Oath of Honor

Oath of Honor

by Lynette Eason
4.7 46


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Oath of Honor by Lynette Eason

Police officer Isabelle St. John loves her crazy, loud, law-enforcement family. With three brothers and two sisters, she's never without someone to hang out with--or fight with. And she knows they'll be there for her when things get tough. Like when her partner is murdered and she barely escapes with her own life.

Determined to discover exactly what happened, Izzy's investigation sends her headfirst into a criminal organization, possibly with cops on the payroll--including someone from her own family. With her dead partner's handsome homicide detective brother Ryan shadowing her every move, Izzy's head is spinning. How can she secure justice for her partner when doing so could mean sending someone she loves to prison? And how will she guard her heart when the man she's had a secret crush on for years won't leave her side?

With her signature fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat action, Lynette Eason invites readers into a captivating new series where justice is a family affair.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780800727215
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/02/2018
Series: Blue Justice Series , #1
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 53,698
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Lynette Eason is the bestselling author of the Women of Justice series, the Deadly Reunions series, and the Hidden Identity series, as well as Always Watching, Without Warning, Moving Target, and Chasing Secrets in the Elite Guardians series. She is the winner of two ACFW Carol Awards, the Selah Award, and the Inspirational Readers' Choice Award. She has a master's degree in education from Converse College and lives in South Carolina. Learn more at www.lynetteeason.com.

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Officer Izzy St. John plopped down at the table of one of Columbia, South Carolina's, finest Chinese restaurants and opened the fast-food carton of General Tso's chicken and white rice. The bell above the door rang and she glanced over her shoulder to see Chloe and her K-9, Hank, enter. "Hey. Here's yours." Izzy pushed the unopened food to her sister.

"Great. I'm starving." Chloe took the seat opposite her and opened her carton. Hank settled on the floor at her feet, while Chloe took a bite and sighed her enjoyment.

"Pork roast and mushrooms," Izzy said with a grimace. "Nasty.

How are we even related?" Chloe, one of Izzy's five siblings, was two years older.

"You don't know what's good," Chloe said once she swallowed.

"I know what fungus is and there's no way we're meant to eat it."

"I beg to argue with that," a voice said. Izzy turned once more to see Ruthie, another sister, standing there, still decked out in her scrubs. At least they didn't have blood on them this time. Ruthie sat in the third seat and opened the food Izzy slid in front of her. "Mushrooms have many redeeming qualities," Ruthie said. "They have selenium. It's good for your bladder."

Izzy rolled her eyes. "I don't care. I'm not eating them."

"How about they're rich in vitamin D and boost your immune system?" Ruthie took a bite.

"There are other ways to do both without having to eat fungus," Izzy said and opened her can of Coke.

This time Chloe wrinkled her nose. "You won't eat something healthy, but you'll pour that into your system. You make no sense at all."

It was an old argument. A comfortable one.

The door swung open once more and Brady, Izzy's brother who was a former underwater criminal investigator turned homicide detective, joined them at the table. "What's up, brats?"

Ruthie raised a brow. "I finally break away from the hospital where I'm saving lives and this is the respect I get?"

"From the head brat, no less," Izzy murmured. Brady was the eldest of the St. John siblings.

He shot her a wink and dug into his sweet and sour chicken. "So, Rude Ruthie, you cut anyone up today?"

"Yes, two down, two to go."

Izzy caught the startled gaze of the customer just leaving the booth next to their table. "She's a surgeon," she hurried to reassure her. The woman's obvious relief made Izzy giggle. Once she was out the door, Izzy threw her napkin at Brady. "Seriously, you're rotten. You've got to realize not everyone gets our morbid St. John family humor."

"Sorry" He didn't look very sorry He took another bite. "Who decided it was Chinese day anyway? I was kind of in the mood for Mexican."

"Derek decided," Chloe said. "Remember? Every second Thursday of the month is Chinese. He insisted."

"And yet," Brady said, "he's not here."

Izzy frowned. "Anybody seen him lately? I'm kind of worried about him. He wasn't at Mom's this past Sunday."

Her siblings stopped eating and looked at one another.

Chloe shook her head. "I haven't seen him, now that you mention it."

"Me either," Ruthie said.

Brady leaned back. "That's kind of weird."

Worry niggled at Izzy "You think he's all right?"

Ruthie's chuckle sounded forced. "Y'all need to stop. Derek's probably on one of his undercover gigs again."

"Or got called out with the SWAT team," Chloe murmured.

Izzy sighed. Such was the life of a family in law enforcement. "You're probably right. Hey, is Linc coming? I got him sweet and sour chicken."

Brady glanced at the clock on the wall. "He texted and said he was finishing up some paperwork and would be about ten minutes late."

Linc, second oldest in the St. John clan, had finally been assigned to the FBI field office in his home city. It had been one of his greatest joys to move back to be near his family once again and he never missed a Thursday lunch unless he just couldn't help it.

"So, who's eating at Mom's this Sunday?" Chloe asked.

"I'll be there," Izzy said.

The others chimed in their plans to attend the weekly lunch. Sometimes only a couple of them could make it. Sometimes they all could. No matter the number, the food was always there and waiting, thanks to their father, who had most weekends off from his law practice — and loved to cook.

Izzy drew in a deep breath and glanced around the table. How she loved them. And admired them. Her phone buzzed and she unclipped it from its home on her belt.

A text from Kevin, her partner.

Can you go on a stakeout with me tonight?

Yes, I guess. What's going on?

I'll explain when you pick me up at 6:30.


Excerpted from "Oath of Honor"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Lynette Eason.
Excerpted by permission of Baker Publishing Group.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Oath of Honor 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 46 reviews.
Kathae 7 months ago
If you're looking for can't-put-it-down suspense, this is the book for you! Lynette Eason has again written a gripping page-turner! The plot is multi-layered and the characters are well-drawn. Blue Justice is a new series about law enforcement officers, and they use modern technology as well as quick wits and solid thinking to get the job done. This book would translate well to the screen. Oath of Honor would appeal to men and women who enjoy police dramas or suspense. I highly recommend it. I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Revell, for review purposes. The thoughts expressed here are my own.
Pattistep 7 months ago
An exciting, suspenseful story that makes this book hard to put down. Great characters, great family! I’m looking forward to more in this series. A clean Christian suspense novel with no bad language or embarrassing scenes. I received a copy of this bookstore from the publisher for review. I was not required to give a positive review. This is my honest opinion about this book.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Good book!
DarleneLTurner 10 months ago
Officer Izzy St. John is thrust into action with the death of her partner. She barely escapes with her life and is now determined to discover out who pulled the trigger that killed her friend and partner. She soon finds her life in danger at every turn and must race against the clock to uncover the mystery. Detective Ryan Marshall just lost his brother to a shooter and vows to work with Izzy to solve the case and put his brother’s killer behind bars. The duo keep coming up empty and Izzy’s life is on the line. Can he protect her or will she be next? Will they be able to figure out the crime before the sinister plot unfolds or will their growing attraction for each other get in the way? Oath of Honor is book one in Lynette Eason’s newest series Blue Justice. This series will remind the reader of the show Blue Bloods as Izzy’s large family are all involved in law enforcement with her mother being the Chief of Police. I absolutely loved this book. The plot had me guessing all along the way and the surprise twist at the end had me rushing to find out what happens next. I fell in love with Izzy and her entire family as well as Ryan and his family. All of the characters are well developed and strong. The heroine was put in perilous situations and still rose to the top. You cheer for her at times and also bite your nails when she’s trying to take down the antagonist. Ryan is a big teddy bear out to protect the woman he has a crush on. The readers find themselves in the heart of the action as the imagery used throughout this book is excellent. You can picture everything. I can’t wait for the second installment of this amazing series. It will be about another family member and I’m sure will have us spellbound. I give Oath of Honor five stars. It’s one law-enforcement family you’ll want to follow. **Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. in exchange for my honest review.
SouthernGalLovestoRead More than 1 year ago
There are a couple of things you can count on in a Lynette Eason book: (1) fast-paced action and (2) strong female characters who are right in the middle of the excitement. Well, I guess a third thing is usually at least a touch of romance. Oath of Honor has it all. The new Blue Justice series starts off with thrills and spills on the first page that continue to the very end. Izzy is a character full of vitality, determination, and fearlessness that keeps you hooked all the way through the story. With many of Izzy's family, as well as several friends, all involved in law enforcement and politics, and the strong likelihood that several of them are either in danger or are somehow involved in the wrong side of the law, trying to distinguish the good guys from the bad keeps interest level high to the very last page. I highly recommend Oath of Honor to fans of great suspense and look forward to the next installment in this new series. Thanks to Revell Publishing for providing a copy of this book. I am happy to share my own thoughts in this review.
Mylittlebirdie More than 1 year ago
In Oath of Honor, Izzy St. John is a cop who loses her partner who also happens to be a lifelong friend. Right away, she's thrown into one high-stress situation after another in her quest to find the killer. By her side is Ryan, her partner's brother, who is just as determined as she is to solve the case. This book is almost nonstop action, which really drew me in. Some of the bad guys are easy to figure out, and I guessed some of it before Izzy and Ryan did. There are a couple of surprises thrown in, though, which I appreciated. When I'm reading a crime drama, I don't want it to be too predictable! This book felt a little light on the romance and the faith aspect, so that's the only thing keeping me from giving this five stars. Fans of Blue Bloods will really enjoy this series. I'm excited to learn more about Izzy's and Ryan's families in the rest of the Blue Justice series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Contrived dialogue, stupid interactions between characters. Waste of time and money.
Andrea_Renee_Cox More than 1 year ago
New Series to Favor The Blue Justice series is going to be fantastic from start to finish, if this book is any clue. The family dynamics are the best thing about this story, though that isn't to say other stuff isn't also good. The intricacies of the plot, various story arcs, and the many characters that played major roles in the story were all well pulled together. I really appreciated the faith thread and the great amount of action scenes: two things I look for in Christian suspense books. Ms. Eason's author voice has grown stronger through the years, and it seems like this series has the potential to be her best yet. (I hate to say that, because I loved her Women of Justice series so much, but it might be time for me to claim a new favorite of her series. Maybe. I'm waiting to read the full series to decide for sure.) Content: * a few partial expletive phrases (the actual expletive words were not used, but they popped in my head at the lead-in part of the phrases that were there) * a couple of sexual analogies * one grisly image I receive complimentary books from publishers, publicists, authors, and sites like Netgalley, Litfuse Publicity Group, and Blogging for Books. They do not require me to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.
dbtrueheart More than 1 year ago
My goodness, another great suspense read from Lynette Eason, with just enough romance to keep it intriguing. Eason’s signature fast-paced, page-turning action pulled me into her stunning new series centered on those who serve their community. The story and the characters are complex, but not confusing. They are fun, but can do serious. A solid familial love permeates the book, cover to cover. Eason did a smooth job of introducing all the players, beginning with the six siblings all in some form of service profession. Mostly law enforcement. I loved the opening scene with the food banter. I remember doing that with my siblings. In many of Ms. Eason’s books, I find myself wishing I was part of “that” family. Or, being reminded of similar interactions in my own family. Either way, her families warm my cockles. Another thing I admire about Ms. Eason’s books is that her women are strong, but not brassy or tough. Mom is the chief of police; dad is a defense attorney. Both have big deal careers, but are totally available and present in the lives of their children. Their love and respect for each other is obvious, but not mushy. Hugs are given freely. I always like the way Ms. Eason weaves the faith of the characters strongly but subtly throughout her books. No gut-wrenching angst to slog thru. Just pure, solid belief that, in all circumstances, God is in charge and God is right. Even though Izzy’s partner, Kevin, dies in the first few pages (not a spoiler, it’s in the blurb). Their friendship and commitment to each other was sweet and funny. At the same time, I was kinda mad at Kevin for causing Izzy such pain with his impulsiveness. From the traumatic beginning to the tied up with a bow ending, this is one great read. And it’s just the beginning… so thrilled. I know I will think of tons more things to say after I post this review, because the book is just so good! But I’m gonna stop here. You stop here too, and just go read the book. It’s good. Really, really good. I received a free copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review. This is that review. It is my true opinion.
BethErin More than 1 year ago
What I most admire about Eason's style is the exemplary quality of her female characters. Isabelle St. John is both fierce and feminine. Each woman in this story has an authentic balance of strength and grace. The St. John family is a large yet intimate crew of public servants. A drive to protect, defend, and heal is evident in each family member's profession and compassion. Eason's portrayal of law enforcement is a fitting tribute to those who serve without sugar-coating the realities of an occasional bad apple. I enjoyed both the action and subtle romance in this story and I'm very excited to see what happens next in this series. I highly recommend this book! I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review. The opinions expressed are my own.
More_Than_A_Review More than 1 year ago
Oath of Honor by Lynette Eason I am a huge fan of Lynette Eason. And I believe this may be my favorite book of hers. I’m thrilled that this is the start of a new series. From the comradery of the characters to the non-stop suspense I was hooked. Eason has a gift for developing character to fall in love with. She out did herself with these characters. Isabella is a very likable character. She is a police officer in a family of law-enforcement. I love the banter between her and her partner in the opening scenes. When tragedy strikes she is forced to work with Ryan, her partner’s brother, to help solve the case. This case with all it’s twist and turns have her concerned that she may have to choose between her family and justice. The author creates realistic and heartwarming scenes with Isabella and her family. There’s also extremely heartbreaking scenes with Ryan Marshall and his family. They’ve had more than their fair share of tragedy. The book is action-packed. Your heart will be racing as you try to figure out what’s going on and who all is involved. Lynette has definitely outdone herself with the first book in this new series. First class work of romantic suspense. This is a book that you will want to re-read.
dhiggins4 More than 1 year ago
I loved “Oath of Honor” by Lynette Eason! This is the first book in the series, and she started it off with a bang! There were lots of twists and turns along the way with a dab of romance thrown in. This story is about a very close-knit, mostly law enforcement family. It has the feel of the television show, Blue Bloods. There were a lot of characters in this book, but I had no problem keeping up with all the characters. I have loved every one of Lynette Eason’s books, and this one was no different. Lynette does such a great job of providing lots of suspense throughout her books. This was a book that I had a very hard time putting down. If you enjoy good, clean, romantic suspense novels, I highly recommend this one to you! I received this book from Net Galley for my honest opinion.
Christianfictionandmore More than 1 year ago
I am a huge Lynette Eason fan. I especially enjoyed her Hidden Identity and Elite Guardians series. This first book in her Blue Justice series has an interesting premise, lots of suspense and some unexpected surprises. It is the book that introduces us to the St. John family, a family of eight, largely made up of law enforcement officers. It focuses on Izzy St. John and a long-time family friend, Detective Ryan Marshall who is also the brother of Izzy’s murdered partner, Kevin Marshall. Their pursuit of Kevin’s murderer draws them into an investigation involving organized crime and dirty cops, some of which might be very close to home. While I did enjoy the book, and would recommend it, there were spots where I felt like I’d missed something, reread, and still felt like a piece was missing. These were few and far between, and I still thoroughly enjoyed this newest offering by Eason. I thank NetGalley and Baker Publishing Group for providing me with a copy of Oath of Honor in exchange for this honest review. I received no financial compensation.
KMarkovich More than 1 year ago
Wow! What a fast paced, suspenseful, great read novel! I loved it! This is the first book in the Blue Justice series and it focuses on Izzy St. John, one of six siblings, all in public service. Izzy is a police officer and, when her partner and friend Kevin is killed, and with gang activity in the city rising, she must find the killer – and who’s behind him quickly before other lives are lost. Drugs, break ins, chases, shootings, fires, and yes, romance - I loved all the different twists and turns in this mystery. It just doesn’t stop! (I think after the intense, adrenaline pumping, action filled week Izzy had I’d definitely need a laid-back vacation!) I can’t wait to read the next book in the series! I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I am freely writing a review - all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
I love this author. This is a wonderful first book in a new series. I love the suspense and the romance. There were many twists and turns. Izzy and Ryan come together during a very tough time. I love to read police books. They have to keep each other safe during a tough time. I did not put this book down easily. This had everything that I love in a suspense and romance. I received this book from Revell for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
Steve_Doc_Hilton More than 1 year ago
This time . . . it’s personal. When her rookie partner is killed in the line of duty, Police Officer Isabelle “Izzy” St. James is determined to get to the bottom of the matter, regardless of how many skeletons she may unearth in the process. She just never believed that the secrets could lie so close to home . . . or how much pain and suffering she would have to inflict on herself, and the lives of those nearest and dearest to her. Nevertheless, Isabelle St. James took an oath, before God and country . . . an Oath of Honor. And she is determined to uphold that oath, no matter the cost. Lynette Eason writes with an engaging style, and introduces the reader to deep, rich, complex characters that immediately “connect” with her audience. She also brings a wealth of research to the game, without burdening the reader with confusing techno-babble that often accompanies books of this nature. And through a masterful application of suspense, danger, intrigue, and just the right touch of romance, Lynette Eason will keep you guessing as she delivers yet another powerful work of fiction to her many loyal readers. I received this book free of charge in exchange for my open and honest review.
LisetteRue More than 1 year ago
This is the first in Eason’s ‘Blue Justice’ series. It is an inspirational fiction, romantic suspense novel that is an absorbing thriller. Too often I seem to read stories in which one of the characters has to return to faith. In this one, both Izzy and Ryan have a good basis in faith, which was a refreshing change. Eason’s skill as an author is apparent throughout the story. It’s a story that is multi-faceted, but the complexity didn’t muddle another area of the story, nor detract or confuse. All of the characters are engaging and dynamic. The St. John family sounds like a family I’d like to know more, and I hope we’ll meet the five other St. John siblings in subsequent novels. ‘Oath of Honor’ is a strong start to a new series, and I highly recommend it if you enjoy inspirational suspense novels. -- Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Revell Books. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions are expressly my own.
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
Oath of Honor was an intense ride of nonstop action and adrenaline filled danger. Author Eason arranged all of her characters and moved them like a well-played game of chess. I was really clueless as to what was going on and how the storyline would resolve itself from the moment the first bullet was fired. What I really liked about this story the most was the family dynamics. This is a family of six kids- five in some sort of law enforcement and their mother the chief. Talk about keeping it in the family. As you can imagine danger abounds when there are more loved ones in the path of danger. And this was a nail biting read as not only were beloved characters in danger, but maybe some of them might be the danger. I have enjoyed every Lynette Eason book I have read and this one takes the top spot. I am looking forward to the rest of this family-driven series. I received a copy of this novel for free. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
KatrinaEpperson More than 1 year ago
Lynette Eason has written another hit. I loved this story!! We are introduced to the family this series will center around, the St. Johns. This book centers around Izzy, who is currently an officer for the city of Columbia, South Carolina. She comes from a family that is involved with law enforcement in some sort of way. Her mother just happens to be the police commissioner and her father is an attorney. Izzy seems like a woman who seems very relaxed, yet confident in both her professional and personal life. The loss of her partner hits her very hard, not only did she work with Kevin, but she had also grown up with him. This is a fast paced, edge of your seat story. When I opened this book to the first page I was hit by how close Izzy seems with her family and that pulled me in. She is a character I could see as a friend I could have coffee with or confide a secret to. Yet, when her partner dies suddenly she morphs into a person on a mission to find answers and tucks all her pain away until she has those answers. Unfortunately to find those answers she must face some hard truths which has the potential to break her heart. Suddenly Izzy finds things more complicated than she ever imagined as twists and turns takes her into a plot much larger than just Kevin's murder. This story has elements of intrigue, suspense, faith, trust, and love. This is a book I would recommend to anyone who loves a suspense. I will tell you for me this was a one sitting read. I just couldn't put it down until the last page was turned. *I received this book from the publisher as part of their book blogging program. I was not required to write a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Britney_Adams More than 1 year ago
Oath of Honor is a page-turning suspense! Eason pulled me into the story from the very beginning and held my attention until the last word was read. The authenticity of the St. John family brings the story to life, as does the intense investigation that unfolds. I delighted in Izzy’s and Ryan’s subtle romance, and the suspense and surprises kept me eagerly turning page after page. Oath of Honor begins an exciting new series, and it is one I can’t wait to continue! I received a complimentary copy of this book. No review was required, and all thoughts expressed are my own.
Nutz2read More than 1 year ago
I was so excited to see this book is the first in a new series! Lynette Eason is one of my go-to authors for suspense and stories that keep me guessing, so a new series from her is always exciting! The cover was definitely the first thing that caught my eye, and though I’m often told not to “judge a book by its cover,” I honestly think you can with this one. It definitely lives up to the beautiful and intriguing cover art! As always, Ms. Eason did an excellent job with the mystery/suspense! She kept me me guessing with twists and turns, loose threads, and more questions than answers, before tying it all together with a unique ending! I so enjoy how she weaves a story, somehow keeping straight all of the new characters, the mystery, and all of the minute details that goes along with both. Her details and descriptions pull me right into the story, often making it seem as though I was right there with the characters, chasing down leads, following information, and in Izzy’s case, keeping away from the bad guys. One of my favorite things about a new series is the chance to meet and fall in love with a whole new cast of characters and I’m so looking forward to getting to know the St. John family even better! I so appreciated meeting this large family, with siblings that razz one another, but are also only a phone call away. They had me laughing in a story where laughter wasn’t necessarily expected, and willing each one of them to safety in dangerous professions. Izzy St. John is strong, willful (something of a requirement in her family), determined, honorable, and a survivor. Her story isn’t an easy one, but there is grace and hope found within it. I also quite enjoyed getting to know Ryan Marshall, despite the circumstances around our acquaintance. I appreciated how the author decided to handle the romance between them, keeping it mostly in the background, but not so much that it was forgotten or seemed an afterthought. Overall, I very much enjoyed this story and would highly recommend it to those who also enjoy mysteries and romantic suspense! *My thanks to the publisher for my complimentary copy of this book! I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
OATH OF HONOR is the first book of a new series by Lynette Eason. I absolutely LOVED this book. Izzy is a sweetheart, smart, active, and yet clueless in someways. Ryan is hurting so bad. He loves Izzy but her brother warned him away, and now he's lost his only two brothers -- both murdered -- and his whole family is walking through a fog. Izzy was there and witnessed the murder of Ryan's youngest brother, but she saw someone else whose presence there rocked her world. Why was he there? A blessing he was, because he saved her life, but still, he shouldn't have been there. OATH OF HONOR starts slow and kind of dragged about six or seven chapters, but then the action and suspense picked up and at carried the story. There is some sexual tension between Izzy and Ryan, lots of twists and turns and surprises, and a not real strong but still present faith message. OATH OF HONOR is one of the better Lynette Eason books I've read lately, and I highly recommend it. Don't miss this brilliant start to her new series.' I was given a copy free. All opinions are my own.
Sunnymeadows More than 1 year ago
Oath of Honor is Lynette Eason's first book in the new Blue Justice series. The story centers around Officer Izzy St. John. Her partner, Kevin, who has been her friend since childhood, is gunned down during a stake out they are on. Except for a sister who is a doctor, all of Izzy's siblings work for various law enforcement agencies and the author has a good knowledge of police procedure and does a good job in weaving different law enforecement agencies into the story. Detective Ryan Marshall is the brother of the deceased officer and has also know Izzy since childhood. As the story develops and they investigate, they realize that this is bigger case than anyone realized. Lynette has a way of drawing the reader into the story as it takes several unexpected twists. It is almost impossible to put down until the end. Oath of Honor is a Christian Romantic Suspense novel. Author Lynette Eason weaves faith in God into the story and it is reinforced throughout this book. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the next novel in the Blue Justice series.
gapsawordnerd More than 1 year ago
Grab a seat and hang on to a wild ride of criminal activity and law enforcement personnel, who believe in standing by their oath of honor while getting the villains. If you like suspense and police tv shows like “Blue Bloods” then you will love this book! Once started reading this book you will not want to stop until the end! The St. John family has what you are looking for from family drama to their mother who is chief of police. This story revolves around a family of police officers and how this family, has grit and determination to do whatever it takes, to protect the ones they love and still get the job done. Great story! Can hardly wait till the next one comes out! I was given this book, by Netgalley.com for review purposes.
GrandaddyA More than 1 year ago
I totally got into this story. From the beginning action to the final resolution, the tension is palpable. Lynette Eason brings the best of suspense, romance, faith, mystery, action, and excitement together in one non-stop story that keeps the reader wanting more. I enjoy how she slips in hints along the way that take my thoughts in a particular direction only to discover that I misinterpreted the clues. Am I saying that I like to get fooled? Not exactly, but I find it refreshing to pick up a book and learn that it was not created with a cookie-cutter. Too many fall into a pattern but not this one. The bad guys included gang members representing both the Bloods and the Crips, corrupt law enforcement officers, a psychopath, and members of the Mafia. Can you picture all of these working together? But are they really working together? After all, they all want power and wealth, while none of them cares who gets hurt in order for them to gain what they want. Most of the St. John family are in law enforcement. Early in the book, Izzy St. John and her partner, Kevin Marshall, whose family lives across the street from hers, are on a stakeout when he foolishly takes an unwarranted risk and is murdered. Izzy and Kevin’s brother Ryan team up unofficially to find the murderer and to bring down the head of the local Mafia. With one tense situation after another and several near-death experiences, the reader must hang on for dear life to get to the end to find out who is behind all of the dastardly deeds and why. I think you will be glad you read this one and will be looking forward to the next book in the series, just like I am. I received a copy of the book from the publisher. This is my honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.