Out of Breath (The Breathing Series #3)

Out of Breath (The Breathing Series #3)

by Rebecca Donovan


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ISBN-13: 9781477817186
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 07/02/2013
Series: Breathing Series , #3
Edition description: Unabridged
Pages: 420
Sales rank: 71,405
Product dimensions: 8.22(w) x 5.44(h) x 1.14(d)
Lexile: HL660L (what's this?)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Rebecca Donovan, a graduate of the University of Missouri - Columbia, lives in a quiet town in Massachusetts with her son. Excited by all that makes life possible, Rebecca is a music enthusiast and is willing to try just about anything once.

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Out of Breath 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 36 reviews.
Xtina_ More than 1 year ago
I would really like to complete reading this series but I I am not able to purchase the ebook for my Nook. I would really like to know when this Nook book will be available for purchase??????
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
E book is not available because Amazon Children's Publishing has the rights to the series now. So you can only get it on a Kindle. It is up to Amazon if they want to make it for Nook. I suggest to click the link  that says "Want to read this on your NOOK? Request as NOOK Book from the publisher"
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rebecca Donovan is no longer an indie author. Out of breath is published by Amazon now and is only available on the Kindle. I keep hoping they will change this. That is why the first two books are now no longer available on the nook. Please click the link to ask for the book on ebook on the nook.
Sgriffin2382 More than 1 year ago
Five stars doesn't even begin to do justice to what this book does. Take the hopelessness of the first book, add the anger from the second, and finish with the despair and repercussions in the third and final installment of this series. Having never even come remotely close to experiencing the situations that Emma is dealt with in my life, I had no trouble relating to her at all. This is all owed to the truthful, gritty, and well written words of the author. My stomach has literally been cramping the past three days as I re-read the first two books then the last one. That is how you know you have been a part of something truly special. When you feel it down to your core. Because that is what the author does, effortlessly. You are drawn into Emma's world, experiencing everything right along with her. An added bonus to the book, which only heightened it, was the dual aspect of Evan's POV. Too often we are only privy to the main character's musings. Being able to see into Evan's mind only increased my love for this couple. Everyone deserves an Evan. Someone who will always be there for you, love unwavering, willing to love you enough when you can't love yourself. This book is about revealing truths, forgiveness, and above all, undying and unrelenting love. I had chill bumps when I finished, and I guarantee you will too. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wish people would stop giving this a 1-star rating because it isn't on Nook. Seriously? Go buy the paperback, and quit giving it such a bad rep! This book was so moving, and such a beautiful ending to this series. I spent every moment of my weekend reading this book whenever I got the chance, and finished it so much faster that I wanted to. But honestly, I just couldn't stop reading it. I wanted to know how it ended so badly. This series changed my life in so many ways, and I am so thankful for Rebecca for writing such a beautiful story.
scorpio89 More than 1 year ago
Come on Amazon!!!! Don’t punish the fans of Rebecca Donovan and other authors out there because we have Nooks and not Kindles. This should be published in all formats so that ALL the fans have access. Please everyone, go to top of page and double click on where is says “Request as Nook Book from publisher” and hopefully we can get our books!!!!!
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
After reading and falling for the whirlwind of drama in theses book, I had to keep going. I NEEDED to know how it would end. When it became available, I jumped right on it. Plot: If you read the first two books then you more less know the plot. This book is not any different. Instead of Emma actually going through it, she is going through post traumatic stress. She still has bad dreams and has ran away from everything. When these things happen in real life, it could take years, decades to get over. However, in the book it just felt overdone. Like,” Yeah, I get the point already move on!” I felt like the plot is no different from the first two books other than Emma is reliving everyday in her mind. Which brings me to my next point… Characters: Emma. Oh Emma. At times, I really felt for this girl. She battled for so long, trying to stay strong and then she looses it. It felt like Emma was walking the same circle over and over again. No one or anything could get her out. I really wanted to snap her out of it. Her best friend I have come to love with so much admiration. No matter what Emma did, she was there. She covered up for her. She put herself last just to help Emma see reason. This friendship is one of the best written friendships ever written. Love: If you think your going to get Emma and Weslyn together right away…don’t. It doesn’t happen. In fact, there is another boy who comes along and it becomes a whole big mess of drama. I got soooo frustrated with Emma very quickly. I HATED how she continued to push Weslyn aside BUT…I got it. After staying in her mind for so long, I got how she scared was. Fear, it can consume you if you let it. And Emma lets it eat her alive. This book is much more than emotional and physical trauma. The long term trauma of fighting the demons day in and day out, living with the guilt…I just don’t know how Emma even began to get over it. It hurts to read Emma, to see Emma fail everyday and fall into the cycle of pain. An effective and tragic tale of abuse taking its toll, Out Of Breath runs its course. A rare of example of true crime at its best, Out Of Breath is stellar.
Katheezy More than 1 year ago
At last, I can finally let go of my breath that I didn't realize I was holding. Reading the final installment of the breathing series was definitely a rollercoaster pulling on my heart-strings and enveloping me with many different emotions that I couldn't contain - I cried, laughed, felt angry, loved, confused - everything all into one. I wish I didn't read it so fast but I honestly could not put the book down because I was drawn to their intensity throughout the storyline. All I can say is that this was well written, perfectly-paced and I enjoyed the alternating POVs. Bravo Rebecca! Like every other male character that I fell in love with, I am very sad to have to let go of Evan Matthews. *sigh* Thank you for telling their story! <3
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was captivated by the series after reading just the first few chapters of the first book. After going through the second and third book, I am recommending this series to anyone and everyone who enjoys a good series! I loved each and every book, and now I'm finding it hard to find another series to even come close to &quot;topping&quot; this one! I wish there were more books to this series. These books are fantastic!!! :) 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is not available for nook and it is upsetting as I have been preparing for this book for months and yet each time I have checked it is still not available in that format.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Would love to read this but cant cause its not available on my nook!! What a bummer!!
crunchyroll More than 1 year ago
This is definitely one of my all time favorite series. I was sad that this was the last book, maybe we'll get lucky and further down the road Ms. Donovan will give us another book. I would totally buy it if she did. Cole is introduced in this book and at first I wasn't a big fan of him mainly because I was rooting for her and Evan so much, but later on I realized why he was written in to this book. He was part of her journey and in way was her stepping stone. Evan does reappear in this book and you'll have to read to find out what happens. I loved this book as much as the first two and would definitely recommend reading this book because I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did.
Felicity_Nichols_Reviews More than 1 year ago
I just finished the final pages of Out of Breath and I am in tears. I cannot thank Rebecca Donovan enough for writing such a beautiful story. I felt like I was pulled into the story, memories of my own past reflected through this story. There is much I can say about the characters or the book itself without risking spoilers. All I can say is to stick by Emma's side and see this story through. Out of Breath is a perfect balance of love, friendship, and a long road towards healing and laughter. The Breathing Series wasn't easy to read simply because it is saw a raw story full of emotion. I felt myself laughing, crying, and my heart ripping from my chest for these characters. I would love to see more from Rebecca Donovan. I cannot thank you enough, Rebecca for writing such a beautiful story. I was wrapped into the story and didn't want to stop until I knew what happened in the end. I felt as if I were Emma's shadow at times. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to read The Breathing Series. I highly recommend it especially if you are suffering from hard times. This story paints a flawed road to healing which isn't a bad thing. The Breathing Series shows how rough the road to recovery can be. Abuse is any form shouldn't be tolerated but as we learn in this story and in most cases; abuse is hidden. It can take people years to heal. Again, I highly recommend The Breathing Series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good ending. Mad it took soooooooooooooo long to come out!!! I had to buy the actually book because it wasn't out in NookBook form yet. It may be now but not when I bought it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bkwrm29 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely fell in love with this series. It describes the life of a girl who&rsquo;s mother ran away, father died on her birthday, and when she comes into the care of her aunt she is abused daily. This story is just so heartbreakingly real and it makes you wonder who else is going through this. This third installment of the series was the icing on the cake to a fantastic series. I felt like the emotions running through this book were so painstakingly real that I ended up crying during some parts of the book. I loved how the author used imagery to create the most beautiful scenes in this book. I literally felt like I was a part of this book. I thought that the author did a great job making this book from not only Emma&rsquo;s perspective but also Evan&rsquo;s point of view. Sometimes when the perspective switches it gets really confusing and disorienting but this book was almost masterful in the way it was pulled off.  This book was just great. Emma. I&rsquo;m not going to lie, when she left Evan I was really frustrated and angry, not to mention confused. Luckily this book ends up explaining it and I was like&hellip;.that totally fits. Emma is a character that seems to think she knows what is what, but always manages to get it wrong. She doesn&rsquo;t always see things for what they are because her mind is so twisted by the abuse that was handed to her. She has this clouded way of looking at things and sometimes it drove me crazy. I loved her character in this book because of how she reacts and how she tries to get better. Her character really shone in this book and I felt like she became even more real to me. Evan. I loved this book from his perspective! He added such insight to the story and I loved how I got an inside look on his feelings and thoughts. Everything about him made this book ten times better. The way he interacted with Emma was really amazing. I loved how they managed to recover from being totally heartbroken. I also fell in love with Emma&rsquo;s roommates. They were so protective of her and each one brought out a new side in her that wasn&rsquo;t really seen in the other books. I loved how they pushed her to recover and made sure that she was always safe. They made the book really interesting. Overall this book was a great read and I really do love the series. I can&rsquo;t wait to read more books by Rebecca Donovan! Be sure to check it out if your into New Adult.
ham4mons More than 1 year ago
I was so into the first two books..after waiting forever for the final book and then to find out the book will not be offered by B&N was disappointing to say the least. However, I still enjoyed this book but found myself yelling at the book. I wish the epilogue went more into detail.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was amazing! I am really hoping for a 4th or at least a spin off of Sara and Jared's relationship to get more Emma and Evan. I absolutely loved this series and highly highly recommend it.
TheBookBar More than 1 year ago
Bartender Rating: Top Shelf A mature ending for the high school loves that struggled to be there for each other. Why did it take me so long to write up this review? Because every time I went back to locate quote/highlights, I started reading the book again. I am also forcing myself not to read Barely Breathing (The Breathing Series, #2) again so I can focus on getting this review done. Fact is, this review is not only to profess my love for this series and the depth of this author, but to acknowledge the fictional life that was created before my minds-eye. These characters exist, somewhere, out there, and I know them. They told me their secrets and dreams. These characters are so well written and their story so breath-taking that it will stick with you, like a secret a best friend might confided in you. &quot;Every breath I breathe is because of you.&quot; his eyes flickered, still peering into mine. &quot;Even when you weren't there to save me, you were my reason to breath. And for that I will always love you. Always.&quot; Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 6948). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition. Emma's story continues as she tries to make a new life away from Evan, her mother, Weslyn, everything.  Fact is, she can't escape her past. She is tormented by her abusive and near death experiences and tries to 'self-medicate' to overcome the realities of her life. &quot;Omigod. You're already drunk.&quot; I considered her accusation and smiled widely. I was numb from head to toe, except my lips felt tingly. I didn't mind being drunk. It wasn't what I expected, but it wasn't bad. Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 254). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition. Progression is slow and wrought with set-backs. It's almost as if you are reading two stories that keep colliding into each other. She wants to find a normal, but she fights it because it's not who she is. She's damaged and being normal just ins't an option for her. The fight is so overcoming at times, you feel like Emma might just give up and let the evilness of her past win. Kicking off the rocks, I propelled myself toward the light. My lungs burned for air as I fought for the surface with each desperate kick. An enticing whisper told me to stop. To stop fighting. To stop trying. To just... Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 1821). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition. She perceives affection from anyone as a potential disaster and if she doesn't push it away, she'll end up destroying it. Cole, adorable Cole, jumps one of the walls that she's built around herself.  I didn't want to get too close to Cole, because when I got too close to Jonathan (Barely Breathing), I got burned. You do these extreme things every once in a while just for the rush. I don't get it, but I'll go with it.  It's not like you're expecting me to join you or anything. I don't know enough about you or your life to say you're f***'d up. And if you ever want to tell me, then I'll listen. Because, as much as I don't talk, I can listen. Whenever you're ready, I will hear you out. But I like being with you.&quot; Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 1714). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition. Looking out for Emma is a big job, but every one of her girlfriends seems to want to lend a hand. Some treat her like glass, some know she has an inner strength waiting to get out. Her newest friends, her roommates, are a mix of personalities that touch every little piece that makes up the shattered Emma. Her girlfriends are a great addition to these books and they help expand Emma's understanding of what college life should be like. The girls allowing Evan access and opportunity eventually help bring closure to Emma's search for a life beyond her past. &quot;Evan,&quot; Serena called to me. I turned around. &quot;We're going to fix her.&quot; A bright smile full of certainty spread across her face before she spun the car around and headed in the opposite direction. I watched her drive off, and a smile crept onto my face too. Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 3087). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition. Lastly, there's Evan. The boy who is wise beyond his years.  He knew what he had to do to get the ending he needed. Closure, understanding and love were always his focus and this boy was determined. I love the Evan's approach to Emma's troubles and the rock he provided to her sandy foundation. &quot;I only exist because of you, Evan. You've saved me more times than you know. I'm so afraid I'm not worth the breath you gave me. I want to be so much better than this girl in front of you. I want to deserve you, to let you love me. I just don't know how.&quot; &quot;You don't have to let me, Emma. I already do. You just have to love me back. With everything you have. And that's all I need. I need you. All of you.&quot; Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 3087). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition. So many wonderful moments in this book. It's not cheery or mushy romantic, but that's what makes it perfect. It's a sad story that needs to be told and concluded. I love, LOVE, (shout it from the rooftops) L-O-V-E these books and I will always recommend them to anyone that wants to be deeply, emotionally touched by real characters. Good Bye Emma &amp; Evan; surf's up! More Fantastic Quotes from Out of Breath: &quot;Wow, you're either the most stubbornly determined person I've ever met, or you love the abuse. Because I know it's not my charming personality.&quot; The corner of his mouth lifted. &quot;I think it's morbid curiosity, because no, you're not all that pleasant to be around.&quot; Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 794). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition. I tried to imagine what it would be like, to let is swallow me up, and surrender to the silence forever. Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 1274). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition. &quot;You don't understand,&quot; I continued desperately, clutching my arms against my chest. &quot;I shouldn't be here. It's taking everything I have not to walk out that door. That's all I've thought about since we've met, that I need to leave you alone. Because that's... that's what I should do.&quot; Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 1510). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition. &quot;No!&quot; I shouted back, then said firmly, &quot;I don't want you here. You don't belong here. I don't belong here. I'm stuck. I'm stuck in yesterday, and you're tomorrow. And I'll see you in two more tomorrows. Okay?&quot; Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 2345). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition. &quot;Thank you,&quot; she whispered. I nodded, the lump in my throat making it challenging for me to speak as well. I swallowed and said, &quot;Let it all out, Emma. Find your way back to us.&quot; Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 7218). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition. &quot;Living in the mistakes of your past isn't going to do anything but destroy your future.&quot; Donovan, Rebecca (2012-07-02). Out of Breath (The Breathing Series) (Kindle Location 5135). Amazon Children's Publishing. Kindle Edition.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Definitely the best book of the series. Once I realized how much time the author skipped through I was even more excited to see what happens. You see a new Emma in this book. It's really watching her descent into madness. She's very frustrating. Since I started reading this series I felt like each character deserved more time for their stories to develop. I could see a book 2.5 that would delve into Evan or Sara more. BUT---aside from that----overall very well done. I gave it 4/5 stars because the ending was a little weak.
Tyhada More than 1 year ago
My thoughts&hellip; Out of Breath is the conclusion to the Breathing Series and boy what a series this has been. I absolutely loved it. I&rsquo;m sort of sad that I&rsquo;ve reached the end, but I can honestly say that I am very happy with the way things turned out. Ms Donovan is a new to me author. I have read so many reviews and tweets about this series that I knew I had to give it a try. I&rsquo;m so happy that I did. The main and many of the secondary characters are rich with emotions and I really enjoyed getting to know them. I loved Emma from the beginning. The poor girl has had a rough life. When I say rough I am not exaggerating. I felt so bad for her and all she had to go through. I think Sara was a perfect best friend for Emma. She continued to support her throughout this entire series. They were as close as sisters and I&rsquo;m happy Emma had a best friend that didn&rsquo;t give up on her and walk away. To say I loved Evan is an understatement. He was amazing. He also didn&rsquo;t give up Emma even though she broke his heart in book two. (which I was really mad at her for btwf. He accepted her despite all her flaws and loved her unconditionally. In this book you&rsquo;ll meet Cole. Surprisingly I liked him. Even though he wasn&rsquo;t Evan I think he really cared for Emma and tried to be there for her. Unfortunately Emma wasn&rsquo;t able to give him what he wanted or needed. Sorry if that&rsquo;s spoiler-ish. There are a few surprises where Rachel and Jonathan are concerned. I was glad to get closure on those characters. Overall, this series has had me experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. I&rsquo;ve cried several times while reading each book. It&rsquo;s heart wrenching at times. The struggles that Emma had to experience were so emotional I couldn&rsquo;t help but have sympathy for her. I think she grew a lot as a person by the end. I&rsquo;m really glad I invested the time to read this series. It&rsquo;s definitely one of my favorites and I can see myself reading it again in the future.
TheAutumnReview More than 1 year ago
Now that my tears have dried, maybe I can write a coherent review. OUT OF BREATH was emotional and heartbreaking, but I also felt that Emma finally had some peace. It took time, but she got there. My heart was racing and there were plenty of tears shed. I got everything I wanted and needed.  Emma is one of the most damaged heroines I've ever read. She's been torn down, turned around, and sunk time after time. She's made some difficult choices in the past, that weigh heavily on her mind and her heart. Her guilt consumes her and she's left feeling lost. Sure, she has her friends, but she still feels empty. Her life in California is drifting by. She's there, but she's not really there. She floats along through life, never really living it. My heart continued to ache for her throughout. I just wanted Emma to heal. She couldn't do that though until she made amends.  Throughout this series, I've been an advocate for Evan. I love him. He's got a heart of gold and he has some serious patience. He's always been there for Emma, but she left him behind years ago. Now, I can't tell you how it happens or when, but Evan is in the book. The issues that he and Emma have are unresolved and in order to move on with their lives, they need some closure from the past. Seeing Evan and Emma together again brought tears to my eyes. Evan is just as caring, understanding, and forgiving as he has always been. And....that's about all you're gonna get.  Overall, I loved this book. This series is without a doubt one of the most emotionally challenging series I've read, but oh so worth it. For me, I got the closure I needed with OUT OF BREATH. Truths are finally revealed, peace is made, and relationships and hearts can finally heal. Rebecca Donovan is a gifted author, who turned pain into beauty with this story. This series has and will remain in my heart.  Quotes: ~&quot;She's just...broken.&quot; Her voice cracked. &quot;And I'm not sure how to help her.&quot;-pg 166 ~&quot;You're here because...it's where you belong, with her.&quot;-pg 230 ~&quot;Living in the mistakes of your past isn't going to do anything but destroy your future.&quot;-pg 309 ~What just happened? We basically admitted to wanting each other, without saying we wanted each other. That was the most awkward moment...ever.-pg 350 ~&quot;I'm not supposed to live without you. And you're not supposed to live without me. We're in this life together. Without each other, we're not really living.&quot;-pg 378 ~&quot;Hi.&quot; &quot;Hi.&quot; I smiled softly, running my hand into his hair. &quot;You can kiss me now.&quot;-pg 380 ~&quot;Every breath I breathe is because of you.&quot; His eyes flickered, still peering into mine. &quot;Even when you weren't there to save me, you were my reason to breathe. And for that I will always love you. Always.&quot;-pg 408
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Even though this book was not available on my nook I still went and bought it in paperback form. This last book left my completely breathless just like this entire series. The author does a phenomenal job bringing this tragic, beautiful, and inspiring series to a close. I can not think of another book where I was left completely satisfied with the ending. Rebecca Donovan does a wonderful job making sure you feel every emotion that Emma and Evan feel. I have never felt this much emotion from a book and I read alot. I became attached to Emma and her story and found myself late at night thinking about her situation and her choices and what I could do if I was in her position. I hope everyone gets a chance to read this amazing series because these books and author deserve to be heard.