than he thought possible. He also gets a new perspective on life from a very unlikely family member. I can't stress how important NOTHING SPECIAL really is. This is a great book for both guys and reluctant readers but I believe anyone will cheer for Felton. NOTHING SPECIAL is Geoff Herbach's second YA novel and I can safely say Geoff Herbach is one of my favorite authors. His writing is fantastic! NOTHING SPECIAL is in stores today so run out and get a copy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Super good story line
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
This is a continuation of Stupid Fast. You can read this book alone, but there is information from the last book that will help you understand this one. Once again, Felton is on his way to find himself. After discovering secrets, Felton is on a new mission to save his brother. I loved that this plot line feels real. With emotions that rock the reader, Felton learns to sacrafice everything for the one he loves. I loved that with each chapter Felton is so real. He doesn't sugarcoat things but says things they way that they are. Even when he knows he is being correct himself, he is humble enough to recongnise his mistakes and own up to it. The misson on finding his brother is a good one. Felton is left with clues and figures every single one out. He lies to his mom and friends, just to save his brother. The love and bond between these two is amazing. Throughout their fights, the reader see two amazing brothers fighting for what they have left. I just adored the story all together. Many family secrets and family drama occur. Yet all the characters rise stronger then before. Nothing Special is a great comtemp that charms the reader from the first page. The cool humor along with the adreline rush of the secrets coming at the reader, urges the reader to read on. Nothing Special is great!
Icecream18 More than 1 year ago
Andrew and Felton are nothing alike. Felton loves sports while Andrew loves music. For brothers, they couldn't be more different and the strain of their relationship is beginning to show. Felton misses one too many concerts, causing Andrew to make a few rash decisions. Before Felton knows it, Andrew is off to visit their estranged grandfather and he must decide what, if anything, he's going to do about it. While writing to his former girlfriend, Aleah, Felton tells the story of meeting his estranged grandfather and forming a better relationship with his brother. The author has a consistent funny undertone in the dialogue and actions of the characters. The reader will probably find more than a few events hysterical. Sometimes, the book was confusing. There are two trips down to Florida to attempt to retrieve Andrew and meet his grandfather, they take place in Felton's letters/journal at the same time. Sometimes the events are hard to keep straight. However, the reader will definitely think this novel is worth picking up. The cover alone indicates funny subject matter and the first few chapters indicate that there may be something a little deeper below the surface. The characters were not always easy to connect to, but once the reader forms a connection it is hard to break. The author did a great job of depicting a believable sibling relationship, their small fights and insecurities when it came to each other felt very real. Overall, this book is great for young adult readers.