One Night for Seduction

One Night for Seduction

by Erica Ridley


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Meet the unforgettable men of London's most notorious tavern, The Wicked Duke. Seductively handsome, with charm and wit to spare, one night with these rakes and rogues will never be enough...

When the Wicked Duke dares the Duke of Colehaven to find a suitor for an unmanageable ward, Cole immediately accepts. He's on a winning streak, and besides, how unmarriageable can a pretty young lady be? He appoints himself bodyguard and duenna, only to discover his own desires may be the greatest danger of all.

Supposed wallflower Diana Middleton lives a double life, bringing dishonest merchants to justice. Shaking off a meddling duke should be child's play. Yet the more they lock horns, the more she wants to lock lips. Her scandalous secrets would derail his political career. But surely there’s no harm in one little seduction…

From a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author!

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ISBN-13: 9781943794423
Publisher: Intrepid Reads
Publication date: 04/16/2019
Series: Wicked Dukes Club , #1
Pages: 202
Sales rank: 882,215
Product dimensions: 4.25(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

Erica Ridley is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of heartwarming historical romance novels. Her most popular series include the Dukes of War, Rogues to Riches, and the 12 Dukes of Christmas, featuring charming peers, dashing war heroes, and delightful scoundrels. When not immersed in a book, Erica can be found riding camels in Africa, zip-lining through rainforests in Central America, or getting hopelessly lost in the middle of Budapest.

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One Night for Seduction 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Darlene491 6 months ago
The start of a new series is always dicey, it sets the tone for all the books to come. When well written, entertaining, and engaging, it makes you impatient for the next book to arrive. Erica Ridley has me hooked with One Night For Seduction., the first in the Wicked Duke's Club series. I can only hope she's locked up somewhere typing her fingers off. Our hero Is Caleb Sutton, Duke of Colehaven, apparently one of the nicest people on earth. As a distant cousin to the last Duke, Caleb was not raised to take over a title and estate. He's tried very hard to learn and be worthy, in his eyes, of the position he's landed in. He's determined to use his place in the House of Lords for good and wants to be useful. Colehaven loves to win (who doesn't?) and takes on a bet (500 pounds!) to find a husband for his friends unmarriageable 25 year old ward. Diana Middleton is just fine, thank you. She may be pretty but more importantly she has a grasp of mathematics that I wish I had half of, I can't balance my checkbook. She considers her life's work to be protecting people from pulling their hair out dealing with weights and measures, England is a mess. Diana is single-minded in her determination to be useful and matter in this world that she doesn't see there may be other options in her life. To marry would put an end to her work, so no thank you. Colehaven and Diana strike sparks upon first meeting and by the end it's a forest fire. They also have a witty back and forth that I enjoyed, no simpering or yelling. They're both strong and convinced that his/her path is the right and only way to go. Compromise is the moral of this story. The Wicked Duke's club itself opens up so many, many possibilities for tales that this series has plenty of characters to work with. I'm looking forward to the book up next, One Night Of Surrender where the Duke of Eastleigh get his chance at happiness. Happy reading. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. @EricaRidley #NetGalley #WickedDukes
GiselaCZ 5 months ago
Just the right balance of expectancy, sweetness, humor and intimacy. I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in the series "Wicked Dukes Club". The author brings in the constraint and expectations of women in the 19th century but also lets us find out about the constraints and expectations that are put on the men of the upper classes. Highly recommended
FaeScot 5 months ago
I love the premise of this series. It centers around a tavern in London called The Wicked Duke, think Cheers, the TV series. It's owned by two close friends from Oxford, the Caleb Sutton, 5th Duke of Colehaven and the Valentine Fairfax, 6th Duke of Eastleigh. Because of their escapades at Oxford they were dubbed "The Wicked Dukes". When they went into business together to be an alternative to the "men's clubs" that excluded those who didn't think like them it had to be named The Wicked Duke. It is based on "all men are equal regardless of color, creed or size of their purse." Truly revolutionary in those days. Cole wasn't born to the dukedom but found it thrust upon him. He was determined to learn all he could and be the best he could be provide for those depending on him and to gain respect of his peers. He's done that and is a friend to all besides brewing awesome beer. Thaddeus Middleton is one of Cole & Val's friends who has a problem and he wants Cole's help. He has a ward, a cousin Diana Middleton, who he wants settled and happy. She seems to be unmarriageable as she can't look at something without seeing a dozen ways to improve it. Her brain never ceases. A very intelligent woman who just wants to make her own choices and not be ruled by her husband as culture dictates. She's 25 and almost "on the shelf" allowing her a measure of independence. She's a master chameleon, blending into the wallpaper at society events and being a "spinster secret agent" in the marketplace pretending to be Mrs. Peabody, inspection secretary for a barrister. Such a wonderful breath of fresh air in this time of empty headed debutantes. Thad challenges Cole to find her a husband and Cole takes him up on it as he's on a winning streak the last few years. This is a fabulous introduction to this miniseries by two best friend historical authors. We meet many of the characters who will play a part in this series of 6 books. I find I'm looking forward to Val's book as well as Cole's sister Felicity, no shrinking violet herself. Cole thinks this will be easily taken care of in the week before Parliament starts it's session. He has no idea. Along the way they begin to realize they both believe and are working for the same objective: fairness, justice, equality, a better life for all. Diana finally realizes she can work within society and Cole wants her to partner with him to chase their dreams together. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
ECD 5 months ago
I enjoyed the quirky personality and eccentricities that Diana had. She had a multi-dimensional ability in solving mathematical problems. Whether they be simple math, chess, household duties. She was also extremely efficient and strove to help others streamline their household to their best effectiveness. Her heart was in the right place although some may see her as over the top. But those who loved her, loved her as she was. Cole is a Duke. He began life in poverty before the title came to him. He felt he had to improve the life of all especially the working class. He takes his place in Parliament and House of Lords trying to make a difference. Even though he and Diana never met they had so much in common although went about it in opposite ways. The relationship between them began based on a wager that Cole would be able to marry Diana off before the season was over. An interesting read.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Roberts1925 5 months ago
The Wicked Dukes series is magnificently started off with Cole and Diana. Cole has won every bet he has taken for 10 years straight. This streak is threaten by the ward of his friend and the only woman who challenges him, Diana. These characters feel the need to be helpful and feel a responsibility to the public. They go against society’s norms and show an independence and intelligence rarely seen in the ton. Erica Ridley writes amusing story of exceptional characters. This story is an entertaining start of this new series and I can’t wait for the rest in the series!
Anonymous 5 months ago
Three and a half stars Diana Middleton is a singular young lady. Obsessively interested in order and justice she masquerades as a barrister's clerk testing weights and measures in local shops. She has campaigned (anonymously) for reform of the anarchic weights and measures system in the UK which has 27 different definitions of a bushel.She knows her eccentricities could cause her cousin, and guardian, Thaddeus Middleton to suffer the scorn, ridicule and perhaps ostracism from the ton, should they be known. In order to avoid having her activities curtailed or prohibited she is determined not to marry and has deliberately made herself into a wallflower. Thaddeus is one of three founders of the tavern and brewery known as the Wicked Duke, one night he laments to his two best friends, the Duke of Eastleigh and the Duke of Colehaven that his ward is unmarriageable and dares the Duke of Colehaven to find her a husband by the end of the season. Colehaven finds Diana to be a world of contradictions, dressed in such a way that she blends into the wallpaper at society balls, she nevertheless has a keen mind and proves more than capable of engaging him in wide-ranging discussions of politics and sexism and weights and measures (of course). Pity Diana's outspokenness and appearance preclude her from being the Duchess of Colehaven ... I'm always a sucker for a brilliant heroine, constrained by society who teaches the hero a lesson, especially when he thinks he's rescuing her and this is no exception. However, I felt the novel was too short and didn't really have time to develop the romance between them. I received a free copy of this book from the author, via NetGalley, in return for an honest review.
Cali-Jewel 6 months ago
A fun, witty, sexy and engaging romance filled with interesting charters and heart pounding twists. Was a great adventure from beginning to end and was so fun to read. Loving this series and look forward to reading more adventures from the Wicked Dukes Club.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Kat-E 6 months ago
A wager to get a women not deemed marriageable because of her wallflower status that she is long in the tooth at the ripe old age of 25 turns into a battle of wits between the Duke of Colehaven and the ward of his dear friend. Diana Middleton is a fetching lady but to use her superior brain power and remain independent she knows she can never marry. She pretends to be a dowdy wallflower and refuses any gentlemen callers. Her cousin who is her ward only wants her to be happy and won't force marriage on her. The bet begins and Diana does not fall for it. Frustrated as to why she prefers to be a spinster the Duke Caleb spends time with her to figure out this perplexing puzzle. The longer he is in her company the more he grows to respect her. Diana's goal is to standardize measurements so businesses deliver the correct amount of goods to their customers. The current haphazard way of measuring is harmful to struggling families. The Duke and Wallflower lock horns but slowly realize there is an attraction. A fun and witty novel with both strong male and female leads. I highly recommend this book.
PegC51 6 months ago
One Night of Seduction is the first book in what promises to be a very interesting series by the extremely talented Erica Ridley and Darcy Burke. The Wicked Duke is a successful tavern owned by Caleb Sutton, the Duke of Colehaven and Valentine Fairfax, Duke of Eastleigh, the original Wicked Dukes, a name the friends earned while at Oxford. In this series we meet Cole, Eastleigh, and the other handsome, charming, sigh-worthy patrons of London’s most notorious tavern. In the first story, the Duke of Colehaven, who has not lost a wager in ten years, bets that he can find a suitable husband for the “unmarriageable” ward of his friend Thaddeus Middleton. Once he meets and spends a little time with her, he will have her married off in not time (the bet is by the end of the Season). Well, it might not be as easy as he thinks. One, she does not wish to be married, and two, he’s not sure he wants her to marry anyone but him (that would cause him to lose the wager). To win the wager, he must see her married to someone else. What is a Wicked Duke to do? Which eventuality keeps his lucky streak alive, winning the wager or winning Diana? Caleb Sutton never expected to be the duke of anything. He and his sister were the distant poor relations until a series of tragedies made him the Fifth Duke of Colehaven. He got a late start, but intelligent and tenacious, worked hard to prove he was capable and worthy of his title. He also made sure his sister was ready for their new lives. He shared his education with her by sending her lessons, books, and other materials. Diana came to live with Thaddeus when her parents died. He has taken good care of her and they love each other as a brother and a sister. Cole and Diana are perfect together. They are both reformers although they have different methods and platforms. Both are very intelligent, headstrong, and care about others. Felicity and Thaddeus are wonderful secondary characters. They understand and support Cole and Diana, and wish to see them happy. This lovely story is somewhat predictable, but has a few surprises. The exceptionally well-done characters win your heart and make the story. I happily recommend One Night of Seduction and look forward to the rest of the series.
georgia1 6 months ago
London, England 1817 At the Wicked Duke Pub, the owners were celebrating the ten year anniversary of operation. Caleb, fifth Duke of Colehaven had won it in a bet and his winning streak was still not broken. But when his friend wagers he cannot find a husband for his ward, Cole accepts, but why is she not married at five and twenty? Diana Middleton does not want marraige and is an expert at being a wallflower and unnoticeable. She has things to accomplish and wants her independence. She works, unbeknowest to everyone to help others who cannot help themselves and she is determined not to give that up. But when the handsome Duke of Colehaven meets her, he lets her know he will find her a husband but she holds steady and states she will not marry. Thus begins the adventure between the two of push and pull and tempers flaring! The spark is there almost immediately between the two, but one rule is that Cole cannot be the one to marry Diana or he will lose the wager! Erica Ridley, as always, creates a delightful story with characters that always entertain, while trying to find their happy ever after. Some just resist more that others! An amazing start to a new series that I cannot wait to read more!! Plus isn't that cover gorgeous? Lori Dykes
Sunshine1006 6 months ago
Cole, the Duke of Colehaven is half owner of the Wicked Duke, a pub for everyone. He is known for making and winning all his bets for the last ten years. When Lord Thaddeus Middleton dares him to find a husband for for his ward, Miss Diana Middleton. She prefers math and weights and measures and blending into the wallpaper at balls so as not to be noticed. When Cole visits Diana and tells her about his plans to find her a husband, she kicks him out of the house. She goes undercover to make sure each person charges only the correct amount for products they buy. When she sees Cole at parties, she makes sure that whatever happens, it's equal. from kissing to other things done in a garden. Diana has a notebook that she keeps in her pocket for things that need to be written down. Cole wants to marry her, but Diana sees that he only wants to change her. Will Cole surrender and lose the bet? I love all the Dukes, especially Cole, but Thaddeus is cool, too. Diana is a strong woman who knows what she wants. Great book in a new series. I voluntarily read this book for a honest review. Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher.
ViperSpaulding 6 months ago
What a delightfully wicked romance! Start with a duke who wasn't supposed to be a duke, add to that a willful young lady and a daring wedding wager, then throw in a good measure of social consciousness that reminds us of what really matters in life, stir it all together with plenty of humor and a dash of steam, and you've got the perfect recipe for a wonderfully fun historical romance that you won't be able to put down! I loved Cole and Diana - each separately are terrific characters, but together they really hit all the right notes. There was never a slow moment in this story, and the HEA was as sweet as it was triumphant. All in all, it's a wonderful book and an excellent start to a new series. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Bibliophagist 6 months ago
Cole, the Duke of Colehaven, is challenged to a wager by his friends. He will find a husband for Diana Middleton, cousin and ward of his friend Thaddeus Middleton. As Cole sets off on his search for a husband for the five and twenty year old woman, he finds there is much more to Diana than meets the eye. Suddenly, finding her a husband doesn't seem like such a great idea anymore. Diana is taken with Cole but she refuses to marry. She fears that if she does, she will lose her independence and her ability to champion her causes. But the heart wants what the heart wants. Will Cole and Diana figure out how to get what they want or will Cole fail at his wager? I liked this book. It has romance, history and intrigue. It's a good read.
Kristen Bergh-Lewendon 6 months ago
What started as a joking bet between friends, quickly snowballs beyond anyone’s expectations. Cole immediately captured my imagination. He’s an aristocrat who’s a genuinely kind person. He wants to prove that he’s worthy of the title he inherited and champion causes that will improve the lives of many. Our first encounter with Diana left a bad taste in my mouth and made me reluctant to fully embrace her as our leading lady. However, the author’s ability to craft quirky, unconventional heroines that you can’t help but fall in love with, meant that I was quickly seduced by everything Diana is and represents. In very short order it was easy for me to see why she had behaved in such an outlandish fashion and I could forgive her for her ways and means. This book was adorable and funny and a prime example of why I love this author’s work. I can’t wait to see what else the Wicked Duke is hiding behind its doors. I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book from the author.
Historical_Romance_Lover 6 months ago
I really enjoyed Cole and Diana's story! Cole was so sure he would be able to marry off Diana and win another bet. No way would his winning streak end! That was until he met the young woman he was determined to marry off. He was intrigued by her and was soon questioning whether he wanted to win the wager or not?? I loved Diana and her nonconformity with society. She was her own woman and did what she wanted without scandalizing society too much. This was a great start to a new series by Ridley and Burke. I'm so excited to see what they have in store for us!
mscountrylace 6 months ago
The roles in seduction are reversed when it comes to Diana and Cole. You know it’s going to be interesting when the butler get unnerved by someone calling on her. They butt heads from the start, but they are so much alike. I loved their battles because I never knew what would happen next. Everyone around them seemed to know what was going to happen. Diana is a spitfire that goes to great lengths to hide from people. She is extremely bold in everything she does and doesn’t shy away from anything. She just needed to see it wasn’t her battle to fight alone. Cole wasn’t prepared for the battles when it came to Diana. I loved his story about his life and how he went about things with her. He didn’t hesitate once he knew his feelings. Copy provided for an honest and voluntary review
clarkws 6 months ago
One Night for Seduction is the first book in the new Wicked Dukes Club regency romance series. Erica Ridley is writing the odd-numbered books in this series, and Darcy Burke is writing the even-numbered books. I love both writers, so this is a total win win for Regency romance fans. This was a clever and intelligently written story. I really enjoyed the heroine Diana Middleton. She is witty and determined in her mission to help others. I always enjoy it when an author infuses real historical fact into their writing. The 1815 Weights and Measures Act was a real piece of legislation. Diana’s desire for there to be uniformity in measuring for trade was actually a problem for people back then. Since there was no uniformity, tradesmen could steal from the public quite easily. Ridley takes a topic that could be boring and turns it into something quite magical. I also enjoyed the heart throbbing hero - Caleb Sutton, fifth Duke of Colehaven. Ridley is hands down one of my very favorite authors. I am excited to see her launch a new series. This book was gifted to me.
CathyGeha 6 months ago
One Night for Seduction by Erica Ridley Wicked Dukes Club #1 This fun easy read tells the story of wannabe spinster Diana Middleton and a man who cannot pass up a bet. Caleb Sutton, Duke of Colehaven has been on a winning streak for a decade so when hiss friend Thaddeus Middleton bets him he can’t find a husband for his ward (Diana) he jumps at the chance. Neither is what the other expected and they lead a merry dance as they get to know one another better at soirees, in the street, shopping and just in general. They find they have quite a bit in common but it does take them a bit of time to realize that they are meant to be together. Truly enjoyed this story and look forward to what comes next in the series as Darcy Burke and Erica Ridley alternate in telling the stories of the Wicked Dukes Club. Thank you to the author for the ARC – this is my honest review. 4 Stars
nku 6 months ago
One Night for Seduction (Wicked Dukes Club Book 1) by Erica Ridley ... Typical Erica Ridley ...this first book in the WICKED DUKES CLUB series is a winner. Thanks to Erica and the publisher for letting me preview this book. Cole(Duke of Colehaven..part owner of The Dukes Club..and 10 years of never losing a dare or bet) Diana Middleton(wallflower..ward of Cole's friend..and seeker of justice) I started this book and didn't put it down til I was finished... Erica always pulls me right into the story and I love it. This book is funny, a little sad, full of great characters and some steam all getting us to a very HEA. I can't wait for the next book in the series ONE NIGHT OF SURRENDER. Reasons I enjoyed this book: Witty Romantic Page-turner Entertaining Great world building Steamy Unpredictable Easy-to-read Funny Wonderful characters Happily Ever After
CJLPM 6 months ago
Great start to a new series! Erica Ridley does it again - another well-written, fun, sweet, spicy, angsty, charming love story. The heroine and hero are intelligent and very committed to their causes, but their personal lives and convictions are turned upside down the more time they spend together. Such a lovely HEA! Highly recommended.
Anonymous 6 months ago
London - 1817 Caleb Sutton, fifth Duke of Colehaven, has just entered the tavern known as the Wicked Duke. There, he sees his friend, Valentine Fairfax, sixth Duke of Eastleigh. Another friend. Thaddeus Middleton, is lamenting about the costs to clothe his cousin and ward, Diana Middleton, as she prepares for her season. As she is now 25-years-old, he may have a difficult time marrying her off. So, Colehaven accepts a bet to see that Diana becomes a married woman. Diana Middleton has no interest in marriage but enjoys making sure that businesses deliver correct items to people and do not overcharge their customers. She goes by the name of Mrs. Peabody as she visits various establishments ensuring their compliance with her demands. To please her cousin, Thaddeus, Diana agrees to participate in soirees but manages to slip away and continue to investigate different merchants to ensure their compliance with proper standards of weights and measures. Even so, Diana cannot help but be attracted to Colehaven. One night, Diana meets Felicity, 24, Colehaven’s sister. It turns out neither of them is anxious to marry because Felicity enjoys learning the mechanics of things. Colehaven had asked Felicity to introduce Diana around. So, both ladies set out to thwart his ideas. When Diana learns of Colehaven’s wager to marry her off, oh hell no! But more time spent together as Colehaven tries to push Diana out into society more, ends up in the two of them sparking an attraction. Oh my goodness. What now? This is a well written book with a really good plot. I liked the characters and when a basket of kittens is thrown in for good measure, I was hooked. Cats are my passion. Come along for the fun of this book. The humor thrown in will make you laugh at loud. Well done, Erica Ridley. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
MalkaShayna 6 months ago
A new series from the delightful Erica Ridley, about unusual members of the ton in Regency England. Quirky characters and amusing plot written with Ms Ridley's witty banter make this an engaging read. Caleb Sutton, the fifth Duke of Colehaven, and his younger sister, Felicity, were the poor relations, suddenly thrung into the world of the nobility when all the relatives between him and the Duke had died. He was sent off to Oxford where he made friends with Valentine Fairfax, sixth Duke of Eastleigh and Thaddeus Middleton. Cole and Eastleigh soon became known as the "wicked dukes". Someone dared them to open a tavern called the Wicked Duke Tavern, whihc they did, but opened it up to all- upper and lower class alike. Caleb built the reputation as a genuinely nice person, who befriends everyone he meets, openly nice to the lower class and accepts silly bets, opening the tavern was one of the earlier ones. Now he has a 10 year wining streak of wagers. The latest is to find a husband for Thaddeus' cousin and ward, Diana, who has no interest in a husband. He has until the end of the Season to see her married, but it can't be to himself. As they get to know each other, they find that not only do they have many things in common but to their core, above all else, they both want to be useful. Will Caleb be willing to lose the bet and would Diana even accept the notion of losing her freedom to a husband? Many of the heroines in Ms Ridley's stories, seem to have been picked up from the modern era, and plucked down into Regency England. Diana's character is the least appealing of them so far, but still she seems to be a perfect match for Caleb. I received a free advanced copy of this book from the author. This is my unbiased and voluntary review.
HeyerFan1 6 months ago
A Light Read. An enjoyable read about a young woman of a mathematical bent who wants to right injustices but finds it impossible to do so without disguising herself and a Duke who never expected to inherit. Read in one sitting, the only thing that really felt totally wrong for the period was the idea of a Duke owning a London pub. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.