Pagan Portals - Hekate: A Devotional

Pagan Portals - Hekate: A Devotional

by Vivienne Moss


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Pagan Portals - Hekate: A Devotional by Vivienne Moss

The Goddess of Witches, Queen of Shades and Shadows, and the ever-eternal Dark Muse – Hekate, Fair Queen of the Shadow-Lands, haunts the pages of this poetic devotional, enchanting those who love Her with the charm only this Dark Goddess can bring. Join in the journey as we meet Hekate, Queen of Sorcery, in the realms of Dream and Enchantment, weaving magic through the Worlds – Seen and Unseen. We take flight to the Lands Eternal in this part devotional, part grimoire and learn how to venerate this Great Goddess of antiquity and connect with the Spirits of the Shadow-Lands…

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ISBN-13: 9781785351617
Publisher: Moon Books
Publication date: 12/11/2015
Pages: 96
Sales rank: 280,004
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Vivienne Moss is a Solitary Witch, Mystic, and Priestess of Hekate who resides in a small Indiana town. She spends her days brewing up trouble with her boyfriend and two daughters, and her nights dreaming the enchanted life. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her taking long walks in the forest or strolling through the local cemetery. A lover of all things occult, Vivienne dedicates her time to the study of esoteric knowledge.

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Pagan Portals Hekate

A Devotional

By Vivienne Moss

John Hunt Publishing Ltd.

Copyright © 2015 Vivienne Moss
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-78535-162-4


In the House of Hekate

You are the allure of Autumn and the madness of Winter.
You are the smell of damp earth after the passing of storms.
You are the Raven's flight and the Owl's call.
You are the soft glow of Sunset and the hoary light of the Moon.
You are the crisp breath of a Midwinter morn and the soft sigh of Spring's awakening.
You are the silence of Death and the enchantment of Life.
Hekate, My Queen, You are.....

[Vivienne Moss]

She Whispers in my Dreams

I first heard Her in the realm of my dreams. She was softly calling to me, beckoning me to follow. I silently shadowed Her, unsure of where we were headed. I heard birdsong in the distance and the crashing of waves. She led me to a seashore where we stopped by the entrance of a secluded cave. As I stepped into the cave a soft glow of welcoming light enveloped me. There were ancient markings on the stone walls, symbols both arcane and unfamiliar. On the floor of the cave was a small altar decorated with skulls, feathers and all manner of found baubles. Fruit, honey, and wine were laid out pleasingly, ready for this shrouded figure to consume. I looked deeply into Her primeval eyes, knowing instantly who She was. Hekate, Queen of Witches. She had claimed me as Her own. I awaken from my slumber, embracing my new self. Hekate, I whisper, I am Yours....

Many times I have traveled to Hekate's cave in Spirit Flight. She is always shrouded, Her features hidden. Only the depths of Her eyes can be seen. They go on for eternity, full of knowledge and, sometimes, sadness. She has seen all; the beginning of Earth and the slow destruction of these sacred lands. Hekate is one of the first of many Gods to inhabit this world. She is as ancient as the Starry Heavens and Her reach is far. She dwells on the borders of this world and the Shadow-Lands, Her cave safely hidden at an ancient Crossroads. It is so ancient that no memory of it survives. You can only find it during Spirit-Flight, or Hedge-Riding, much like the Witch's Mountain or Benevento.

She visits my Dream-World often, leaving hints of Her esoteric knowledge in Her wake. As I ride the currents of eternity to Her hidden cave, I feel the rush of Death pass me by. The once hidden Shadow-Lands materialize, figures emerging, both uncanny and obscene. Feeling the tug of forgetfulness, I steady my senses, bracing for the Night Queen to arrive ...

And arrive She does. With each visit to Her Cave of Dreams, I grow closer to the Pale Mother — She Who is Born of Stars. For it is the stardust of dreams that gather at the tides of the seasons, bringing the Spirits of the Shadow-Lands closer to our waking world.

Hekate — I Dream with You tonight
May I elude the Spirit of Forgetfulness ...

The Hearth of Remembrance

The Shadow-Lands, or Otherworlds as they are more often called, are just beyond our Earthly realm. Spirits dwell there. Some were once human, our Ancestors, but many are Spirits who have never had a human form. They have been here from the beginning, much like our Gods. Hekate, a psychopomp, is an intermediary between the living and the dead, the Spirits and mankind. She protects the home from wayward Spirits and ghosts, and guides lost souls back to their Underworld home. Much of my work with Hekate includes my Ancestors and the Mighty Dead. A shrine dedicated to them is a main focal point in my home. It cannot be missed. When you walk into my home you can sense the uncanny, yet welcoming, feel of enchantment. Oddments of witchcraft can be found throughout my home. A feather here, a solitary stone there, an old and weathered bone tucked neatly beside a candle. The hearth houses my Ancestor shrine, candles are lit daily, fresh water offered at first light. Prayers of gratitude and reverence are whispered on hallowed breath. Trinkets of loved ones are placed lovingly on the shrine. Pictures, a pipe, a shell casing from my brother's funeral and a rose for my grandmother are but a few of the items to be found on the shrine. I can often be found reading next to the hearth, feeling comforted by the presence of my loved ones who have passed beyond the veil. This is the heart of my home. With the help of Hekate, magic is woven through the fibers of my home, enchantment and mystery live within these walls. The voices of my Ancestors are heard within my dreams.

Hekate, Lady of the Home,
As I wake in the morning I feel blessed knowing You are here.
Your essence and magic can be found in the laughter of my children who sleep safely under Your
roof. It is You who watches over us as we sleep, sending away unruly Spirits who may cause us harm.
Hekate, Queen of the Dead,
As I lay down to sleep I thank you for bringing me closer to my Ancestors.
I know they are safe in the Realm of the Dead
under Your loving embrace. As the candles are spent,
Your Torches burn, guiding them home ...

She Who Guards the Threshold

On the threshold of my home hangs a solitary skeleton key. This is Hekate's Key, She who Guards the Gate. With the presence of this Key only those who mean no harm may enter. It has been charged with protective charms and blessed on the altar of Hekate. Hekate is very protective of those who show Her devotion. One of Her earliest manifestations is as a Household Goddess. She was called upon to protect the home and those living within. Hekate was invoked to protect loved ones while traveling and small shrines were erected in Her honor outside the home's entrance. Every Full Moon I recharge Hekate's Key for the protection of my home as well as my loved ones. It has not failed me nor do I predict it ever will. Her Key is a very potent tool in that it helps to avert evil from entering my home. And believe me, there is evil out there. Not only in Spirit form, but also humans who can be one of the vilest of entities. I am a very protective mother of two daughters. There are those out there who can and will, if given a chance, harm them. I will do anything to stop that from happening. Knowing Hekate is there to help protect them eases my mind.

Hekate can be a fearsome Goddess. She is Brimo, The Terrifying One, causing strife to those who cross Her. She is Deinos, The Dread Goddess, Bringer of Death and Destruction. Her Hell Hounds are known to prowl the night, hunting malevolent Spirits and people. She is not one to be taken lightly. She will strike you down, leaving your rotting carcass for Her Hell Hounds to devour.

Beware Deinos — The Dread Goddess from the Worlds Below
She who is Brimo of the Crackling Flame
Hekate of the Night She is called,
She who leaves Death and Destruction in Her wake ...

Hekate Brimo, I beseech thee, lay waste to those of evil nature
Bring them to their knees, destroy them all!
Hekate Deinos, I implore thee, strike fear in the hearts of evil-doers
Shred them to pieces, feed them to Your Hounds!

Beware Deinos, The Dread Goddess of the Worlds Below
She who is Brimo of the Crackling Flame
Hekate of the Night She is called,
She who leaves Death and Destruction in Her wake ...

At the Altar of Hekate I Stand

Once more I stand at the entrance to Hekate's Cave. The scent of incense floats softly on the ocean breeze. The sound of the crashing surf fills my head with whispers of magic. I feel Her presence within and silently step across the threshold of Her seaside home. I find Her kneeling at Her altar, arcane chants rising from Her lips. She sips some wine, relishing its exquisite flavor. She turns to me and smiles, a hint of mischief in Her eyes. She has plans for me, I feel. Am I ready? Can I rise to the challenge? I smile back at Her, the same mischief in my eyes. I'll give it one Hell of a try ...

My ever-changing altar reflects the seasons and sometimes my moods. Always present is Hekate, for it is Her altar. Here I pray and make offerings to my Queen. The lighting of Her candles and incense are a sacred event. My morning and nightly devotionals are done here, they change from day to day. I speak from the heart when addressing Her at these moments. The events of the day reflect the sacred words I express to Hekate. Some are pleads of mercy for the wrongdoing to innocents, others are prayers of gratitude for the Blessings She bestows on my family.

When weather or time do not permit me to leave offerings for Hekate at a crossroads, I make use of my outdoor altar. It sits low to the ground like most altars for Chthonic Deities. Here I carve a crossroads into the ground, placing my offering near it. Leaving it overnight, I then bury the offering the next day.

The erecting of altars is a sacred and hallowed act. It is a gift to the Gods, one that you put your heart and soul into constructing. The objects that we place on them hold special meaning to both us and our Gods. The making of charms are done there. Prayers are raised to the Starry Heavens. We cry, pouring our hearts out to the Spirits and Ancestors. Reading of runes and scrying for remnants of the past and snippets of the future are done at this sacred space. Enchanted waters and potions of healing are left on altars for the Gods to bless. All manner of witchery is done here, making this one of the most magical spaces of my home.

Hekate, My Queen
At Your altar I stand
Offering You prayers and admiration

Hekate, Queen of Witchery
These charms and enchantments are Yours to bless
May the Spirit of Magic be present in their making.

Hekate Daidalos, Cunning One
By the Hiss of Serpents You call Your Children of the Night
May we hear Your whispered enchantments.

Hekate, Dark Muse
May I continue to be inspired
By the mystery that is You ...

My home has been filled with the enchantment that only Hekate can bring. She inspires me to be myself, to follow my dreams and fly on the wings of magic. I adore both the light and dark aspects of Her, for I am much the same. I can feel Her, even in this mundane world. She is just a breath away, waiting for us to awaken from the Slumber of Forgetfulness.

Hekate ... Awaken my mind so I may Dream ...


At the Crossroads We Meet

I am standing at a Crossroads, tendrils of fog caressing me. I call for Her, Hekate, She of the Crossroads. In the distance I hear the barking of dogs. She has arrived! Shivers of excitement run through my body. I ready myself, knowing that a magnificent journey is about to begin. She gestures to the three pathways of the Crossroads, signifying that I must choose my own way — my own Destiny. On baited breath I take my first step — into the unknown ...

In the Scottish Ballad Thomas Rymer, The Queen of
Elphame explains to True Thomas the meaning of the Three
Paths of Faery.

O see not ye yon narrow road,
So thick beset wi thorns and briars?
That is the path of righteousness,
Tho after it but few enquires.

And see not ye that braid braid road,
That lies across the lillie leven?
That is the path to wickedness,
Tho some call it the road to heaven.

And see not ye that bonny road,
Which winds about the fernie brae?
That is the road to fair Elfland,
Whe[re] you and I this night maun gae.

[From English and Scottish Popular Ballads by F.J. Child]

The many paths that we may choose to take in life are much the same as those shown to True Thomas. Though some may lead to trouble and conflict, others will lead to love and happiness. It is Hekate, Lady of the Crossroads, who guides us on our chosen paths. Yes, we choose the paths we take, but Hekate is there to shine a light on the choices we make. She is there as a gentle reminder that we are never truly alone, no matter how solitary we choose to be. Hekate, as a Goddess of Solitude, knows all too well why some may choose to walk alone in their spiritual paths. Knowing She is just a breath away eases my mind and makes me more confident in my decision to walk the solitary path of a Hedge Witch. It is but one of the paths I have chosen to take in this journey called life. As I take a step toward my destiny I know that there is power in wisdom; the wisdom to understand that, though I may not know where the path will lead, I trust in my instinct to choose the path I am fated to follow.

Hekate, Lady of the Crossroads, as You light the many paths of Destiny I stand ready to step into the unknown. I hear the Screech Owl's call, luring me in — enticing me with its peculiar cry. Suspended in the twilight air, whispers from the past try to deceive me. Ignoring the pull, I move forward — my Destiny awaits ...

Through the Briar Patch

The tangled web of life's challenges can be overwhelming and solemn. There are many times that I have regretted a choice I have made only to realize that without that particular journey I would not be where I am today, nor would some of my loved ones be in my life. Like the Faery-worlds, my life has been both enchanting and peculiar. The land of Shades and Shadows has beckoned for me to walk the path of Solitude, working with the Spirits and Fae of the Dark and Shadowy realms. Though foreboding at times, those of the Shadow-Lands have proven to be beneficial in my spiritual path. It is Hekate, the Night Wandering Queen, who first showed me the Lands of Shadow. A tangled mass of briar patches guard the entrance to the Shadow-Lands, causing those who wish to enter to find their own way through. Coming out with scrapes and bruises is all part of the adventure. The roads to Faery are no different than the roads to Life. It's how we come out on the other side that matters. Resilient and full of wisdom from the trials we go through shows that we are victorious.

Hekate, my Queen, through the Briar Patch I step, ready to walk with You in the Shadow Realms. The glow of Your torches lights the way, guiding me as I fight through the tangled briars of my mind. Hekate, Light Bringer, as I clear the webs of deceit from my path I arm myself with the Power of Wisdom. The inky shadows of deception creep into the distant corners of Life, tempting me to stray from Destiny's Path. Hekate Skotia, Lady of the Gloom, it is You who pulls me from the deep, showing the way to salvation and freedom. Hekate, my Queen, with You by my side I walk the Shadow Realms with integrity and respect, coming through a stronger woman ...

Paradise Lost

I stand on the horizon of Eternity waiting for The Dread Goddess to appear. Surrounded by a shroud-like mist, the feeling of vulnerability overcomes me. I take in my surroundings, noticing the distinct scent of decay. There is a death-like feel to the air, causing me to shudder with trepidation. I know She is near, I can feel Her — The Pale Mother. A sense of calm settles over me, wrapping me in its warm embrace. I hear Her soft voice, She whispers the secrets I long to know, revealing what once was ...

Seduced by the promise of Paradise, we sometimes turn a blind eye to the darkness that looms over our realm. We long for the days of Eden and Avalon, when our world was pure and innocent. There are those of us who wish to re-enchant this planet we call Earth. What some of us do not realize is that it has always been enchanted, we have just lost the ability to see and feel the magic that lives and breathes alongside us. Paradise is not lost, it is being destroyed by the greed and lust of mankind. When we come to realize that Paradise is still here, still with us, we decide to reclaim this world as our own. We learn to fight for what is right, true, and just. It is when I meet Hekate at the Crossroads that I learn what is truly going on in this world. I recognize all the destruction and turmoil that consumes the Realm of the Living. There is more that goes on than we know. Hekate knows all and sees all, She opens the gate to True-Sightedness. It is at Her Crossroads that we are introduced to the hidden dangers of our world.

There are those who belong in the brighter Summer-Lands, but others, like myself, feel at home surrounded by the grim shadows of the darker realms. There is an ethereal tranquility about the Shadow-Lands that call to me. I find solace in the wildness of these lands. It is untamed and free here, full of beauty and splendor. Autumn is ever-present, the twilight air chilled to perfection. As the mists of uncanny magic swirl about me I feel empowered and free to be who I am meant to be. It is here that I reclaim my inner power and employ it in the Living World to fight against the ones who wish to destroy the worlds, both mundane and Other. The ShadowLands are Hekate's realm. She who is Queen of Ghosts and Shadows haunts the darker realms with the other Under-World Gods and Spirits. This is the Paradise of the Un-Seelie and Spirits of Shadow. Those who hide in the background doing all the dirty work that needs to be done in order for Hekate's light to shine through to the Land of the Living.

Hekate Noctiluca, Light of the Night, it is You who shines the Light of Truth upon the Land of the Living. Our world would be cast into eternal darkness without Your Unconquerable Flame. Anassa Hekate, Nourisher of Life, I ask You to Guide us, show us the way to Freedom. Hekate, the Truth is revealed through You my Queen — may I serve You well in the Shadow-Lands ...


Excerpted from Pagan Portals Hekate by Vivienne Moss. Copyright © 2015 Vivienne Moss. Excerpted by permission of John Hunt Publishing Ltd..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Introduction - Into the Storm 1

Chapter 1 In the House of Hekate 3

Chapter 2 At the Crossroads We Meet 9

Chapter 3 At the Gates of Death 19

Chapter 4 To Embrace the Muse 27

Chapter 5 Our Lady of the Witches' Craft 35

Chapter 6 The Breath of Life 43

Chapter 7 Hekate-She Who Is All 51

Chapter 8 The Cunning Way 67

Conclusion 81

Recommended Reading 83

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Pagan Portals - Hekate: A Devotional 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Truly inspiring! A wonderful look into developing a relationship with Hekate.
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Beautiful piece of writing. Blessed Be