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Outlook 2007: Beyond the Manual / Edition 1

Outlook 2007: Beyond the Manual / Edition 1

by Tony Campbell, Jonathan Hassell

ISBN-10: 1590597966

ISBN-13: 9781590597965

Pub. Date: 03/08/2007

Publisher: Apress

Learning to get to grips with the new features of Outlook 2007, or migrating to Outlook 2007 from another email or groupware client, could take endless reading of heavy, instructive manuals. You have years of experience, so a beginner's guide will only slow you down. Outlook 2007: Beyond the Manual will instill new confidence in your understanding of Outlook,


Learning to get to grips with the new features of Outlook 2007, or migrating to Outlook 2007 from another email or groupware client, could take endless reading of heavy, instructive manuals. You have years of experience, so a beginner's guide will only slow you down. Outlook 2007: Beyond the Manual will instill new confidence in your understanding of Outlook, accelerate your productivity, and help you to make the most of the valuable communication features of Outlook 2007. Don't waste your time being shown how to use your computer and send email. Instead, focus on how you can utilize the powerful features of Outlook 2007 to make yourself more efficient, less cluttered, and empowered to begin unscrambling even the most complex areas of your work. Email management will become second nature, appointments and meeting scheduling a pleasure to depend on, and manual tasks shrunk to a minimum. Exchange drudgery for clarity using the best features of Outlook 2007: Successfully manage your contact, address, and distribution lists. Exploit advanced messaging features, like faxing and integrating IM (instant messaging). Organize and customize your message folders. Customize and automate notes and Journals. Create, color-code, and publish your calendar. Manage tasks and assignments easily. Back up and restore your messages. Personalize your Navigation Pane, views, and command bars. Protect your work using Outlook 2007's security features. Make the most of Outlook using Office and SharePoint. Learn to program, automate, and customize Outlook to your best advantage.

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Beyond the Manual Series
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7.00(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.51(d)

Table of Contents

About the Authors     xv
Acknowledgments     xvi
Introduction     xvii
What's New and What's Improved in Outlook 2007     1
What's New in Outlook 2007     3
Outlook System Requirements     5
Exploring the New Interface     6
Subscribing to RSS Feeds     8
Setting Up a POP3 Account     9
Sending, Receiving, and Responding to Email     13
Using Keyboard Shortcuts     15
Messaging     23
Using Helpful Sending and Receiving Tools     23
Automatically Sending All Email to a Specified Recipient     24
Using Templates to Facilitate More Versatile Email Distribution     25
Assigning Expiration Dates     27
Using the Out Of Office Assistant     28
Preventing Recipients from Using Reply to All     28
Being Your Own SMTP Server (Windows XP Only)     31
Integrating with Windows Live Messenger     33
Using Windows Fax and Scan     35
Sending Faxes     36
Receiving Faxes     37
Faxing in Outlook     38
Using Outlook Anywhere     39
Message Organization     41
Using Search Folders     41
Using Rules to Sort Your Messages     46
Using the Junk Mail Filter     50
Using Send/Receive Groups     54
Understanding Remote Mail     54
Setting Up Send/Receive Groups     56
Contacts and Address Books     59
Using the Contacts Folder     60
Adding a New Contact     60
Creating New Contacts from the Same Company     62
Using Contacts     62
Sending Email and Creating Calendar Appointments     64
Phoning a Contact     64
Assigning Tasks, Viewing Web Pages, and Locating Addresses     65
Modifying Business Cards     66
Viewing Contacts     67
Customizing the Contacts View     68
Adding Contacts from Emails     68
Multiple Contact Folders     69
Sharing Contacts with Other Users     69
Working with Address Books     70
Adding a Mobile Address Book     72
Configuring the Address Book     73
Creating Distribution Lists     73
Calendaring     77
Understanding the Logic of the Calendar Structure     77
Entering and Managing Calendar Data      78
Categorizing     80
Searching     81
Sharing Your Calendar with Others     81
Sharing via Microsoft Exchange Server     82
Sending via Email     84
Publishing to Office Online     85
Saving and Subscribing to Internet Calendars     87
Connecting SharePoint Calendars to Outlook     87
Customizing the Calendar     88
Personalizing the Display     88
Adding Holidays and Events     90
Displaying 12-Hour or 24-Hour Time     90
Notes and Journals     91
Working with Notes     91
Customizing Notes     93
Using Notes     93
Assigning Contacts to Notes     96
Assigning Categories to Notes     97
Working with the Journal     98
Configuring the Journal     98
Using the Journal Interface     99
Recording Journal Entries     101
Using Journal Views     102
Task Management     105
Reviewing the History of the Task Structure     105
Entering Task Items     106
Using the To-Do Bar     107
Viewing Existing Tasks     109
Scheduling for Tasks on the Calendar     112
Categorizing and Searching for Your Tasks     113
Connecting SharePoint Task Lists to Outlook     114
Synchronizing OneNote Tasks with Outlook     116
Discussing Subtasks     118
Using Tasks Effectively     119
Storage Management     121
Introducing Personal Folders     122
Adding New PST Files     124
Removing PST Files     127
Attaching an Existing PST File     128
Introducing Offline Folders     128
OST Files     129
Cached Exchange Mode     129
Using OST Files     129
Exploring the Message Delivery Options     130
Backing Up and Restoring Personal Folders     132
Color Categories     135
Using the Color Categories List     136
Adding, Modifying, and Using Categories     137
Adding and Modifying Categories     138
Removing Category Assignments     139
Assigning Quick Click     140
Using Category Search Folders     141
Customization     143
Using Command-Line Switches to Start Outlook     143
Using Profiles     148
Using RUNAS with outlook.exe     150
Customizing Outlook Views     150
Using Outlook Today     154
Using Advanced Techniques for Customizing Views     156
Configuring Outlook Preferences     158
Email Options     159
Calendar Options     159
Tasks Options     160
Contact Options     160
Journal Options     160
Note Options     160
Search Options     160
Security and Backup     160
Introducing the Trust Center     161
Trusted Publishers     162
Setting Add-in and Macro Security     165
Introducing Privacy     167
Setting Up Email Security     169
Obtaining a Certificate     170
Certificate Settings     171
Configuration in the Trust Center     173
Processing Signed or Encrypted Messages     173
Signing and Encrypting Emails     177
Making Attachments Secure     179
Enabling Automatic Download and Content Blocking     181
Setting Up Information Rights Management     183
Outlook Outside the Office (or Home)     185
Using Offline Folders      185
Using RPC Over HTTP     186
Using Cached Exchange Mode     189
Forms and Macros     191
Understanding Outlook Forms     192
Adding the BCC Field to the Message Form     193
Using Controls     198
Building Forms with Custom Controls     198
Sharing Forms with Other Users     201
Understanding Macros     202
Creating a Macro     202
Running a Macro     204
Getting More Information About VBA     205
Index     207

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