On the Record

On the Record

by K. A. Linde


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ISBN-13: 9781477823880
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 08/26/2014
Series: Record Series , #2
Pages: 369
Sales rank: 899,570
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

K. A. Linde grew up a military brat traveling the United States and Australia. While studying political science and philosophy at the University of Georgia, she founded the Georgia Dance Team—which she still coaches. Post-graduation she served as campus campaign director for the 2012 presidential campaign at UNC Chapel Hill. She is the author of eight novels, five in the Avoiding series and two in the Record series. An avid traveler, reader, and bargain hunter, K.A. lives in Athens, Georgia, with her boyfriend and two puppies, Riker and Lucy.

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On the Record 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
This story starts with everyone awaiting the results of the November races. Just as they are announcing the results of Brady's race, Hayden asks Liz out. She still is in love with Brady but agrees to go out with Hayden. Hayden is the perfect, attentive boyfriend in public that she wishes Brady could have been. All seems to be going well except Liz still hasn't had sex with Hayden. Every time they get close, she stops it.....Brady is still in her every thought. Brady's world keeps injecting into Liz's. First his sister, Savannah, starts working at the campus paper and they become fast friends. Then Liz is at Hayden's sister's art show and she runs into Brady's brother, Clay. Next, Savannah invites her to dinner with her family. Guess who's there? Brady! With his girlfriend! Loved the dinner conversation! Life continues to go on and Liz is committed to making things work with Hayden. But every now and then Brady just keeps popping up. It was hard to enjoy Liz time with Hayden when I want her with Brady! I loved Liz's drunk texting with Brady! Too funny! I was completely thrown for a loop with what Hayden did towards the end of the book! That was a total "Oh, no he didn't" moment! But I totally LOVED the end result! I cannot believe I have to wait until November to see how this ends! I am really enjoying the political world...never thought I would. Thanks for that! This series is a must read. You will not be disappointed.
Lauren2LC More than 1 year ago
It felt like forever after the bit of a cliffhanger in Off the record. On the record basically starts up after Liz walked away from Brady. I was hoping for much less anxiety when reading this book as it was killing me with the repeatedly bad choices Liz and Brady were making. Gah! Hayden why? Sure he looks good on paper and appears to be perfect but not enough spark. As Liz tries to let go of Brady giving him the campaign so he doesn't have to make a decision but really she was trying to save herself because she couldn't bare to hear him chose the campaign over her so she made the choice for him. Hayden has always been there but when she finally made the choice to be with him, it killed me. KILLED ME. It was well written as I was full of anxiety of repulsion during this part of the book which was most of it, but then Hayden didn't turn out as perfect as she wanted him to be. It's always hard for me to read when I want the main hero and heroine together and they are with other people when they shouldn't be, but without that were would be the angst? Even though it as been a year. A YEAR!!! Brady and Liz still have palpable energy but have made their choices, so they try to stay away from one another but when their past is thrown into their faces Liz finally gets off her complacent ass and talks to Brady even after her more bad choices. Brady is the more mature of the two by breaking up with his girlfriend when he realized that he still loved Liz where as Liz stayed with Hayden. She is still with Hayden until he royally screwed up even though she always loved Brady more. Now finally at the end we get to see our favorite power couple back on track or do we????
JoannaDursi More than 1 year ago
(3.75 stars) It’s not that OnTR was a letdown; I just didn’t like it as much as OTR. I found a huge chunk in the beginning to be a bit slow but once things progress it picks up steam. I just missed Brady and his mouth. I did expect more angst then we got, but some of Brady and Liz’s conversations broke my heart. I loved Brady’s chapter and hope that we’ll get to see more interactions between him and his siblings in FTR. Speaking of Brady’s siblings…CLAY! Damn him, he can give Brady’s mouth a run for his money. Overall if you enjoyed OTR, you need to read this book. WHAT an ending---Thank goodness we ONLY have to wait a few months to see how their story will end. - “I didn’t leave you for him,” she said softly. “The moment Heather and Elliot told you that you had to ditch me, you left me for the campaign.” Brady opened his mouth to contradict her, but she shook her head. “Because while you might have told them that you loved me, you never actually told me.”