Origin of Caste in India

Origin of Caste in India

by Jt


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This is a unique approach to one of the most vexed and multifaceted problems facing India, describing in a no-nonsense language and exhorting all the need to take urgent steps before it is too late. Unlike others, an attempt is being made to identify the reasons why caste has been readily accepted in Indian culture and continue to be so, regardless of the multitude of changes in the society over many centuries. Although the style in vogue is to consider caste as something imposed from above, sufficient reasons are given pointing to the contrary and explaining why people would have been in more or less consonance with this system. Differing with and offering alternatives to popular view, this paper is aimed to prod the readers into firing the best of their arsenal, either to oppose caste or to oppose him.

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Publication date: 03/12/2014
Pages: 58
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