One Cross to Bear: Humanity through Narrative Prose

One Cross to Bear: Humanity through Narrative Prose

by Greg McVicker


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ISBN-13: 9781775162223
Publisher: Belfast Child Publishing
Publication date: 10/30/2017
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

rish Author and Poet, Greg McVicker, was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, during a period of sectarian hatred and a violent, political war known as 'The Troubles'. Along with his siblings, his parents chose to leave behind their own beloved families, and their homeland, for a better chance at life and ending up relocating to Winnipeg. This began what Greg describes as an 'Everlasting Homesickness'.

In his professional career as a Social Worker, Greg has focused his efforts in working with Canada's First Nations and in bringing much needed awareness to their own daily struggles, social injustices and inequities.

Greg is unwavering in his efforts to shed light on various social injustices that people have experienced in their daily lives, both individually and collectively, but are often left to suffer in silence.

Table of Contents


When I made the decision to write my second book of intricate storytelling poetry, it was one that I was quite eager to get too. Since it had been quite some time from when I had first composed such intrinsically deep, yet delicate pieces that speak to the human journey of life, my mind was brimming with ideas that were simply begging to be written about. So, here we now are with that collection for you to not only read, but process.

At the beginning of this book, your eyes will come to feast on poems entitled ‘Preventable Death’, ‘Beneath Golden Arches’, ‘White Feathers’, and ‘First Year Anniversary…’. Each of these pieces were composed in 2015 and 2016, yet their relevance across the lifespan are as important today as the day when I decided to put text to paper and breathe life into them.

I should note that the poem called ‘Stolen Identity’, which now graces these pages, was written in honour of a fellow author who is acknowledged at the back of this book. I guess that shortly after writing that piece, my creative juices began flowing which lead to the composition of ‘Everlasting Homesickness’ and ‘Belfast City Asylum’, along with my first attempt of penning Irish folklore and mythology within the legendary tale of our Irish lad, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, and the ‘Giant’s Causeway’ as seen through my eyes.

Within two weeks of this and in hitting the road on August 19, 2017 with my fifteen-year-old son, Ciarán, who was attending the WHL Calgary Hitmen Rookie Training Camp, this provided me with the perfect opportunity to scribe these pages. Within one day of driving, both ‘Beggar’s Boulevard’ and ‘Cave Hill’ were composed. A furious frenzy of writing began, and continued right on through to the following two weekends at his main training camp with the Virden Oil Capitals. ‘In the Name of Religion’, ‘Banshee of Dunluce Castle’, and a composition to my beloved pet dog, ‘Brandy’, along with twelve more pieces, I felt that the book was very much complete. But then came the design of the cover.

Finding an image of a Celtic Cross in ruin seemed to capture what I am trying to get across in this and my memoir: not only do each of us have one cross to bear, but those same objects hold on to our scars throughout life. Whether on our sleeves and faces for the whole world to see, or perhaps tied in with the intricate knot work of who we are, our thought processes, grief we have dealt with, relationships that have helped shape us, or the footprint that we leave behind when our names whisper in the breeze. This brings to light why I have chosen the images that I have sourced to accompany each narrative poem, along with quotes from my first book and personal memoir, Belfast Child.

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