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One Golden Ring

One Golden Ring

4.1 7
by Cheryl Bolen

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A Frosty Wedding. . .

Lady Fiona Hollingsworth never thinks of herself as particularly daring--until she learns that her beloved brother needs her help. But when Fiona approaches the powerful and enigmatic Nicholas Birmingham with a scheme in mind, she is taking a far bigger risk than she knows. For Fiona's exchanging more than vows; she's striking


A Frosty Wedding. . .

Lady Fiona Hollingsworth never thinks of herself as particularly daring--until she learns that her beloved brother needs her help. But when Fiona approaches the powerful and enigmatic Nicholas Birmingham with a scheme in mind, she is taking a far bigger risk than she knows. For Fiona's exchanging more than vows; she's striking a delicious bargain with the devil himself--and Christmas provides more than enough opportunity for wicked mischief under the mistletoe. . .

A Fiery Passion. . .

Nicholas Birmingham hasn't become the richest stockbroker in England by being anything less than shrewd. He fully understands what's behind Fiona's brazen proposal, yet he cannot turn away the alluring lady who's haunted his fantasies for so long. Of course, a man has his pride, and Nicholas has no intention of revealing how he feels. Yet from the moment he slips his ring on Fiona's finger, desire and chaos are kindled. Now it's only a matter of time before the magic of the Season brings true love to light!

"Who can resist a marriage of convenience between a couple who have nothing in common--but passion! One Golden Ring is an irresistible pleasure." --Eloisa James

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One Golden Ring 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story started out keeping my interest. Half way through, the story just move along slowly. Then, I found myself skipping through pages just to finish the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Recommend book to read for a holiday present to yourself.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the first novel I had bought via B & N and read by Cheryl Bolen...it will also be my last. I had high hopes for this book after seeing two ¿gushing¿ reviews that major reviewers gave it and one reader. Unfortunately, either this authors¿ style is simply not for me or my standards for a book are much higher than theirs. This was NOT a perfect romance as one suggests. Frankly¿its was dull and boring. From day one, lead characters Nick and Fiona were as cookie cutter as you could get. She¿the perfect society woman with beauty, grace, charm and a sweet disposition ¿ DULL! He was handsome, attractive, intelligent and full money but, no royal clout ¿ DULL! They meet when she sells herself to Nick as a wife so, he can fit into society and she gets money to help her brother. Within days of marriage, they are immediately attracted to one another, have great sex, call each other husband, wife, honey, darling, sweetest and love until you are sick of hearing it! How two people bond this fast yet, know NOTHING about each other is a mystery. When life is simple, they are fine. When little issues crop up and misunderstandings occur¿they suddenly believe the worst of the other. Well¿..that happens when you know nothing about someone! Also, Fiona was a bit of a snob early on. She was robbed of a previous love ¿ Warwick - who threw her over for another woman and she pined away for him ages. She loved this other guy so much that within a few short weeks of meeting Nick she is in love again! Not too fickle ¿ hugh? She also felt those without her bloodlines were lower class, she felt Nick¿s illegitimate daughter was not good enough to be with them and so on. Unattractive traits in a heroine. Nick in turn was blinded by a hot body and pretty face in his wife. He didn¿t care about who or what she was just that she heated up between the sheets well. The story did develop later on and each warmed up more as people but, it was simply too late for me. The relationship felt too superficial for too long. The side characters of her brother Randy falling for Nick¿s sister without ever meeting but, two times was also too much to digest. The only interesting person was Fiona¿s gay friend who buddied around with her. As for the golden ring...it didn't make sense either. Fiona is very into luxurious clothes, castles and mansions, large amounts of money and assets and yet we are to believe that Nick passing along a simple gold band from his family was enough for her? I wanted to say 'aw shucks - that's beautiful ' but, instead I rolled my eyes and said 'give me a break!' The ring would have been a nice touch had the characters been emotional and involved- they were not. I need more interest, passion and depth for a story to work for me. This was an example of how a lot of words and simple plot lines don¿t create memorable love stories or characters. This one flat lined¿sorry to say.
Guest More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
This has not been a good year for Lady Fiona Hollingsworth. Her father died, foreign secretary Lord Edward Warwick ended their long time unofficial betrothal to marry someone else (see THE COUNTERFEIT COUNTESS) and her brother Randy is being held for ransom in the Peninsular. To rescue him, she needs 25,000 pounds, which she not only does not have but could not raise in a decade let alone the week she has.......................... Her best friend Trevor Simpson convinces Lady Fiona Hollingsworth to attend the theater though she feels guilty that she goes out for entertainment while Randy remains imprisoned. Fiona notices in a nearby box is wealthy stockbroker Nicholas Birmingham, Fiona decides to strike a devil¿s bargain with the commoner by offering her only asset in exchange for the money. However Nicholas rejects her proposal of marriage until Edward insisted England needs his help in the matter. Rather quickly, Fiona falls in love with her husband and his illegitimate preadolescent daughter, but Nick cannot believe that his spouse no longer pines for Edward while she is jealous that he goes out every night, assuming he sees his lover............................ This is a golden historical romance starring two fabulous lead protagonists who love one another but do not trust the other to reciprocate. The story line is fast-paced from the moment Fiona offers the deal until the final confrontation. Interestingly in spite of the marriage saving his life, Randy is upset that his sister married beneath her station. The support cast is fabulous whether enhancing the situation in the Peninsular or causing further suspicion between the newly married lead couple. Cheryl Bolen has written a fascinating tale............................ Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lady Fiona Hollingsworth needs twenty-five thousand pounds quickly to free her brother, Randy, who has been abducted by Spanish bandits in The Peninsula. However, the family fortune is depleted. When she sees Mr. Nicholas 'Nick' Birmingham, the richest stockbroker in England, she gets an idea. The very next day, Fiona goes to Nick's office and offers to marry him in exchange for his help. It is fairly well known that Nick's deceased father had always hoped his son would make an aristocratic match. Even though Nick does not believe himself worthy of Fiona, he agrees. It does not take the pair long to fall totally in love with each other. ....................................... Lord Edward Warwick, the Foreign Secretary, had grown up unofficially betrothed to Fiona. Yet last year he jilted Fiona to marry another, Countess Maggie. The Crown needs the help of Nick, his brother (William), and his money. Edward goes to Nick, hoping Nick's patriotism will force his agreement. It does, but only because William has experience in stealthy dealings. If not for his loyalty to his country, Nick would have refused. Nick could not help being jealous that Fiona had once loved Edward for so long. ..................................... Fiona has truly gotten over Edward. She is deeply in love with Nick. She is even growing to adore Nick's illegitimate, eight-year-old daughter, Emmie. But she is jealous that Nick keeps disappearing at night and fears he is going to another woman. In addition to this, it is no secret that Randy frowns upon Fiona marrying so beneath their station. Yet Randy may soon be forced to eat crow. .......................................... ***** You say that you want dreamy romance? Then pick up a copy of 'One Golden Ring'. This has got to be the most PERFECT Regency Romance that I have read this year. I actually found myself envying Fiona. You will not find any stupid characters that you will want to strangle. These characters are intelligent and realistic. I have high hopes that a couple of the secondary characters will get their own stories told someday soon. *****