by Bob Haley


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As we grow older, it seems to me that we become less interested in impressing people and more focused on being remembered by those who know us. Certainly, we want to have done enough "good things" to have those merits define us rather than our demerits. I think we clearly hope that loved ones and friends will know enough about us that they will understand why we lived life as we did. We do not think they will very often agree with us, but we strive to have them see why we took the paths we walked in our life.
This modest offering is an attempt to bring a modicum of understanding of the motivations in my life to the minds of our children Alicia and Colin and to my enduring wife Sue. I know they all have wondered about me from time to time. I pray they always knew I wanted only to do good and have them sense the depth of my love for them. And, in these writings there is also a hope that friends and acquaintances will find some laughter and maybe even a tiny bit of wisdom to help them in their journey through life.
I was blessed to be born to Shelby Ancel Haley and to Hettie Curry Haley on February 16th, 1945 in St. Joseph, Missouri. No child had more love and protection than I did from these excellent parents. My mother's love was total and was matched by that of my father. As I grew up I began to realize that my father had instilled a significant amount of wisdom in me, because he was truly a wise man. Each time I found myself in distress in life, I was able to remember a lesson or a "saying" from my dad that I could tie my lifeline to. Mom and Dad created a truly strong foundation for me to build my life upon.
Perhaps this little book will help someone I know and love understand me better and remember me more often. It contains poems of faith, "sayings" some sermons I once delivered and a few devotionals and essays I put on the page over many years.
I do want you to enjoy the reading and hope you will laugh more often with me than at me. If I make it to Heaven, I will be regularly walking those sunny streets. I would wish to encounter each and every one of you there and would delight in sharing laughter and love with you in long conversations. After all, we won't be pressed for time there, will we? God Bless!

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ISBN-13: 9781468561289
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/16/2012
Pages: 64
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