Our Ever-Changing Earth

Our Ever-Changing Earth

by Rebecca Stark


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From the Thinking About Science Series, Our Ever-Changing Earth is an informative, fun-filled unit about the planet on which we live. The book explores the structure and composition of our planet Earth; rocks and minerals; mountain building; weathering, erosion, and sedimentation; plate tectonics; and the oceans. It also deals with earthquakes, volcanoes, and other geological hazards.

Students are presented with opportunities to practice crucial critical- and creative-thinking skills. A variety of types of activities are included: creative writing, research, analyzing, evaluating, and more. A fun What's the Question? game is provided to reinforce the concepts learned in the unit. In addition, a crossword puzzle is included. The puzzle may be used to evaluate knowledge or just for fun! Grades 4-8

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781566440523
Publisher: Educational Impressions
Publication date: 01/01/2000
Series: Thinking About Science Series
Pages: 48

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