One-Minute Meditations At Work

One-Minute Meditations At Work

by Tom Zender


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ISBN-13: 9781452541402
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/26/2011
Pages: 252
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One-Minute Meditations at Work

365 Days of Inspiration on the Job
By Tom Zender


Copyright © 2011 Tom Zender
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-4140-2

Chapter One

January 1 – Abundance

I now accept an infinite supply of good into my work.

Do I think that prosperity is my paycheck, bank account, or mutual fund? I might be limiting my true abundance if that is my thinking. Prosperity, wealth and affluence go well beyond money, and can include a loving family and other relationships, good health and the beauty of nature.

The real source of my prosperity is Spirit, always providing me with divine ideas for my work. There is an infinite supply of new ideas for increasing abundance in all areas of my work. Sometimes just by grace I receive a surprise material gift. At other times, receive the inspiration and energy to work on the gift of a creative idea.

My work provides a wealth of good in all of its forms for others and for me.

"In God We Trust." – United States Currency

* * *

January 2 – Faith

I have faith in the best outcomes of my work and my life.

Where do I place my faith – in other employees, our products and services, or management? These are all valid, and yet there is an even higher level in which to place my trust.

Creative Spirit is the only true power in my universe and in my life. When I have faith in this infinite source of good, I see the highest purpose and path for my job. My faith may be small, and even if I have only a little, then great achievements are possible.

Each day at work and in other times, I can stop and spend some priceless moments in contact with my creator. Then I am ready for a great day in my work, at home, and in other places. My faith is stronger.

"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this is to see what you believe." – Saint Augustine

January 3 – Ask

I claim the power for my work from spirit, the source of all energy.

Do I think that I am limited, lacking, or losing in some way in my job? It might be that I feel held down, or held back by something or somebody and that I cannot make further progress in my tasks, my work, and my job.

When I am feeling this way, I have an infallible answer by simply asking Spirit for the answer to my concerns. I can take a short break, even at my desk or workstation, and just take a few moments to ask. I shut my eyes, take a long breath, seek guidance, and am silent in faith.

The answer may come right away or later. It may come directly or through another person or in some other way, but it will come. The more I practice this in my work and throughout my life, the more I find that I always have right answers, in the right way, for my job and other challenges.

"Ask and it will be given to you." – Matthew

* * *

January 4 – Celebrate

I celebrate all achievements in my work, creating more success.

When the momentum of my work is growing and I am being successful, do I take time to celebrate? Alone and with others, I have an opportunity to use each success to build another.

Anytime during the day that I am feeling success with a task, big or small, I take a moment to thank the source of all my achievements, divine inner Spirit. I can share in this joy with others, too. This builds the foundation for even more successes with members of my team.

Today I look for situations where I am meeting my goals with customers, products, services or processes. I give thanks and celebrate in all ways, knowing that more achievements are ahead.

"Celebrate what you want to see more of." – Tom Peters

January 5 – Begin

I take the first bold steps in my job dreams, seeing divine results.

When I am at the brink of taking a first step to doing something new, building upon my dream, I might hesitate. If so, there is another first step to help me move forward.

That step is to communicate with Spirit, my inspiration, the source of my ideas and the strength of my actions. At the beginning of each step, I have an ever-ready and reliable friend to guide me and infuse me with great energy. I realize the dreams and goals of my career, job and work.

Today, as I go into my work and I think of my dream, I begin and as I take the first steps, I receive the intelligence, strength and serendipity for success.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." – Goethe

* * *

January 6 – Forgiveness

I forgive others at work, and I have greater peace in my job.

Am I irritated or angry with someone, or something that is affecting my job? It is likely that I feel a block to my energy and ability to do my best work.

In these situations, there is a proven way to remove these obstacles. The transforming power of forgiveness is a gift of Spirit. I can ask for the strength to forgive anyone and anything. With greater ease, I forgive and then I receive forgiveness. My energy restored, I have more peace and my work is easier.

In all of my work – developing and producing products and services, meetings with customers and others, or administration – the next time I feel upset at work because of someone else I practice forgiveness as the best way to release them and myself for greater good.

"Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom." – Hannah Arendt

January 7 – Power

Filled with spirit's energy, I do my very best work, always.

Am I feeling like I am holding back in my job because I am not charged up to do some task? Perhaps I am listless for reasons I do not even understand.

When I know that all power comes from divine inner Spirit, I can turn to this infinite resource for all the energy I need. Energy flows around me, in me and through me as I work. My soul, mind and body move with this life-giving energy.

If I am experiencing a loss of power in my work today or any day I stop for a few moments and rest in the great truth that I can be re-energized by my creator by taking a few moments to breathe, pray, and accept that which is freely given to me.

"Our power is not so much in us as through us." – Harry Emerson Fosdick

* * *

January 8 – Caring

I constantly care about all others who are part of my work.

When I only care about myself at work, do I feel isolated and tense? This can be a signal that I have closed an important door to the possibility of greater outcomes in my job through improved relationships with everyone.

Others caring about me are a reflection of how I treat others. Loving Spirit has provided us with the "Golden Rule," which is reflected by nearly every faith. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is a universal spiritual principle that always works. Even when somebody does not return my caring back to me, someone else will.

For people I deal with in my work, and in other parts of my life, I become aware of the benefits to them and to me for offering a caring attitude in my relationship with them.

"The simple act of caring is heroic." – Edward Albert

January 9 – Flow

I accept the flow of divine ideas that inspire my work each day.

Sometimes when I am searching for creativity in my job I am not sure where to look, and I might not recognize the source of my intuition or insights.

Spirit is our infinite flow of creative ideas for my work and all parts of my life. How simple it is to take time to connect to the energy of my creator in prayer. At any time I can close my eyes for even a brief time, take some deep breaths, be silent, meditate, and pray to open up my mind and receive new inspiration. I work renewed, enhanced by fresh ideas that appear for me.

When I fell blocked in a creative task while working, whether it is writing a document, composing some art, building a plan, or developing a new process, I receive inspiration by accessing my divine creative flow.

"So this is how you swim inward. So this is how you flow outwards. So this is how you pray." – Mary Oliver.

* * *

January 10 – Retreat

Each day at work, I turn within to inner spirit, and I re-energize.

I might think that to retreat means to be defeated and give up. I can feel that way when my job seems overwhelming or a task seems impossible.

Retreat also means to take a rest. I can take a short retreat at work when I have a few moments to relax, take some deep breaths and turn inward to my soul, thinking of Spirit, praying, meditating, and spending a little time in silence. Returning to my work, my body and mind are more relaxed, my energy refreshed and I feel more creative.

At any time, I am in a demanding situation at work, I can move beyond it. My job is smoother and more productive when I take a momentary retreat.

"Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in their own soul." – Marcus Aurelius

January 11 – Signs

Spirit gives me signs along the way that I am on my right job path.

Sometimes I am not certain about the choices I make in my job. When I feel I am off track I am probably observing some signals that tell me so.

I always ask inner Spirit for clear direction in my work, praying for clarity. I listen for guidance and when it becomes clear, I move forward, looking for signs that I am on the right path. As these positive signals appear – what I hear someone say or something I see – my work takes less effort. I see uplifting synchronicities and miracles along the way.

I start each workday by inviting divine direction for my work, noticing signals along the way that I am on the right path.

"What you have to ask yourself is what kind of person are you? Are you the kind that sees signs, sees miracles? Or, do you believe that people just get lucky?" – M. Night Shyamalan

* * *

January 12 – Learning

I open my mind to new learning in my job, and I have more success.

I may think that I have learned everything I need to know in my job from my schooling. If I feel there is nothing more for me to learn, then I am limited. A new view is that there is always more for me to learn in my work.

Now I can prepare my self for more education and more learning by turning to Spirit with an open mind. I ask for divine guidance about expanding my knowledge when I pray, meditate and spend time in silence. New doors of discovery open to opportunities for my work and personal growth.

Anytime I feel that I need to learn something new in my job, new information and new ways of doing things, I first turn to inspiration from my creator. I receive the resources to learn, grow, and be more successful.

"Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century." – S. J. Perelman

January 13 – Progress

I obtain my daily path of improvement by divine direction.

How do I measure progress in my work? When I think it is only by large steps, big gains, and major successes I can be setting myself up for disappointment.

When I am on the right path and taking a step at a time, I make good progress. Asking divine inner Spirit for my right path in my job and for daily direction on that path leads to my progress along the way. I listen and follow, and the larger and longer-term measures of my progress will happen as the result of my guided daily steps.

As I enter my job each day, I ask for my steps forward in my tasks, meetings, and activities. I see daily progress and I am inspired to keep going.

"If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress." – Barack Obama

* * *

January 14 – Flexibility

I adapt to change by seeing new opportunities for others and me.

Unforeseen events at work can cause great discomfort because they likely do not meet my expectations. How do I react when I hear about a new change – with resistance, by shutting down, or by being defensive, angry or fearful?

Too often, we want things to stay the same. Yet, change is normal and an essential part of my on-going development. I choose to turn to Spirit and ask for my guidance about how I can adapt to a new path that is unfolding.

Asking the question of "how can I participate in helping with this?" opens the possibility of new and better opportunities for my success and those around me. I can become even more adaptable in future changes.

"If you cannot accurately predict the future then you must flexibly be prepared to deal with various possible futures." – Edward de Bono

January 15 – Acceptance

I live fully in the moment, accepting each instant without judgment.

When my mind is retracting to the past and reaching to the future, I am missing the value of each instant in my job. I lose focus and my work can become difficult. The great truth is that we can only exist in each now moment, not the past nor the future.

I can use each second to its fullest and work to my very best potential. Inner Spirit always provides me with the right direction when I open to its insights, inspiration, and intuition. Then, I can choose to follow this path while my mind is at ease, each task takes less effort, and I achieve greater results.

I practice being in each moment by catching my thoughts of the past and future and allowing them to drift away. I then turn my mind to the present moment, experiencing the good flow of my work.

"Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons." – Jessica Lange

* * *

January 16 – Certainty

I let go of my expectations, embracing new opportunities in spirit.

Sometimes things at work do not go the way I had planned. When this happens, I choose to recognize the possibility of something greater appearing. I rest for a few moments, I ask creative Spirit to guide me onto a better path.

Do I base my expectations upon divine guidance or upon a myriad of forces not in tune with my inner being? I can choose to periodically "stop the action," go within, and gain the greater confidence of following the direction of Spirit—avoiding false expectations.

I accept fresh opportunities that appear when unexpected events interrupt my workday. New people and things emerge to create even more fulfilling work.

"If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor." – Eleanor Roosevelt

January 17 – Integrity

I think, speak and act with total truth and honesty in all my work.

Sometimes it seems easier to withhold some important information or not do my best at work. If I feel uncomfortable in doing this, I might feel even more uncomfortable living with myself afterward. Then I am not fully open to important information and ideas that for my good.

If I sense I am not totally open and honest, I can stop and make a choice. I can ask for divine inner Spirit's guidance for the right and perfect way to handle the situation. I then obtain the right direction.

I then move forward with greater ease in integrity, holding truthful thoughts, speaking honestly, and acting with great confidence that I am contributing to the greater good of all. Others will naturally be more open and honest with me, and that enhances our mutual work.

"Integrity has no need of rules." – Albert Camus

* * *

January 18 – Release

I let go of old ways, and accept new ideas that enhance my work.

Am I holding onto ideas, processes, or relationships that are no longer productive in my job? There is always a better way.

When I am feeling blocked and cannot seem to move forward I can let go of what is not working and turn to inner Spirit. In moments of silence, prayer, and meditation, I receive inspiration and insights for new thoughts, ways, and people that increase my effectiveness at work. This is true in all my activities – products and services, meetings or administration.

At any time, I can renew and refresh my work by releasing the old and making room for new – simply by being in touch with Spirit at work in my life.

"You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, 'I release the need for this in my life'." – Wayne Dyer


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