Nowhere Men, Volume 1: Fates Worse Than Death

Nowhere Men, Volume 1: Fates Worse Than Death


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  • "SCIENCE IS THE NEW ROCK 'N' ROLL!" So said Dade Ellis, Simon Grimshaw,
    Emerson Strange, and Thomas Walker at the dawn of a new age of enlightenment that ushered in a boom in scientific advancement. As the research supergroup
    World Corp., they became the most celebrated scientists of all time. They changed the world — and we loved them for it. But where did it all go wrong? And when progress is made at any and all cost, who ultimately pays the price?
  • Collects Nowhere Men #1-6.
  • ''When a writer-artist team is truly clicking,
    something magical can happen, and it does here. Mr. Stephenson and Mr.
    Bellegarde juggle multiple characters and locations - in geography and in time -
    yet personalities and appearances remain distinct. The creative team has also supplied realistic ephemera - personal letters, magazine covers and interviews,
    World Corp. logos and advertisements - that enrich the experience and fill-in the back story. “Nowhere Men” has a lot to absorb, and that's most welcome at a time when some comic books take only minutes to read.'' - The New
    York Times

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ISBN-13: 9781607066910
Publisher: Diamond Comic Distributors
Publication date: 07/21/2015
Pages: 184
Sales rank: 975,298
Product dimensions: 6.74(w) x 10.12(h) x 0.39(d)
Age Range: 13 - 16 Years

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