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One More Summer

One More Summer

4.0 3
by Liz Flaherty

Grace has taken care of her widowed father her entire adult life and the ornery old goat has finally died. She has no job, no skills and very little money, and has heard her father's prediction that no decent man would ever want her so often she accepts it as fact.

But she does have a big old house on Lawyers Row in Peacock, Tennessee. She opens a


Grace has taken care of her widowed father her entire adult life and the ornery old goat has finally died. She has no job, no skills and very little money, and has heard her father's prediction that no decent man would ever want her so often she accepts it as fact.

But she does have a big old house on Lawyers Row in Peacock, Tennessee. She opens a rooming house and quickly gathers a motley crew of tenants: Promise, Grace's best friend since kindergarten, who's fighting cancer; Maxie, an aging soap opera actress who hasn't lost her flair for the dramatic; Jonah, a sweet, gullible old man with a crush on Maxie.

And Dillon, Grace's brother's best friend, who stood her up on the night of her senior prom and has regretted it ever since. Dillon rents Grace's guest house for the summer and hopes to make up for lost time and past hurts—but first, he'll have to convince Grace that she's worth loving...

88,000 words

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Her father used to say it was a good thing her name was Grace, because that was sure as the world all she had going for her. Her hair wasn't gold-streaked and curly like her sister Faith's—it was just plain brown. And when it rained—which it seemed to do at the most inappropriate times—its thick waves frizzed themselves into an unholy mess. Her eyes weren't green like Faith's either, or sable-dark like her brother Steven's. They were just plain brown like her hair. The only time you could even tell she had eyelashes was when she remembered to use the eyelash curler and then apply two coats of the kind of mascara that came in a hot pink cylinder. Grace, being Grace, didn't remember to do that real often.

She wore overalls most all the time, and they bagged in the butt because she was built straight up and down like a boy who hadn't yet reached puberty. Her legs were far and away her best feature, but she hardly ever showed them because that meant remembering to shave nearly every day. Grace generally only remembered on Saturday nights when she locked herself in her bathroom and filled up the claw foot tub and turned the radio on real loud. It was the only time she ever took for herself and even her father didn't have the heart to interrupt. When she came out of the bathroom—wearing a chenille bathrobe that most likely came over on the ark—her hair would be all damp and fuzzy. She'd curl up on the end of the couch in the parlor with a romance novel from the library and a bottle of cheap white wine she bought at the drugstore and try to ignore the fact that she had no life.

That's what she was trying to do, on this hot May evening of her father's funeral, but people kept interrupting her. Didn't they understand about Saturday nights? This was her time, not to be interfered with or impinged upon.

"Gracie." Faith's voice was soft. It was always soft, and Grace wished just once Faith would give in and bellow. Bellowing was good for the soul. "Honey, you need to decide what you want to do."

"Decide?" With regret, Grace laid her book on the back of the couch on top of a puddle of Louisa May's cat hair and swung her chenille-covered legs so that her feet rested on the floor. "When in my life have I ever decided anything, Faith? It's always been decided for me, so why don't you and your husband and Steven just decide for me? Maybe you can find a reasonable apartment complex that caters to single ladies with one-eared cats. I can get a nice little job down at the textile factory so that no one has to worry about me being destitute and you all can continue your lives uninterrupted.

"Gracie." It was Steven's voice this time, low and lazy. Grace's friend Promise used to say Steven's voice was calculated to make women's knees go weak and their brains turn to curdled milk. Of course, Promise was in love with him, which no doubt made a difference. "You're being a pain in the ass."

"Well, yes," Grace admitted, "I probably am. But I'm overdue, don't you think?"

He reached for her wine bottle and refilled his glass. "Yes, I do, and so does Faith, but you're shooting the messengers. As I remember it, we tried to get you out of here, tried to help you make a life for yourself. You wouldn't leave Papa and you wouldn't leave Peacock."

"He was our father, Steven."

"He was a mean and cantankerous man," he said.

"Steven," Faith said reprovingly, "you shouldn't speak ill of the dead."

Meet the Author

Liz Flaherty spends non-writing time sewing, quilting, and thinking she should clear a path through the fabric stash that furnishes her office. She also loves to travel and spend time with the grandkids (the Magnificent Seven) and their parents. She and Duane, her husband of a really long time, live in the old farmhouse in Indiana they moved to in 1977. They've talked about moving, but really, 30-some years of stuff? It's not happening! She'd love to hear from you at lizkflaherty@gmail.com.

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One More Summer 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first thing you should know is that I am not your typical reviewer. I refuse to be the person that gives you all the details in a book. That's what the summary is at the back of the book is for. What I will tell you about this book is it took me on a journey of love. Yes, love between a man and a woman but most importantly love between the people we let into our hearts. I laughed, I cried, and I mourned. I was outraged and I was touched. This book will remind you what it is to love, trust, and share in the lives of the people around you. Liz Flaherty if you ever read this review, thank you. Thank you for reminding me of the connections between brothers, sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, and the people who touch us through our lives.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this was a well written stories with a multitude of characters there were great together. Funny dialogue, good plot and heart breaking at times. Loved ut!
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: When I started this audiobook, I was expecting a light contemporary romance, but what it is...is so much more than that! At the center of this book is Grace. She is the youngest of three siblings and has always been inexplicably hated by her father. He was mean, spiteful, and abusive. The odd thing about this was his horrible actions only applied to Grace, not her older brother Steven, or her older sister, Faith. Nevertheless, Grace was the one that stood by him and took care of him until he finally died. Now Grace is trying to start a new life by turning the family home into a bed & breakfast. And despite it all, Grace is a wonderful giving and thoughtful person who takes care of everyone else in her life. There is a whole cast of characters to this book who serve as Grace's support system. She is an incredible person, despite her difficulties growing up and her friends realize what a special gift she is. *Dillon- Steven's best friend and best-selling writer. He moves into the guest cottage on the property as a favor to Steven who knows that Grace needs the money. He stood her up for the prom, but his reason (that she isn't aware of) is so heartbreaking. He also has a secret in his past that shattered him emotionally. *Promise- Grace's best friend. She moves into the house when she finds out that she has cancer so that Grace can help her through the chemo. Promise has been dating Grace's older brother Steven for 20 years. *Steven- Grace's older brother and Promise's boyfriend since high school. Also a doctor who lives several hours away. *Faith- Grace's perfect older sister. Kind-hearted to the point where no one can dislike her. *Grant- Faith's husband who is a banker. *Maxie- a friend of Grace's mother and father who simply never left after the funeral. She has moments where her age is showing and she becomes confused. *Jonah- he loves Maxie and is helping Grace handle some of the handyman type issues on the property. There is a love story to this book between Dillon & Grace. There are also gorgeous love stories between Promise & Steven and between Maxie & Jonah, but at the heart, this story is not about romantic love. This book is about love of friendship. At the heart is Grace, Dillon, Promise, and Steven and their road through this book IS NOT an easy one. It was incredibly moving and emotional. Even thinking about it now, 24 hours after I finished it, the power of the emotions are so strong that I still well-up with tears. The wonderful thing about audiobooks is that you have the time to soak in all of the nuances of the story. The narrator on this one, Rebecca Gibel, was just wonderful. She handled the emotions through her voices so incredibly well. There is a huge cast of characters to this book and she managed to give them ALL their own distinct sound through all the ups and downs of the book. It was really well-done and I think completely added to my enjoyment of this book. While I think that I would have enjoyed reading it, I KNOW that the audio version enhanced my emotional reaction to the book to the point where I absolutely fell in love with it. It's definitely one that I recommend!
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
One More Summer by Liz Flaherty Grace Elliot has returned to the family house where her brother Steven and sister Faith have turned over their 1/3 of the property to her as their father had passed away a few weeks ago. She planned on running it as a Bed and Breakfast but an Inn would be better for long term residents which a lot of them are the elderly of the town. Her best friend, Promise Delaney is going to be going through breast cancer surgery and chemo and will need her help. Dillion Campbell, the boy she was to attend the prom with but didn't show up after speaking to her father, is back in town. He was a reported covering the war and now writes novels. He's so tired he needs to rent Grace's guesthouse in the back to reucperate and to help by paying for his stay. Jonah who had lost all his retirement money was living there. Maxie's cousin stayed after her dad's funeral and never left. Daily life goes on as they get the guesthouse ready for Dilion, he does most of the work with others helping with the light sewing. They are all there for Promise after her surgery. Grace is starting to feel comfortable with Dilion again and she talks to him about his new book and how to make it better than the last one he wrote. She has a LOT of issues from the past, mostly her dad who didn't have a good word to say about her at all. She has to overcome all that. A lot of secrets come out and the rest of the book helps make sense of what happened earlier in their lives. Awesome read!