One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder

by Denyse Cohen

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At nearly thirty, Audrey is stumbling through her own life. When she posts on Facebook her frustration at being laid-off, a long-lost childhood friend offers her a gig to photograph his wannabe rock band on tour. Her Brazilian mother believes it’s fate; Audrey believes it’s the power of DSL.

Inside a rundown Winnebago with the all-male band, her cynicism is only matched by her fear of being taken for a groupie. Despite her own resistance, she falls for the one member who keeps her at a distance. Then John writes a song that reveals his pent-up emotions for her and propels the band to instant stardom.

Audrey must choose between working with the band or pursuing her own accomplishments, a decision that creates room for the complications of fame to creep in between her and John. Despite their connection, they find themselves facing jealousy, betrayal, and a gut-wrenching sorrow that could unravel their relationship.

Sensuality Level: Behind closed doors

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781440550638
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 06/04/2012
Series: Crimson Romance
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 100
File size: 1 MB

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One Hit Wonder 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Lucky_Boots More than 1 year ago
Audrey’s at a crossroads. She’s been laid off from the job she hated and has no idea what she wants to do next. So when her childhood friend, Matt, asks her to come on tour with his band to document their next trip, she grabs her camera, packs a bag and heads off to find her destiny. And as she, Matt and his bandmates travel from town to town playing bars and local festivals, she and the band’s leader John find themselves inextricably attracted to each other. And when a YouTube video of his love song to her goes viral, they find themselves catapulted from virtual obscurity to instant fame. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to go tour with a band and if you’re intrigued by the music business this book’s for you. Cohen’s no holds barred, realistic look at life on the road and at fame’s destructive power, will leave you feeling like you went along for the ride.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Set in the difficult world of the music business, One Hit Wonder is a finely woven plot of a group of friends striving to realise their dream of making it in the music business and finding love along the way. The appropriately titled novel is a romance story laced with love, loss and finally finding ones’ self and each other. The heroin, Audrey is a typical young woman muddling through life, hoping to find her path. Cynical about love, her attraction to John came as a surprise and so did the love that followed. But as the saying goes, true love’s course never runs smoothly and neither did that of Audrey and John. But like all true romance novels, the force of jealousy and the devastation of death could not keep the lovers apart in the end. Densye’s writing is witty, relatable and laced with humour. Not every writer can deliver all three in one book but she does this beautifully. Whether it’s describing the band’s run down Winnebago, aka tour bus or comparing Audrey’s complicated love life to that of tangled Rastafarian’s hair, she’ll have you grinning every time you turn a page. One hit wonder is a strong love story, we knew from the minute they met and the first spark went off that Audrey and John would end up together. It is the journey Densye takes us on before we get to that destination which is intriguing and makes this book worthy of your time.
AldoRayFan More than 1 year ago
"One Hit Wonder" by the tremendously gifted Denyse Cohen is a novel that should appeal to a wide variety of readers. While the plot itself is intriguing enough on its own terms and the personality of Audrey (the main character)is clearly and vividly portrayed, what I personally found to be the most striking aspect of this novel was its moments of superb descriptive writing. In keeping with the subject matter, there are appropriately sections of dialogue that sound casual, realistic, and down-to-earth; but then, in startling contrast, you come across a passage like this: "Adrenaline still ran in her veins like a lizard on hot asphalt." This sentence alone, in my estimation, reveals the depth of Ms Cohen's talent in her ability to write vivid descriptive passages. Then, when the author tells us how Audrey is feeling while in the embrace of the man she's in love with, an allusion to the Earth tilting back on its axis elicited a strong emotional response from this reader. I did think that the Epilogue could have been shortened just a tiny bit, but by that point, I was obviously already taken in by the events and lives of the characters I'd been enjoying reading about. Please note: A copy of this novel was kindly provided to me by the author herself.
BorderBabe More than 1 year ago
Success doesn't come cheap. One Hit Wonder follows a small time band on their journey from obscurity to instant celebrity and demonstrates the downside of being catapulted at your dream before you can even catch your breath. The irony is that the bonds they formed along the way are frayed and the deeply personal love ballad written by the band's leader for the woman he loves threatens the very relationship he celebrated in song. This is a moving story and you find yourself pulling for the characters to overcome their fame before it crushes them. You'll appreciate the romantic ending.
Randi_Alexander More than 1 year ago
A fun contemporary romance about a band and their newly-hired photographer who goes from playing local festivals to big-time musical notoriety with one, romantic song. I enjoyed riding along on the tour bus, seeing how they lived and what went on behind the stage. The band members were each unique and interesting. The love story is strong, sweet, and slow, just like John, the book's hero. The heroine, Audrey's background was fascinating. A very different twist to the story, which gave the book's ending a very real feeling. Great writing, Denyse Cohen!
Lawreignsupreme More than 1 year ago
One Hit Wonder by Denyse Cohen is a lovely story about Audrey (love the name by the way) who ends up out of a job and hating life. That is until she is invited to become the photographer to a sexy man band. I really liked the main character. She's funny, sometimes wondering "what the heck am I doing", and quite engaging. She was a person I could imagine being friends with. I like reading novels about people I believe could actually exist. The only flaw is, the male characters of the rock band did not have much depth. I constantly confused them for each other, easily forgetting what they even looked like. I did not completely finish the novel, stopping near the end due to the male characters' lack of development. I needed them to be as well rounded as the main character, Audrey. To me, One Hit Wonder is a hit for lovers of contemporary romance. They will find the story endearing, and yearn to take to the dusty roads of Great America after reading this short and endearing tale. Because I can 2.5 on a blog and not on Goodreads, or B&N, my 2.5 rounds up! At least that is what my teacher taught me. Go ahead Miss. Denyse Cohen You're almost there. You just need more time.
MicahPersell More than 1 year ago
Brought back lots of good memories from when I used to tour during college. A must-read for any musician who has ever spent an uncomfortable amount of time in a vehicle with strangers who turn into your best friends.
I_Preston More than 1 year ago
One Hit Wonder starts with the road trip we all take - the one you remember years later; the one when everything changed. This story is about the groupie who wasn’t, the lead singer who wasn’t, and the decisions we all make on our journey to happiness. Audrey and John are flawed, talented, and wonderful. Denyse Cohen tells this story in her own unique voice with occasional whimsical descriptions of life on the road and in L.A. If you love realistic stories with strong well-matched couples and feel-good endings, you will love One Hit Wonder just as much as I did!
KristinaKK More than 1 year ago
I was able to read an ARC of One Hit Wonder. Musicians intrigue me. Always have ~ I wonder what they're thinking on stage. It's no secret what John in One Hit Wonder is thinking – he's thinking about band photographer Audrey. The only problem? Audrey has her own dream and being a groupie or following John's band around isn't it. Denyse Cohen's debut will have you rooting for Audrey not just to get her man, but to find her own way. Filled with twists and turns (and a happily ever after), One Hit Wonder is destined to be one of many hits for Denyse Cohen.