Nurse Jack: True Hospital Stories, Hospital Covering up a Rape, Crime, Drug Abuse, Tragic Loss, and Comical Stories

Nurse Jack: True Hospital Stories, Hospital Covering up a Rape, Crime, Drug Abuse, Tragic Loss, and Comical Stories

by Jack S Houston


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Through these true stories, I wanted to tell a reality that is not often told, or realized by the general public.

Nursing is a very demanding job, no matter what field you work in. Most nurses are hard-working, conscientious, and display empathy when most people would not be able to. Sadly, some nurses are not up to the task, I must admit, which often results in negligence. Often people - our patients - suffer because of this.

This book tells several true stories about nurses and doctors alike who have sex with their patients, and each other. Also, it talks about rape, and how hospital staff have covered it up. I have written about drug and alcohol abuse on the job. Even cases where nurses deprived their own patients of narcotics, or pain killers, only to ingest them themselves, and give their patients a placebo.

Some stories outline how nursing staff are so very often injured and knowingly placed in danger. Often both the doctor and management could have easily intervened to help avoid these incidents.

Sadly, I talk about the many child molesters and rapists who are let out to roam the streets, against the nursing staff's wishes. These same patients reoffend regularly.

The general public should know what really goes on as there are many horrible things that happen due to negligence or greed. It is important to make note of these realities.

The majority of staff I have worked with have impressed me on countless occasions with their empathy, dedication, and self-sacrifice to help their patients. Like most things in life, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil everything.

"If you're a fan of ER or Grey's Anatomy,

you'll want to read this book."

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ISBN-13: 9780228835325
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication date: 11/06/2020
Pages: 194
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About the Author

I was raised on the outskirts of a small village in the northern part of the country. We were catholic and had to attend mass every Sunday, unless we had a hockey game scheduled.

The value of an honest day's work was instilled in my little brother and me at an early age. We would work long hours each weekend and sometimes through the week with our father. The only thing that could get us out of work, other than team sports, was school work. School was a priority; it was continuously reinforced by our parents. The importance of going to post-secondary school, with the hopes of achieving a worthwhile career, was first and foremost.
When I graduated from nursing school, I decided to see the world a bit and headed to Texas to start my first assignment. It was certainly different from my home state, and I fell in love with it. I loved being there, being a Yankee, as all my friend called me. I had an accent, and that was always a way to make new friends. It seemed everyone wanted to hear me talk, and then laugh at me, all in fun.

I bounced around and worked many different areas in the south. It was a long and difficult career at times. I am definitely glad to be retired now, but do not wish the job on my kids. I have written about a lot of negative things that happened because I felt it important to share. I must point out that not all hospital staff are like the ones in these stories. I have known and worked with many people that remind me there are good Christian people in the world. It is just so very unfortunate that there are so many who are not.

I hope you enjoy my book, and maybe even have a laugh or two between the sad parts.

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